Sage of Six Paths Chronicle: Source of his Power

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Aug 12, 2011
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Sage of six paths Chronicle
chapter 1: Source of his Power​

"The world occupied with hatred and misery. The time in which everyday was bloody war and fighting.
Various groups of warriors seeking for blood were what made up the human race. People denied the
existence of peace, as they got used to everyday of fighting.

This is how it was, before a certain someone appeared upon the world to make a change."


*Crying of new born baby can be heard from an ordinary house, in a small ordinary mountain village.
Villagers are standing around the house outside, wishing a good luck for new born baby.*

*inside the house*

(Waaa!~ Waaa!~)

Ayumu[baby's father]: (picking up baby into his arms) My dear wife! It's a boy! It's a boy!

TIP=<in old asian countries, they valued male more than female.>

It must have been so tiring for you!! You can take a rest now.

Amaya[baby's mom]: (stretching her arm out, huffing and puffing) let me hold him too. my lovely son...... Let's name him



*the village where this baby is born, was rather distant from the reach of outsiders.
so there were not much battles, although inhabitants had to live in fear everyday.
it was always a spring time on the mountain so inhabitants didn't suffer from climate.*

*Unfortunately, Amaya passed away from extreme fatigue after giving birth to Junichi*

"Junichi later grew up and led a life of normal child. He wasn't told anything about his mom yet, but it didn't effect his life. But that life came to an end when he was 5 years old..."

*front of the house door outside*

Ayumu: (holding hand with Junichi) Now then, Junichi, shall we go play on the hill again?

Junichi: Right!! and I will make flower crown for you! Heh...:)p)

Ayumu: No, Junichi. I should be the one giving you a present. I haven't give you one for your fifth birthday yet. ;)

*they arrive at the hill*

(both sitting down on the grass)

Ayumu: You know, Junichi? I like being with you like this. I wanna live like this forever with you. You are a great gift from heaven to me.

Junichi: (not paying attention to Ayumu) F...Father? I see unfamiliar people over there.

Ayumu: :)eek:) What? This is bad! We must hide ourselves from them!
they are Rogue Warriors from battles!!

*Ayumu picks Junichi up in his arm, and make a run for it.
but his movements made a noise which made warriors notice them.*

Warrior#1: There was a villager here!!

Warrior#2: This is bad. He's going to tell the other villagers about it!

Warrior#3: There's only one option then. Let's get rid of him. Hurry!!

*Warriors started chasing. For Ayumu, Junichi is not light any more. Carrying him soon made himself tired, and Warriors caught up with them*

(Ayumu gets tripped over by trees' root.)

Ayumu: W...We are doomed...(paralysed face)

Junichi: Who...Who are these people? They are scaring me!! :)T_T:)

Warrior#1: We have no grudge against you.

Warrior#3: But we'll have to kill you for our own goods.

Warrior#2: Now die!!

*Warror#2 Slashes Ayumu. Ayumu falls in front of Junichi.*

Junichi: (tears in his eyes) wha..what is this.... What has happened!! How... How come!!....(he falls into silence)

*Junichi unconsciously mumbles*


~To be continued in Chapter 2~

EDIT: Chapter2 Now on.
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