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Symbol of Peace
Feb 4, 2012
Trait Points
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''We must not shed tears. That is the defeat of the body by the heart. Because, for us, this thing called 'the heart' can become nothing less than proof that one's existence is superfluous.''

'Basic Information'

Name: Rukia Kuchiki
Nickname: Ice Princess
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Age: 25
Clan: Yuki

Personality - 性格

Initially born into a lower class, Rukia retains her modesty, even as an adopted member of the nobility. She is graceful and "clean", yet chooses to talk to ordinary people. However, her cool and lone demeanor often forces her to hide her personal troubles, even from her friends. Rukia never opens up her heart, and has difficulty making friends. She is very good at acting, having acted her way through a number of tough situations, such as getting out of trouble with school teachers. She likes to climb to high places.

Rukia likes everything rabbit-themed, and becomes quite sensitive when someone insults her obsession with them. People often have difficulty understanding her drawings, which are typically rabbit-like, and doesn't like it when people complain about their quality. Rukia's favorite foods are cucumber, eggs, and rice dumplings.
Looks - 外見

Short and petite, Rukia has light skin and violet-colored eyes. Her hair is black, with several strands of hair always hanging between her eyes. Rukia wears a standard shihakusho. Rukia will somtimes wear her hair cropped into a bob which hangs about her face. She wears a fingerless white tekko which extend above her elbows. As a lieutenant, she wears her Division Badge around her uniform's left sleeve, which has been shortened to just reach her upper arm.
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"Don't even try to move one step from there.

If you try to follow me... I'll never forgive you!"

'Village Info'

Land of Birth: WaterWSE Clan: N/A

'Rank//Chakra Info'

Ninja Rank:



Water | Summoning


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Your Ninjutsu:


'Background Information'

History - 歴史

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Not much is known about her birth as she was found washed up on the shore on an island just south of Nagi when she was five. Found by a man named Ragna he tended to her until she regained consciousness. Upon regaining consciousness, they discovered that she had lost all memory of the time before she awoke, the only thing she did remember was her name. Ragna assumed that her memory loss was just due to the trauma she had suffered and would, in time, fix itself. Years passed and Rukia continued to live with Ragna just on the outskirts of a tiny settlement. He taught her how to hunt and fish, as well as how to fight with ninjutsu. In all this time Rukia never regained her memory, neither did anyone come looking for her.

When she was 24 Ragna died of an illness that nobody could cure. With his death Rukia could no longer stay in her childhood home, it would just be too painful for her. Packing up what little she had and set off. While on this journey she hoped to finally find out who she is.

weeks of traveling Rukia had finally made it to the city of Keshi. The city that lay before her was massive, she was awestruck by the sights and sounds. Steeling her self, she made her way though the city, oohing and ahhing at everything and anything. After making her way though the market place she came upon a small, fragile looking old woman. She was tucked away in a small corner of the market. The old woman beckoned to Rukia, as she approached she could see that the woman was shuffling a deck of cards. Rukia was willing to at least bet on one hand, so she decided to play along. The cards were dealt and the bets were placed and Rukia thought she had a good hand but was soundly beat. Since she was so close to winning she decided to play just one more, but again she was beaten. The competitive fires burned hot in her soul and she played hand after hand, but the results were all the same. By the time Rukia realized it she had used up all the money she had saved up. She the look of depression on her face the old woman told her of an inn that would offer her a place to stay. Having no other choice she made her way there only to find that the same old woman was the owner. After a long day she didn't have the mental strength to question what was even happening to her and crashed in what was to become her new home for the for see able future.

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CM lvl 1: In Cm lvl 1 the curse mark starts to spread over the right side of her body.

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CM Lvl 2: When Rukia invokes the cursed mark further her appearance begins to change. A silk like membrane starts to grow over her entire body, making it look like shes wearing a skin tight jumpsuit. Four long thin appendages grow from her shoulder blades, a silk mesh forms between each pair forming wings. A hard substance forms over her finger tips giving her claws but they don't stop her from performing hand seals.

Pyroar and Sode no Shirayuki are Rukia's two puppets that she carries with her inside of her own specially designed capsules. Along with these two puppets is also Rukia's Custom Weapon; Cross Tail

(Kapuseru) - Capsules
Type: Tool
Rank: N/A
Range: N/A
Chakra: N/A
Damage: N/A
Capsules are much like the scrolls the kote uses where they seal one thing inside, but unlike those, capsules have various ninja tools, items, puppets, etc. There are no limits to the things one can seal within the capsules, except that only one thing can be sealed inside of each capsule. Each capsule is very small only measuring in at eight centimeters, making them extremely easy to carry in quantity. To use a capsule the user will first push the button on top and then toss in at a spot with enough room for the item to appear.

- Doesn't count as a move if the tools summoned aren't for a jutsu, exception being puppets.
- Can have as many Capsules as one can carry but must be stated what one has in them.

(Sode no Shirayuki) - Sleeved White Snow
Type: Puppet
Rank: S
Range: Short
Chakra: 40
Damage: 80
This puppet is made of pale wood, has pale lavender hair, which is partially tied up in the back in a long bun and falls behind her shoulders while a strand falls between her eyes, and is parted on the left side of her head by a blue, star-shaped hair clip. She wears a white kimono with large sleeves and a long hem, and has a pale yellow-green obi wrapped around her waist which is attached to a large, pale purple bow on her back. As a puppet Sode no Shirayuki has many compartments that hold various weapons and ninja tools.

Icy Maiden - Sode no Shirayuki is surrounded by a chilling aura short range all around her. This causes all weaker, C rank and below, water justu to instantly freeze. This version isn't strong enough to affect living creatures other than giving them a slight chill. Sode no Shirayuki can also increase this effect to a much greater scale. This more powerful version can freeze up to A rank water jutsu but still only affects short range around her.

Ice Cannons - In each palm Sode no Shirayuki has two tubes much like Sasori. From her left palm, she can unleash a stream of icy wind, this wind is highly pressurized and carries a myriad amount of tiny sharp pieces of ice. From her right palm, she can shoot out three meter long icicles. The icicles are shot out with enough speed that they can pierce solid objects with ease. Both of these attacks reach up to mid range.

- A rank version of Icy Maiden counts as a move and is usable twice.
- Icy stream is B rank, usable three times and counts as a move
- Icicles is A rank, usable twice and counts as a move.
- This puppet can only be used by Ice users.

(Kaenjishi) Pyroar
Type: Puppet
Rank: S
Range: Short
Chakra: 40
Damage: 80
Pyroar is a lion shaped puppet. It is mostly dark brown with light brown legs, tail tip, chest, and face. Pyroar has a large, dominantly red mane made of hair like fabric with gold streaks forming a pattern resembling the Daimonji symbol 大. Pyroars claws and teeth are made of extremely strong metal, and by channeling chakra into them pyroar can easily rip though solid A rank elemental techniques. By using the golden streaks of its mane pyroar can produce a stronger chakra shield that can protect against B rank techs. While pyroar is strong it, unlike other puppets, can transform to take a different shape. In its second form it goes from being quadruped to a biped. Its claws open up and rearrange into a clawed hand, its feet do the same thing. Its mane sifts around so it becomes a long pony tail that extends from the top of its head. Its mouth opens up to revel a face. Once in this form pyroar gains new abilities. Its first new ability is that it can shoot a fire ball from its mouth, when the fire ball impacts with any solid surface it explodes outward from its epicenter into five streams, one stream each to the left and right of the blast one behind the blast and two diagonal from the base of the blast. In its arms are two long tubes, much like the ones sasori has in his hands. from these tubes pyroar can unleash streams of fire but unlike sasoris these flames are weaker and are only B rank.

-Destroying a jutsu counts as a move.
-Using the shield counts as a move.
-Fire ball is A rank and counts as a move.
-flamethrowers count as a move.
-If used by a Sasori bio the claws and fangs are coated in poison.
-Only teachable by Bloo.

(Senpen Banka: Kurōsu Tēru) Infinite Uses: Cross Tail
Type: Weapon
Rank: S
Range: Short
Chakra: N/A
Damage: N/A
Infinite Uses: Cross Tail is a weapon that can be used both offensively and defensively. It takes the form of gloves and metallic fingertips, which are used to guide and manipulate spider silk to a greater degree. The spider silk is provided by a spool attached to the users waist, there is an infinite supply due to a spider living inside the center of the spool.

Cross tail has many uses, the most basic being able to use silk freely to the users will, such as making weapons of silk, to guide thrown objects to a desired location or to be used to move puppets. To compliment the offensive uses Cross Tail has a very useful defense ability, using the silk the user can create a sort of barrier, whether this be a wall or a dome. This barrier of silk can stop up to A rank elemental jutsu, but it has a special property being made of silk it is very flexible, if a projectile come into contact with the barrier is force will be absorbed and be slingshot back towards the user of said projectile's location, toward the same point in which it was initially thrown. The last ability, Realm-Cutting, is two parts; first the user will send out many thin, nearly transparent threads of silk. These thread will cover the battlefield, once they have spread they can detect the tiniest of vibrations or air current changes. For the second part the user will cause the threads to harden and thicken, they will shoot up to surround the opponent or desired entity. The threads will form a short range box, these threads will fill the box at every possible angle. Once the box has formed the opponent will have no room to move, and one touch of the thread will cut flesh. Any A rank and below solid-based jutsu that pass though the strings will fail as they are cut into a multitude of pieces rendering them useless; this second ability of Realm-Cutting is S-ranked in nature, costing forty chakra and can only be used thrice per battle.

- Using the silk free form doesn't have a rank and doesn't take up a move.
- Using barrier counts as a move, can be sustained for two turns, but takes up a move slot and costs 30 chakra.
- Can't send back fire or lightning projectiles, including any other forms of attacks that are released in those same states of matter.
- Both parts of Realm-Cutting counts as a separate move.
- After using Realm-Cutting Cross Tail can't be used for two turns.
- Must sign Spider contract to use.

Sourceless Materialization/Naturalist Summoning Specialist:Being a signer of the spider contract Rukia has gained the trust and knowledge of the ways of the spider, thus allowing her a personal summon as well as being able to produce silk without needing to rely on a summoning to do so.

Single Handseal Specialist: Rukia due to her excellent proficiency in Suiton can perform them with just one hand seal.

Geppeto: The user can have 1 more puppets available in battle of up to A rank OR the user's is capable of using Autonomous Puppets.

Sode no Shirayuki (袖白雪, Sleeved White Snow): Sode no Shirayuki is a normal katana. It has a rectangular tsuba with a vaguely flame-like pattern on the long sides and a curved line on the short sides, inward-curved corners with curved slits above and below the blade, and a series of curved lines embossed on either side of the blade. It has a reddish-brown hilt.


Theme Song and Background Music :


Won: N/A
Lost : N/A

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