Sheep Game Overview

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Mar 10, 2014
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Sheep Game Overview

★In the Sheep Game, your goal is to sheep ! In case you didn't know the slang of Sheep it is this : Someone who mindlessly follows and emulates anything and everything in the name of fame and recognition is called a Sheep.

★The aim of the Sheep game is to match your answer with as many other players as possible. There is no such thing as an incorrect answer, so if the question is, 'name a mountain' and everybody replies, 'Apples" then that was the best sheep answer.

★Players score Points by matching an answer with the most amount of other answers that were submitted for that question. The host calculates all the points. The most common answers get the highest points.

★Generally, points given is equal to the amount of people who gave the same answer. For example If on a question, "Apples or Oranges?" three people said Apples, then all three will get 3 points.

To understand better, see this point calculator sheet :-

★How to give points
Q: Your Favorite Animal ?
Dog - Stephanie, Dante, Gobb, Akash - 4 people - 4 points.
Cat - Emily, Ombra - 2 people - 2 Points.
Bull - Zen - 1 person - 1 point.

Q: Apples or Oranges ?
Apples - Stephanie, Dante, Gobb - 3 people - 3 points.
Oranges - Akash, Zen - 2 people - 2 points.
Both - Ombra, Emily - 2 people - 2 points.

★To Play, you must say "I participate" in the Sheep game thread posted by the host. After the questions are posted, you need to send the host a private message with a numbered list of answers to the questions given in the game thread.

★Discussion of the questions or answers inside or outside of the Game Thread thread is not allowed for game integrity purposes, save discussion for the Reveal of the results which will be posted by the host.

★"RESEARCH IS ALLOWED" for the answers.

★Example of a Sheep Question List :-


1. Oh no! It's the zombie apocalypse but you're stuck at the office. The zombies have already started to pour into the building. What office supply do you use as a weapon?

2. You find a lamp hidden in your aunt's basement. You rub it but the genie won't come out. How do you entice him to come out?

3. Aliens have come to abduct you. They give you a pen and some paper, telling you that you have five minutes to write a message to those you will leave behind on Earth. What do you leave as your last words?

4. A man suddenly barges into your home and demands that you make him a sandwich or else he'll blow himself up and my god he really does have a bomb strapped to his chest. What kind of sandwich do you make?

5. Your friend has been acting suspicious lately so you don a disguise and follow him around all day. What kind of fake mustache do you wear as part of your disguise?

6. You wake up to find yourself in a clearing deep in a dark woods. There's a trail leading out of the clearing but a sinister looking wolf blocks the path. How do you make your escape?

7. Somebody just took a picture of you which means they just stole your soul. How are you going to get it back?

8. You walk into a bar. Before you can order a drink the bartender gives you a champagne flute filled with lobster bisque. Do you question it or just drink it?

9. You go into your attic to find that a family of raccoons have somehow gotten in and have made themselves at home. What do you bring them as a house warming gift?

10. You have swapped minds with your pet goldfish Larry. Do you think Larry will be able to convincingly pretend to be you at that important business meeting you have today?

★An example of how your Private Message entry should be submitted to the host:-
PM Title : [Insert Username] Sheep #Game Number


★To win: Get the highest sheep points.

★If there are two people with equal highest points then both are winners. If there are three people with equal highest points then there will be another sheep round to break the tie.

★The loser of the game (Lowest Points) or the winner of the game (Highest Points) is generally given the responsibility of hosting the next Sheep Game. This is decided by the host and availability of the winner or loser to host the game.

★If both winners or losers cannot host the next game then anyone can host it.

★Making Questions Tips for hosts:-
  • Avoid complicated questions, keep them simple.
  • If you are a new host, keep the number of questions small (6 is okay) and if you are an experienced host, it's best to not go over 18 questions.
  • Ensure that most of your questions are choice based so that players can score points easily. Not doing so will cause score points of most players to be the same due to everyone choosing different answers.
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