[KG] Scarlet Rot training


May 28, 2014
Trait Points
Yeah, A is for normal users and S is for advanced users (the Basmu's host).

It does not carry a chakra cost per turn. You erect the defensive barrier and it just stays there in place.
Yes, it pushes people into mid-range, or 10 meters from the barrier's edge.

(Kinjutsu/Aka Fuhai: Aka Eonia) - Forbidden Technique/Scarlet Rot: Scarlet Aeonia
Type: Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary
Rank: Forbidden
Range: Short - Mid (Long)
Chakra: 80
Damage: 100/130
Description: Scarlet Aeonia is a powerful Kinjutsu belonging to users of Scarlet Rot. Its potency and application varies by the type of user commanding it in combat. At a baseline Scarlet Aeonia represents the ‘blooming of new life.’ It is a type of rebirth not unlike that Oral Snake Rebirth but repurposed in such a way that it is also offensive in nature. Upon activation the user will grow a lotus-like orange flower on their back, massive in size. It will curl into itself and then suddenly burst outward, unleashing a torrent of Scarlet Rot in the vicinity. Simultaneously its burst will also heal the user for 100 Health Points, able to regenerate complex wounds and even lost anatomy. Basic Users make use of this in a 100 damage explosion that reaches up to mid-range from their position. Advanced Users, specifically only those who have specialized in the Bloom Mastery, can make use of a higher damage application with significantly longer reach.
Note: Usable once per battle. After use the user is unable to use Scarlet Rot techniques for three turns.
Note: Requires the user to have Kinjutsu unless the user is the host of the Basmu and has specialized in the Bloom Mastery.