Sarada surpasses Hashirama and Madara.


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Mar 14, 2013
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It is entirely possible that Sarada could become the most powerful shinobi ever that never used unnatural sources to boost his or her power. There is even the possibility that she surpasses Madara in his Juubi form. But I believe she will easily surpass Hashirama and Madara's level before edo tensei. Let's talk about why I think so.

1) Sarada is a once in a generation talent who is surrounded by peers who gained great power through artificial means. Boruto, Kawaki, and Mitsuki all benefit from this. In spite of this she is still recognized as a leader. This is because of her sharingan. It ain't normal folks! It's way above average according to what I understand about sharingan. She unlocked it as a toddler which implies that there is more than (meets the eye) ya know what I'm saying! Perhaps it is because her sharingan's chakra is unusually powerful. In fact its so powerful that chakra enhanced strength is available upon activation.

2) It appears that her abilities were handed down from her parents. Chakra enhanced strength isn't a kekkei genkai but her sharingan is. How is she doing this? I think its because of Sasuke's Hashirama cells that were given to him by Kabuto. Since the Hashirama cells were cultivated using the body of the ten tails she was able to receive the genetic information of her parents and Kabuto. Yes I said Kabuto.

3) This is were it gets interesting because there is a strong possibility that she becomes an absolute powerhouse based on the projection of her current abilities and the possible abilities she can unlock. I compared her to Hashirama and Madara who were the reincarnation of Ashura and Indra one received the traits of the ten tails body and the other inherited the eyes. Sarada appears to have inherited both halves of the ten tails power.

4) Chakra enhanced strength is an ability on the body side of the ten tails power. We all know Tsunade was a Senju and she uses this ability. She was also known for medical ninjutsu and byakugo. I think this is the progression that Sarada's abilities will follow. But they will be unlocked by her eyes. Her sharingan will give her super strength, healing, and a massive chakra pool. That's just the abilities she inherited from her mother.

5) The possibility of Kabuto passing on his genetic information to Sasuke and from Sasuke to Sarada is something I want to focus on right now. It seems that Madara implanted Hashirama cells in his chest and eventually unlocked a rinnegan and was able to absorb Hashirama's senjutsu chakra. Kabuto implanted Hashirama cells inside of Sasuke's chest and he unlocked a rinnegan also. He has yet to display the ability to harness nature chakra but his ability to manipulate it was said to be on par with Hagoromo. There is still a chance he can unlock sage transformation but for whatever reason it has not happened yet. But that doesn't mean that Sarada won't.
Her ability to use chakra enhanced strength aligns her with Sakura and Tsunade's abilities. They are medical ninja. Guess who else was a medical ninja? Kabuto... hmm perhaps the chakra enhanced strength and unlocking sharingan so young is an early sign of sage transformation. This also aligns with Sasuke who once used a curse mark to transform. So its not much of a long shot. There's also the fact that Kabuto is connected with the Shin clan of Konoha. The Shin arc was an introduction for Sarada telling the story of her sharingan and displaying her battle prowess. I do not think its over yet. The plot of the story will likely allow her to cross paths with Kabuto. When that happens the focus will have shifted to her and we will see her rapidly develop.

6) Sarada will skip mangekyo sharingan and go straight to the rinnegan like Hagoromo. 👍 Her ms will be a mark like Hagoromo. What makes me say that? She inherited the eyes and the body of the ten tails like Hagoromo. She is the first human to do so. Let me explain. At the very least Hashirama's dna was passed on to her. We know that there is something allowing her to inherit abilities because her sharingan allows her to use chakra enhanced strength. Therefore the most probable reason is the ten tails ability to pass on genetic material. A chakra fruit is like the ten tails giving birth. Sarada's birth was also a birth for the genetic material that has been harvested by the Hashirama cells. The Hashirama cells were created so that Madara could implant Hashirama's dna into his body so that he could have the power of the eyes and body of the ten tails. But it appears that they also allow the child to inherit their parents abilities even if they are not kkg. Which also suggests that they inherit the abilities of everyone who possessed those hashirama cells. In Sarada's case it's Kaguya (she is fused the ten tails the ten tails body is her body), Hashirama(medical ninjutsu), Kabuto (medical ninjutsu, sage transformation), Sasuke (sharingan, rinnegan). Of course she received Sakura's dna directly.

7) She surpasses Sasuke and unlocks the rinnesharingan.
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