Samurai 8: The Tale of Hachimaru by Masashi Kishimoto


Jan 26, 2009
Trait Points
Kishimoto is writing the story but illustrator is his long-time assistant Akira Okubo. So we are not going to see Kishimoto's drawing ...

Also :

" Q. If you give an abbreviated name or nickname for Samurai 8: Hachimaruden...?

Kishimoto: I want some part of the word 'Samurai' to be included. I know it is a bit difficult title to be
shortened. Let's see..., well, please call it 'SamHachi!' I think it is just right. However, it is only my hope.
Please use any abbreviated name that is easy for you to call (laugh).

Q: Message to the readers.

Kishimoto: As announced at the Jump Festa at the end of last year, I have been struggling to exceed my
previous work Naruto!! (laugh). Because I had taken hiatus from a weekly serialization work, my sense is
now as same as that of amateur artists
. However, the pressure from around is so strong (laugh). I want
them to go easy on me. ...But I understand if I keep talking so complacently, any manga can be cancelled
so easily in Shonen Jump, so I brace myself to do my best. Then all I can do left is to send it to the readers.
Its serialization starts this week. So everyone, please read my latest work 'Samurai 8 Hachimaruden'!

Thank you very much!

@ bold: He put a caveat right there!

Edit: Just read the chapter. It was interesting so far. :ira:
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