[NW] Sado Yasutora, the Sage of Transformation


Aug 17, 2010
Trait Points

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We're moving so fast, it's like you're all moving in slow-mo!
You're talking to the Shadow of Sin so you better ask if you don't know.
You better put your pride aside
Let me introduce the flow, hi, it's nice to meet you my name is Sado.
Tsk, your best stuff looks like our worst, techniques fizzle and burst
Me though? I've got the whole crew with me.
'Bout to deal damage, you know we ain't average
I ain't gonna say this again!
This is our time better look in our eyes
I'm a genius in disguise, who wears his heart on his sleeve
and who's about to take off his shirt
So please don't be so hurt when you're forced to oblige to a Sage in his prime
Everybody get in line, sit back, watch the world align
I finesse like my life on the line was a diamond in the rough
And now I shine.

Does this world think it can handle me? Don't make me laugh.
My junk must be bipolar, 'cause I'm about to split the world in half.
I'm finna give this whole world the Yin, the Yang, all my Sin, and the dang-a-...
End of the night, you'll be screamin' for! ( Sado! )
Your eyes gleaming for! ( Sado! ) Your thighs creamin' for! ( Sado! )
Who sought out the formation of an entire nation? ( Sado! ) Who spits game the meanest? ( Sado! )
Whose nation is the only brave enough to stand up against damnation? ( Sado! )
My village is the cleanest, we've reached the zenith, and I'm a fuckin' genius.
Self-proclaimed, but you all know my name. The only one who plays this game.
But my aim, is like a flame, for those who feel the same. Those who feel no shame.

Mm, I keep shattering this rhyme.
We're about to just leave you behind!
The whole world is stuck on rewind
Forced Shimogakure to quit sleeping on mines.
They had their backs on recline!
Then we went and damaged their delicate spines!
Please don't act all shy and surprised!
They were like, they be like
"What do you mean? Why did you have to take it to the extreme!?"
We've built an active team and they're as big as my self-esteem!

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Name: Sado Yasutora
Nickname: the Demon, the Monster, the Tsumikage, the Shogun-Slayer, the Motherfucker, the Sage of Transformation
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Clan: Unknown ( Jūgo's )


"At the highest mountain peaks — far above the slopes where trees grow and where the air is thin and the frigid winds howl dwell the reclusive goliath. Few people can claim to have seen a Goliath, and fewer still can claim friendship with them. Goliaths wander a bleak realm of rock, wind, and cold. Their shifting souls take after the wandering wind, making them nomads who wander from peak to peak. Their bodies look as if they are carved from mountain stone and give them great physical power. Their hearts are infused with the cold regard of their frigid realm, leaving each Goliath with the responsibility to earn a place in the tribe or die trying."

Sado is a man of goliath descent, this fact means little to anyone but himself but his prideful nature won't let him forget his brutal kin and life. He has wavy brown hair that generally hangs over his brown eyes. He is a muscular and extremely tall man being roughly 7'5" but tends to slouch profusely making him seem shorter than he actually is. Even this great and menacing stature was and still is runtish to the massive frames of the goliath he came from. Due to his height and rugged features he appears to be much older than he actually is sometimes mistaken for a man in his early thirties. Sado has a tattoo on his left shoulder which reads "Love and Death" and consists of a heart with a snake and angel wings around it, it works as a summoning tattoo.

He typically wears flashy short-sleeved shirts with open collars. During his time as a mercenary, he wore a plain black cloak but only when needed as he feels restricted when wearing it. As he has aged a little he has grown a small goatee on his chin. Over the years he has gained an older appearance appearing to be in his late thirties but still seeming to be in peak condition. He has at times allowed his hair to grow in length from shoulder length to hair that spans all the way down past his shoulders his facial hair has also become more pronounced. He sometimes wears a dark black cloak trimmed in crimson, He also wears full-length black leather armor that covers his entire upper body. He has gone stark naked a few times and has very little modesty about this due to his goliath upbringing. He also tends to use jutsu that tear his own clothes, as well as others to expose skin.

Sado has taken to wearing a traditional white lab coat that most medical shinobi wear. He is oftentimes seen wearing this coat instead of the black cloaks with crimson trim that he never really liked wearing. His lab coat is always clean, and neat surprisingly different than the way he cares for his normal attire he will even at times clean the coat if it has gotten dirty during a fight and will remove it if he feels it may be torn or ripped. He takes pride in it, even if this pride is unwarranted. He wears a vial of poison around his neck.

While undergoing Sage Transformations his skin turns a light purple like skin that has atrophied due to lack of oxygen. He also gains horns and green marks all over his body that glow a repugnant green. He also grows more muscular and taller, gaining an additional half a foot in height. The white lab coat seems to be his first tie to civilized society. After a bloody, traumatic ordeal his once pristine, immaculate, white coat has now been stained a deep crimson due to the sheer amount of his own blood that has soaked the coat thoroughly. The exterior of the coat has turned a rust-brown contrasting the deep crimson.

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"In some ways, the goliath's drive to outdo themselves feeds into the grim inevitability of their decline and death. A goliath would much rather die in battle, at the peak of his strength and skill, than endure the slow decay of old age. Few people have ever met an elderly goliath and even those goliaths who have left their people grapple with the urge to give up their lives as their physical skills decay. Because of their risk-taking, goliath tribes suffer from a chronic lack of experience offered by long-term leaders. They hope for innate wisdom in their leadership, for they can rarely count on wisdom grown with age. Every day brings a new challenge to a Goliath. Food, water, and shelter are rare in the uppermost mountain reaches. A single mistake can bring doom to the entire tribe, while an individual’s heroic effort can ensure the entire group’s survival. Goliaths thus place a premium on self-sufficiency and individual skill. They have a compulsion to keep score, counting their deeds, and tallying their accomplishments to compare to others. Goliaths love to win, but they see defeat as a prod to improve their skills."

Sado Yasutora has disassociative identity disorder which has the unforeseen effect of changing his decision-making process on a regular basis. He has two totally separate personalities a primary and a secondary and a tertiary that has arisen over time. He tries his best to keep some kind of control over when and how these personalities reveal themselves, but that isn't always possible. He has gotten better at suppressing his secondary personality but he can't always reign it in. In the past, he had dismissed his secondary personality as a defect but over time he has begun to accept it more readily using it in battle as a means of survival. In both states, he is somewhat quiet and can be a bit of a pervert. Over the years, his personalities have changed gradually he even questions which is the real true him leaning more toward the notion that they are two sides of the same coin that make-up who he truly is. Due to his training in Jeet Kune Do he has gained the ability to silence his emotions while in battle keeping a calm and collected demeanor even when he turns to his more violent self, thus allowing him to exploit his opponent and their weak spots.

He holds within himself a very strong distrust of other shinobi spurred on by the atrocities that befell him and his tribe when he was a child. Sado has a slight disdain for children instilled by his rigorous warrior upbringing feeling little to no sympathy for weakness. His brilliance is often muddled by his jaded personal views and his addictive and alcoholic tendencies as well as a deep-rooted set of psychopathic and sociopathic tendencies most likely instigated by his childhood and lineage. Sado's consumption of alcohol is presented by himself more from a comedic viewpoint making it a joke so those around him will laugh, in reality, he is using the alcohol to numb himself to the world around him and the pain inside. This is most likely due to the traumatizing effect that his continuous, violent, and brutal actions may have on him. Sado is easily bored and does not do well with a routine which alludes to him having severe ADHD this was brought on by the constant reminders to never be complacent.

He is more than willing to be extremely brutal such as when people betray him or those close to him putting them in danger saying "You're supposed to look out for number one, I'M NUMBER ONE!" when faced with this character flaw. He is usually shown to be homicidal, having a large disregard for life, enough that he's destroyed various villages and killed dozens while drunk, or bored similar to his goliath forefathers. He has shown to find killing as fun but tends to not divulge this information to the people who he now surrounds himself with. If he were to describe himself in terms of basic personality he might say chaotic neutral or even chaotic good, while others could easily describe him as chaotic evil due to his actions. However deep down, at a basic level he wants to be a good person, he just doesn't believe he can.

When confronted about who he is and why he does the violent, sadistic and terrible things he does he has replied "I'm just a shape-shifting nobody who's in over his head, a man who wants to be anyone but himself. Empty on the inside, active on the outside." Sado is a natural-born leader. He is rarely alone constantly surrounding himself with others to distract himself from-... himself. His mind has started to falter even further and he has begun to make references to a non-existent fourth wall. At times he talks to people who aren't there and at times thought that all of his actions are because of some unseen God watching his story and reveling in his pain and sadistic actions. At times of extreme strife and in times of complete and utter desperation he has crafted this elaborate idea that he will always be safe. This is because he thinks there is someone out there telling him what to do, and how to do it to get the best outcome possible while in unison keeping just enough away from him to make him want to keep going in a circle growing stronger, amassing abilities and trying to better himself.

He believes his more sadistic voice, to be this unseen force guiding him when he can't guide himself. He's convinced himself he's the protagonist of this story, anyone else is just a side character and he seems to be waiting on someone to prove him wrong, but with each passing day no-one steps forward to show the world they're better than him and in his mind, this silently confirms his beliefs. This makes him rather good at strategy and tactics as he believes he can remove himself from the equation and view the entire world as an elaborate game of diplomacy, strategy, negotiation, and war. If it benefited his cause, he probably could destroy an entire land without remorse killing indiscriminately because he has detached himself so far from humans he doesn't see himself as one. He's a Goliath, just as he was raised to be.

After learning of his secondary personality's intentions he sought out powerful techniques to suppress or seal him. He didn't want him to burn down everything he had built up. This suppression was found in the form of a seal called Resonance it allowed Sado to sequester his secondary personality but that didn't rid him of it only holding it deep within where it festers waiting for its chance to break free. Another personality has eventually entered the fray as a clone named Smith gradually grew separately from his creator becoming slightly closer to the humans of the world. Sado was hesitant to disperse him because he knows all of those feelings are going to be confusing and he doesn't feel like dealing with them. After the clone was forcibly dispersed by the Fallen Shogun, Sado through the use of the Creation of All Things created a body for the personality to inhabit.

Smith is a personality that is nearly identical in most ways to Sado's primary personality, however, he has a fondness for humankind and an unwavering need to protect those weaker than himself. He has a Superman complex and a savior complex willing to sacrifice himself for the well-being of others supplementing other's strength with his own. This is true in multiple ways, both in battle and outside. In a way, Smith was the driving force behind the Battle of Shinramoto protecting an entire land from the expansion of the Shogun, Takauji Ashikaga. He was also the reason for the relocation of the entire population of Qindong, a desolate land left behind by the fall of the Freehold.

Smith is the personality Lorelei fell in love with, and through that support, Smith grew attached to humankind. In the opinion of the other personalities too much so. Both of Sado's more dominant personalities see this as a weakness and thus the creation of a vessel to hold it via the Creation of All Things. In combat, Smith will go out of his way to heal others, to boost them, and praise them even at the expense of himself. Smith may in truth be the personality that would have naturally formed if Sado had not been subjected to the harsh trauma of goliath culture in his youth warping him. Some of this shows through in his primary personality, for example, the way it revels in being seen as a hero. If he were raised as a human, Smith is likely the man he would have become.​

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Primary: Sado tends to be a quiet person, however, he can become quite loud and comedic randomly as per the bipolar nature of his clansmen. In his childhood, he was the subject of vicious beatings at the hands of his tribe to "toughen him up." This caused his mind to splinter as he partially rejected the violent nature but needed it to survive. Sado has a very honorable and loyal personality type he can be overly loyal to his friends especially women. He can be overprotective toward women and children and is hesitant to fight them in most scenarios however if forced into it he may hold himself back slightly depending on his opponent.

This spits in the face of his upbringing where he was taught to abhor weakness. It was most likely brought on by the events before his exile. He displays little emotion except when something he cares about is in danger then he can become almost enraged by the thought of a friend or comrade dying. He will throw his life away for one of his friends and has gone as far as fighting enemies much stronger than himself to create time for a friend to leave the area just to protect that friend. He has done this more than once and tends to always make peace with himself before the end of the fight. He always seems calm and unassuming hardly judgmental towards others.

While training as a mercenary and as he trained in ninjutsu, he began to be more erratic in his fighting even in his normal non-violent state. He will make jokes, quote lyrics, say odd catchphrases and all-around tries to distract his opponent with nonsense. In a way he fancies himself a bard or wordsmith for himself, to keep his mind active. Boredom slowly kills him every moment of every day but it's barely noticeable when he's fighting, and being himself giving in to his goliath nature. After making friends and entering civilized society he has shown he can be a kind and caring person with a deep sense of loyalty, great charisma, and skill in negotiation. He sees anyone he respects enough to call a friend as a part of his own family as per the nature of his past tribe, and his strength and determination have taken a firm root in them and their well-being.

He won't go out of his way to protect others he doesn't know and has no problem standing aside when atrocities take place that does not directly involve himself or his village. He sees humans as lesser beings, except those that fall into his inner circle. He seems proud of the knowledge he obtains so much so that he's willing to share it with others for their benefit. He doesn't seem to hoard his abilities and has tried to save numerous lives on the battlefield.

This isn't out of altruism, he just finds it amusing and it staves off the boredom to play the hero to be the savior of the people he doesn't believe himself to be a good person. In fact, he deeply believes that he isn't and that no person is truly good. However, he finds comfort in being perceived as good, just and fair by those around him, and will try to get people to like or respect him just because he can. These notions have driven him to do vile things, including the Razing of Degarashan which he still weighs heavily against himself. Outwardly he shows no hints of shame, but subconsciously it bothers him.

Sado has trouble taking orders from others, is very anti-totalitarian, and seems to dislike people with authority especially shinobi barring those he respects who know he respects them because he will tell them so. He doesn't like "being told where to go and what to do" and most of the people he surrounds himself with know this, however, this has caused problems with other groups on multiple occasions. An example of this can be cited when he interacted with a woman named Angela and drove her into a twisted game of twenty-one questions upping the stakes with poison and taking away her ability to lie while leaving his own.

This is probably why he ended up as the Tsumikage, not wanting to be below another, needing to place his destiny in his own hands. He also has a great dislike of standardized education, claiming that school "isn't a place for smart people" and a "waste of time" he seems to believe that education should be for everyone, not just the elite or those who can access it. He seems to believe that knowledge can be a strength, and no one should be weak merely because of the circumstances of their birth. This could also be due to the fact that he's had no formal education himself so he sees it as unnecessary to an extent.​

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Secondary: During his childhood, Sado could become extremely violent when pushed to his limitations physically or mentally. He was trained to be a warrior. With no parents to comfort him, he was beaten and bloodied since the age of five. His mind and body constantly strained and tortured he was taught to be strong and tough due to this his personality splintered. He wanted to be kind and caring but in Goliath society that would get him beaten. When he wasn't in this more violent state he was mostly passive and at times wouldn't defend himself being overly stoic and enduring. This was where his secondary personality arose partially from loneliness but mainly due to his clan and their abilities which brought on these rage-like states.

Later on, Sado's secondary personality developed further when active he appeared to be laid-back and irreverent, but his scruffy exterior hides a brutal, impulsive, and excessively-violent personality with a lethally-short temper. Sado in this state is blunt, sarcastic, and quite sadistic, revealing a psychotic grin whenever he becomes excited usually when blood has been shed his enemy's or even his own. He displays little respect for authority now and says whatever is on his mind no matter who may be around regardless of whether or not it is appropriate. He is a very rude and disrespectful individual ignorant and uncaring to those around him. Despite his aggression and obvious bloodlust in battle, he possesses a feral cunning and has a knack for quickly exploiting any opening his opponent reveals. He has also shown a dark sense of humor and can be quite the pervert.

He considers himself emotionally separated from the rest of humanity due to his goliath upbringing; in his narration and internal monologues, he often refers to "humans" as if he is not one of them. Sado also makes frequent references to an internal feeling of emptiness to himself and sometimes others. In battle he appears to have no feelings or conscience killing without remorse, even going to sadistic extremes. He has begun to believe that all of his emotional responses are part of a well-rehearsed act to conceal his true nature which is much more sadistic then even he lets on. This is possibly tied to his growing misanthropy as his love and appreciation of his friends and family grow, the dislike and distrust of other shinobi and the rest of humankind grow exponentially.

Sado in his secondary state began to revel in instilling fear in the people around him making them fear him. It was the polar opposite of his primary personality type who finds it amusing to have people think highly of him. Sado in this state has shown to use all of his knowledge to attack his opponent relentlessly using their body against them picking out their weak points both physically and psychologically. He believes this to just be the natural progression of this side of himself. This personality drove Sado to study fear in depth from this he created his own poison. Eventually, with the proper training, he sealed away this personality with four hundred chakra. This made it easier to directly control what personality showed itself.
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Village Information
Land of Birth: Lightning Mountains
WSE Clan: Tsumigakure
Rank//Chakra Info
Ninja Rank: Sage of Transformation
Chakra: 3000
Health: 200
( Primary )Personal Summoning
( Secondary )Speed Resistance
( Unique )Apex Speed Specialist
( Extra )Yin-Yang Release
( CFS )Jeet Kune Do
Base FiveComplete
Oobleck ReleaseComplete
Red Sand ReleaseComplete
Laughing Gas ReleaseComplete
Chalk ReleaseComplete
Your ninjutsu:
Generic Four Ninja SkillsComplete
Narutobase TaijutsuComplete
Sage TransformationComplete
Imperfect Sage ModeComplete
Jeet Kune DoComplete
Yin ReleaseComplete
Yang ReleaseComplete
Yin-Yang ReleaseComplete
Medical NinjutsuComplete
Poison NinjutsuComplete
Salamander NinjutsuComplete


"Right, listen up. If you have ale, then you have a friend in Sado Yasutora. A goliath of towering height and size, this barbarian has an appetite for the two great loves in his life: combat, women, and ale. Sit down, relax, grab some snacks and I'll tell you the latest chapter to the story of the Village Hidden in Sin but I'm going to have to spoil it. This story is a sinful one that won't end well for anyone I mean someone has to step forward to foil it. Obviously, this means I can't leave out my own sins.
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Sick of the Sin​

Shimogakure had grown bold in their expansion, in themselves and in their place in the world. Sado, the Shogun-Slayer found himself with one option, and it was one he didn't like. War. That was when the Korikage sent a missive trying to persuade Tsumigakure that he had done no wrong. That he and his were merely minding their own business but Shimogakure's fate had been sealed the moment they had attacked his people. He didn't care if they were a satellite state, he didn't care if they were just brought into the fold, he didn't care that they were new villagers. The moment that treaty with Hellsing was formed, and they joined his village those individuals fell under his protection, and his shinobi's protection.

He took a moment to refocus his mind and gather his troops. In tandem, he talked to his officials, Vegeta, Banri, Mirabelle, and Grenth. He discussed another event, another extravagant holiday for his people. He would keep them happy and distracted while he and his men and women got their hands dirty. They had a point to make, and a village to make an example of. Shimogakure had overstepped upon the Village Hidden in Sin, and it was time for them to repay the debt that was now owed.

Sado, Vegeta, themselves alongside their clones, then clones of Grenth, and Korra set out for the heart of Shimogakure. The icy prison was a cold and defiant mistress, the air was chilled, the lands were barren and empty and the people were abandoned and alone. Their Korikage and his shinobi had fled leaving their lands open and empty. Sado wasn't the type to kill those who didn't start it. These civilians didn't harm his people, so he made them an offer, evacuate the Sister Isle, and tell the others that the Tsumikage and his officials had spared them. They took his offer as a mass exodus of civilians took place. Then began the war of attrition, a proxy war held among shadow clones.

Sado and Vegeta split their clones among several landmarks occupying them in what would become known as the "Occupy Shimogakure" movement. Together the clones of the valiant shinobi began to take in several more lands as there was no resistance. It was a relatively short war in all honesty once all of his lands had been occupied the Korikage came out of hiding and begged for a treaty. Sado obliged feeling his people had suffered enough at the hands of Tsumigakure.

The Village Hidden in Sin got three landmarks, a vast sum of colonial income and they gave in return, peace between the two villages giving Shimogakure time to rebuild. This meant the Village Hidden in Sin pulled their forces out of Shimogakure and returned home. Resting for a few weeks, before the effects of their fight with Tiamat began to actually sink in. The Red Fever, a pandemic rocked the world to its very core. None more so than the valiant heroes who fought face to face with the Primordial Goddess of Life herself. With a new sickness spreading across the land Sado set in motion his holiday event.

"Down with the Sickness!" became the rallying cry of the sick and infirm as Tsumigakure fought back against the invisible enemy. Sado set up a stimulus program paying the shinobi for their hard work, and keeping the economy of his village flowing forward as normal. He funded the entire program with the boundless colonial income they had accrued and amassed. Sado himself and his officials were most likely the sickest men and women in the world because of how closely they had fought Tiamat.

The event was a long-lasting one as just about every member of his village received some form of payment. It was at this time the rumors of his power and might spread around the world and he began to be referred to collectively as the Sage of Transformation. His story blossomed into a tale of insurmountable hard work a man who started as nothing more than a barbarian in piss and squalor rising up to build a nation that could not be rivaled.
Other Information.
Scientific Tools: Sado has crafted a few personal Scientific Ninja Tools inspired by other technology he has heard about. These include September a chakra battery and Thunderwave a speaker system disguised as a chest-plate. Sado also carries multiple poison grenades deemed "Hellish Rebuke." These are an advanced version of his own Poison Tags; "Vicious Mockery." One grenade is different from the rest and has (Dokuton: Funsai Suru) - Poison Release: Shatter sealed within.

Hand of Reckoning - Is a sentry that can fire off natural energy jutsu bullets on its own or create a large defensive aura.​

( Keisan no te ) - Hand of Reckoning
Type: Tool
Rank: S
Range: Short - Long
Chakra: 40
Damage: 80
Description: Hand of Reckoning is a stationary sentry turret that upon activation and being given the necessary chakra to function begins to slowly accumulate natural energy. It has the appearance of a metal box roughly the size of a briefcase that when opened becomes two gun like barrels mounted on a swiveling platform. After accumulating enough natural energy the sentry is able to fire Jutsu Bullets in the form of condensed natural energy shells at unknown or hostile chakra sources in the landmark or battle they were deployed in or create a defensive shell-like aura around itself. The turret has no AI and thus relies on a simple program that distinguishes chakra sources needing the user to create a white list of chakra sources that are considered friendly. After this is done the turret will shoot at anyone or anything with a non-white listed chakra source unless commanded not to. This is similar to things like the ( Mikagami Dorōn ) - Mirror Drone and ( Kinzoku Kugutsu ) - Autonomous Puppets. These turrets can be placed in a claimed landmark to act as a defense or can be deployed in battle with the deployment acting in the same way as a jutsu released from a Kote. Each turret can be destroyed by a direct S rank attack.

Avenging Wrath: The primary ability of Hand of Reckoning after a single turn of gathering natural energy the turret becomes able to fire Jutsu Bullets either on it's own accord or at the command of the person who deployed it. Once per turn passively the turret can shoot up to four freeform bullets on it's own accord. These together deal twenty damage and due to being natural energy are neutral to elemental releases. If the person who deployed the turret is within short range of it at the cost of a move-slot he is able to command the turret to fire off a spray of four larger Jutsu Bullets dealing eighty damage to anything they make contact with. However this can only be done once per turn needing two turns to recharge after. It can be done alongside a combined effort from the person who deployed it such as another technique and needs only a verbal command or a snap of the fingers to initiate. Thus it can allow them to either overwhelm or defend against an intruder but can only be done three times per battle.

Shield of the Righteous: The secondary ability of Hand of Reckoning after a single turn of gathering natural energy the turret is able to create a defensive aura of natural energy surrounding a short range diameter. This defensive aura is S rank in power and has the potential to defend against similarly ranked elemental release techniques. This can be done once per turn costing a move but able to be used alongside another technique with a two turn cool down needing to recharge over that time. It can only be used three times per battle.
Note: Two turrets can be carried and deployed by a bio with access to Senjutsu with one per LM
Note: Targets hit will only suffer blunt/piercing damage, unable to cause mutations or petrification.
September - A small circular chakra battery. It has the potential to store senjutsu or normal chakra and can be used to instantly enter Sage Mode. This battery is precharged before a fight with 200 senjutsu chakra.

( Kyuu-tsuki ) - September
Type: Tool
Rank: A
Range: Short - Long
Chakra: N/A ( +50 per turn ) ( -50 per turn to an opponent )
Damage: N/A ( -20 to an opponent's technique )
Description: September is a small orb-like self sustained chakra battery that can be pre-charged with basic chakra, or senjutsu chakra. If charged with basic chakra it will be compatible with any non-hostile shinobi. The battery has two capabilities called charge and drain. Charge allows a shinobi to draw chakra from the battery and drain allows the battery to draw chakra from a shinobi or their techniques. The battery has a max capacity of two hundred chakra.

Charge: While in direct contact with the battery or while it is on their person a shinobi can passively absorb chakra directly from the battery through contact. It can be used while still hidden or in a pouch not needing to be pulled out. It allows the shinobi to draw two hundred chakra from the battery at a rate of fifty per turn allowing for them to regain chakra or to supply exhausted allies with chakra. It can also be used to provided senjutsu chakra instead of chakra at a quicker rate allowing them to gain ten percent of their chakra as senjutsu chakra but can only be done once usually exhausting the battery. When exhausted the battery is still able to use it's drain ability.

Drain: Alternatively if a hostile individual tries to use the battery it will absorb their chakra instead of giving them chakra at a rate of fifty chakra stolen per turn. The wielder of the battery is also able to instigate this process passively by making direct contact with the opponent allowing them to instigate the process stealing fifty chakra per turn where contact is made. Additionally through this draining ability the battery is able to steal ten chakra from a technique causing it to weaken by twenty damage. This is similar to the capabilities of the Scientific Ninja Tool: ( Abusōbu Ude ) - Absorption Arm on a much lower and more basic scale. Where that can absorb entire jutsu this battery can only absorb ten chakra storing it in the battery. This portion of drain will cost a move slot, can only be used once per turn and only twice per battle.
Note: The wielder can only carry a single chakra battery
Note: Must state the ratio of basic chakra to senjutsu chakra that is found in the battery
Thunderwave - Thunderwave is a built-in surround sound speaker system hidden inside the user's natural attire. It allows them to play theme music passively at all times or make themselves louder.

( Sandāu~ēbu ) - Thunderwave
Type: Tool
Rank: A
Range: Short - Long
Chakra: N/A ( - 5 per turn when used )
Damage: N/A
Description: Thunderwave is a basic chest plate outfitted with a surround sound speaker system, and a microphone. It can be used to play music or make noises more audible than normal similar to a karaoke machine. It is able to produce sound louder than most techniques or the clashing of techniques and can be much louder than the user or opponent can scream. In essence it can act like the (Utsusemi no Jutsu) - Empty Cicada Shell Technique passively at all times being louder and stronger than even that basic technique. It comes pre-loaded with all of the wielder's favorite songs. In battle it can be used to play theme music or it can make the user louder as it has a built in microphone system connected to the speaker system.

The primary use of Thunderwave as mentioned above is the ability to play music with the offshoot of this being the ability to cancel sound waves with sound waves while playing music. This is similar to the Scientific Ninja Tool: Shijima and works like a noise-cancellation speaker. The system can emit a sound wave with the same amplitude but with inverted phase also known as antiphase to the original sound. The waves combine to form a new wave, in a process called interference, and effectively cancel each other out. This effect is called destructive interference and is able to nullify sound techniques in equal rank. The sound can encompass a short - long range area around the user being louder the closer to the user the people who can hear it are and due to this it has a dampening system as to not harm the users ears or cause them any undue problems. It can be fine tuned to look different depending on the wielder's appearance or preference.
Note: Sound techniques can only be canceled once per turn three times per battle.
Hellish Rebuke - Sado carries numerous grenades that act like a clip for guns, or hold sealed techniques.

( Jigoku Hanran ) - Hellish Rebuke
Type: Tool
Rank: A
Range: Short - Long
Chakra: 30
Damage: 60 ( if generic and used as grenades )
Description: An alternative to the Kote this tool is a type of ammunition clip compatible with any other gun or sentry. It comes in the form of several canisters that allow them to hold various samples of the user's poisons or for a more advanced usage a singular poison technique. How this is used is similar to the Kote itself the user throws the canister and upon detonation it releases the mass of stored poison and a catalyst of stored dokuton chakra to release the technique itself from the canister without any outside usage of the user beyond throwing it. What differentiates this from a Kote is the limited nature it has, only being able to store a poison technique and no other type of technique meaning to make up for this the user is able to store up to a single S rank poison technique inside one of their grenades, causing it to burst open on contact to release it. This can only be done once per battle, costs a move but can be done alongside another technique if logical. However, using Hellish Rebuke to release the technique is passive thus not doubling up on move-slot usage.

When used as an ammunition clip the user merely connects the canister to the gun, or projectile based weapon and that weapon can then fire Poison Jutsu Bullets instead of their standard ammunition. This has the effect of upping the damage of whatever weapon it is augmenting due to the additional surge of dokuton chakra through the weapon allowing it to work as a conduit for the poison. For example if a gun fires off Fire Jutsu Bullets instead it will fire empowered Poison Jutsu Bullets instead with what the gun's normal damage being increased by 20 passive damage. This supply of dokuton chakra and poison lasts three turns, and can only be used twice as a clip for a maximum of six turns of empowered ammunition. Alternatively as mentioned they can be used as grenades releasing generic poison to attack this can be gaseous med toxin, or any variety of custom poison. This can only be done twice per battle and costs a move.
Note: Using it as a clip is passive and just takes the user connecting it to their weapon to use

Artifacts: Sado has obtained multiple artifacts, some merely used to increase his clan and build roads. Others are more battle or travel related. He has a pair of shoes that seem to allow him to move faster than average reducing his travel time. Beyond this he has a set of Chakra Armor crafted for the use of the Shogun himself that increases his durability among other things.

Men-yoroi of the Fallen Shogun - A special armor Sado obtained through a suspicious woman in international waters. It was originally commissioned for Takuji Ashikaga himself making it a rather ornate status symbol. The Shogun-Slayer has now twisted it's meaning, donning it himself in battle as a way to show that he and his village took out Takauji and will do the same to any who stand in their way. It allows him to move faster and hit harder, but has a considerable chakra drain so he uses it only in battle.

( Shōgun no Men'yō ) - Men-yoroi of the Fallen Shogun
Type: Artifact
Rank: S
Range: N/A
Chakra: N/A
Damage: N/A
Description: The Men-yoroi is a three-fold artifact commissioned directly by Takauji Ashikaga himself when he reigned over Degarashan but abandoned during his travel to the Eastern Continent. The Men-yoroi was an extravagant status symbol, crafted to fit his new title as the Shogun. It takes the form of a set of immaculately crafted samurai armor including a Men-yoroi, a type of metal facial armor, this variation of the mengu is depicted as the face of a heavenly deity. The armor includes a Kabuto, a well-crafted jewel inlaid helmet with a three-pronged spike adorned on the top and finally a specially crafted set of Chakra Armor which was developed by the Hangurian Black Ones as not only a means to better protect their elite soldiers but to enhance their offensive capabilities as well. However, this Chakra Armor was special, made to increase Takauji Ashikaga's abilities beyond natural human limits.
The Chakra Armor itself acts as a protective exoskeleton supporting the various muscles, tendons, and bones of the body allowing their body to surpass it's natural limitations, for example, moving faster, and more dexterously than the muscles would allow on their own. What this equates to is a natural increase in speed that is shown as a passive +3 to their normal speed levels stacking with any speed-increasing mode such as Sage Mode, the Eight Inner Gates, or the Seven Heavenly Breaths allowing them to move faster, and more adeptly than someone of the same rank not wielding such an artifact. This is because the armor was specifically built to aid in bolstering the wielder through pain, and weakness. Additionally, the armor passively increases all taijutsu related damage by twenty damage.
The Chakra Armor will protect the user’s body from D-Rank and below energy-based attacks ( Lightning, Fire, Explosion, explosive tags, etc ) in the case of higher-ranked abilities, it will be able to reduce twenty damage that would be taken from physical contact. It also offers limited protection against D-Rank and below Taijutsu. For taijutsu techniques higher than D-rank a reduction of twenty damage from physical attacks can be subtracted. To do all of these various things a chakra drain of twenty chakra per turn is paid as a penalty.
Hangurian War Chaser’s Shoes - An ornate pair of shoes that seem to allow Sado to move faster than average. He can travel between landmarks faster than others without such a boon. This can allow him to outrun someone else or chase someone down before they can escape. Sado doesn't really see them as useful in retrospect but they were a gift for his work among the settlements of his home landmark so he keeps them as a sign of respect and appreciation.

(Hanuri Sensō Cheisā Kutsu) – Hangurian War Chaser’s Shoes
Type: Artifact
Rank: C
Range: N/A
Chakra: N/A
Damage: N/A
Description: A pair of worn shoes recovered from the Ruins of Chungsu and sold on the Ninja World Marketplace after being refurbished. These shoes augment the user’s travel speed in the Ninja World, reducing their travel time by 5 minutes. The shoe’s bonus to travel time cannot stack with other items equipped on the user’s person that also reduce travel time in the Ninja World; meaning two pairs of shoes, or an item like it, would not additively reduce the user’s travel time. However, the bonus from the shoes can be stacked with bonuses granted to specific landmarks, like a road or bridge. This bonus can also be stacked with consumable items, like the Runner’s Liquid Courage, to further reduce travel time.
Marauder's Map - A once lost set of maps that spent seven or so years since the downfall of the Hanguri Freehold being used to plunder and steal away commodities from the various small clans in the world. That is until they fell into the hands of Sado Yasutora who has since begun to use them against the remaining embers of the Freehold. With them, he has tried to stay one step ahead of the Hangurian Black Ones in battle or out of battle using the map in the Battle of Shinramoto and the Razing of Degarashan to outmaneuver his enemies. It allows the user to know the places of anyone inside of the landmass he stands within through a special chakra reactive ink. If he knows the name of the person he will know where they are. If not he will know that someone is there as well as knowing the way they're moving allowing them to predict their movements.

( Marauders no Chizu ) - Marauder's Map
Type: Artifact
Rank: C
Range: Short - Long
Chakra: N/A ( 5 per turn when used )
Damage: N/A
Description: The Marauder's Map is a special map crafted in a joint effort by the best artisans of the Freehold and the Black Ones Intelligence Division many years before their downfall. This map is the weakest one in a lost set of maps gifted to Black Ones depending heavily on their rank and skill in the Freehold there may be stronger and more detailed maps out in the world lost to time or they may have all been destroyed leaving only the weakest variation. This is just a remnant of a once strong military powerhouse. It was crafted with sheets of the finest paper in the empire and infused with special ink from one of the best Ink Ninjutsu users of the Freehold. The map is said to be one of the cornerstones of Hangurian War allowing the commander who held the map to know, monitor and predict the positions and placements of both their own troops and the troops of their enemies. This is done by the self sustained map which grants the holder the ability to see the foot steps of anyone inside the landmark they are are currently in. This is done by the special chakra reactive ink which will move in tandem with the movement of the people in the landmark creating a rudimentary guide of where each person in the landmark is and how they are moving. The area of the map additionally changes with whatever landmark the user finds themselves in thus allowing for an in depth understanding over the position of others and of natural landmasses. If the wielder of the map knows the name of the person the ink corresponds to they will see the name next to their footprints if they do not know their name they will only see the footprints. This made it easy for Hangurian Black Ones to shift the tides of war and surprise their enemies allowing them to take over a large swath of the Ninja World in their prime. The artifact does not require Ink Ninjutsu to use as the Ink is a self sustained substance that feeds upon trace amounts of the wielder's chakra to tune itself to the chakra signatures found in a landmark.

Ninja Tools/Weapons: Not only are his weapons coated in deadly poison he has also substituted a large portion of his explosive tags and smoke bombs with special tags and canisters of his own creation. He also has a weapon of his own creation and numerous tags that release Red Sand.
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Fullbring - A set of malleable chakra metal gauntlets. They allow the user to imbue their jutsu with poison, or infuse their punches with an incredible amount of force. They also have the potential to constantly produce poison coating their fingers and blades in poison.

(Furuburingu) - Fullbring
Type: Weapon
Rank: S
Range: Short
Chakra: 40 (La Muerte) (15 per turn while being imbued upon)
Damage: 80 (La Muerte) (+20 to poison techniques)
Description: Fullbring is a set of gauntlets made of chakra metal that has the potential to absorb kinetic energy. It is normally liquid in nature similar in form and function to mercury with a more solid form when the user imbues upon it either their basic or dokuton chakra. Making it similar to traditional chakra metal allowing it be in tune with the users natural chakra signature. This allows it to seemingly appear out of nowhere as long as it is carried with the wielder in someway as it is a liquid metal in it's default form and a more solid variation when imbued with the users chakra. It is also able to repair itself and reform from damage. It is able to do this because it is a shape-memory alloy. This is similar to the metal used in Kubikiribōchō but instead of reconstructing when in contact with the iron found in blood it rebuilds and reforms merely through contact with chakra. Something trivial about the metal is that it can change it's color or size dependent upon the user and their chakra system as every shinobi has different chakra with the metal being tied to the imbuing process of each individual. If the wielder shape-shifts for any reason the weapon changes shape with them.

Right Arm of the Giant - This guard can take two forms a defensive form which appears as a large shield roughly half the size of the wielder or an attack form a form fitting arm guard with the ability to create needles or blades anywhere upon the guard. This guard focuses upon the defensive and shape-memory abilities of the alloy. his guard is great for defensive purposes in short range combat such as close range taijutsu or kenjutsu with the ability to defend against most taijutsu or kenjutsu passively within reason. It can passively defend against thrown objects such as kunai, shuriken or bladed weapons. The metal is also very good at absorbing and redirecting kinetic energy allowing it to absorb the force of explosive tags. The metal itself is able to be imbued with the users chakra thus infusing their punches with the chakra similar to Chakra Enhanced Strength but the user won't have to focus on the chakra level. The imbued chakra can also be focused into one massive punch deemed "La Muerte" in which the chakra gathers at the finger tips and infuses into the wielder's punch. It can cause destruction similar to Chakra Enhanced Strength with the potential to create massive craters with a short range diameter (S-rank). The guard can also defend from a single S rank or similar damage.

Left Arm of the Devil - The guard has unnoticeable spikes protruding from the tips that have the potential to slowly release liquid poison like hypodermic needles. It can passively create multiple torrents of poison to spray out up to mid range. This has the potential to poison an individual. This guard focuses more upon the ability to imbue the metal with dokuton chakra. It has the potential to poison anyone touched by it excluding the user. It does this by releasing poison dust into the air that when breathed in or when it touches the skin enters the bloodstream and eventually binds to neural pathways creating a mental imbalance in the body. It also sticks to mucous membranes in the nose, throat, eyes and lungs acting as a tearing agent. The first thing a person will notice after being contaminated is their speech becomes slurred and their vision becomes blurred making seeing and speaking harder. The turn following their mental acuity becomes slowed with them being unable to form rational thoughts at a fast pace. Their reactions and speed are slowed by three ranks. Once per turn three times per event at the cost of a move the user can force the guard to create a short - mid range dust cloud of toxic heavy metal particles. This ability is A-rank and deals appropriate damage. Additionally this ability can be imparted upon any poison technique the user creates and has the potential to increase the strength, size and rank of the technique. This is because the user will lace into the poison technique the poison dust imparting the effects onto it further manipulating the poisonous effects of a specific technique or poison. This works up to A-rank granting a rank and +20 damage to most poison techniques and can be done in the same timeframe alongside the other technique. The poisonous symptoms can be imparted upon an S-rank without the rank increase only gaining ten damage.
Note: Each ability is useable thrice per event with a two-turn cooldown (individually), and counts as a move to initiate
Viscous Mockery - A special set of explosive tags and metal canisters that were created due to an innate curiosity of poison release and the various things that could be done with it. Sado carries Tasha's Hideous Laughter, having his weapons and normal smoke bombs laced with his own custom poison.

(Dokuton: Setsudan-go) - Poison Release: Viscous Mockery
Type: Supplementary
Rank: E
Range: Short - Long
Chakra: N/A
Damage: N/A
Description: Vicious Mockery is the name given to special tags and metal canisters that can replace the users basic explosive tags and smoke bombs. Made by someone with an innate curiosity of poison release the tags or canisters can have different substances inside of them if they so choose needing specific skills to acquire these. The first is the basic Med Toxin, this variation requires the user to be a Medical Ninja, it's effects are the exact same as the Med Toxin. The second is their own custom poison this requires the user to be a Medical Ninja with access to a custom poison that they have created. Finally the third is a special poison created specifically for these tags and canisters for anyone with poison release to use. This poison is called Tasha's Hideous Laughter and has specific effects that include uncontrollable laughter on turn one accompanied by auditory hallucinations where people will mock and insult the poisoned individual, blurred vision, twitching and numbness on turn two reducing the poisoned individual's reactions by one fourth, partial paralysis on turn three making hand seals impossible and reducing the effected persons speed by three ranks and finally complete paralysis on turn four. This third variation can be used by anyone who knows poison release.
Note: These need to be mentioned in the bio or in the first post of the fight alongside the variation the user carries
Note: The user is immune to every poison this technique produces except custom ones created by others
Tags of the Red Desert - These tags are special tags similar in form and function to Viscous Mockery only instead with Red Sand. They allow the user to passively create Red Sand sources.

(Akai Sabaku no Tagu) - Tags of the Red Desert
Type: Supplementary
Rank: N/A
Range: Short - Long
Chakra: N/A (-5 per tag)
Damage: N/A ( +20 to paper ninjutsu, tag based ninjutsu or Red Sand Techniques )
Description: These tags were created by Korra to use in conjunction with her Paper Ninjutsu and are a replacement for the explosive tags a shinobi usually carries thus making them passive. These tags are red in color with a desert/sand look with 漠 on the middle. The tags contain red sand in them and can be detonated by the user merely through thought. The sand in the tags help give the user a source of red sand throughout the battle field. Each single tag contains enough red sand to support a D rank Red Sand technique. The user can use the red sand from the tags for other Red Sand techniques but only if enough tags go off for example the remainders of a single tag can support a D rank technique. The remainder of two tags can support a C rank etc. If used alongside basic ninjutsu that summons Explosive Tags like Hidden Explosive Tags Technique, or that uses Explosive tags that technique is considered a Red Sand technique and will release Red Sand upon detonation. These tags can also be used alongside Red Sand techniques by funneling them into the formation of a technique empowering a Red Sand technique allowing it to overcome it's usual weaknesses as when it clashes with another technique the tags will detonate releasing more Red Sand and increasing the strength of that technique enough to overcome it's weakness.
Note: Must post this in the user bios to be able to use them or post them in the start of the battle and cannot be utilized alongside other seals to increase tag damage.

Specialties: Sado specializes in multiple niche areas such as Summoning Ninjutsu, intimidation reducing his opponent's speed, speed-based taijutsu, Jeet Kune Do, and finally Yin-Yang Release.

Personal Summoning Specialist: After his training with the Salamander and their Salamander ninjutsu Sado began to work upon his ninjutsu more in-depth than in the past. He studied chakra control and usage trying to better his own abilities. He's gotten this ability to the point where he can have a summoning creature with him at all times traveling with it and using it to overwhelm his opponents or enemies. He got this idea from one of his clanmates Uta who had a personal summon named Momo. He decided that a Salamander due to their innate toxicity and abilities with poison release would best compliment his style.

Salazzle - Salazzle is a Fire Salamander, with innate toxicity and her own toxin produced and excreted through granular glands that run along her spine ending at the top of her head and the base of her tail. This toxin has the potential to eventually knock most shinobi out causing their organs to shut-down making breathing nearly impossible causing poisoned individuals to faint. She can additionally use any poison technique her summoner knows up to S rank. She has a sultry and seductive personality as she is used to having a reverse harem of Salamander in her homeland who all listen to her for the chance at well-... ahem. She puts up with Sado's antics and constant summoning because he is so skilled in poison release that he is better at it than most Salamander summoning affording respect and admiration.

( Kuchiyose no Jutsu: Salazzle ) - Summoning Technique: Salazzle
Type: Summoning
Rank: S
Range: Short
Chakra: 40
Damage: N/A
Description: Salazzle is a dark grey Fire salamander resembling a bipedal salamander. She has a thin dark grey body with a purple underside. Her head is dark grey with purple eyes and slit pupils reducing the amount of light that can enter into the eyes. There are several tooth-like protrusions on the lower jaw being vestigial teeth that can be released after biting something leaving sharp arrow like teeth behind. Salazzle's body has three pink markings, one on the chest, and the other two on the abdomen. Salazzle has a long, dark grey tail with a pink underside and two protrusions come out from the tail's base which can be used like hypodermic needles should a tail strike land allowing her to inject poison directly into an opponent's blood stream. She has hands and feet with five digits each similar to summons like Ma and Pa toad having a somewhat bipedal stance however when she moves she returns to all fours to move and run. She is roughly a meter long small enough to stand on a shoulder or cling to the body thus making travel easier.

She can move at twice the base speed of a Sage rank bio. Salazzle can use poison techniques releasing the poison from her vestigial fangs molding it with poison chakra and expelling it from the mouth allowing her to use any poison technique the user knows up to S rank. Or she can release poison techniques from her tail protuberances shooting the techniques outward or over her head. Once every three turns, passively she is able to concentrate more chakra and poison into a technique increasing the chakra found inside of the technique by ten and increasing the amount of Samandarin forced into it increasing the amount of poison used for the technique. This has the effect of increasing the damage by twenty and can up the rank of the technique as well (both apply to only A-ranks and below) however, it can grant S ranks ten additional damage. This ability has a three-turn cooldown and works for a single poison technique that she herself uses. She does this by producing her own toxin, Samandarin and forcing it into a standard poison technique compounding it's power and symptoms with the Samandarin. This happens in the same timeframe as the technique it is being used for.

Her poison is Samandarin a toxic substance produced by most Fire salamanders. It's effects are over-excitation of the muscles, restlessness, hypertension, rapid breathing, dilated pupils, muscle convulsions, respiratory paralysis, and eventually the poisoned person will faint. Once poisoned by this substance the first symptom is muscle convulsions and over-excitation of the muscles as well as restlessness causing the poisoned individual to twitch and stutter this happens the turn after the poison touched the skin. After two turns the lungs begin to shut down causing labored breathing causing the opponent to need to gasp taking deep breathes to merely obtain enough oxygen to breath as well as hypertension and rapid breathing. Finally after six turns of being poisoned the organs begin to shut down causing the poisoned individual to pass out, for the WSE this causes the individual's health to drop to zero. She is able to communicate with her summoner either verbally or mentally.
Note: Can only be summoned once lasting four turns
Advanced Speed Resistance: Sado has a presence that can throw off his opponents reducing their speed through an unseen force. Almost an intimidation factor he is able to reduce their base speed by two as long as they are within Mid-range or closer causing

Apex Speed Specialist: After training in Yang Release, Sado returned to his roots honing his hand to hand combat and his speed. This allowed him to increase his speed exponentially higher than those of the same rank. This coupled with his intense training in Yang Release and Jeet Kun Do allows him to move his body extremely quickly.

Jeet Kune Do: Sado has studied night and day working on his taijutsu ability to become a Taijutsu Master. Due to his savage nature he found he liked hand to hand combat more and underwent a weight training session learning how to drop the weights and increase his speed. Due to his training in Jeet Kun Do he has an x3 to his reaction speeds and due to his intense training an ability to move limbs in the blink of an eye.
(Katai Omori) Leg Weights
Type: Weapon/Supplementary
Rank: A-rank
Range: Short
Chakra: 30
Damage: N/A
The Leg Weights used for Special Taijutsu Training with Added Weights are made through the application of a sealing formula to ordinary leg weights. The sealing formula is used to, through the use of chakra, increase the weight of the leg weights to the desired level. The seal can't be applied to anything other than the leg weights and its use is restricted to its original purpose. One can remove the leg weights but the sealing technique in them stays active indefinetely and can't be released. Additionally, the Leg Weights and their unique seal calibration makes them only usable by the ninja to whom they belong. They can't be sealed or stolen.

(Katai Omori: Doroppu) Leg Weights: Drop
Type: Supplementary
Rank: A-Rank
Range: Short
Chakra: N/A
Damage: N/A (+20 to Kicks, 2x Running Speed)
The user stops, bends over to reach his legs and unstraps his leg weights, dropping them to the ground. As a result the user gains a drastic boost to his running speed (doubles) and +20 to all his Strong Fist Kick-related moves. However, this boost in strength and speed is completely nullified when releasing the EIG or when using any kind of movement speed enhancement technique or weight manipulation technique; they don't add up on each other.
Yin-Yang Specialist: The user becomes able to specialize in both component elements of Yin-Yang with their benefits under one Extra Specialty slot and becomes able to passively sense chakra and it's nature, as well as identify different chakra signatures. Additionally, Sado was able to create his own creation with his Yin-Yang prowess, giving life to form.

Smith: Smith, is a hollow-vessel created to hold one of Sado Yasutora's splintering personalities before it could spiral out of control. Through the Creation of All Things, Sado separated a personality and gave it a tangible body to inhabit giving it the ability to speak, think and act on its own accord. It has a human level of intelligence nearly identical to Sado himself and is able to communicate both via speech and through the mental link to his creator. Physically, Smith appears as a winged demonic figure similar to the alterations possible via Sage Transformation. He stands ten feet tall, with a wingspan large enough to support flight.

Additionally, the creation has the following abilities.
Red Sand, Oobleck, and Earth Release
Yin-Yang Release
Has a chakra reserve of 2000 points and a health-pool of 150 points
Chakra Transfer Ability
Yang Specialist: Sado learned the power he began to call upon was something he obtained from his mother a descendant of the Nobunaga lineage. At least that was what he was told of it, he doesn't know how true these words may be. Due to specializing in it and mastering it to a degree he has gained heightened vitality translating to 1000 chakra increase to his natural reserves. Additionally, his physical durability increased significantly, allowing him to reduce up to C-rank damage ( 30 dmg ) from physically damaging techniques like any nin, tai, and kenjutsu. As well, he is immune to recoil damage from techniques that cause it like Forbidden, though he still succumbs to the jutsu's other subscribed affects.

Yin Specialist: Sado has gained heightened spiritual abilities translating into an awareness of all genjutsu and spiritual entities below MS level and passive genjutsu kai up to B-rank. As well, Sado's genjutsu give him heightened genjutsu prowess, allowing him to render their genjutsu techniques unbreakable by one of the primary methods of release (to be specified during the move). Sado's chakra siphoning abilities are stronger allowing him to passively siphon 30 chakra per turn from enemies.
Fuinjutsu: Sado has placed seals on his body to aid in battle. Those include the following.

Resonance - Learned from someone much more skilled in the mind then he and it allowed him to seal away his secondary personality. This created an empty space inside of his mind where this personality spends most of its time. However ,this empty space is special it allows the primary or secondary personality to intuitively control it changing it to whatever environment they choose. The secondary personality was sealed away with four hundred chakra alongside his consciousness and essence.

(Fūinjutsu: Kyōshin) – Sealing Technique: Resonance
Type: Supplementary
Rank: A
Range: N/A
Chakra: N/A (+400 Maximum)
Damage: N/A
Description: Resonance is a unique application of Fūinjutsu created for those who possess multiple individualistic personalities; each with its own very unique set of beliefs, memories, emotions, and attributes. In its purest essence this sealing technique brings to life one’s own multiple personalities by enabling a form of organization and structure. A personality is generally defined as the individual characteristics which defines one; their memories, beliefs, ideas, personal skills, mannerisms, and habits. It has been shown throughout the series that various forms of Ninja Arts are capable of controlling, manipulating, transferring, and even changing memories. It has also been shown that chakra, Fūinjutsu, emotion, and memory all play intimately and are connected with one another. The most striking example of this is Minato Namikaze’s use of his chakra to seal his own personality within Naruto when he sealed the Nine Tails; this is at times called a ‘consciousness imprint.’ Karin Uzumaki noted that chakra carries the ability to reflect emotion and personality; she described Naruto’s chakra as warm while Sasuke’s was cold. There also exist techniques such as the Loss of Memory Technique which allows the user to block memory sets with their chakra. Fūinjutsu is also capable of sealing metaphysical phenomena such as chakra, souls, memories, and even emotions. With this in mind it is reasonable to extend the ability to seal entire personalities away into a vessel. Thus, Resonance is a seal which seals the users multiple personalities. It grants structure to chaos within one’s own mind; organization to a torrential storm of personalities, emotions, and beliefs.

Resonance is applied to one’s own personality; as such the seal must be stated in the user’s personality section of their biography. Resonance can seal up to seven individual personalities. These personalities are listed within the user’s biography. Each must have characteristics which are distinct from one another. For example, one personality can have a tendency toward violence and bloodshed while another can be prone to kindness. The user is granted great versatility with the customization of each personality, each being a cosmetic choice. Personalities can be named differently and even possess different perceived genders. This means that while the body’s physiological gender will remain static the personality can operate differently to the body; essentially the personality believes it is the opposite gender to the body. Personalities can also have distinct memories, skills, emotions, motivations, thought patterns, movement patterns, and mannerisms. The possibilities are nearly limitless in regards to defining traits of a separate personality. Personalities can also be structured into hierarchies with one typically dominant over the others; although this is largely a cosmetic feature. The inner workings of the seal itself are simple. The seal treats the user’s own body as the vessel for the sealed personalities. All of the user’s personalities are sealed by Resonance, including the original personality along with a portion of the user’s chakra before the seal is performed. Each personality, now sealed by Resonance, will be able to communicate with each other in an environment granted structure. This environment is much like Minato and Kushina’s communications with Naruto. Each happened within his imagination and mind allowing for numerous forms to be created. The user is able to shape the environment to take the appearance of anything the user so desires and all occurs within his or her mind. While sealed the personalities will be able to communicate with each other and watch each other, much like how Minato’s consciousness imprint was able to watch Naruto’s growth and development throughout his life. In terms of usage the seal possesses two release states. They are as followed:

Partial Release; The first state is a partial release state which is performed passively. Through this method the seal will be partially opened allowing for the fluid transitioning between separate personalities. It offers no true combat benefits and is purely a cosmetic ability which is inherent to the biography that Resonance is used on.

Full Release; The second state is a full release state which is performed at the cost of a move, but instantaneously, exempt or within the same timeframe. This second application is the combat-favored variant allowing for numerous benefits associated with the release of the user’s personalities. This state can be used for as many personalities as the user possesses, up to seven. As previously mentioned each personality is fully sealed with a portion of the user’s chakra, each laced with the personality’s essence of existence. Between all seven potentially sealed personalities a maximum of 400 chakra can be stored in Resonance. This chakra is split between each personality; each personality requiring a minimum of 50 chakra stored. The amount of chakra stored per personality is stated within the user’s biography in the personality section. When fully released the chakra will flow from the vessel of the user’s body back into his or her chakra network along with the personality; this effectively creates a full body surge equivalent to the quantity of chakra released. In addition to this the user will experience a refreshing surge of energy as their body is replenished and a personality is released; this is largely a cosmetic feature but can numb relatively moderate levels of pain and grant clarity to the mind.
Glyph of Warding - A kanji for the word Ward that autonomously releases red sand should an opponent or their technique try to reach the opponent. It releases an A rank source of red sand that can be augmented by the user in the same timeframe allowing them to empower it or to defend in tandem to it. The seal itself can activate passively without the user and the seal itself will move along the body to be at the best point to release.

( Nirro Suna/Fuuinjutsu: Wādo no gurifu ) - Red Sand/Sealing Arts: Glyph of Warding
Type: Defensive/Supplementary
Rank: A
Range: Short
Chakra: 30
Damage: N/A ( 60 )
Description: A seal where the kanji for "ward" is placed upon the body with a predetermined amount of Red Sand sealed into the seal. When a hostile foreign chakra source such as another person or a technique comes within a certain distance of the seal itself passively acts releasing the sealed Red Sand outward in a torrential pulse. This works extremely well against taijutsu attacks as if another hostile physical body tries to touch the seal holder the seal will auto activate and release the source of red sand knocking away the attacking limb or taijutsu based motion. This source is equivalent to an A rank technique and has enough force to knock a taijutsu movement up to S rank away having the same effect on basic ninjutsu, weapon based ninjutsu or similar techniques. The red sand doesn't make direct contact with the user at all and will release from the seal itself outward. During it's release in the same timeframe as the seal the source can be manipulated by another technique to compound the usefulness of the autonomous seal. The seal also has the potential to defend against incoming elemental techniques up to A rank with techniques higher than A rank being reduced by one rank during the clash. Instead of a basic red sand source the user is able to seal up to an A rank red sand technique into the seal before combat allowing the seal to release an autonomous defense allowing the user to attack or defend in tandem with this defensive mechanism. The seal in this instant would be passive but the sealed red sand technique would count as a move, but can be done alongside another technique in the same timeframe. The seal itself moves along the body to release the red sand at the best point to defend from the incoming offensive motion. This technique allows one Glyph of Warding seal to be placed upon the body at one time with the potential to use it once per turn. The seal can alternatively be placed upon a location or a weapon as a trap based technique.
Note: Can be placed upon a bio with only one ward seal at a time
Note: The seal can only be used once in a move even if the user gets attack multiple times in one move
Silent Alarm - Sado has another autonomous seal placed upon his Fullbring custom weapon upon the palm of the right hand. It is connected to a Generic Sealing Technique Seal and is trapped meaning when in trouble the seal will break releasing the sealed substance outward toward either the opponent or an incoming technique. An A rank's worth of liquid poison is sealed inside of the seal and can be released passively as well as any information the seal has gathered.

( Fuinjutsu: Sairentoarāmu ) - Sealing Arts: Silent Alarm
Type: Supplementary
Rank: A
Range: Short
Chakra: 30 ( +3 to the caster when broken )
Damage: N/A ( 60 if an element is sealed away )
Description: A seal that does exactly what the name suggests creating a silent alarm when triggered. The user is able to place a seal upon a surface such as a weapon, a door, a window, a tree, or a circular area within range on the ground that has a five meter radius. This seal has an intuitive link to the creator through their chakra signature and their chakra supply itself similar to a shadow clone, and when broken has similar effects to the dispersal of a shadow clone as explained further in the technique. Until the seal is broken an alarm alerts the caster whenever a creature touches or enters the warded area. This is similar to techniques like (Kyōkai Kekkai no Jutsu) - Boundary Barrier Technique but doesn't require the user remain inside the area of the barrier or seal to know when it detects something. This is a mental alarm alerting the creator when the seal is broken. When the seal breaks it will merely return ten percent of the chakra used to create the seal to the user along with all of the information of what has happened in the warded area including things that have entered the area or techniques that have been used. The seal breaks when the alarm is triggered to facilitate this action, and can even be accompanied by a barrage of sealed weapons or a substance such as ink, water, fire, or poison to combat the intruder. If done in this way the user must seal the substance with ( Han'you Fūin ) - Generic Sealing Technique beforehand, they can then create another link connecting the Kanji of that seal with the new Silent Alarm seal. What this means is when the alarm seal is triggered the released chakra will instantly activate the other seal as they become intertwined in a sort of "push" and "pull" relationship. Contrary to this if someone breaks the ( Han'you Fūin ) - Generic Sealing Technique seal to try and "disarm" the trap, the alarm seal is instantly triggered as well alerting the creator. The seal breaks when foreign chakra, natural energy from a person, or a touch should the alarm try to be nullified. This action is passive and is the seal itself activating the trap meaning if the person who created the seal is nearby they could attack in tandem to it. The aim of this is to give the seal creator time to react to the intruder or even produce an offensive should they have the time. Upon breaking the connected seal will release what was sealed inside of it in a large mass roughly the size of the Water Prison Technique in a forward torrent releasing an A ranks worth of the substance (follows S/W) upon the person who broke the seal.
Note: When initially using ( Han'you Fūin ) - Generic Sealing Technique to seal a substance a move is used, but the seal activates it passively afterward
Note: The user can place and have three alarm seals active but only two can be trap based
Note: The opponent will always have time to react to the sealed element/substance
Final Masquerade - A combination of Yang Release and Sealing, it is a seal placed upon the chest above the heart that can instantly, passively, and autonomously activate healing the user. The trigger is damage exceeding 100 or being rendered unconscious. It has enough Yang energy to heal 100 damage.

(Yoton/Fuinjutsu: Fainaru Masukarēdo) - Yang Release/Sealing Arts: Final Masquerade
Rank: S
Type: Supplementary
Range: Short
Chakra Cost: 50
Damage Points: N/A ( heals up to 100 damage )
Description: A seal that is placed upon the chest right over where the heart is wherein a vast amount of Yang energy is sealed within. Upon being rendered unconscious or taking a massive damage spike above 100 damage at a single time the seal breaks instantly, passively and autonomously activating on its own. Upon the trigger, the Yang energy is released from the seal and forced throughout the body pushed into every cell of the body with the aim to retroactively and rapidly heal any damage sustained almost like an autonomous Touch of the Sun needing no input from the seal recipient. Due to the fact that it's autonomous and mixed with a sealing technique the Yang energy isn't as potent as the potential, it would naturally have on its own. This is shown by the fact that it is unable to heal as well as something like Touch of the Sun meaning it is unable to regrow limbs or missing appendages bringing someone back to their peak condition. However, it can quickly close severe life-threatening wounds sustaining the seal recipient through nearly fatal damage bringing. It can heal up to one-hundred damage bringing even the most damaged individual back to some semblance of consciousness and health.
Note: Can only be used once and must be placed on a bio to activate upon damage or unconsciousness

Imperfect Sage Mode: Sado eventually trained in Sage Mode to an imperfect degree unable to completely balance his chakra with the natural energy due to his clan traits. This allowed him to understand his body more. This Imperfect form of Sage Mode can be augmented with his Weapon X medicine extending it and prolonging his time in it and has become a pseudo-crutch that Sado believes he will rely on in times to come.

( Fukanzen Sennin Modo ) - Imperfect Sage Mode
Type: Supplementary
Rank: S
Range: N/a
Chakra: N/A ( -10 turn to sustain )
Damage: N/A (Active +20 Damage to all Ninjutsu and Taijutsu up to S-Rank)
Description: An empowered state of body achieved by blending natural energy with one’s physical and spiritual energy. The mode heightens performance on all levels by adding a new dimension of power to the user’s chakra. The state is a direct result of Senjutsu chakra circulating through the body. To enter this form, a minimum of 10% of the user’s maximum chakra reserve must be moulded into Senjutsu chakra, all subsequent technique employ Senjutsu chakra until the minimum cost (-10/turn) cannot be paid to sustain the mode. The user is able to reduce 20 damage from damage for the duration of this technique. The user is able to passively sense chakra and his/her perception and reflexes are enhanced by x2. Their ninjutsu and strength increases, empowering taijutsu and other close range physical combat techniques by +20. Additionally, Genjutsu cast by the user are empowered requiring the opponent to use Genjutsu release, of one rank higher than what is normally required (Effective on Genjutsu up to B rank). Lastly, the user gains access to contract-specific anatomical features and other physical feats granted by Sage mode.
Note: Usable twice per battle . Must wait 2 turns before using this technique again. Perfect Sages can use either perfect or imperfect form thrice with a delay of 1 turn between modes.
Note: Imperfect Sages can convert a maximum of 30% of their total chakra reserve. Perfect Sages can convert a maximum of 40% of their total chakra reserve.

Medical Ninjutsu: Sado has trained in medical ninjutsu and accessed some fairly advanced medicine and poison. He holds what he knows and what he has created close to him. He has also began working on several new abilities and techniques but feels he needs more time to expand them before using them.

Medicine - Healing Factor: Weapon X was born from an innate curiosity of healing, stem-cells and cancer cells. By using cell differentiation Howard created a way to change mutated and usually deadly cancer cells into new healthy cells to heal nearly any wound excluding death itself. Limbs, organs, bones, blood, muscles and anything else excluding the heart, brain and central nervous system could be rebuilt in a moment. By combining these traits with Natural Energy and Senjutsu chakra the user can instantly enter and prolong Sage Mode if they know how to use it. If the user has no training in natural energy usage they will turn to stone after consuming the pill, this does not need to be Sage Mode.

Healing Factor: Weapon X
Creator: Howard
Type: Healing
Description and Background: The pill at it's base is mostly a mass of mitogens suspended in a concentrated medium of senjutsu chakra and natural energy that when consumed begins to breakdown and move throughout the body activating and signaling proto-oncogenes to ramp up cell growth exponentially. The proto-onogenes along with the body itself begin using the senjutsu chakra and natural energy as a fuel source to expedite this process. It completely turns off tumor suppressors as every cell in the body begins to rapidly and nearly uncontrollably go through mitosis converting the new cells at the site of the wound, wounds, or missing appendages to blastema. Blastema are masses of cells capable of growth and regeneration into organs or body parts, these blastema begin to form all throughout the body almost like tumors which would usually impede natural function but through the senjutsu chakra and natural energy fuel they are quickly converted into new cells rebuilding the body at a rapid pace becoming whatever new cell the body needs. These blastema can replace organs, bones, blood, muscles, nerves and any other bodily form however they are unable to repair fatal damage such as spinal column destruction, as well as severe damage to the brain or heart. However limbs can be regrown and organs excluding the heart, brain, spinal column and central nervous system can be rebuilt. The healing effects of the pill only last a single turn and will heal the user back to one hundred percent of their health pool dependent upon the state of their body in that specific turn.

In essence they can become any form of tissue or structure for the body including muscle tissue, bone tissue, organ tissue, Endothelial cells, nerves, tendons, brain tissue etcetera, and form rapidly almost like a cancer spreading throughout the body causing the consumers skin to flake and tear as if sickly almost as if they were in the late stages of cancer. These proto-oncogenes eventually convert to oncogenes and ramp up the production of mutated cells even further creating some pain but this pain is a signal that allows the consumer to know the process is halfway complete as their body is now littered with masses of blastema that are breaking down and transforming into new cells rebuilding the body through a genetic sense memory like that of the Axolotl who can rebuild organs, limbs and even brain tissue multiple times throughout their life. After this pain sets in the body begins using the senjutsu chakra and natural energy to fuel histiocytes which are large somatic cells found in stationary form in the tissues or as a mobile white blood cell, especially at sites of infection. These begin to consume and dispose of any tissue that is no longer needed converting it back, excess flesh, bone, and sinew are disposed of as the last few stages of the process begin. These histiocytes work with anti-bodies like a clean-up crew after the healing has taken place. These anti-bodies and histiocytes actively seek out the oncogenes consuming them directly. This entire process takes place over the course of a single turn.

The senjutsu chakra and natural energy has it's own effect separate from the bodily reactions brought on by the mitogens. They allow the user to instantly enter any form of Sage Mode they know as their body is flooded with this foreign energy no longer needing to wait a full turn to gather the natural energy required. Due to the spike in foreign energy most genjutsu are broken after taking this excluding MS grade or above, upon activation the user is granted 10% of their chakra as senjutsu chakra through this method the rest is consumed by the mentioned processes. This includes everything from E to Forbidden rank as well as elemental genjutsu and other types lower than MS grade. If this pill is taken while already in Sage Mode it grants the user 30% of their chakra as senjutsu chakra per pill consumed. However only a single pill can be taken per turn, with a maximum of two per individual battle. They cannot be taken within a two turn period of each other. The senjutsu chakra and natural energy also has the added effect of overcharging the entire body on a cellular level pushing any foreign material from the body this includes poisons, toxins, pathogenic matter and any harmful substance. These substances will be nullified and excreted from the body as sweat rapidly. This is due in part to the natural energy and senjutsu chakra's natural healing and rejuvenative properties but also because the metabolism of the consumer is overcharged to a point where these things are unable to remain in the body.

Description of Side Effects: The side effects mainly revolve around the pain created by the process taijutsu falters as the consumers muscles feel sore, and tense. He takes an extra twenty damage from taijutsu techniques or blunt force trauma after the medicine has worn off this lasts for two turns. The consumer is unable to use a KG or HA the turn after consuming the medicine as the cells themselves go through a state of flux where old cells are replaced. Taking one pill doesn't cause too many problems outside of the pain but taking a second does. The body won't be able to handle the clean up and disposal of the excess cells created by the second pill so the body will heal but the cells will not be disposed of thus they are left riddled with small blastema that will need to be healed later. These blastema will not be life threatening and are mostly an annoyance but will cause the consumer to be very susceptible to taijutsu and blunt force trauma taking an additional thirty damage until the blastema are healed. At this point the blastema are pretty much just scar-tissue annoying but no where near harmful however due to these blastema the user is unable to use any KG abilities, or any advanced ninjutsu including, Rain Release, Fuuinjutsu, or Hidden Abilities for two turns or until healed.

The side effects of the natural energy and senjutsu chakra are separate from the above mentioned side effects. If used to instigate a form of Sage Mode the body will be exhausted upon the deactivation of Sage Mode unable to use any KG abilities, or any advanced ninjutsu including Rain Release, Fuuinjutsu, or Hidden Abilities for two turns after Sage Mode has ended. The user spends an additional 10 chakra points per turn to sustain Sage Mode if taken to activate Sage Mode. If the user takes a second pill this 10 chakra points is doubled to 20 additional chakra points to sustain Sage Mode if used to activate Sage Mode. If taken by someone who hasn't trained with Natural Energy it'll instantly and uncontrollably turn them to stone. This training doesn't require being trained in Sage Mode just a form of natural energy or senjutsu usage.
Medicine - Miraclo Formula: Venom was created with the express purpose of overcharging and powering the muscles through cellular energy instead of chakra usage allowing the imbiber to push their body harder, longer, and with less rest. It creates and stores cellular energy in the muscles of the body tripling their mass and potential unlocking the untapped potential of the muscle cells themselves. It does this by modifying ATP energy into a new form and compounding its usefulness with other substances. It, however, can be addictive and have several non-beneficial side effects for those without the knowledge of medical ninjutsu.

Miraclo Formula: Venom
Creator: Howard
Type: Supplementary
Description and Background: Most of the basic medicine Howard had learned about revolved around nourishing the body, or amplifying the output of chakra production to stimulate the muscles through the application of chakra instead of actual cellular energy. Noticing this Howard decided to try and find a way to stimulate the muscles and the body itself directly through the creation of cellular energy instead of using chakra to fuel the body. He would do this through the application of phosphorous, testosterone, creatine and human growth hormones that would stimulate the production of Adenosine Triphosphate Energy partially spending chakra to begin and maintain this process. Then the hormones, and phosphorous would be bound to the ATP allowing it to release much more energy and even store energy unlike natural ATP which can only create and release energy. This increased it's potency and usability Howard then found that by applying a chakra similar in consistency to that found in (Iryō Ninjutsu: Masui Sejutsu) Medical Technique: Secret Anesthesia Technique through the medicine directly to the muscle cells he could increase the users pain threshold immensely. They won't be immune to pain but it will be less hindering meaning they will be able to take on the damage and continue on as if they aren't feeling the pain. The creatine binds itself to the muscles allowing them to absorb a vast quantity of water nourishing them far beyond what they naturally would be able to do breaking down and disposing of the lactic acid the muscles would build up overtime that cause muscle fatigue and the burning sensations that happen after or during intense exercise or physical activity increasing the users stamina exponentially allowing them to push the body far past it's natural limitations.

The most active ingredient of the Miraclo Formula is a special form of phosphorus, which binds temporarily with the ATP energy being produced in the muscle cells to create a special more refined type of energy that Howard began calling "Adenosine Quad-Phosphate" which energizes the cells three times as well as regular ATP energy overcharging the metabolism and the muscle tissue and cells themselves on a cellular level better than what chakra itself can do in safe small quantities rivaling what can be done with dangerous amounts of chakra. The energy being created and the substances in the medicine give the subject increased strength, speed, as well as heightened stamina and reactions that reflect their increase in speed for about an hour or roughly five turns. After that time, the "AQP" burns itself out, and the waste toxins generated need to be eliminated through the bloodstream over about a two turn period naturally through time or quickly through the use of Iryō Ninjutsu. While under the effects of the medicine the user's muscle mass triples, their speed doubles and they gain thirty damage to all taijutsu attacks. However they must spend thirty chakra per turn to convert and bind the phosphorous, creatine, testosterone and hormones, changing the growth hormone and testosterone into muscle cells to be used to increase their muscle mass through the production of stem cells by converting normal tissue and fat cells into stem cells and then into muscle cells through cellular differentiation allowing for an extreme increase in energy output.

Their muscles physically grow during this time becoming bulkier, heftier and all around stronger due to the testosterone their hair will grow excessively as well. The muscles produced are specialized being ninety percent fast-twitch muscles and ten percent slow-twitch muscles. The fast-twitch muscles are great for bursts of speed, and strength but burn out quicker than the slow-twitch muscles, the slow-twitch muscles created are specifically for balancing out the remainder allowing the user to still function as they usually would. The fast-twitch muscle mass is what increases the users speed, as it allows for rapid movements like sprinting, jumping or moving a limb or limbs in a quick successive fashion. They generate far more power and strength, but they fatigue much faster and require more time for recovery which is why the more refined form of energy is required and why the side effects are more specific. The chakra similar in consistency to that found in (Iryō Ninjutsu: Masui Sejutsu) Medical Technique: Secret Anesthesia Technique the creatine, testosterone, HGH and the AQP are the reasons why the muscles can be pushed beyond their natural limit and work longer producing the boosts in strength and speed mentioned.

The hair on their head will grow from whatever length it currently is to hair that spans long past their lower back and their facial hair growths excessively giving the user a massively bushy beard. If a female were to take the medicine they would also suffer this effect growing facial hair even if naturally they wouldn't be able to due to low testosterone or high levels of estrogen. This hair remains even after the muscle stimulation ends for males wherein the muscles seem to deflate back to their natural size in an almost comedic fashion for females it comically falls out rapidly. The effects last five turns but cost thirty chakra per turn to maintain for the first pill forcefully converting the aforementioned substances to bodily energy. Taking two pills in a single conflict increases the chakra cost of the second by thirty chakra points per turn and causes excessive muscle pain because the muscles are being overworked this is during the second pill and not after it. Venom comes in two forms, pills for oral consumption or patches that are sometimes referred to as "Slappers." They are called as such because you ultimately slap one on, and go for a ride.

Description of Side Effects: Due to the focused effect of the pills the side effects are more focused as well. Unlike most medications that try to increase several fields these only increase one aspect of the user their body and therefor after the first pill wears off the users strength wavers slightly causing -10 damage to all taijutsu and a drop in 3 speed ranks for three turns, this increases after the second pill to -20 to all taijutsu damage for three turns and the user loses 4 speed ranks. The effects of the first pill can be superseded by immediately taking the second before the effects of the first wear off but the user loses two turns of activity on the second pill. The pills them self can be highly addictive in nature and taking one can create a dependency wherein if the user doesn't take a second pill after taking the first they begin to go through the early stages of withdrawal. These symptoms include and last for three turns;

Sweating and salivation
Racing heart and palpitations
Muscle tension and burning
Tightness in the chest, lungs and throat
Difficulty breathing
Inability to perform successive handseals quickly (max of 2) due to muscle spasms
and bodily Tremors

These symptoms take place after a second dose as well and the user can only take two pills per conflict. These symptoms along with any mention of pain for the consumer is non-existent in Shadow Clones or any other type of Clones under the effects of the medicine meaning clones will not disperse from the effects of the medicine however their taijutsu will still be weakened just as a normal human taking the medicine, their handseals will be limited and their turn limit will be shortened if they take a second dose or are formed after the consumer has taken a second dose.
Poison - Shadow of the Bat is a smokey-orange poison based on fear creation. It creates fear in anyone who becomes poisoned by it inducing vivid hallucinations of what they fear most. It makes them feel as though they are constantly suffocating as the fear intensifies. Sado is immune to his own poison. His weapons are coated in this substance as are his fingernails, hands, and teeth before every battle. His smoke bombs are replaced with poison-laced ones.

(Batto no kage) - Shadow of the Bat
Creator: Howard
Type: Neurological, Muscular, Respiratory
Ingredients and Background:

Shadow of the Bat is a basic poison created from several substances including Irukandji venom, a syrup created from Atropa Belladonna and Conium as well as Corticotropin a neurotransmitter that revolves around the stress response and Dihydroxyphenylalanine a precursor to dopamine in the brain. It comes in two states of matter, a tar-like liquid or a smokey, smog-like gas both having an orange and black hue. The gas has a scent like petrichor making it detectable upon breathing in and both states of matter have a cinnamon-like taste. The goal of the poison is to create fear and have a tangible effect on the brain. Howard is immune to these effects and the poison itself and due to the oxygen found in it, he can breathe it as if it were normal air, and even drink it in its liquid form. It is applied to all of his ninja tools and weapons as well as in a small vial around his neck for poison ninjutsu usage as well as being sealed in his Medical Summoning Scroll. This poison can also be applied to the fingernails to augment taijutsu usage through finger-jabs and the like as well as the teeth for more animalistic applications akin to the injection abilities of a snake through bites.

Description of Effects:

Fear is the main symptom of the poison and is the ultimate symptom that each of the other symptoms tries to exemplify and create more intense and tangible. It is crafted specifically from the interaction of the Dihydroxyphenylalanine and the Irukandji venom. Irukandji venom is a substance known to create feelings of dread, and impending doom and Dihydroxyphenylalanine becomes dopamine as it enters the brain. Dopamine that seeps into the wrong parts of the brain creates intense distress. This compounded with the Corticotropin a stress hormone causes the initial fear response. Therefore each ingredient is crafted specifically to build into this sensation of fear thus creating the emotional responses of anxiety, paranoia, panic and straight up terror from the poisoned individual. This fear is impossible to push away or out of the mind being a bodily response and is very similar to the sensations felt by Killing Intent, however, needing the poison to be cured to purge the sensations.

Paralysis is an effect of the Atropa Belladonna and the Conium. Upon being poisoned the poisoned individual's speed is halved as their muscles begin to lock up becoming unresponsive making movement harder and needing forceful action to move. Their smooth and skeletal muscles have trouble moving causing the lungs to be unable to expand and contract. Thus the poisoned individual will find it incredibly hard to breathe creating a feeling of suffocation. As time progresses this creates an intense burning pain that radiates throughout the body from the chest outward into the limbs and extremities. This inability to breathe cannot be bypassed with any breathing exercises and requires the poison to run it's course or be cured to overcome. This feeling of suffocation is at the level of asphyxiation even causing lightheadedness, a headache, and intense pain. This is an innate reaction that cannot be overcome no matter how hard the opponent tries to focus or look past it this is because when carbogen is inhaled, the increased level of carbon dioxide causes a perception, both psychological and physiological, of suffocation. Inhalation of carbogen causes the body to react as if it were not receiving sufficient oxygen: breathing quickens and deepens, and heart rate increases.

Hallucinations are the final symptom brought on by the Dihydroxyphenylalanine, Atropa belladonna, and Conium. These three hallucinogens together create vivid and surreal hallucinations as soon as an individual is poisoned. They induce a mental reaction wherein the brain itself brings out it's most base, fear bringing it to life through various hallucinations with aspects of visual, auditory, and even smell and taste stimuli. The brain creates these sensations as the poison stimulates the parts of the brain related to these sensations causing the appearance of madness and psychosis. These hallucinations can easily be mistaken for genjutsu as they have a similar application but isn't a genjutsu thus can't be broken through normal means needing the poison to run its course or to be cured. The hallucinations will seem almost real, and the opponent will be able to, see, smell, hear and taste the hallucinations if the situation arises. They can actively interact with the opponent but aren't tangible in the sense that they have physical substance or could be touched. This can make distinguishing reality nearly impossible making it difficult to fight. These can range from small changes to what the poisoned individual perceives to extreme world-altering changes and through the application of chakra ( -10, passive, and in the same timeframe as the poison ninjutsu technique ) can be controlled. The fear and hallucinations together reduce the poisoned individual's reactions by half. When a summon is exposed to the poison be they the wielders own creatures or an opponent's it makes them see their natural predator swarming around them much larger than they are and intimidating them forcing the summoning creature to disperse.
Note: Shadow of the Bat deals twenty damage per turn and lasts for six turns like other basic poisons


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Trait Points
Expanded History

The Shifting Soul

"For goliaths, competition exists only when it is supported by a level playing field. Competition measures talent, dedication, and effort. Those factors determine survival in their home territory, not reliance on powerful artifacts, ryo, or other elements that can tip the balance one way or the other. Goliaths happily rely on such benefits, but they are careful to remember that such an advantage can always be lost. A goliath who relies too much on them can grow complacent, a recipe for disaster in the mountains. This trait manifests most strongly when goliaths interact with others. The relationship between peasants and shinobi puzzle goliaths. If a nobel lacks the intelligence or leadership to lead, then clearly the most talented person in the land should take his place. Goliaths rarely keep such opinions to themselves, and mock folk who rely on society’s structures or rules to maintain power."

Sado Yasutora was born to a roving band of barbarians who called themselves goliath due to their sheer size. They were called the herd of the shifting soul. They lived on the fringes of society due to their uncontrollable fits of rage and an unbridled and nearly unstoppable tendency for destruction. It was commonplace to hear stories of one lone goliath demolishing entire settlements in berserker like rages. During these fits of madness, the body would twist and warp into beastly or demonic forms causing society to reject and revere them as monsters or beasts. His father was killed in one such fit of rage, and his mother a human woman from civilized society died in childbirth leaving Sado to be raised as an orphan in the tribe. Her body was too fragile and meek to carry even a half-blooded goliath to term. This meant he would be raised as a warrior from birth, as he had no parents to raise him.​

From an extremely young age, he was instructed to be violent, abrasive, competitive, self-reliant, and most of all never complacent instilling a constant sense of boredom in him. He was taught how to fight early and was beaten often as his tribe held no sympathy for the weak or small. He learned to fight against individuals larger than him and stronger than him exploiting their weaknesses be they psychological or physical. During his adolescence, he was a runt who became known among his tribe as the wordsmith. This was because he could set off nearly anyone in the tribe with a string of insults or words unleashing their more predictive beastly nature. He would then exploit their emotions to out maneuver and out think his opponent. Competitiveness was everything to the shifting soul. Everyone wanted to outdo those around them but most of all they wanted to outdo themselves. Being better, stronger and even at times smarter than your opponents or past self was always the goal.​

The Lost Souls

"Goliaths lived in small tribes that numbered between forty and sixty goliaths. This was usually made up of three to five extended families. Most goliaths lived in the same tribe their entire life. On rare occasions, a tribe that got too large would split into smaller tribes or smaller tribes would merge together. Goliath tribes had a number of key roles that were filled by the most capable members, for example, the Dawncaller who was responsible for guarding the camp overnight and alerting the tribe if there was trouble. At dawn, they sang or bellowed tales of goliath bravery or heroics to wake everyone up. Dawncallers were assigned daily and given less work throughout the day so they could rest and be alert at night."

Around his fifteenth year, Sado had became known among his tribe as an honorable and talented individual his strength and determination far eclipsing his small stature. His charisma and way with words made it easy to sway hearts and minds in the tribe. Even those he insulted and goaded in combat were his friends mere moments after the fighting stopped some even willing to die for him. However comparatively to his kin, he was still a runt small but cunning. He was considered small in goliath society where their massive frames ranged from seven to ten feet tall being a measly six-foot, two, at fifteen where the usual goliath was at minimum seven feet tall. This difference in size made him larger than the humans of civilized society but smaller than his brethren who never let him forget he was merely a half-blood.​

It was the middle of summer the heat in the mountains was staggering and Sado was placed on Dawncaller duty. His job was to watch the outskirts of the ever-moving camp into and through the night. It had been a week of Dawncaller duty and he was growing arrogant in his duties. The freedom given by the job left him time to think and rest, more than he needed as with time he eventually became complacent in his work. He was daydreaming looking to the sky thinking up what to say in his next battle. He wasn't paying attention as a group of shinobi snuck into the camp of souls. He didn't even notice until the screams. Several valiant goliath warriors and women killed before they could react. The goliath were confrontational and they were aggressive but due to this, they weren't well versed in stealth combat. They didn't expect a mercenary band of shinobi to sneak in and stab them in the back before they could react. Claymore warriors they were called, there were tales of them cannibalizing his people stealing away children to eat like veal​
Sado rushed into the camp only to find several dead goliath warriors missing their left ear, some with large pieces of flesh and bone just gone from their body, mere proof of their work. The chieftain was furious and the tribe as a whole was as well. They needed a scapegoat someone to blame for this atrocity. Who better than the weak, fragile, wordsmith who was supposed to be watching their perimeter. Society had placed a bounty on any member of the herd of the shifting soul they were tired of their wanton destruction. Each ear worth one thousand ryo.​

The Shattered Soul

"Although goliaths had no written laws or codes, there were a number of unspoken rules that were commonly followed by most goliath tribes, discouraging theft and cheating. The greatest rule was obedience to the chieftain, the strongest goliath chosen as the leader of the tribe. Because they were nomadic tribes who shared belongings or traded goods rather than use ryo, conventional punishments like imprisonment or fining were not possible. Instead, tribes often employed the following punishments"

Beating: Goliaths caught stealing, cheating, or disobeying the chieftain were beaten. Pain was considered a healthy motivator in goliath society.
Shunning: Shunning ( known as volok-thea ) involved the tribe acting like the criminal didn't exist. They were not picked for teams or sports and were not provided with food and shelter. A lesser form of shunning for minor crimes, called volok-kanu or "half-shunning", saw the offending goliath simply treated poorly and as a second-class member of the tribe. The duration of the shunning was never spoken outright, but rather was communicated and decided via body language. Many goliaths claimed to "just know" how long a shunning should last.
Exile: The worst punishment a goliath could receive was exile. Before being exiled the chieftain assigned a new honorific middle name to the goliath. Exile was also the fate of the old, weak, or badly injured who couldn't contribute to the tribe. It should be noted that these individuals received a lament to commemorate their lives before their exile. Criminals received no such treatment

"Among goliaths, any adult who can’t contribute to the tribe is expelled. A single goliath on their own has little chance of survival, especially an older or weaker one. Goliaths have little pity for adults who can’t take care of themselves, though a sick or injured individual is treated, as a result of the goliath concept of fair play. A permanently injured Goliath is still expected to pull his or her weight in the tribe. Typically, such a goliath dies attempting to keep up, or the goliath slips away in the night to seek the cold will of fate."

Sado was part of a roving band of barbarians in his youth and eventually, his complacency cost him dearly. Beaten nearly to death, left bloodied and broken he was banished by the chieftain and the tribe left behind as they moved on. Shunned and ostracized from his home he left the mountainous region as he traveled to more wooded areas orbiting close to the edges of civilized society. He had nowhere to go and no one to turn to so he became a sell-sword his massive physique and statue helped him obtain jobs no one asked his age they assumed he was grown.

In reality, he started working as a mercenary at the age of fifteen. Hired muscle, violent killings, growing misanthropy, and hate for shinobi he began to absorb the teachings of civilized society and the shinobi he hated. He picked it all up so easily technology, stealth, ninjutsu. He used it all to make his lone journey more tolerable. He believed himself an exile who deserved no sympathy due to his early life thus he didn't try to form new connections. Instead, he drowned his sorrows and impulses in ale, women, and combat. At heart, Sado was a creature of impulse. He killed, he fought, he slept, he ate, he did it all again the next day. Working alongside other sell-swords he slowly began to pick up their jutsu learning how to mimic them. For two years he did this his body becoming covered in large scars and pockmarks.​

Sado met a man named Vegeta a man met as a sell-sword. Being a decent mercenary he came up against and fought alongside many people on the field of battle. One of those people was a very short man named Vegeta he was an older man who Sado began to look up to, no pun intended on the height difference. Sado was young, he started sell-sword work at about the age of fifteen which meant he met Vegeta at a very impressionable time in his life a time when he needed someone, anyone, just a friend. It turned out Vegeta had a similar start to Sado they had both left their families, either by force or by a need for exploration.​

The Lone Soul

"Trust and honor are the key aspects of most goliaths. These traditions of honor and trust meant that goliaths tended to be good overall. This combined with their competitive nature often led goliaths to valorous heroics. Goliaths are also notably daring and fearless. Feats of physical strength and agility, like jumping chasms or climbing cliffs, held no fear for goliaths. Goliaths are naturally curious beings and love to explore. Their goliath maxim "today's rival is tomorrow's teammate" lead them to hold few grudges and seek combat to share emotion."

After two years of sellsword work, he had obtained a fair amount of money he decided to spend it on knowledge. A wordsmith needed to be smarter than the rest so he bought himself some advanced training. He paid whoever would teach him ninjutsu any form of it. He learned the basics quickly and built off of that. He learned poison release and medical ninjutsu. He needed to be able to heal himself if he wanted to be a better mercenary. He took a few classes and learned some chemistry learning how to create medicine and the like. He trained in meditation learning how to control his more feral nature as he began to work towards perfecting his past. He learned more about the shifting soul that resided in him. It wasn't mystical or magical like he was taught it was a biological reaction his body had to an unseen force called Natural Energy. He learned how to control his rage and learned an art called Sage Mode. He fell in with a group named Golden Sabbath and began traveling with them.​

"Any shinobi could have dug you a well in five seconds. ANY SHINOBI could have provided you with water in mere moments. However, they didn't. Why? Because they don't care about you, the lifeblood of this land. Neither does the failed freehold, they're dead and gone. They weren't there when you and yours were dying from the Red Fever. For seven years they've left you to scratch and claw your way by while they sat in their towers arguing over laws and their debt. DEBT!? What about their debt to you!? To your children, your wives that had to scatter themselves to other settlements. One settlement is just civil unrest, but an entire landmark revolting standing up and saying that's enough!? That's a political movement, and with your support, I believe my clan-... I believe WE can change this world and WE can finally get what is ours. I'm Sado Yasutora, and the Golden Sabbath will protect this land."

After traveling with Vegeta a member of the Golden Sabbath they decided to place down roots. The first land they stopped at was called Kusasōgen. Almost instantly after entering the land Sado seemed to have a momentary mental breakdown, it was brought on by his fractured mind and his past pushing through it Sado put a very traumatic event behind him. He then traveled around the numerous settlements scattered throughout the bamboo and mushroom infested landscape he found various people, in unison to this Vegeta decided to build a base of operations. These people they all seemed to need help. He healed a man who poisoned himself by eating toxic mushrooms, as well as a sick child, and a woman with broken fingers.

The settlement dwellers were thrilled to have a doctor near they had never had one residing in their lands before and Sado grew to like the attention, and praise he received. Next Sado set out finding another small settlement where their well had run dry. He found two trapped underground water springs and crafted new wells for the settlement. Realizing that so many small settlements were in constant peril and in need of protection or help Sado decided to travel into the outlying areas. Before he set off Vegeta introduced him to another person, Uta. This man was a claymore, it took everything inside Sado, every fiber of his being to not fight this man. He gave the man an ultimatum, never cause violence or trauma to the people of the Golden Sabbath's lands and they could work together. It was a tumultuous agreement with the potential to backfire eventually. It was plain to see both men were on opposite sides, they would need to be careful as each seemed like monsters hiding in plain sight.​

On his travels he ended up in a land deemed the Graveyard of Sin, it was a very interesting place the desert-like landscape and the rocky mountainous cliff faces reminded him of his old nomadic lifestyle. He set up a small camp and met with another local clan that was calling themselves the White Lotus. These individuals included Korra a tan muscle-bound woman of few words. Fu, a small bubbly woman with a childlike nature with a reserved and apprehensive nature and finally a young man named Kilik. Sado spoke to Fu and set up negotiations and claims of land, Golden Sabbath would take everything surrounding and below Kusasōgen and the White Lotus could have everything upward and surrounding Takinomori. He traded with Kilik who was interested in his medicine and moved on back toward home. With time and rest, he moved through the adjacent lands finding an abandoned site in the rainy area below Kusasōgen. There he found a manuscript of a lost and dying settlement from the past as well as two pictures of a time gone by. He then traveled to Forskellig helping a merchant deliver his wares to his shop. He learned that due to the fall of the Freehold many settlements were in dire need of order and protection. No rules meant no regulations on bandits and highwaymen that robbed from the settlements on top of that he learned most shinobi either used their power to extort or destroy.​

Sado noticed a growing theme among each settlement he visited and helped. These lands needed protection, he thought maybe the Golden Sabbath could offer that. A light touch to stop the crime but leave the people to govern themselves. He spoke to an older woman in a small hospital adjacent to the market and helped heal a few of her patients. He then went to Tsuchi Heiho seeking out the census bureau and made his clan official claiming the lands he had visited and placed them under the protection of the Golden Sabbath. He stopped at the market and bought a permit to build roads and a set of obsidian shaded armor. Returning home he found a boy tramping around the base Vegeta had created. Instinctively he stepped out from his hidden position and attacked without thought.

He forced upon the boy a truth serum wanting to know why he was here, what he wanted and most of all who he was. During a short fight, Sado got over himself and his hatred of shinobi enough to realize this boy meant him nor his lands any harm. More than that he was looking to promote peace and prosperity. Sado asked him to join his clan and explained his thoughts and the tenets of his clan as well as noticed a familiar technique the boy had used. Not long after the fight ended a woman came up to Sado asking for his help. She was from Forskellig and a hunting party had gone missing. The kid told Sado his name was Trunks and then Sado and Trunks decided to go looking for the hunting party.​

The woman had told Sado that they may have ventured into the Haunted Forest so Sado and Trunks traveled northward passing through Tsuchi Heiho. Sado noticed a gleam in the boy's eye as he saw all the wares and weapons and slipped him some Ryo he had saved up to go on a little spending spree. Once Trunks returned they continued onward toward their destination. Reaching the forest Sado noticed multiple off-putting things multiple sets of tracks, skittish animals and the distinct smell of burnt chemicals and plastics. Tracking down the scent he and Trunks found the remains of a burnt down lab with several instruments of torture strewn about. They followed sets of tracks fleeing the area to a small group of desperate and scared people.

They together learned that a man had viciously tortured them. Sado healed a few of them and Trunks healed the rest. It, however, took some convincing to show that the pair meant these people no harm. They learned that a man freed these people and burnt the lab to the ground. Not long after this revelation the man showed himself trying to scare Sado and Trunks. Sado merely told him to cut the bullshit and show him where the man who hurt these people was. He was seeking vengeance and was nearly blind to any other course of actions. He tried to force a compromise wherein this man would report to the Golden Sabbath as to keep these lands safe. Grenth refused before he gave his name and information of his clan. Seeking retribution Sado attacked him, if he wouldn't do what needed to be done to keep these lands safe and force punishment upon the evil vile creature that did this then Sado would do it for him. After a short back and forth Grenth relented agreeing with Sado and causing his clan the Reapers to fall under the watchful eye of the Golden Sabbath.​

A Renegade Soul | Sado's Home for Lost Souls

"My people, they're scared. They don't know why they had to come here, they're far from home, afraid and alone. They don't know about the violence in this world. I can tell they just want to live a comfortable life. That man he forced them into this state of fear, this state of worry, and he uprooted them from their homes and forced each of them to hide away. I don't pretend to know the challenges they're facing. I know there's no replacing what they've lost and they need time. I'm afraid my words won't reach, there's a fear too powerful to name. I'm afraid they'll push away what they could never understand. I'm afraid they'll push away the only shinobi who can make sure they survive this turmoil. Takauji Ashikaga forced these powerless individuals, these humans with no access to strength like ninjutsu into such a terrible place by targeting the Golden Sabbath, and here I am, setting aside the pride I've taken years to build up, I'm giving up my name, my life, and my glory to build a narrative, a story. I've come to the White Lotus with one request, claim my bounty, help me make sure that his Gambit fails."

Abruptly and without warning due to their constant expansion and growing deeds a bounty was placed upon the members of the Golden Sabbath. The highest bounties placed upon their heads were for Sado Yasutora and Vegeta. Sado responded to this instinctively he prepared himself to fight. He worked on some technology and set up their base for defense forming a shadow clone to fight alongside him. He was lost to his brutish nature, nature he was trying to escape. Time passed and no one came, finally, the clone began to speak to him. It was silent up until this point, it explained that what Sado was doing was dumb, it was exactly what the person who placed the bounty wanted he was feeding into it. It told him he didn't have to fight. Sado shrugged this notion off. Didn't have to fight!? Then he began to think about it, he really didn't have to fight. That was his own predilection for constant battle that lead him to that conclusion. The smarter thing to do would be to drain this person of their funds. Takauji Ashikaga. He knew so much about Sado enough to form a bounty for him, enough to explain his appearance and his heritage. Sado had the clone evacuate the lands surrounding him as Sado himself fell back to Takinomori and met with the White Lotus.​
Sado formed another clone and sent it to Forskellig evacuating that land as well. He knew they'd be raided, so what? He'd let the vultures and scavengers pick over what little fame and Ryo they could find. He would aim higher, he would aim at the heart of Takauji Ashikaga. Without explaining anything he erratically and violently attacked his ally Fu moments after passing her a scroll and explaining she could only open it "once their business was finished." He cornered the woman in front of her people, and his own. He needed a real response from her, and he needed everyone present to see it. She did it. His arms hung high in the air his body and stance wide open she hit him with two techniques that would have killed a normal human, but Sado wasn't a normal human-... he was a half-blood goliath. Stronger, more durable and larger than the average human. His arms were cut from his body as music rang out over the entire landmark of Takinomori drawing the attention of every single individual present.
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Everyone there saw the same thing, at the same time. They watched Sado Yasutora be cut down with ease before falling to the ground a slumped mass of arrogance, pride, and rage. Fu opened the scroll reading what she was told to do next. She lifted the body grabbed the arms and moved them to a hidden location. She healed him just enough to rouse him to consciousness and he handled the rest. He used his heritage the same heritage Takauji Ashikaga wanted to use against him to regrow the missing limbs and in unison physically and permanently changed his appearance. During this time of unconsciousness, Sado had very vivid and surreal hallucinations at least that's what he rationed them to be as they were very strange. It would take some time but the world would soon hear about Sado's "death." Fu quickly left to claim the bounty as Sado went out to check on the people and keep a watchful eye for intruders. It wasn't long until a shinobi tried to sneak her way into Takinomori, looking for her own fistful of Ryo and moment of fame. She was met with a terrified crowd that had just watched Sado fall, the man she was chasing was felled mere moments before her arrival. What she was met with instead was a charming, charismatic, haughty man who said his name was Jack. He looked nothing like Sado, he was only six foot three, with a soft face and body, nothing like the description of Sado Yasutora. He subtly manipulated and reasoned with the woman until she felt herself in the wrong for her actions. He was the good guy here, and she would be the villainess should she rise up against the White Lotus here and now. She soon left, turned away however she had brought several merchants with her.​
These merchants heard the story she was told and walked away with a secret the world didn't know about. Sado soon learned that the world loved secrets, and that story spread up along the Badlands of Earth and down the Land of Fire like a wildfire. It burned the lips of everyone who spoke it spreading the tale of the slain demon Sado and the angel who put a stop to him at the behest of Takauji. The story influenced the world around him as he learned about it rather quickly. It was an amusing set of events and gave him a more devious idea to influence the world and information therein. With his ally Trunks bringing back one of those very merchants to Takinomori, Sado had his opening. The information had reached Trunks even before Sado himself could which surprise even he. Sado quickly turned the woman to his side, and she began to grow infatuated with the persona of "Jack" that Sado had been building up. With a few kind words and by directing her pity toward the people of their lands, Sado was able to slyly convince the woman to become a spy for him. She traveled out into the world along with a clone and began to send reports back to Sado the first few reports were innocuous. Landmass size, building structures, people they saw, as well as flora and fauna. Then came the more interesting stuff they began to trail the tail of two more of the merchants who had spread the story.​
During this time Trunks left Takinomori before Sado was able to explain everything he seemed slighted by Sado's actions. This brought upon Sado a period of depression mainly due to his bipolar nature. He began to blame himself for Trunk's leaving, as well as racked his mind at all the poor outcomes that could arise from his actions. When everything seemed to be going it's best, Sado seemed to feel at his worst. He seemed to be letting everyone around him down, and this played heavily into his past reminding him of it constantly. As this transpired the clone and the spy continued their journey together toward the Tea Peninsula. Eventually, the pair made it to the edge of the Peninsula. What they found well it infuriated the clone to a point of pure irrationality. By this point, he had grown to call himself Smith and what he saw in Qindong made him want to pick apart Takauji Ashikaga piece by piece and mail those pieces back to his army. He found a people oppressed, left to fend for themselves, starving, dirtied and impoverished. They were living in a war-zone, in squalor and slum clinging to each other and to their lives. He had to act he couldn't sit by and let this take place. He healed two children a young girl named Lynn and her brother named Bram. He then met their parents and convinced them he could provide them a home.​
They were so lost and hungry that they were willing to believe in the first kind stranger to show his face in their land. He had Lynn's mother Izumi go around the slum and speak to her people and tell them his offer. A home, for anyone who wanted it. If Takauji wouldn't shelter these people, Smith, or Sado, or Fu, or Korra or Trunks or Vegeta surely would. He explained to them what was going to happen and then after forming another clone he sent them all on their way back to Takinomori. The secondary clone began to travel using a massive three-headed snake for transportation he pushed his way up through the Land of Fire a man on a mission giving these people any small comfort he could. Halfway through his journey, he found a landmark that amazed him it was named Hayakami and what he saw was everything he needed. He went around to the numerous farms, plantations, and fields speaking directly to the local growers. He bought enough supplies to sustain multiple landmarks both for food and for crop growth.​
He sealed all of the supplies into a scroll and proceeded the rest of the way home with these downtrodden people in tow. He made it back to Takinomori in record time and upon getting there he explained everything he could to both Sado and these people. Then he dispersed sending out all of the information Smith, and he had gained over the long journey. Sado was both surprised and happy. Even when he was doing nothing himself, he was doing so much. Soon he would take the fight directly to Takauji with the help of his clan, the White Lotus, and anyone else who would stand by him. Learning everything Smith and the second clone knew he learned about various lands, their landmass structure, their populations, their foodstuffs anything he would need to know. It was an extremely easy way to learn. He had probably gathered more information on this journey then he had about the world previously. However something was wrong with him, he couldn't figure it out.​
He was broken, no matter how many people he surrounded himself with, no matter how many people he helped or how many good deeds he accomplished or how many people told him what a great person he was he felt all alone. He tallied up all of his deeds, as was the custom of his goliath forefathers and the list always felt like it came up short like it wasn't enough to make up for his past. He was in an unfamiliar world with unfamiliar people, unable to come to terms with himself as a human, knowing only that he was a Goliath. He was different than these people, he was fractured, splintered and fragmented.​
A New Soul | Battle of Shinramoto

Issued By: Takauji Ashikaga​
Name(s): Sado Yasutora​
Orders: Defeat and incapacitation.​
Wanted For: Formation of a rogue state that is unlawfully occupying territory that belongs to the Hangurian Freehold and its rightful heir Takauji Ashikaga.​
Bounty: Defeating and incapacitating Sado Yasutora will be rewarded with 7,000 Ryo and 3,000 Kumi.​
Special Info: The following are details gathered by the Black One's Intelligence Division and are formally being declassified for issuance of these bounties. Sado, otherwise known as Howard, is a 24 year old male from an unspecified bloodline with peculiar abilities surrounding the use of Senjutsu. Sado stands at a towering 7'5" with rugged features. His most notable body feature is a tattoo on his left shoulder, which reads "Love and Death." It appears as a heart with a snake surrounded by angel wings. Sado is a Kage ranked combatant and is afforded additional enhancements due to his Senjutsu-heritage. He specializes in Lightning Release and, like his compatriot Vegeta, prefers close quarters combat and the utilization of Medical Ninjutsu. Information and posters for this bounty is spread throughout the world; information for Sado's bounty is readily available for any individual in any landmark.​
Rendezvous: You are to bring proof of Sado's defeat to one of the marketplaces. There a Black Ones representative will issue the appropriate payoff.

Sado spent most of his time for the next few months in Takinomori tending to his people and the people of the White Lotus gaining a deep trust and understanding between the two clans. Eventually, he had to move on and begin going about his business. He was in a rather depressive state and during this time Trunks came to him to discuss matters about why he had been evading him. Together they shared a long conversation each explaining themselves to the other and gaining an understanding about one another. During this Sado explained everything about his life up until that point including his past as a Goliath and the treatment he suffered. Trunks explained about his early life and mentioned his absentee father and doting mother explaining what his father looked like. Sado realized he was describing Vegeta and he told Trunks this. Trunks was petrified as he then went on to explain what he was going to do. Fight his father, Sado understood this mentality and said he'd help him. Sado sent Trunks off to regain his artifact and buy new ones gifting him a substantial amount of Ryo. When he returned they set off for the Haunted Forest to meet Vegeta and check in on Grenth.​
While this was happening the clone going by the pseudonym Smith entered into the Tea Peninsula through the isthmus of Chungsu. There he met a woman named Lena of Shinramoto after a discussion about their intentions they went to her home where she explained everything about Takauji and his Black Ones that she knew including their landmasses. The clone was directed toward a man named Zeri as Lena left and there he explained things as they were. With time Lena returned and she was injured. Smith healed her and she explained that the attack was imminent. Smith and Lena both participated in the Battle of Shinramoto and they narrowly eeked out a victory. Smith later found out Hawkeye one of the villagers he was introduced to had perished in the battle and this seemed to him, to upset Lena who returned with the young woman in her arms. Smith sent all of the information back to Sado and with the new information, he decided he needed to gather up allies. Smith was growing to become his own person possibly another splintered personality. Sado spoke to Grenth and healed a child that had been hurt by an enemy of Grenth's.​
With that finished Sado told Grenth he believed that him joining the Golden Sabbath was the best course of actions. Grenth agreed and went off to gather lands under his name, and thus under the banner of the Golden Sabbath when he joined. During this Vegeta left for Shinramoto learning about the Shogun from Sado. Sado found himself spending more time in the Haunted Forest than he expected. Everything seemed to be picking up, he assumed a revolution was brewing and wanted to be one of the people at its forefront. On a whim, a blatant ADHD driven whim Sado took on a student. A Sage Transformation user who he saw was unstable and needed training. He felt responsible for the teenager and wanted to help him learn what a Goliath was and what they could do.​
It didn't take long for Sado to decide that he would train that unstable child. He knew more than anyone else that if he didn't train him to control his emotions and rage, that child would lash out at the world around him. Sado went to check on him and what he found there was a violent mob attacking the boy and his mother. With all of the restraint, he could muster Sado began to push through the mob with the aim to get toward the child and his mother. He couldn't stop it. If he could maybe things would have been different but a human, a greedy, insignificant human tossed a rock at that child's mother. He didn't know the beast he would set free with that action, not Sado but that child. He could tear this entire mob to pieces if provoked that was the potential Sage Transformation had. Sado acted quickly as he pushed through the final human blocking his path as he dashed forward gripping the child and defusing the situation. If he had been even a second slower, the child would have become feral, the transformation had already been instigated as the child's fingers and hands were becoming pointed, sharp, weapons. Sado used his own transformation abilities to spread a sense of fear in the hearts of these people. He scared them away took the mother and child to their home and convinced her he could train the boy to harness his abilities. Together they set out for a mountaintop where Sado trained the boy before they returned to the village a few weeks later.​

Souls Laid to Rest | The Razing of Degarashan

"That's why I'm here. I'll be the demon, and I'll be the monster, I can shoulder that burden and it's not that far from the truth in all honesty. My clan and I will be the rival to Takauji Ashikaga and his Shogunate. We'll be the people who kill indiscriminately and love every moment of it."

Upon returning to the village Sado met with his clone that had been stationed in the Haunted Forest explained everything and Tetsuo home. Sado returned to being rather bored healing people who needed it until one-day Grenth returned. Together they finalized the merger between the Reapers and the Golden Sabbath and through this merger they obtained a vast territory. One not earned by any other clan. With everything in the Haunted Forest set Sado messaged his clone Smith explaining everything and told him to have Salazzle summon him to Shinramoto as Smith told him that Vegeta was there raving about corpses rising from the grave in the Ruins of Chungsu. Sado appeared in Shinramoto and began to gather information about the current atrocity taking place to the north. He learned that there were undead hordes rising from the grave. Not wanting these creatures to harm Shinramoto he alongside Vegeta and Lena went to the Ruins of Chungsu to cull the herd and save some of the bandits that Lena was allied with. After taking out hundreds if not thousands of the creatures they realized that they were ever spawning and their efforts were futile. However, after directing the bandits toward Shinramoto, Sado and Vegeta devised a plan that they referred to as "Easy Street." They would lead the undead through an underground tunnel system into the heart of Degarashan the capital city of the Shogun. To say they worked together was mainly just Vegeta pitching the plan and Sado fine-tuning it.​
Vegeta began to dig the tunnels and Sado went to Shinramoto to build up defenses both for the horde of undead and for the eventual retaliation from the Shogun. As Vegeta crafted an elaborate series of tunnels Sado built a set of massive walls. Lena even added sentient barnacles that would act as guards for the wall. Lena and Sado had some time to their selves as they began to discuss the plan. In a shocking turn, Lena came up with an addition to the plan. They could airdrop undead onto the Shogun's head. Sado not wanting to be outdone thought up how best to accomplish this idea and together they began to fly toward Degarashan carrying massive earthen cages filled to the brim with oobleck and undead. Sado noticed the undead rushing in from the north from where Vegeta had led them. The plan was in full swing as he dropped the first earthen "bomb" down upon Degarashan. It made a booming thud followed by a sickly sloshing noise as dozens upon dozens of undead began to shamble out of the constructs toward anything that moved. They began to devour the citizens of Degarashan. "Monsters" Sado would show the Shogun a monster if that was what he thought he was. Lena was beginning to regret her decision as immediately after setting the undead loose she began to falter. She didn't' think this was what Sado would be doing. He understood. He knew that she might not be as sadistic or as violent as him. He just hoped he could salvage their partnership. After a final attack disguised as Alexandros Megas, Sado exited Degarashan and returned to the Ruins of Chungsu. After all of that, he assumed Lena wouldn't want to be allies anymore.​
He ruminated in the Ruins of Chungsu for hours as Salazzle his personal summon told him to man up and stop acting like a bitch. He needed to seek out Lena and repair the damage that had been done by creating a dialogue. With time he took her advice and began to return to Shinramoto along the way he escorted a small family through the hordes of undead to Shinramoto. Returning he found Zeri and told him he was seeking Lena. Apparently, there had been many changes to the village while he was absent. Another ally of Lena's had been working alongside them building wooden structures and homes for the numerous refugees. Sado was sent to find Lena and due to his Sage Mode he could sense her out and find her rather easily. What he found on the ship he was told to find though created a very awkward scenario. It seemed Lena had been blowing off steam with a companion they were-... well. Sado unknowingly walked straight into it trying to make jokes and be funny to cut the tension and leave the entire group a little less embarrassed. After a few moments, Lena exited the cabin-room and began to explain what was happening. No, not that. She explained that Angela Bliss was her ally from Jinshui and from there they discussed what had happened in Degarashan and came to terms with the fact that their ideas and goals wouldn't always align. Sado returned to his normal appearance and in a show of respect, he asked Lena to join his clan. He was quickly rebuffed as Lena had other plans for her own growth and the growth of Shinramoto. It wasn't long after that, that Angela thought it wise to make introductions exiting the cabin and beginning to speak. Sado noticed immediately that she was a beautiful, charismatic, charming woman with a powerful presence and a tendency to try and take hold of any situation she was in. She told Sado that she knew him from his bounty. Sado told her he had no idea who she was but that if they were going to be allies maybe they should play a game to get to know one another.​
Unbeknownst to any of the woman Sado had a plan. He didn't trust this woman from the moment he laid eyes on her. She spoke with an air of superiority and she was obviously manipulating Lena from the way she spoke toward her. Sado didn't take kindly to humans manipulating his allies. The idea of a game fascinated Angela and she was making the rules up before Sado even had a chance to speak. Sado cut her off and explained he could make it fairer. A substance that made it impossible to lie. He could tell she wouldn't' have agreed to this if it had been said at the start but now she was already in the game. She didn't want to appear weak in front of Lena or Sado. So what followed her agreeance and then Sado using the poison. Then there was a back and forth first Angela flung questions at Sado. She believed she could keep herself in charge of the situation as she tried to lord over and rule the conversation. Sado let it go for a while as he drew out information from her in small quantities. She had a force of will that allowed her to keep certain secrets even while being poisoned with a truth serum. Eventually, she asked about his mental instability and about monsters. It was as if it was a trigger, or it instigated a reaction out of Sado. He shifted his personality and showed that he was the one in charge here, he had been in control of this conversation from its start. He only let Angela believe she was in control to get her to lower her guard and allow for a game of cat and mouse. Sado gave three questions to Lena. Angela agreed as long as they were answered last. Lena wasn't going to wait as she got up from her seat and took her questions asking several personal questions of Angela. It was then that she realized-... she was outplayed, she was defeated completely and there was nothing she could do to regain the power she once had. Sado deferred the rest of the questions to Lena, explained that Angela wouldn't remember anything due to the poison and left. He sought out his clone, his personal summon and they all went to a tavern to drink away their problems. What they didn't know was that Lena had seen through Angela finally and she ended their partnership sending her back to Jinshui with threats. Sado spent about forty minutes drinking himself under the table while singing karaoke pissing off numerous other patrons. He couldn't get drunk though.​
After a long time, Lena arrived, catching one of the steins that had been tossed at Sado's head he appeared to drunkenly avoid it. She downed its contents and made her way to his table. She seemed to be more reckless, and less sheltered than before. Sado didn't know she was dealing with a bit of heartbreak. Even if he did he wouldn't know how to help her through it. He left her and Salazzle discuss what had happened. After that, the conversation took a turn back to the holidays and how they could aid the people in celebrating. Lena set out to help and Sado relegated all of his responsibilities to Smith who went about helping the children carve pumpkins. Sado stayed in the tavern trying to drink himself into a state of stupefaction unable to due to his innate poison resistance and hardy nature. Unwillingly he was summoned back to the Graveyard of Sin to learn that there had been a lot of changes. It was a full-fledged city now that was acting as a trading post. The merger with the Reapers was in full swing and another of Sado's clones had gone to Takinomori to lock in another merger between the Golden Sabbath and the White Lotus. Sado began to gather his thoughts and meditate on what to do next trying to figure out how to take everything he had and make it whole. He felt as though Lena wouldn't be joining what he and the Golden Sabbath had created. Also, he didn't know that Trunks had already decided to leave and venture out on his own.​

A Soul in Need

"Just be who you are and what you want to be, instead of trying to be what others want you to be, that includes me. It's something I was trying to teach to another Sage Transformation user I had met and trained. "I’m not in this world to live up to your expectations and you’re not in this world to live up to mine." That mentality is how I accepted what I am, and learned to control it better. Though what works for me might not work for you, so in the end do it at your own pace, as long as that's what you want to be doing. Be it here, or anywhere, am I making sense?"

While Sado sat rather dumbfounded and awestruck in the Graveyard of Sin his clone Smith who was still in Shinramoto was putting in work. He aided his ally, Lena of Shinramoto, as she came off the heels of a devastating loss at the hands of her former lover turned enemy Angela Bliss. The clone had sat aside for a while sulking wasting time away in a depressive state with Lorelei tending to his needs when he was too lazy and apathetic to take care of himself. He found himself in a situation where Lena had been attacked by Angela and in self-defense had slain the woman. Smith did his best to convince her she had done the right thing and comforted her to the best of his ability. Using this moment to show her that there was a place for her. She had Shinramoto and she had the Golden Sabbath. Somehow, for the first time, it seemed like she believed him. Maybe it was just due to the fact that she needed something to focus on or someone to be there but she agreed to go with Smith to meet the Golden Sabbath. Together after setting up a few defenses and Smith leaving behind a clone they ventured off toward the Graveyard of Sin. Smith felt accomplished, looking back at where he began. A spy, a clone, sent to the Tea Peninsula to gather information he had done that and more. He had secured one of the strongest allies he could find and grew a bond of friendship.​

Unknown Souls | A Village Born in Sin​

"I can finally see my life as a series of compounding, poor choices. There was nothing I could've done to save my tribe, yet I still sold my soul to this shinobi world in search of vengeance. I traded my safety for the belief that I could murder my way to redemption; that if I could be a greater horror, it would bring my people back to me. Once this lie was shattered I scrambled to find a solution, to drink away my memories, to undo my mistakes, and balance the scales. I now understand that there are no scales, there is no redemption, and no ledger that judges me good or evil. I am free to simply be myself and live with the terrible mistakes I've made."

Sado was scrambling to figure out what to do, he found himself alone for a moment with his thoughts. Through some solemn meditation, he searched his mind and heart for the next set of goals to work toward. Soon after his clone, Jack reached Takinomori gathered up Korra and Fu set an alliance and returned with them in tow. This gave Sado the motivation he needed to gather up all of his remaining allies. He sent out messages gathering up the remaining members. Grenth returned, followed soon by Vegeta. They were accompanied by new individuals that Sado didn't know. Stragglers that had their own motivations to be there. He learned of a young Uchiha, Ikiru who wanted a job, maybe a mercenary. Sado knew the type, he was one for years. The type to move from one goal to another and one odd job to the next. Next a strange woman with an allure. She called herself Rebekah. With time everyone told their stories.​
Sado would be first to tell his story. He told Rebekah and all of the individuals there just who he was and what drove him forward. He shared with them his primal drive to build a society. They seemed to understand and that pleased him to know that these people understood what he meant. He explained about the plan he had for the future. A summit, the first of it's kind since the destruction of the Freehold. It would be a place for the clans of the Badlands of Earth to speak on what they wanted and what they needed to prosper. It would be a large affair so Sado using several large scale Earth techniques crafted a meeting place. A massive coliseum to tell their stories to fight among one another and to learn through combat. It would be where the meeting was held very soon. He received a message from Smith telling him what had happened with Lena and that they were on their way to meet him and the Golden Sabbath. It was as if his six or seven months of planning was coming to a head.​
Eventually, Lena and Smith showed up, and with them there all of the pieces he had been maneuvering for months were in one place. Sitting at the table inside of the newly formed Kage Mansion, Sado began the summit. He claimed the title of Kage, and he set up the council. Grenth, Vegeta and Trunks for now. Around this time Trunks himself returned. Each taking a spot at the table Sado had crafted they began to speak on just what they thought they needed to do and build to make this crazy plan work. The remaining Golden Sabbath, Sado, Vegeta, Trunks and Grenth, the White Lotus, Fu and Korra, and finally the few stragglers who wanted a home, Ikiru, Rebekah, two jinchuriki Mala and finally Isoka. Together they forged a name, Tsumigakure, the Village Hidden in Sin and together they agreed on goals. Better defenses, more territory, a hospital. Binding together in the Graveyard of Sin they formed something special, something wholly their own.​

Forgotten Souls

"I'm sure I can find a place for each of you but you must know, this society isn't like our old tribe. Nothing is solved with violence here, interpersonal relationships are solved through words and debate. So if you have a problem with someone else you will bring it to me or one of my council. This goes doubly true for the boy who attacked me, thinking he could solve his problem with a deathmatch, there won't be any needless pissing contests to gain favor or prestige. Work, effort, and time. That's how you'll raise your stations, not through violence. Understood?"

After the summit, Sado sent a few of the villagers out on missions. Grenth and Rebekah went out to investigate a criminal after Ikiru and Grenth went out to create better defenses. Korra and Fuu set out to build a hospital. Sado was left relatively alone as he slipped away to be on his own. His personality shifted as his regret and self-doubt reared its head. He traveled to Tsuchi Heiho under the control of his secondary personality and took a mercenary job to ease his mind. After an utter failure, he returned in self-disgrace knowing he wasn't who he used to be. It bothered him significantly but it was about to get worse. Oh so much worse.​
From the east approached three individuals. He didn't know who they were or why they were there but something about their chakra signature was familiar. They felt like goliath, but he hadn't heard, nor seen of a goliath in years. As they entered his lands he became defensive rushing to their position and commanding them to halt. On further inspection when they lowered their hoods he realized that these where indeed goliath. Without a word, the biggest one, who was at least a foot taller than Sado ran toward him in an arcing motion. The bigger goliath's movements were slow and predictable as Sado released a strange energy around him with white wisps of steam flowing from him.​
His speed increased as he increased his weight flowing chakra through his arm and slamming the much larger and heartier goliath to the ground slamming him into a crater of Sado's making crushing his arm below his weight and force. It was enough to knock the goliath unconscious. After a moment of silence, the older goliath woman approached and explained everything as it was. They were from his previous tribe. Sickness and the remaining Hangurian Black Ones had left them nearly extinct. Sado agreed to take them in on one condition the older goliath would tell him about his parents. It was something he always wanted to know but was too weak to force them to tell him in his adolescence. The goliath was hesitant but she explained what she knew. It turned out his mother was a descendant of the great uniters the Nobunaga lineage and the power he called upon mere moments ago was theirs.​
Sado didn't know what to think or what to say. He was perplexed. The information nearly stunned him, he was half goliath that was always true but now he had learned a dark secret. He was a descendant of the Freehold with some rights to the lands he was taking in. He had just as much right as Takauji Ashikaga the man they had fought for months. He never thought highly of his mother, the stories he had been told were deplorable. A human made into his father's pet but the story this older goliath told was of a noble of Hanguri birth. A sparkling Jewel of the Sun who could heal, and destroy on a whim. energy he called upon this Yang energy was new to him, but the history he learned about told him that his mother commanded it like it was her own it was a power of strength, durability, and life. Sado had a lot to deal with and didn't have the time or mental capacity to deal with an entire village and his own problems. He sent the goliath to Catherine a representative of Forskellig and they found a place to call home in the Village Hidden in Sin.​

The Souls that Fled

"All that is really known is that a fleet of five ships with the Ashikaga family Coat of Arms was seen off the coast of the southern Water Archipelago later in the day. The ships appeared to be going east. We know not where they flee, but I believe they've suffered enough for now."

Sado came to realize that he had to keep pushing forward so when Trunks sought him out with a problem, an Uchiha compound that needed taming he jumped on the opportunity to do some good. Honestly, he just wanted a distraction. Together alongside Grenth and Ikiru the party set out toward the Motoi Drylands. It was at this time that the unnamed clone that Smith had left in Shinramoto sent word of surprising news to Smith and Lena. The Shogun and his Freehold had fled to the east leaving the Tea Peninsula open. He left behind a confused and leaderless people. They didn't know much, but what they did know was an extraordinary set of circumstances. It seemed that the Razing of Degarashan had crippled them and left them with a single choice. Retreat and embarrassment. Was this what Sado wanted? He would soon know about this, would it settle him or send him into a fervor? Only time will tell.​

Reclaimed Souls

"Tell me why I should allow you and your clan to live, convince me to heal your eyes, and to trust your word. If you can do that, maybe there's a place for you under the banner of the Golden Sabbath."

Sado found himself in the Motoi Drylands, focusing on one more distraction just to ease his active and distracted mind. The information he had gained about his mother and the Freehold weighed heavily on his mind. It didn't help that he soon learned that Takauji Ashikaga and his Hangurian Black Ones had retreated far away to the remote lands to the east. He learned that they left behind a confused and leaderless people. Why did all of this happen to him? Why was he at the center of it? Was it just because he couldn't keep his mouth shut or his mind pointed on a single task? He wasn't sure but he decided to focus on the distraction. He used what he had been taught by his tribe to alter his appearance to that of a small child as he began to gather information from people. The first person he bumped into was an older woman. She tried to convince him to hide, and that the streets weren't a safe place. He played the part of a child for a while and asked her "why." She explained that the Uchiha were kidnapping and ransoming people from a remote compound it wasn't safe for women and children to be out at night in these parts.​
She kept trying to convince Sado to hide, and that she could keep him safe. He pushed the subject and eventually learned that the woman had lost her son to the Uchiha and was unable to pay the ransom for him so she was just being overprotective and a bit defensive. When Sado pushed the subject further it seemed he had reached a point that angered the woman. He was trying to reassure her that he could protect her, forgetting his altered appearance for a moment. She smacked him across the face, trying to show him how weak and small he was. This action sent Sado on his way as he began to make his way to the Uchiha Compound in the Motoi Drylands. He didn't have time to explain who he was, and why he was here. Salazzle asked him what he was going to do, referencing the Battle of Shinramoto and the Razing of Degarashan as instances where he went into action without thinking.​
After a moment of thought, Sado reasoned that they might have been violent means, but they got the job done explaining that to Salazzle. She told him she would support him but he was an idiot. Sado was fanciful, he made a show out of his appearance as he caused music to belt out from his position piercing into the compound and rousing the Uchiha. He believed that he had to make a show of force to prove that the Golden Sabbath and Tsumigakure truly owned these lands. He was was swift to start the attack as he called out for the Uchiha to lay down their arms and yield to the Golden Sabbath. Obviously, they saw a mere child, as a row of the Uchiha guards, took post on the extensive wall end to end their crimson-eyes shined in the night contrasted by the darkness of the sky and the light of the stars above. They told him they would yield to no-one especially a child like him. Sado laughed, he had completely forgotten about the transformation he had undergone. He did that often by this point, he had used an altered appearance for months. He decided he would have to prove to them, that their place was below the Golden Sabbath.
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He directed Salazzle on what to do, and they performed a massive combination together using fire and poison similar to the actions taken in the Battle of Shinramoto. Sado expelled a massive wall of fire, while in unison igniting a jet of flammable poison lighting the wall aflame as Salazzle tore open a rift in the sky calling down a column of flammable poison using summoned explosive tags to ignite the column of red-crimson poison. The group had been trapped between a pincer maneuver. Those that fled escaped with minor burns and being poisoned, those that stayed and tried to defend were engulfed as the water they used to douse the flames merely acted like water on a grease fire causing the fire to splash and slosh coating numerous Uchiha in fire and poison. The first attack was a success as they pushed the initial vanguard back. They underestimated him thoroughly, but he wouldn't be able to rely on the element of surprise again. He needed to break the massive, reinforced, gates and enter into the compound.​
He relied upon a creation of his. Red Sand, he caused the ground below the gates to buckle inward as he caused a giant monster, crafted from Red Sand to rise up using the strange energy he had learned was called Yang energy to breathe life into the beast. This was the second time he had used this technique and he was growing used to it. Asmodeus, he called the creature as it roared forth tearing apart the gate and using its long gangly arms to rip through another battalion of the Uchiha. So far they had been below average, probably genin and chunin. He could handle one-hundred or so of them due to his abilities. A rearguard seemed to form behind the battalion that has just been torn to sunders by Asmodeus, the sentient Red Sand golem. That was when it happened, Sado called forth telling them to bring forth their leader. He waited for a moment pausing as, the remaining vanguard began to split.​
What walked forth caught him off guard, it was a woman. Her beauty. was distracting, and he almost lost focus for a moment when she lifted her leg spreading the fabric of her dress-like samurai armor. She slammed her foot to the ground with hard, dense "thud" as soundwaves emanated from her position silencing the music that rippled outward from his position. It was the first time someone had been able to do that. She continued by activating her sharingan and going into a rhyming verse talking down to him. She was speaking his language, and it was offputting, but enthralling as he began to course Yang energy through his body relying upon it heavily by this point. He darted forward toward her as she activated the Mangekyou state of her Sharingan glancing toward the Red Sand creature. In a moment it was lit ablaze as black flames surrounded the beast it squealed out in pain and anguish. Sado learned from this that breathing life into these creatures through Yang allowed them to feel pain, and think. They were genuinely living things. Sado sent a wave of chakra through his arm increasing the weight of his arm as he realized that the only way to beat this Uchiha was to overpower her. He would also alter his appearance returning it to normal. She told him her name, Nakano Uchiha the onna-bugeisha as she noticed him approaching. Sado was too fast, her eyes could easily keep up with him but she was too slow to react and move her body in time.​
Sado was able to land a decisive blow to her midsection using his hands like claws, or so he thought as the woman spit blood in his face the blood and viscera spilling from her guts. Her last words were labored and distraught, "the Demon, Sa-...do." Sado noticed the light and life in her left eye begin to fade and assumed she was dying but instead she vanished completely seemingly turning to dust. Without a pause, she apparently appeared behind him calling out to him. She had used Izanagi, giving the sight in her left eye and in turn rewriting reality itself. She told Sado to yield and to submit to her, as an acolyte telling him his actions were futile. Sado laughed as he turned to face the woman. She had surprised him with abilities he didn't even know existed but he was cocky. He thought that if he killed her once he could do it again. He darted forward in arrogance using the same attack a second time, what he didn't know was he was being played. She wanted him to attack her in the same way. She had remembered everything about that moment, his hot breath on her bosom. The feral look in his eyes, but more than that both of their positions and everything about their stances, postures and the world around them. It was a trap, and he fell for it as she called out to him baiting him to attack her telling him his previous actions were pitiful and that she had already taken out his little Red Sand pet.​
As he extended his arms out to reach her, her clan cried out for her, cheering, as she instigated a genjutsu, she believed it to be the last genjutsu she would ever cast with her eyes. Izanami. She needed to trap this beast, it was all she could do to save her people from this demon. Her eyes went cold, and empty as the light finally faded completely she was blinded as she fell to her knees exhausted. However, Sado was trapped in Izanami, as his mind was forced to repeat the previous attack pattern. His body remained still, in the real world he couldn't move, his posture and stance frozen mere inches away from landing the final blow upon Nakano Uchiha. She was clever and crafty. He went in without thinking and that left him at a disadvantage. He was lucky to have Salazzle with him as she defended him while he was trapped in the genjutsu. He realized that Nakano was telling him to realize his mistakes and to overcome them, as every time he reached the edge of the attack he would be forced to repeat his actions. So he assumed that was the key to breaking this genjutsu, realizing and overcoming his past mistakes. He reasoned his biggest mistake was his inability to deal with his own problems, and after repeating the attack at least twenty-five times he was able to barely escape the genjutsu.​
Salazzle had kept the woman pinned down, as she defended him from the other Uchiha. Sado found himself in a moment of decisiveness and weakness. He offered up an ultimatum to Nakano remembering how Lena of Shinramoto had turned the armies of Takauji Ashikaga against him. He told Nakano she could serve the Golden Sabbath and her clan could survive if she convinced him that they were worth it. With a fiery speech and an innate way with words, she was able to convince him and he healed her eyes using the Yang energy to at least bring back her sight. He didn't know if it would bring back her sharingan but it seemed to at least return her sight to her. Sado told her she would need to release all of the prisoners, stop ransoming people, and stop trying to take in taxes from the surrounding townships and settlements.​

She agreed to the terms of his deal and relented that she was senseless enough to make a deal with the devil, calling Sado a demon once more for putting her in such a position. He was fine with that, he had been called worse before, being a "demon" was just another on a long list of insults he had become used to by now. He helped her up, and she directed her group on what to do, reiterating that they now served the Golden Sabbath and Tsumigakure. Sado thought about who he could put in charge of this compound. He knew two Uchiha, that could do the job. Lena of Shinramoto who he trusted completely, or Ikiru a new recruit that he didn't know well enough to trust yet but this could be a good test of trust for him. Izanagi and Izanami. He would have to learn about those abilities. The fact that they were used against him, concerned him. He took a few nights in the Motoi Drylands returning the prisoners to their families and keeping tabs on the Uchiha while explaining how things would be from now on. He tinkered with Yang energy and fuuinjutsu and created a seal, that he placed upon his body in the downtime.​

Rotten Souls | Tobusekai

"Alright, with the original members of the Golden Sabbath here, I feel like I can speak openly and directly. In the last year, we found ourselves struggling against a world that didn't want us. A world that would rather see our people, and us, suffer. A world that sent assassins and degenerates into our lands to smear our name, and destroy what we were building. That world was lead by an influential individual, a man that egotistically dubbed himself "the Shogun." Takauji Ashikaga. At that same time, the world gave a name to me and us as a collective. I became, "the Demon." Sado Yasutora, and with time you all became Tsumigakure. A village hidden in sin. Now is the time we chase down the Shogun and put an end to what he has started. We're going to the Eastern Continent."

After reclaiming the Motoi Drylands, Sado returned to the capital and sent out a message for his village mates to return. He was formulating a plan, as he became more erratic once more his bipolar throwing him into a manic state. In the capital, he met with Vegeta, Irene a new member of the clan, and Vayne to discuss where they wanted to go and what they wanted to do in the future. Vegeta wanted what he always wanted, combat and a chance to prove himself. Irene wanted peace and a stable future. Vayne wanted to prove his worth to the village. Sado using his charismatic personality convinced them, along with the rest of his village that they could find what they were looking for in Tobusekai, the East, and they could take it all from Takauji Ashikaga the same man that tried to steal everything from them. Thankfully, his allies trusted him and they prepared to set off. Before they could, a transient no-name shinobi tried to make a name for himself by attacking the party. His attack failed and he fled through the use of some sort of summoning technique leaving just as quickly as he showed up. Though something had happened, completely separate from this no-name, it appeared Grenth used this distraction to cause a disaster in the capital and in the hospital in Takinomori. Sado, not wanting to deal with any of this left everything to Smith his clone. This left the Golden Sabbath and Tsumigakure free to go explore and dominate Tobusekai, and dominate Tobusekai is exactly what they would do in the coming future as Smith handled the rebuilding.​
The first thing Sado did was send scouts ahead to survey the land and try to track down any traces of Takauji Ashikaga, these scouts were Korra and Vayne. Using this time, he and the other members of the Golden Sabbath prepared for their journey. Sado took time to meditate, seal away an immense amount of senjutsu chakra, and enter Sage Mode preparing himself for the east. Additionally, he placed Smith, the clone that had been doing so much in charge of the capital in his absence. Then, together the party set out to make their names and the names of their village known to Tobusekai and the world at large. Sado followed the steps his scouts, seeking out where they ended up crossing the vast ocean for the first time in his young life. This landed our goliath barbarian on the shores of the Eastern Continent, in a place deemed the Lost Shores. An apt name for what he found there, multiple abandoned Ashikaga warships and a freshly built port crafted by Korra and Vayne. He with his villagers decided to make a bombastic message with their next actions.​
They would steal and repurpose these forgotten warships using them as trading vessels to devour the Eastern Continent piece by piece extracting wealth from the lands and making each theirs for the taking. Colonial income Sado called it as he formed two more clones and sent them back toward Tsumigakure to learn to sail them and to deliver them to the shores of the Motoi Drylands. Sado's machinations were grinding ever faster as the cogs and gears of his mind whirred with all of the ideas and schemes. They could be the first new village to control the seas. Trade was a powerful asset, and these ships opened up an ocean of possibilities for Tsumigakure. Sado sent his villagers out into the Eastern Continent to do as they saw fit. He got Vegeta to use his strength and determination to claim and repurpose lands. Korra maintained the port, even Vayne and Irene claimed lands expanding into the heart of Tobusekai.​
Sado himself moved north-east finding himself in a marshy-swamp land called the Dread Marshes. It was a sullen landscape filled to the brim with rot, decay, corpses, and death. It seemed to be the site of an extensive war with losses on every side. Our barbarian wasn't the craftiest or the smartest but he did what he could with what he had lacing the swamp with chakra controlling it. He tried to force all of the rotten bodies deep into the marsh trying to return them to the ground, hoping that by burying them he could make the lands prosperous once more. Once all of the death and decay were deep within the muck and mud he used his chakra to convert the marsh to solid, loamy soil, in essence, giving these neglected warriors a proper burial. It was really all he could do, not being crafty or being able to use Wood Release techniques.​
As Sado was busy with his exploration of Tobusekai the two clones he had sent back to Tsumigakure sailed across the wide open sea. They learned how to sail, the parts of a ship, how everything worked until eventually, they delivered the two massive warships to their destination of the Motoi Drylands. Together they docked the ships and refined and expanded the harbor before seeking out the Uchiha compound and Nakano Uchiha. They explained what was going to happen and what plans Sado had for the Eastern Continent and how the Motoi Drylands fit into that plan. However, ADHD got to one of the clones who kidnapped a crew of Uchiha and sailed out to sea to become a pirate. The remaining clone was left with Nakano as they built up the Uchiha compound. The clone that had set out to sea once more, began going by the name Jack and spread lies about who they worked for as he plundered and stole supplies from various trading vessels. He claimed that his crew worked for Takauji Ashikaga and that they were the Hangarian Privateers. The crew even stole from the Witchwood company, in the Aisu Bay and fought samurai in Gaikotsu Bay. This ultimately ended with Jack punching a ship in half, and sinking it in front of the samurai who swam back to the Land of Iron to spread the tale he had crafted. He returned to the Motoi Drylands with supplies and a story.

While most of Sado's clones were off having adventures, and Sado himself was questing in Tobusekai we return to Smith. Smith was left to handle the mundane. His days were filled with paperwork, tedious negotiation, and diplomacy. At least he had one light, through it all to drag him out of bed when all he wanted to do was sleep. Lorelei. She got him through it all helping him when he couldn't help himself. He spent a few weeks teaching her medical ninjutsu. Even when the worst happened and Grenth cause destruction and turmoil Lorelei got him through. Smith had one single question for the clone that Grenth had sent "Are you happy?" it couldn't answer as Smith hit it, dispersing it. Smith was lost, and frankly, he was alone. Luckily, the scout Sado sent ahead, Korra was but a clone. Smith learned the Korra herself had been cooped up in Takinomori at the hospital and he found solidarity in her as they worked together to undo the damage wrought by Grenth. It was boring, wearisome, and slow going but Smith held Tsumigakure together when there was no one. In his free time, he sent Korra on missions for the village and even sent Rebekah to track down and spy on Grenth. He was busy, tending to an entire nation.​

Tobusekai was untapped, free real estate is what Sado saw as he went about claiming all of the lands he could. After the Dead Marshes, Sado found himself back in the Lost Shores. In a bar, near the port, he played the fool and sang and danced as if he were in a karaoke bar. Things in the Lost Shores had picked up, people had relocated and populated the lands from Tsumigakure. He picked up rumors about excavation and the Mother Cult and this prompted him to travel north-east once more. He planned to investigate this cultist activity remembering the problems caused by the risen dead back during Conquerer's End. After some travel, our goliath found himself in a jagged mountainous region named Sentinel's Stand. There he learned about a war between beasts and humans from a tapestry. Apparently, at least from what the glorified carpet told him, it started with one female entity. She birthed more like her, one could call them "deities" from the looks of the tapestry. The story went that after her children, she created animals and beasts and that made her children jealous. They wanted their own creations so they crafted humans. The beasts and the humans fought, and over time the humans won trapping the first female entity away while the rest left them. Sado didn't really get the point of the story, but he did make the assumption that the woman was the "Mother" from "Mother Cult" deciding to push further east. He claimed the land in the name of Tsumigakure and moved onward wanting to look into this.​

The next land he found himself in was an abandoned cityscape, it seemed to be some sort of land devoted to the Sage of Six Paths. His Sage Mode warned him of various individuals with strange chakra in the area but he kept moving forward entering into Hagoromo's Last Hearth that was until two people in cultists' robes attacked him. They used a combination technique and their chakra seemed to resonate together empowering the technique to a level with which Sado had never seen. They created a huge wall of wind and fire as Sado realized that he didn't know what to do. In a moment of panic, he heard something, a voice call out to him, and give him what sounded like a name. Yamata no Orochi. He didn't know what it meant but instinctually he threw his arms forward calling upon the Yang energy that resided within him. The energy suddenly came to his aid rushing through his body swelling forth with his earth release chakra that felt like it was molding itself. From his body came out several streams of Yang energy in the form of several giant snakeheads. They told him to increase their weight, through earth release and Sado listened. With a piercing screech, the Yamata no Orochi bashed its way through the combination overwhelming it and crushing the cultists below his head.​

He realized, he wasn't controlling this technique, it acted on its own it had its own mind, and some kind of sentience. It bellowed into his mind asking him who he was and why he called upon such a noble creature. It scoffed that he had noble blood in him and that his lifeforce was similar to Tokuhime of the Nobunaga-... that was his mother's name. That was all he could think of as more cultists attacked him from behind with a wind and water combination. Sado was able to handle this, he crafted a blade of Red Sand and sent it flying toward the gargantuan vortex of spiraling water able to decapitate the two cultists. Yamata no Orochi explained that he was a protector of the noble bloodline. As the rest of the cultists fled, the Yang based entity told Sado that it was a child of the Sage of Six Paths. Together they traveled into the center of the city carving a path through the remaining cultists as Yamata no Orochi pulverized dozens of cultists. With the remaining cultists dead or fleeing the two found themselves in front of a statue of the Sage of Six Paths.​

Yamata no Orochi told Sado that he wasn't a teacher, he told him everything he knew. Like the bijuu the many-headed snake was a child of the Sage. It told Sado that if he wanted to learn more to search the ruins of this land, find the Sage's teachings and answer his own questions. The snake-like creature told him about Yang energy, and how he was a manifestation of the physical, Yang. He also mentioned that he had a brother a manifestation of the spiritual, Yin and that Sado might meet him one day. Soon after the multiheaded created faded away back to the nothingness it had come from. Sado stared at the statue until he finally realized there was a riddle on a tablet near its base. It spoke of the Touch of the Sun gracing the statue.​

He didn't know if his answer was correct but by channeling Yang energy into and through the statue Sado accessed a hidden pathway leading to a room with more tapestry on the wall. On the right wall, there were many depictions of the various ways of using Yang energy. Sado had already stumbled upon several of them himself. However, on the other side, on the left wall there were more depictions. This time of black energy, a counterpart to Yang. This must have been Yin, Sado thought as he studied the teachings memorizing the forms and functions. He placed yet another banner near the statue and claimed the land for Tsumigakure. Sado claimed one final land the Ruined Temple before returning to the Lost Shores to regroup. Once more he sought out his allies.​

Souls of Sacrifice | the Fallen Shogun and the Mother of Beasts​

"You dumb bastard, this is Tsumigakure. Our entire lives we've been struggling. So we don't need an introduction from the likes of you because when we get knocked down-... EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US GETS THE **** BACK UP AGAIN!"

Sado was preparing himself in the Lost Shores, expecting the westward expansion of the Mother Cult. He believed that he had boxed them in, that he had taken their lands, and he had forced them into a corner. He was wrong. He was arrogant, and he would regret it. Takauji Ashikaga, the Shogun who tried to march forward on crippled legs had given himself over to the Mother Cult, mind, body and soul. He traded himself and his Hangarian Black Ones for the power he believed he needed to exact his revenge on the Village Hidden in Sin. The cult used the fact that Sado Yasutora was distracted in the Lost Shores to send the lapdog, Shogun to the Haunted Forest. In one unexpected blow, the Shogun killed many and reduced the entire satellite state to ruin and ash. Sado was lucky that he had left a clone in the Graveyard of Sin, because the moment information about the attack reached the capital, Smith the clone Sado had left in charge of the village summoned him home via their personal summon Salazzle and the Reverse Summoning Technique.​

The Monster of the Tea Peninsula was quick to act, his clone explained the information that had reached the capital and together alongside any remaining clones they headed out toward the north-west. They moved quickly and traveled non-stop hoping they were fast enough and strong enough to cut the Shogun off before he could deal severe and lasting damage to their village. However, even with their Hangarian War Chasers, they were too slow to avert the destruction of another landmark barely stopping him from making it to a third landmark. What stood before Sado, was a broken, deformed, version of the great Hangurian War General he had heard of. It was a Fallen Shogun, a man who had his essence, his goals, and his personality stripped away from him being nothing more than a hollow shell of a man. The only emotion left to him was the need for vengeance, and the commands given to him by the Mother Cult his only remaining directive was to destroy the Village Hidden in Sin.​

So, with everything he had Sado fought against a man endowed with limitless stamina, speed and strength. To say he was a man anymore would be giving him much more respect than he deserved, at this point, he was nothing more than a yelping monster. He had abilities that confounded and pushed Sado to his absolute limitations, the Sea of Life that ebbed and flowed from his body with every single strike was dangerous in its own right but he had his own malformed, twisted and abusable form of the Eight Internal Gates, renamed the Gates of Life. What transpired over the next three days was a constant push and pull of Takauji Ashikaga, the Fallen Shogun vs Tsumikage Sado Yasutora. Sado himself had to rely on everything he had in his repertoire just to survive and fight this man head-on. First, he had to access the energetic Yang energy, using the Power of the Sun to move and act fast enough to defend from the Fallen Shogun's blows. Each potential strike was enough to cripple and kill an average person. If even one of those blows had landed upon his body Sado would have died. Though it got worse as hour after hour, moment after moment the Fallen Shogun became faster, and more erratic tapping into the seemingly limitless power granted to him by the Mother Cult.​

The goliath barbarian was able to push and push and push calling upon every ounce of fortitude to force Takauji Ashikaga to tip his hand. Sado pushed him into using the uppermost limits of his Gates of Life. Sado had to call upon every remaining bit of Yang energy he could muster to enter Yang State. It was something he wasn't familiar with but it gave him the sheer speed and reactions to continue fighting the Fallen Shogun. The Gates of Life vs Yang State was what the fight evolved into. Sado had to literally warp space and time merely to fight this echo of the Shogun barely avoiding the caustic Voidborn Corruption that comprised his form. The Sea of Life that rushed out from his body with each blow eventually made its way onto Sado's skin as his allies finally arrived. Another of his clones summoned him away from the fight just in time to save his life from the Voidborne Corruption that spewed forth from the Fallen Shogun's body. All that was left now was to regroup with his allies.​

So after a strategic retreat that's what he did. He gathered up his strongest men and women, the ones he trusted his life with, Vegeta, Desmond, Skarlet and each of his clones. He knew that he couldn't do this on his own and that messed with his self-esteem but he realized that he had to put that petty shit, those vain and egotistical thoughts aside. If he wanted to keep what he had made alongside his allies then he had to let them in. He had to give them the trust they had earned and fight with them, instead of protecting them. Together they fought the Fallen Shogun, and they were too much for him. It only took a combined effort to snuff out the crippled and broken Takauji Ashikaga, sinking the final nail into the Hanguri Freehold's coffin snuffing out the last remnants of a dying regime. To an extent, it must be ironic, that it was a barbarian that laid to rest the final Sei-i Taishōgun, the final Commander-in-Chief of the Expeditionary Force Against the Barbarians, abolished by the same low-class warrior he and his ilk were supposed to exterminate.​

With his death though with the last few dying words, he offered them a warning. He spoke about the Mother of Beasts, Tiamat, the creature that had orchestrated his newly created form. She would be coming soon, the Fallen Shogun was merely a gateway nothing more than a door into a metaphysical dimension that held the beast at bay for ten thousand years. As the remaining life and vigor escaped his body the ground quaked and shook as a light out of the Hokubu Ocean ruptured the sky. The light called out to Sado's hubris, asking him to come and bring all of his sins to stand against the end of the world.​

The Demon of the Badlands, Sado Yasutora and his clones settled his people. They each helped rebuild what was broken by the earthquake and Sado healed those who were injured even giving up his own flesh, bone, and blood via Sage Transformation to heal those who were so gravely wounded they would never wake from their comatose state. Then he regathered his allies and set out. Those that weren't with him eventually met him at the Hokubu Ocean where together they started to rise up, they became the resistance the world needed. There were those who wouldn't stand against the Mother of Beasts, either out of fear or greed, but Sado and his village were steadfast and ready. They had risked everything they had before and they would keep doing it until the day the light left their eyes. Sado and his clones attacked, Desmond attacked, and Vegeta intercepted a nameless shinobi who had given himself over to the Mother of Beasts in fear becoming another one of her many children.​

Together the Village Hidden in Sin fought alongside the fledgling clan the Rising Cloud and the less impressive village Shimogakure to stave off catastrophe. Sado even found himself slipping into a support role. He healed those around and used the potent Yang energy to break the tethers that the Mother tried to use to subjugate the other shinobi. He wouldn't let that happen if he could stop it. He grew to dislike the Mother of Beasts quickly realizing that she wanted nothing more than to rule over humanity as if they were beasts or snuff out those that would defy her. He and his clones fought, against that notion since the formation of their clan the Golden Sabbath alongside Vegeta, Uta, Trunks, Vayne, and Desmond. He would not let the world fall into the clutches of a megalomaniac unless HE was that megalomaniac.​

Souls Taken | Sacrifice of Sin

"At the end of the world! The Demon, he fought with his horde! They rallied and raised you! And they brought the Black Ones to mourn! What they called a "Monster" was willing to sacrifice or pay any price to bring you peace and paradise, but deep below the ocean. A mass of stirring emotion there is always another he and his Village of Sin staved off the Mother!"

The Demon of the Badlands spent the next month in the Badlands that his title came from. As the Tsumikage he handed out numerous bounties to his various shinobi. Many on Children of Tiamat and the Beasts of Tiamat that were now threatening the world. With Colonial Income bankrolling the event Sado held the first holiday celebrated by any village. As the rest of the shinobi of the world, those of Shimogakure, those of Taniagakure and those of the few remaining clans kept silent. Tsumigakure though, they were special they boldly told that world of its heroic and daring deeds as was in his goliath nature.​

This meant that the Sacrifice of Sin, the holiday Sado created to stir his people and prod them to activity while the others were complacent and idle was a complete success. He sent so many shinobi out into the world that they even went to other villages and cleaned up the messes they were too lazy to clean for themselves. Banri Uzumaki was one such example traveling across the Aisu Bay to the forgotten land of ice and snow. A place of the midnight sun, where the hot springs flowed. He smote Misha the Ravenous.

It was plain to the Monster of the Tea Peninsula and the rest of his village that they were the saviors this world deserved. When the Sacrifice of Sin came to a close and a vast sum of the Colonial Income had been spent a clone of Sado went out to make an offer to the other clans of the world. They weren't making big moves, so why not join the only village that was. The clone going by the name Jack made an offer to Hellsing, a small clan on the Moon Isle. They spat in his face rejecting his offer and silently sealed their fate by turning away the representative. Next, he found himself in the heart of Degarashan a land he had been to before.

The same land that he had attacked, decimated and drove Takauji away from nearly six months earlier. He left a message for Kaizen, another clan offering them the same deal he had offered Hellsing. Join Tsumigakure, keep your name, and grow stronger. Become a part of something great or be just another footnote to the expansive history that was being built. Finally, the final offer was made to the Rising Cloud. Sado and his clone remembered them from the field of combat they fought alongside his village against Tiamat, that is, up until they became tired and lethargic and fell off. They were nowhere to be found when Tsumigakure sacrificed their health, and their vitality to seal the Mother of Beasts. Another refusal.

The clone bought the Men'yoroi of the Fallen Shogun off of a dubious woman on the Hokubo Ocean then returned to the capital of the Graveyard of Sin. It was a badge of honor for Sado telling those around that he and his village were the ones to defeat Takauji Ashikaga and his Hangurian Black Ones. They started the fight years ago and they were the ones to finish it. With a plan set up, Sado, his clones, Salazzle, and Smith with his Right Hand Man, the Pride of Tsumigakure Vegeta, Sado marched upon Hellsing. Unbeknownst to him at that same moment, another man was trying to hold members of the clan hostage.

Knowing the clan leader's chakra signature from the experiences his clone had accumulated Sado used his newfound Yin-Yang Sensing to track down Alucard. Sado attacked full force, not playing a game or being a joke. Alucard tried to flee but was met by the incoming Hands of Sloth created by The Demonic Figure, Smith aka Sado's Yin-Yang creation. With the clan leader defeated Hellsing fell before Sado and Tsumigakure as they were taken into the fold by force. It was a much-needed boon to their numbers and allowed them access to new shinobi who could be molded into strong fighters.

Soon after the Shogun-Slayer and his group were teleported back to the Graveyard of Sin via Vegeta and his Flying Thunder God Technique. Once there he and his clones began to take in, train and prepare the new shinobi for the cruel world around them. He handed out many more village missions to grow his allies into the powerful individuals he knew they could be. He saw potential in Hellsing. That was why he took them in, like a blooming flower that needed to be replanted in fresh, and fertile soil with the proper nutrients and care, he uprooted them and replanted them in a better environment. At least that's what he believed.

After this brazen act it was obvious they would become enemies to the rest of the clans. Sado began to regather his allies asking them to return to the Graveyard of Sin. During this time word reached him, it was the Korikage who had destroyed the Moon Isle. More than that he was betraying, killing, and pillaging his own people. The Tsumikage saw this as wasteful but in truth all war was wasteful, human lives, they were valuable. The only resource that couldn't instantly be replaced by shinobi through their ninjutsu. He saw these actions as foolish, but only the future would tell what this would equate to.​

Sick of the Sin​

"Tsumigakure. I want to tell you. If you don't find a cure, if you don't fix this-... your shinobi are going to die. Your family is going to die. Everyone is going to die, but before all of that if you don't do this you're gonna die, and you're better than that. You're better than the rest of the world, better than Shimogakure, better than Taniagakure, better than those clans. Better than me. You are more than just the Village Hidden in Sin. You are the saviors of this world, you are the heroes who stopped Tiamat. The warriors who fought off the Fallen Shogun. This isn't your dying breath, this is your second wind. Now every fucking one of you will plant your motherfucking feet, grit your GODDAMN TEETH! And save the world-.... *cough* *cough* *cough*-... AGAIN! Now get out there, figure this shit out, and DO-.... IT-... NOW!"

Shimogakure had grown bold in their expansion, in themselves and in their place in the world. Sado, the Shogun-Slayer found himself with one option, and it was one he didn't like. War. That was when the Korikage send a missive trying to persuade Tsumigakure that he had done no wrong. That he and his were merely minding their own business but Shimogakure's fate had been sealed the moment they had attacked his people. He didn't care if they were a satelite state, he didn't care if they were just brought into the fold, he didn't care that they were new villagers. The moment that treaty with Hellsing was formed, and they joined his village those individuals fell under his protection, and his shinobi's protection.​

He took a moment to refocus his mind, and gather his troops. In tandem he talked to his officials, Vegeta, Banri, Mirabelle, and Grenth. He discussed another event, another extravagant holiday for his people. He would keep them happy, and distracted while he and his men and women got their hands dirty. They had a point to make, and a village to make an example of. Shimogakure had overstepped upon the Village Hidden in Sin, and it was time for them to repay the debt that was now owed.​

Sado, Vegeta, themselves alongside their clones, then clones of Grenth, and Korra set out for the heart of Shimogakure. The icy prison was a cold and defiant mistress, the air was chilled, the lands were barren and empty and the people were abandoned and alone. Their Korikage and his shinobi had fled leaving their lands open and empty. Sado wasn't the type to kill those who didn't start it. These civilians didn't harm his people, so he made them an offer, evacuate the Sister Isle and tell the others that the Tsumikage and his officials had spared them. They took his offer as a mass exodus of civilians took place. Then began the war of attrition, a proxy war held among shadow clones.​

Sado and Vegeta split their clones among several landmarks occupying them in what would become known as the "Occupy Shimogakure" movement. Together the clones of the valiant shinobi began to take in several more lands as there was no resistance. It was a relatively short war in all honesty once all of his lands had been occupied the Korikage came out of hiding and begged for a treaty. Sado obliged feeling his people had suffered enough at the hands of Tsumigakure. The Village Hidden in Sin got three landmarks, a vast sum of colonial income and they gave in return of peace between the two villages giving Shimogakure time to rebuild.​

The Village Hidden in Sin pulled their forces out of Shimogakure and returned home. Resting for a few weeks, before the effects of their fight with Tiamat began to actually sink in. The Red Fever, a pandemic rocked the world to it's very core. None more so than the valiant heroes who fought face to face with the Primordial Goddess of Life herself. With a new sickness spreading across the land Sado set in motion his holiday event.​

"Down with the Sickness!" became the rallying cry of the sick and infirm as Tsumigakure fought back against the invisible enemy. Sado set up a stimulus program paying the shinobi for their hard work, and keeping the economy of his village flowing forward as normal. He funded the entire program with the boundless colonial income they had accrued and amassed. Sado himself and his officials were most likely the sickest men and women in the world because of how closely they had fought Tiamat. The event was a long-lasting one as just about every member of his village received some form of payment. It was at this time the rumors of his power and might spread around the world and he began to be referred to collectively as the Sage of Transformation.​

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