Sheep Game #17 Lets Role Play


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Jan 31, 2019
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Sheep Game #17

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Welcome, to Sheep Game 17, in which you will be asked questions that involve role-playing scenarios and will have to choose a response from the multiple choice that best suits your answer. The more answers you have that match another players answer the more points you get, and the person who has the most points wins. Here are the rules in specifics.

#1 You wake up in another world, where all of a sudden you are chosen to fight a mighty dragon. They give you the option of three weapons which do you chose?
a) A piece of paper that spells: Sheild
b) A wooden pencil without led :/
c) A power ranger toy!

#2 Now that you have chosen your weapon, they give you to choose between three people to accompany you
a) a witch who has the ability to read minds but can currently read her own
b) a warrior who can instakill anything his sword touches but lost his sword and doesn't know how to fight
c) a boy with a drivers license

#3 With your new comrade you are tasked to head to the top of a mountain where the dragon is, what method of transportation do you use
a) a car that moves as fast as the tectonic plates
b) a chicken that is too small to get on top of
c) a camel that has no legs

#4 Taking the fastest means of transportation ever you arrive at the top of the mountain, you hear the dragon snoring within its cave what do you do
a) run inside the cave making as much noise as you can so the dragon can wake up, and you have an even battle with it. Chivalry!
b) sneak inside the cave, hoping the various loose gravel within the cave won't clash with other gravel. Sneek 100
c) stay outside the cave, and yell insults at the dragon, let us hope words hurt more than actions

#5 With your Napoleonic strategies you manage to get the Dragon to wake up, now what.
a) tell your comrade to fight it, you're outa there
b) Pretend it was someone else who did all that, and slowly walk away, whistling as you go
c) Run toward the dragon full-fledged to die trying! Plus Ulta!!

#6 Whatever you did. It didn't work :/ The dragon snapped its fingers and you suddenly started to vanish. Last words?
a) You motherf**en [email protected]^ @[email protected]^%* @&#(@)*&T%^ @&^@%[email protected]&*%, this won't be the end of me!!!!
b) I am inevitable
c) Mr. Stark I don't feel so good...

#7 Whatever you said moved the dragon to the point of undoing the snap, and it decides to instead ask you a question that will decide if you live or die:
Is All_Red the best Sheep host ever or not?
a) No
b) Eh
c) Meh

#8 Having answered incorrectly the dragon asks you one more question: Thanos or Iron Man
a) Thanos my man!!
b) I love you 3000!!!!
c) What's that?

#9 With answering those questions the dragon flies off leaving you alone. Would you guys like more sheep games like this when I host or nah?
a) Nah
b) yea!!

Last Day For Submisions Will be Next Sunday!! Or 6/16/19
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