Roses are Red Violets are Too


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Jan 31, 2019
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Roses Are Red, Violets are Too

"Your amazing Cecilia!"


"Wow, how did you do that Cecilia."


"You are the best Cecilia"

They never stop

"I wish I was as good as you Cecilia."

Each and every compliment

"Cecilia could you teach me."

Is their only gift to me

"Cecilia you're so..."

But its pathetic it's

"You're so."

shit it's


below me, all weaks are like—

"You suck," were the first words he said to her. She was nine, so was he, she had graduated the academy early, he was still taking classes. She had a group of people around her all smiling and rewarding her with anything and everything they could, he was alone. She was dressed with a red colored scarf, big pink fluffy jacket, pink skirt, white leggings and pink winter boots, he was wearing a black shirt with a partly zipped up red jacket, blue ripped jeans and grey worn out shoes. No snow had touched her perfectly straitened black hair, due to the umbrella someone held over her, he was shivering with snow piled upon his dirty, curly orange hair.

"What," she responded, her crowd swarmed the boy, ready to attack him, but did nothing, waiting for her command.

"I just wanted to let you know," he said turning his back on her and starting to walk out of the crowd, "that you suck." Cecilia smiled and tilted her head like the typical anime girl.

"Nice meeting you too."

He is odd, but just like all the others. He'll submit.

What a liar.