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Sage of Snakes
Apr 25, 2011
Trait Points
Skarlet would arrive with the others and activate her Ketsuryugan as well as have her Power Ring set to Orange Lantern mode.

( Dōjutsu Ketsuryūgan ) - Eye Technique: Blood Dragon Eye
Type: Supplementary
Rank: C
Range: Short - Long
Chakra: 15 ( -10 per turn to keep active )
Damage: N/A
Description: The Ketsuryūgan (血龍眼, Literally meaning: Blood Dragon Eye) is a dōjutsu, which appears in certain individuals of the Chinoike clan. The Ketsuryūgan is recognised by its reddish colour, giving a special appearance for the users of this dōjutsu, characterised as holders of eyes as red as blood. A notable ability of the Ketsuryūgan is it's ability to cast genjutsu, either by making physical skin contact with the target or meeting each other's gaze, on a level of comparable strength to the Sharingan as well as be able to follow high-speed movements. One of its main abilities is their ability to manipulate iron, or more accurately, any liquid with a high iron concentration which allows them the ability to manipulate the blood within themselves for Ninjutsu use. Much like any other Dōjutsu, the Ketsuryugan is to enable the user to see the flow of chakra to differentiate chakras from different people or from different sources. Similar to the Byakugan, the user can see chakra through matter and beyond dense matter or in long distances. This ability also allows the wielder to see one's "life force", or their physical energy and sense and see any living object within range.
Note: The user, if he hasn't gained full mastery over his doujutsu, will need to spend a move to activate it, although as long as he has chakra and enough stamina, he'll be able to keep it active until the end of the match. If the user is Jounin Rank or above and has held the Doujutsu for a month, he becomes able to passively activate it.
Note: To avoid direct Eye Contact and be able to focus only on the body movement below the chin, the opponent needs to have mastered Taijutsu to possess the necessary skill.
Note: While traveling the NW, bios with an activated Ketsuryugan are able to see up to two 2 adjacent landmarks away though this does not beyond an ocean landmark.
Note: In order to utilize any of the blood based abilities, the user must be at least Jounin rank.

(Pawāringu) Power Ring
Rank: S
Type: Offensive/Defensive/Supplementary
Range: Short
Chakra Cost N/A (40 for creating Tools/Weapons)
Damage Cost: N/A
Description: This Power Ring is worn by the user and glows different colors depending on the users emotion when activated. Green - Will, Indigo - Compassion, Red - Rage, Blue - Hope, Star Sapphire - Love, Yellow - Fear, Orange - Greed, while there is also two strong modes with Black - Death and White - Life. The user can switch between with each Corps/Emotion containing different abilities. To switch to a new emotion the ring deactivates and takes 1 turn completely to switch to a new emotion. Even though each emotion gives the user different abilities each emotion have some shared abilities.

Shared Abilities - By channeling their chakra into the ring, it glows the color it is on and can be used to create weapons like hammers, swords, kunai, and shields made up of pure chakra that stay connected to the ring by a chakra chain. Weapons created by the ring cause A rank damage. When creating a shield the shield can block up to B rank elemental jutsus (within reasonable size) and ninja tools. If the shield goes against an A rank jutsu, the shield will block it but be destroyed and will automatically loose to S rank jutsus. The ring can also release A rank blast that can stun opponents and have them stop moving for a turn. The ring can be programmed. It can be coded to the wearer so as to make them unusable if stolen. Commands can be stored in the ring to be executed at a later date, even if the bearer is not wearing the ring.

Green/Will – When the ring is set to Green Lantern mode they gain certain abilities and is powered by Willpower. By using the user's willpower and having the ring boosting it the user will be immune to B rank and below Gen and Mind Altering jutsu. At the cost of a jutsu per turn, the ring will raise the user's willpower to break out of Gen and other Mind altering jutsu of A rank and below.

Indigo/Compassion – Indigo is powered by Compassion. This emotion has a limited ability to to heal injuries from C rank jutsu and below. The healing is only to the extent of the small injuries and light injuries like surface wounds and slow bleeding. If the user knows Medical Ninjutsu, the ring can also use A rank and below Med Nin at half the cost of chakra.

Red/Rage – When set to Red Lantern Ring the ring is powered by Rage. Using their rage to empower them the user can create stronger constructs that are one rank high than all the other Emotions constructs S rank (offensively and defensively).

Blue/Hope – When set to Blue Lantern the ring is powered by Hope. As fear is the belief of imminent demise, hope is the belief of imminent success. The ring stores and can release up to a medium source of water that spreads into mid range. Once used it takes the ring 4 turns to gather water from the moisture in the air to collect enough water.

Star Sapphire/Love – When set on Star Sapphire Lantern the ring is powered by Love. The user can use the ring to trap the opponent in a genjutsu (B rank gen, up to Mid Range) where the opponent sees a bright violet light shine from the ring than has them see an irresistible person of the opposite *** of them in front of them. The genjutsu person will grab them and kiss them and mimic the kiss of death to the opponent keeping them paralyze in real life.

Yellow (Sinestro)/Fear - The Power Ring is unique in that its base of power is fear. The yellow mode can create holograms (like Haze Clone Technique) that are scary looking humanoid creatures that cause paralysis due to the user's killing intent. This killing intent follows the effects of the canon Killing Intent technique and the user's own rank. This would help distract the opponent and make him think that they are fighting against different people/beast and different KGs even tho their attacks would be intangible.

Orange/Greed – When set to Orange Lantern the ring is powered by greed. The Orange rings have the unique ability to absorb the chakra from opponents or summons by creating a construct chain and has it wrap around them. Another ability is being capable of creating chakra avatar Orange Lanterns of the beings the user kills, literally stealing their identity postmortem. This avatar is avarice corrupted version of its former self, possessing no thought pattern besides the insatiable greed. In all other circumstances they act as individual but collective soldiers to the user, as they are an extension of his power. The avatars are able to use taijutsu and up to B rank ninjutsu. They can take up to B rank jutsus. They can also create powerful blasts of concussive force that knock out opponents.

Black/Death – When the ring is set to Black Lantern the ring is powered by Death and is one of the strongest mode. The user can also create chakra copies of the ring and have them attach to opponents. Once attach the user has the chakra copies slowly send pulses of electricity into the opponent constantly. After 1 turn the opponent will just feel a weird shock. After 2 turns the opponent will start feeling numb. After 3 turns the opponent will become paralysis and unable to move. After 4 turns the opponent will become unconscious and after 5 turns the shock becomes lethally enough to kill the opponent. (The Chakra rings can be destroyed with an A rank jutsu and up)

White/Life – When set to White Lantern the ring is powered by life and is the strongest mode. The user of a white ring can generate any color of the emotional spectrum and use the powers of each color (can only use 1 of the other corps abilities once a turn and cannot use two different corps/emotions abilities in the same turn and at max can only use each corp ability at most 3 times). A white lantern can render him/her/itself invisible by willing themselves to bend light waves around his/her/its form.

Note: Have to be taught how to use the ring by Korra
Note: When creating weapons and shields it counts as a move.
Note: When using any Emotion/Corps ability it counts as a move and at most can be used 5 times a match expect for Red which can only be used 4 times a match. The Shared Abilities do not have a limit usage.
Note: If the ring comes off the user it deactivates and the user must wait 3 turns so it can charge.
Note: The user has to state in the beginning of the battle which emotion they start off with. If they don’t they have to state later in the battle what emotion they want to use and then have to wait 1 turn for it change into the emotion.
Note: The user cannot start in White or Black Lantern mode. The user has to wait 4 turns in a battle before switching into White or Black Lantern. Once in White or Black Lantern Mode the user is stuck into that mode and cannot switch into any other Emotion/Corps for the rest of the fight.
How the ring looks like.

Chakra: 2000 - 15 = 1985


Aug 17, 2011
Trait Points
With the threat eliminated, the squad would all leave the location to rendezvous back to the last bastion. Hokusai also ended her Yin state, causing her to be severely weakned but never the less ok.

LLM with everyone in tow of Last Bastion.