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Jan 8, 2009
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Basic Information
Remy LeBeau
Nickname: Gambit | Cajun
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Clan: Blast

Looks: Remy (Gambit) is tall and very masculine, shaped with a V-shaped torso, broad shoulders, long, muscular legs, square jaw and clearly-defined muscles and abs. He has brown hair in a bowl cut (though it could be longer without the cowl) and red irises with black sclera. Remy is usually seen in a navy uniform, with a maroon stripe on the front and back running down both legs, that is left a little unzipped at the front. It has rolled-up sleeves. With this, Remy wears a belt, fingerless gloves with silver wristlets, silver boots, and his favorite accessory: His brown trench coat. Remy also wears a cowl on his head that seems to extend to underneath his uniform. Remy is never seen without his staff and trademark playing cards. He has an extremely, good-looking face and is considered one of the most handsome males in the Ninja World. His whole attire has the sealings for the Bungee Gum Fuuinjutsu(located below). His weapons(not including a Custom Weapon) have the same sealing on them also.

Personality: Gambit is cunning, smart, tricky, manipulative, and sneaky. Despite all this, he seems to have a good heart deep down and even a bit of a conscience. Gambit can be prone to sarcastic outbursts when annoyed or stressed out, and he can make a good quip here and there. He would sometimes rather talk a problem out then fight, depending on the situation. It was never shown whether Gambit was flirtatious or even romantic, but it's very clear, Gambit's a powerful shinobi, but also is an expert thief and has a charm that the other Explosive Corp Members lack. He's a master of witty one-liners and has an abundance of charisma and self-confidence.

Village Info
Land of Birth: Unknown
WSE Clan: Black Bulls

Rank//Chakra Info
Ninja Rank: Jounin | 160 Health Points | 1600 Chakra Points
Specialty: Increased Speed Specialist: Increase Speed by +1 | Apex Speed Specialist: Increase Speed Level by +4 | Advanced Elementalist: Increase Damage by +20 to Blast Release Passively | Mastery: Bubblegum Ninjutsu | CFS *insert here* Specialty
Elements: Fire | Water | Lightning | Earth | Wind | Blast | Silicon | Bungee Gum
Skills: Taijutsu | Ninjutsu | Genjutsu | Kenjutsu | Fuuinjutsu | Medical Ninjutsu | Kaito Taijutsu | Snakes | Bubblegum Ninjutsu | ZX Buster | Chainsaw Arts | IOSS | White Karma(Left Hand)

Background Info
History: Remy grew up in Taro Island. Remy didn't do anything out of the ordinary like any normal child. He played as normal but something happened that cause him to change. He was kidnapped by Chikataro that experiment on him and other kids. He gave them a seal branding that for Remy knowing it was something to make him stronger and to protect his family. Years go by and the man brought Remy's parents head to him and with not even a lick of screaming he acted numb to it. Remy hasn't seen his parents in years now. He thought they gave up on him so he gave up on them. He praised Chikataro who gave him the strength that he was bestow on him. The man had already had a vessel and Remy understood that he wasn't compatible but he could still fight. Remy grew a custom to Chikataro and wanted to devolt his life to him.

Chikataro sent Remy out in the world to obtain knowledge but to be among the shinobi world. Remy went out in the world and gained knowledge. With knowledge he gained power. He was already off the rails but he went to a level there is no coming back. He started killing innocent people. He was caught later in his years of murdering people by a special lady and her mutts. Remy didn't care the man that branded him and gave him this power will save him. Otsu are the gods of this world and this is something he believes. The lady brought him to a prison where he sat. Years went by and Remy was part of a village and an elite Shinobi.


Remy's shurikens, kunais, and senbons are all replaced by sharp playing cards(look wise are real card like) that can be used the same way and techniques as shurikens, kunais, and senbons.

Signature Techniques

Blast Release: Infusion Blast (Bakuton: Chūnyū Burasuto)
Rank: D-S
Type: Supplementary/Offense
Range: Short(infusion)-Long(length of thrown)
Chakra Cost: 10-40
Damage Points: 20-80
Description: The user infuses thier Blast chakra into an object. The infused object hits anything explodes and the recoil is sent outward instead of blowing back but it is the same as Blast Release: Landmine Fist with the blast minimizes the potential repercussions and recoil is completely negated. The user can not use any kind of copy jutsu to copy the object or anything similar to expand the object. The user can throw the object they are holding or in the case of something like a shield hold it and protect themselves. The user can infuse something and can command it to explode whenever they see fit within reason which means when something hits said object it doesn't go off. The object that is infused does let off a crimson, burnt orange or orange color depending on the user.
-Cannot infuse living things
-Infusion requires direct contact with the object
Note: S rank can only be used every other turn and only be used three times a match

( Shiroki Kāma ) - White Karma
Type: Mode
Rank: S
Range: Short
Chakra: 80 for level 1, 100 for level 2.
Damage: ( Varies depending on Level )
Description: Kāma, a seal that normally serves as a compressed backup of an Ōtsutsuki that they can embed in the body of a chosen recipient to transform into should they sustain fatal injuries, is capable of being placed on entities that are not considered proper vessels. Such individuals are unable to serve as a receptacle for the Ōtsutsuki's soul and thus cannot be used for the process of reincarnation, but retain its other traits, gaining tremendous power and abilities. When activated, this White Kāma significantly enhances the user's physical abilities and power as well as allows the usage of Kāma Rift as well as Nesaku. They can also make use of Kāma to absorb enemy's attacks like ninjutsu and large-scale explosions. Unlike the normal seal, this variant only has 2 levels, differentiated between the power gain and the manifestion of a horn that grows across their head similar to a headband but spiked in the middle, extending over the top of the head towards the spine.
  • Level 1: The lowest level, this version simply creates black markings across the user's body, and increases all of their Ninjutsu and Taijutsu by +20. This level also allows the user to cause explosions of built up chakra and allows the user the ability to absorb Ninjutsu containing up to 40 chakra regardless of rank up to 3 times ( once per turn ). The user gains a doubled speed boost as well as a durability capable of reducing 20 damage from techniques. He also becomes capable of healing 10 damage per turn.
  • Level 2: This level, containing the same markings as before but with them now stretching up the arm and allowing the user to grow a small horn, likewise allows the user to increase their physical attacks and Ninjutsu by +30. Their Kāma now allows the user the ability to absorb any Ninjutsu of 50 chakra and below regardless of rank up to 3 times ( once per turn ) and the use of Kāma Rift. The user gains a 3x speed boost as well as a durability capable of reducing 30 damage from techniques. He also becomes capable of healing 15 damage per turn.
Note: Kāma cannot absorb non-chakra based physical matter, such as non chakra based viruses or natural existing water from a river being manipulated, thus becoming a vulnerability towards such attacks and weapons.
Note: Only Custom Characters with Kāma can use this.
Note: Can only be activated a max of 3 times. Level 1 lasts up to 5 turns while Level 2 can only be used a max of 4 turns. Collectively, this technique can only last a max of 7 turns each use before timing out.
Note: After absorption, the user is only able to use 2 jutsu the next turn.

Banjīgamu | Bungee Gum
Type: Supplementary
Rank: C
Range: Short
Chakra: N/A
Damage: N/A
Description: Bungee Gum is a fuuin seal that is used by a bubble gum user that is placed throughout all the user's clothings(shoes, coat, socks, gloves, hats, etc) and weapons. The user activates these seals(one at a time or multiple at once depends on the situation of the technique they want to use) passively and releases out chakra infused bubble gum(different colors) to use the gum on/from his whichever clothings and/or weapons he or she sees fit. This allows the user to use Bubble Gum techniques without having to blow the gum from their mouth and gives them more of an unique way of using Bubble Gum techniques. At this point the user can use their mouth, clothings, and weapons to use Bubble Gum techniques. The user can deactivate the technique passively also.
-Must be posted in bio or at the beginning of the battle.
-This can be applied to the user's skin if they see fit but that requires the user to have Advanced Fuuinjutsu.

(Kendou: Mugen Ichi-Katana kata) - Kendo: Infinite One-Sword Style
Type: Supplementary
Rank: Forbidden
Range: Short-Long
Chakra: 50
Damage: N/A
Description: The user grabs a giant container of katanas that is wrapped in a type of cloth or wire to hold/travel with it (This can also be done if a scroll that holds multiple swords like tenten's.). The user then throws it above him and his opponents location and then the swords slide out and land around the battlefield making around 10 to 20 sword scattered around. This is only to supply the swordsman with multiple katanas to fight with. This technique was created by the belief that no swordsman needs a perfect sword, but the ability to wield any sword with great skill. Each sword has a little trick to them which only allow the user of this technique and others that know it use them freely. If the opponent with no knowledge of this trick attempts to wield one of these swords the hilt will extend needles to hurt the opponents hands like Kisame's shark scale sword. Due to that, the Infinite One-Sword Style was created to help the swordsman, aid allies in battle, and to put extreme psychological pressure towards the opponent from the exaggerated amount of blades.
Note: Only musasibou can teach this.
Note: Can only use once per battle.
Note: Only users of this technique can wield the swords.

Scroll in his pocket

Scientific Tools:

1. (Iryō-yō Gantoretto ) - Medical Gauntlet
Type: Tool
Rank: A
Range: Short-Long
Chakra: N/A
Damage: N/A
Description: The medical gauntlet is a gauntlet that is also a computer that was created by Korra for gathering data and storing it. The gauntlet is a standard gauntlet with a touch screen/holo display. The screen always faces up no matter what angle the user has their arm up. The gauntlet also has an opening to fit in 5 test tube the user can use to store poison vials or DNA vials. With the DNA/Poison being stored the user is able to scan and learn about the KG/AE in the DNA as well as antidotes for poisons. In the NW the gauntlet can connect to any NPC computer to send and take files for the user. If other users have a gauntlet they can communicate with each other landmarks away to share important info faster. This is done by incorporating a similar sealing technique like (Fuuinjutsu: Kami Komyunikēshon) Sealing Arts: Scroll Communication technique to allow for the communication. The gauntlet computer that also can alert the user to when their chakra system is disrupted and in a genjutsu. The Gauntlet can release a burst of chakra into the user and break them out of A rank and below genjutsu. It can also alert the user to any damage they have taken and to what extent.
Note: Must be placed in the user's bio or posted at the beginning of the fight
Note: Must be taught by Korra
Note: Only 1 Gauntlet per bio

2. Beruzebabu | Beelzebub
Type: Tool
Rank: C
Range: Short
Chakra: N/A
Damage: N/A
Description: Beelzebub is a skateboard that has red wheels and a green deck with a picture of two skulls connected symmetrically at the jaw. This skateboard has only one ability, it can fly and levitate. While in flight mode, the wheels rotate 90°, so that they point downwards and shoot jets up that uses the user chakra to keep it going which is -5 per turn. The flight mode activates passively by the user tapping their foot on the board one time or when the user fuel the board to activated it by using 15 chakra points. The board can fly and levitate around passively but to be used to evade or dodge a move requires a move slot and can only be done once per turn. The board can only hold max one person and only levitate at max a meter off the surface.

3. ( Kyuu-tsuki ) - September
Type: Tool
Rank: S
Range: Short - Long
Chakra: N/A ( +50 per turn ) ( -50 per turn to an opponent )
Damage: N/A ( -20 to an opponent's technique )
Description: September is a small orb-like self-sustained chakra battery that can be pre-charged with basic chakra, or senjutsu chakra. If charged with basic chakra it will be compatible with any non-hostile shinobi. The battery has two capabilities called charge and drain. Charge allows a shinobi to draw chakra from the battery or apply it to their techniques and drain allows the battery to draw chakra from a shinobi or their techniques. The battery has a max capacity of 10% of the wielder's normal chakra supply.

Charge: While in direct contact with the battery or while it is on their person a shinobi can passively absorb chakra directly from the battery through contact. It can be used while still hidden or in a pouch not needing to be pulled out. It allows the shinobi to draw up to 10% of their chakra supply from the battery at a rate of fifty per turn allowing for them to regain chakra or to supply exhausted allies with chakra. It can also be used to provide senjutsu chakra instead of chakra at a quicker rate allowing them to gain ten percent of their chakra as senjutsu chakra passively, this senjutsu chakra allows them to enter Sage Mode but can only be done once usually exhausting the battery. When exhausted the battery is still able to use its drain ability. Alternatively, like the name implies the battery can be used to charge a technique with ten extra chakra providing it a twenty damage boost. This is done in the same timeframe as the augmented technique and can only be done twice with a two-turn cool-down.

Drain: If a hostile individual tries to use the battery it will absorb their chakra instead of giving them chakra at a rate of fifty chakra stolen per turn. The wielder of the battery is also able to instigate this process passively by making direct contact with the opponent allowing them to instigate the process stealing fifty chakra per turn where contact is made. Additionally, through this draining ability, the battery is able to steal ten chakra from a technique causing it to weaken by twenty damage. This is similar to the capabilities of the Scientific Ninja Tool: ( Abusōbu Ude ) - Absorption Arm on a much lower and more basic scale. Where that can absorb entire jutsu this battery can only absorb ten chakra storing it in the battery. This portion of the drain ability will cost a move slot, can only be used once per turn and only twice per battle.
Note: The wielder can only carry a single chakra battery
Note: Must state the ratio of basic chakra to senjutsu chakra that is found in the battery

160 Raw Chakra

4. ( Abusōbu Ude ) - Absorption Arm
Type: Tool
Rank: S
Range: N/A
Chakra: N/A ( 40 chakra per use )
Damage: N/A
Description: A cyborg attachment to the user's body, the user has a robotic limb that allows for him to create spheres of energy that are capable of absorbing chakra up to S rank level. These spheres are capable of dealing brute force on impact as well, growing to large heights, up to 4 meters in radius. Starting at roughly rasengan size, these spheres grow proportionally to the size of the technique absorbed. Normal Ninja are able to make use of one of these devices via specialized gloves that allow them to absorb 1 Ninjutsu per turn up to S rank while Cyborgs have these attachments and are able to absorb up to Forbidden powered attacks and 1 from each arm per turn.
Note: Can be used a max of 3 times for Ninja and 6 for Cyborgs.

The arm is designed to look normal on Gambit's right arm.



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