Riker vs Vayne


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Dec 14, 2011
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Bet, using Askin
Askin, clad in shimmering white, lands on the flying skull prepared to battle. His Holy Bow would be in it's necklace form across his neck, DragonFang around his waist in whip form, and a marked sword on his left hip. Askin's clothing, equipment, and weapons would be coated with Yumeton per his body seal. Additionally, Askin's pheromones would be naturally released into the terrain, with some being absorbed by Holy Bow's DeathDealing ability alongside some Yumeton, with both having their defenses increased.

(Hairihhi Bōgun) - Holy Bow
Type: Weapon
Rank: N/A
Range: N/A
Chakra: N/A
Damage: N/A
Description: Curated for marksmen, the Holy Bow is composed of a highly malleable and adaptive unknown material, labeled Reishi, granting the bow a unique set of abilities that work to both protect and enhance a marksmen's combat capabilities, severely improving the lethality of those who properly wield it. Holy Bow has three forms, but throughout all of them multiple sealing scripts appear on it, relating to the bow's functions. In it's default state, the Holy Bow is in the form of 3 collared layers of Reishi in silver coloring with a tint of purple. In it's partial release, it assumes the shape of silver coloured bow that can also be used in close quarter combat in place of a bladed weapon. The user can also form the Bow. In it's full release, it's shape undergoes another drastic change, now taking on the shape of numerous molecular sequenced purple Reishi that appear on the majority of the marksmen's upper body in the form of belts, bracelets, wings, and other basic shapes up the user's discretion. In this form, the user would not need to physically act to fire off arrows, but would simply pay 5 additional chakra to fire off of his arrows, with them being released from the circular portions. Up to ten circles can be made, with the user gaining the ability to fire off multiple arrows at a single go, but naturally splitting the power between them.

(Za Desudīringu) - The Deathdealing
The Bow's first and passive ability, present in all of it's forms, it is the Bow's inane function of detecting and absorbing toxins, poisons, and other inhibiting chemical/biological substances that enter short range of it through an invisible barrier. Through The Deathdealing, the user is able to absorb said substances and infuse them into the Holy Bow at increased potency, allowing attacks performed through the Holy Bow to carry said traits. In regards to the increased potency aspect, the substances would either have their offensive capabilities increased by a rank/next level if applicable, or have their defensive capabilities increased, making them more resistant to cures or attacks that seek to destroy it. This comes at the cost of decreasing the time the substances would have lasted by a turn, with the infusions themselves lasting that duration. Notably, each substance can only be enhanced by one quality of the two. In it's passive usage, The Deathdealing is capable of taking in any unranked substance from an opposition, whereas it can take in any of the user's own regardless of it's rank, consuming 5 chakra points. Should the user wish to absorb ranked substances from the opponent, they can up to three times per battle, at a cost of fourty chakra, separated by a turn interval. While The Deathdealing serves no offensive purpose in the Bow's default state, in it's partial and full releases, the infusion's add an overall lethality to the user's attacks through the traits they may add upon the bow. Notably, the DeathDealings cap for absorbed substances is five, with only two substances being absorbable per turn.

(Hairihhi Pufairu) - Sacred Destruction Arrows
Only usable in the Bow's partial and full releases, Hairihhi Pufairu is the Bow's main combat function, enabling the user to release arrows up to long range away, at varying strength levels, starting at freeform, and capping at fourty chakra points, wherein A ranks levels can be used thrice, and S rank levels can be used twice, but separated by a turn interval. Through the sealing scripts on the weapon, the user is capable of summoning arrows from their personal armoury, negating the need to carry arrows on their person. Alternatively, the user can fire off chakra based arrows, carrying the traits of the used chakra type, but costing an additional 10 chakra to utilise. In the Bow's full release, the fired off arrows would emerge from the circular points of the Reishi, functioning without any impediment to range and power. Naturally, the summoning of arrows itself does not take up a move slot. The arrows, be it physical or chakra based, carry a detonation function, having the arrows explode either on contact or through the user's will, with physical arrows having the infused substances released in a short range raduis, whereas chakra based ones would release both the chakra and infusions. This means physical arrows would not cause pure damage to the afflicted area, whereas chakra based ones would depending on it's used rank.

(Hasuhain) - God's Posion Taster
Only accessible in the bow's full release, Hasuhain is the Bow's final supplementary function, relating to manipulating the Reishi into various different forms, such as a a staff, or other simple manipulations, enabling the user to shape the Reishi into other weapon forms that would be capable of firing off Hairihhi Pufairu through the circular portions. What makes this function dangerous is the user's ability to remotely control the Reishi, somewhat akin to the Lightning Blades Levitation technique, but on a more specific level wherein the user can control each individual Reishi up to long range, allowing the user to potentially fire off attacks from the opponents blindspots. Notably, this costs five chakra per turn per each individual Reishi the user chooses to manipulate. Due to the interconnected nature of the bow and the seals on it, the effects of Deathdealing would not be restricted to around the user, but around each Resihi circle, with the effects being shared across the different Reishi points through one of the intricate Fuin seals that serve as gateways for the Reishi to one another.

Holy Bow carries an S Rank durability, with lower ranked attacks on it not weakening it, but breaking from anything higher, with the user naturally not being able to use that for defensive purposes. When in it's full release form, specifically in Hasuhain, the power of the Reishi would be split amongst each circle of Reishi and it's chosen shape. Changing between the weapons forms is passive, costing five chakra points, with the weapon itself consuming five chakra points to be considered active.
( Yumeton | Dākutaimuzu) - Dream Sand: Dark Times
Rank: A-S
Type: Supplementary
Range: Short-Long
Chakra: 30/40
Damage: N/A
Description: Dark Times is a dream sand infusion technique that focuses on infusing the Yumeton with different aspects of his aresnal.
A Rank- This infusion allows for the user to infuse his different elemental chakra with Yumeton's (Earth and Water) in ratio's that would layer them with Yumeton crystals. For water techniques, they would appear to glimmer with the white crystals of inert Dream Sand and gain cutting properties, while earth techniques would be encrusted with the inert crystals that gave it the same. This would cause both elements used to raise 1 rank/20 damage in effectiveness(does not change S/Ws). The user must perform 3 handseals when doing this effect and this may be done 4 times per battle, needing a 2 turn cooldown. This counts of a move but may be used simultaneous to another water or earth technique of course. This adds 10 chakra to the cost of a move

S Rank - This ability may be posted in the user's biography or at the start of battle so that he may start the battle with it prepped, and is a passive ability requiring chakra. The user may infuse his equipment (seals, clothing, weapons, kunai/kunai equivalent, etc) with Yumeton, giving these objects a shimmering look due to the white crystals influence within them. For defensive purposes, this gives anything coated basic C rank protection from physical damage. The user's weapons also gain the effect of being able to basically inject the opponent with a powerful dose of Dream Sand upon penetrating their skin or being inside of him in some way due to this coating(S-rank). The user's seal/kanji based techniques and abilities become enhanced with Yumeton and the usual Kanji material is replaced by a Kanji made of Dream Sand that is charged with more chakra and power than the original, thus allowing the seal to draw from a stronger source of chakra as well as being fortified by the dream sand crystals themselves. This allows sealing tags to be capable of dealing damage equal to it's rank when something makes contact with it . The addition of the Dream Sand kanji as a power source makes it so that techniques that fit this category raise in effectiveness by 1 Rank/20 Damage Points as well as requiring 10 more chakra to activate. This only works on Sealing based techniques up to A rank (Advanced Fuuin users are able to increase S-rank Fuuinjutsu techniques by +10 damage/chakra.) rank and only effects seal/scroll/kanji based techniques and abilities. This variation can be utilized three times per battle with a two-turn cooldown. While a seal under the effect of Dark Times is in play, this technique cannot be activated, the cooldown starting when the Fuuinjutsu it is adorned to becoming void. The effects of Dark Times lasts for as long as the seal it is adorned to does. The user cannot coat a weapon while Dark Times is used on a Fuuinjutsu and vice versa, nor can the S-rank version be used while the A-rank version is in play. No A-rank and above Yumeton techniques can be used in the same turn Dark Times is activated for either version.

Askin looked upon the opponent before him, taking note of his stylish clothes. Displeased that he was not the most well dressed on the field, Askin would unleash a thick mist upon the terrain from his mouth, with it being composed of his corrosive Saliva rather than normal water. The mist would spread, blocking visual sight from the man whilst also inflicting moderate damage, specifically to the man's clothes to most likely destroy them. Askin's clothing would be protected via the Yumeton coating.

(Kirigakure no Jutsu) - Hiding in Mist Technique
Type: Supplementary
Rank: D
Range: Short-Long
Chakra: 10 + 10
Damage: N/A 20
Description: This displacement technique creates a thick mist to spring forth by lifting up some water from either a pre-existing source or expelled from their mouth, then goes in and out of sight at will from within the pearly-white realm. The mist's thickness is controlled by the amount of chakra kneaded into it. It can't fool the Byakugan, but, due to the mist being created with the user's chakra, any Sharingan and Rinnegan-user will see the mist coloured by their opponent's chakra, which will effectively hide the user from the dōjutsu.

Note: Can be created through releasing from mouth or manipulating a nearby water source.
(Tsuba Kijutsu: Myousake ⋓ Meiwain ) Black Tongue Arts: Dark Licorish ⋓ Nectar
Type: Supplementary,Offensive, Defensive
Rank: N/A /(E – S)
Range: N/A /(Short – Long)
Chakra Cost : +10 chakra for each water technique/(5 – 40)
Damage Points: N/A /( 10 – 80)
Description: Nectar is the most basic application of the Black Tongue Techniques. Because it’s intimately connected with the basic element Water, in behavior, weaknesses and strengths, the primary purpose of this technique is to describe and adapt Ganmi’s corrosive Saliva to any known Water Techniques that are or can be spat from the mouth. Through this technique, the user will activate the salivary glands and infuse them with chakra, spitting out any amount of saliva and then modelling it after a known spat Water Technique. The user pulls from the mouth, instead of the gut, but the saliva will follow everything else about the original water technique that is being adapted, including handseals and restrictions. While intimately related to water, a clansmen doesn’t necessarily require the water element to use this basic technique, though becomes severely restricted by the lack of it. For Ganmi lacking a water affinity or for those who do have it, this technique can be merely used a basic creation technique for the clan; ranging from forming the saliva into constructs, projectiles, tools to wield on hand like swords, kunai or even blasst of saliva, that can take the form of a thin stream or a scattered splash and can only be used up to A rank. This is the active portion of the this technique, requiring the needed amount of chakra to manipulate the saliva, thus dealing damage based on the rank of the technique. The creation method of this technique is only limited to the user’s own imagination. Adapted defensive/supplementary techniques gain offensive properties due to the corrosive nature of the saliva if applicable and logical, dealing damage equivalent to its rank. Ganmi with Water affinity will need to post this technique alongside the desired water technique; it will not count as a move despite requiring more chakra than the water technique original requires. S rank version of active ability can only be thrice per battle and A can only be used 4 times, requiring a cool down of two turns before being able to be used again while leaving the user unable to use Black Tongue Arts above B rank in the same or next turn. B rank requires one hand seal, A rank requires 3 and S rank requires four.

With the main threat of battle dealt in Askin's mind, he would address the man from within the mist. "Do me a favour and die quickly, yes?" He'd state as he creates blades 6 meters around Yasuke's position which would linger until triggered.

(Bishamon-Mura) - War-Lots of Grass
Rank: A
Type: Offensive
Range: Short-Long
Chakra cost: 20
Damage points: 40
Description: The user will materlize a high amount of blades made out of visible chakra in the air, at the users desired location. These blades emit a distinctive and intimidating howling sound upon generation but despite the evident danger they possess from being suspended precariously around/above the intended victims, both of these qualities serve only to belie the technique's true nature. The attack's actual threat lies within its fragility, which results in the production of numerous razor-sharp shards that descend down at the target when disturbed by the foreign chakra(Opponent's), which would cause the swords to trigger and they will subsequently mincing the enemy to pieces. If one blade triggers, the rest triggers aswell.
~Can be use twice per battle.
~The Blades last aslong they haven't been destroyed.
~The blades would 'detonate' when foreign chakra goes through the air, past them, or jutsu being fired from target's location.