Razorfens (076)


Oct 1, 2010

The Razorfens are a sprawling series of caverns surrounded by large, razor-tipped vines that cover both every cavern wall inside their spacious interior and the outside of the caverns. Inside, the caverns are very dimly lit; there are some minute cracks in the ceiling that let in the smallest amount of light, though it is still almost impossible to see clearly in without another source of light. A few communities scrape out a living near the mouths of the caverns, extracting water from the vines. They tell of monsters in the caverns, but the rumors are unconfirmed.

The Pervy Sage

Oct 22, 2009
[Coming from here]


Sin had risen to the top within a small village that had now risen to become known as the Air Nation in the Thousand Needles, a great feat for someone not looking to lead. But now he was in that position he had to do what was the best for his clan. With the rise of a new wealthier village in the area, they gained unwanted attention. Bandits and local villagers became jealous and began trying to infiltrate, steal and ruin what they had build. Sin took this as a sign the village needed to become stronger, training it's members to be guards when he couldn't, but that would not be enough. So he left the Villages heading south to the main thread, bringing him here, now it was time to solve one of the biggest problems threatening his clan.


Players involved: The Pervy Sage
Mission Rank: 2.5 = B?
Story elements chosen:
  • Put the Clan’s interests first (2)
  • Stomp out protest and/or dissent (3)
Date of beginning & date of conclusion: 31/01/19
Relevant mission links:
Additional information: I'm claiming this landmark for my clan.

Sin arrived at the borders of this land after a days travel. He could of gotten there sooner but he didn't want to draw attention to himself in the process. He didn't want to go in guns blazing, as he wanted to try and solve this in a peaceful way. With his dark red cloak around him and his hood pulled over his head he main his way through the landmark down towards the caverns that made up most of the land. Just from entering these lands he could tell that it wasn't a well off land, it didn't have a safe feel to it. Even he would walk around with his hand near his blade, just in case.

As he walked down he reached the first entrance to the caverns, and what a sight it was. The giant vines that threaded through the rock formations gave a bizarre feel to the area. But he made his way on anyway. Near the entrance was the first sign of what looked like a community, if you could call it that. It mainly consisted of a bunch of stalls and wagons formed around as many gathered at that point. He looked around taking note of the type of people he'd see and the general feel for the area. It was as he thought, it was mainly bandits. Beer wagons, weapon stalls, poisons and such. Basically all the makings of trouble for people. He tried to blend into the ground, slowly passing through hoping to just listen for now while feigning interest. As he hovered around one of the stalls selling various poison's, around the corner he could hear a few voices.

"Yeah, that dumb nation in the north things it's all that now it's got some fancy buildings"

"I know right? Wont be so funny when the entire lake is poisoned and dries up..."

"Ahhh that's not fun why not just go blow up each spire and let it all crumble down crushing them..."

",.,, we could but... hmmm.. whose that guy?"

With that one of the five men pointed towards SIn who looked up at the wrong time. They all walked over, surrounding him. Five in total, seemed from the sounds of it they would be relying on weapons and trickery rather than actual skills. He wasn't intimidated but he didn't really want to fight right here and now.

"So.... what were you looking at? Listening in where you don't belong ay kid?"

"No, sorry, i was just browsing these unique poisons, i haven't seen anything like it before..."

"Oh so you like poisons... i think you should come with us kid..."

Sin thought for a second. He didn't have to go, he could easily deal with all these now, but out in the open like this he would draw to much attention. Now, if they were going to take him somewhere else, why would they? He saw two of the larger men step forwards in a way to intimidate him to follow the first guy into the caverns and with that he decided to go along with it. He wanted to understand the threat to his clan in full before acting

As they reached deep into the caverns the light was scarce, but Sin could see well enough. Stopping the main guy turned around and the other 4 guys blocked the path going backwards. Now the main guy began to speak.

"Did you think i wouldn't recognise you just because you've covered your head... you're the guy that's in charge of that little air nation crap ain't you?"

Sin didn't reply, the man obviously had more to say or he would of tried something by now.

"I'll take that as a yes. You think you're so much better than us because you have such a fancy place. Have all your morals and stuff and now you look down on us, casting us out, you'll pay for that..."

"I knew you were stupid based on your plan but i didn't think you'd be this stupid."

The 5 men tensed but didn't act on Sin's words.

"You know damn well that before, that village was just your picking grounds. You killed who you want even when you didn't need to, you hurt innocent people just trying to live. Now you're mad because they have build something, a community and they want to maintain that peace, yeah right, like i'm going to let you ruin that?"

The men just got angrier now, These men were ready to crush everything that sin had done for the clan, he couldn't let that happen. Now they began to laugh.

"Awww you're acting all tough, but what you don't realise is we have our own unique skills too and you fell right into our trap. You're surrounded by rock and earth is our power, you don't stand a chance."

Looking around now, Sin could see that the earth began to rise up surrounding their bodies forming an armour made of rock around them, some on just their firsts and the main guy had it all over his body. Now one began performing a couple of handseals slamming his hands down, the roof began to shake. Sin quickly performed 2 handseals slamming his hands down as the rock broke. The rocks crushed all around him as the 5 men jumped back, dust and smoke surrounded that bit as the light from above shone down now. Slowly the smoke began to clear. The rock was all piled up.

"Ahaha... he actually fell for it..."

In that moment some of the rock began to fall away to reveal a dome, one of a dark earth like substance, but what was it. The dome pushed the rock away and then began to spiral around moving outwards to reveal sin stood unharmed.

"You have one problem... your earth will never beat my carbon... i control the foundations of life itself.... now... it's my turn..."

The five men rushed towards sin jumping at him. The carbon around sin took form, shooting out three swords that impaled the men behind him, leaving the main guy and one infront of him. In an instant he'd just killed more than half of them, now he stepped towards the main man.

"I will never... let any of you.... harm my people... i don't care how much blood i have to spill..."

The main guy laughed.

"You fool, even if you kill use here, we are only a few... what do you think everyone else out there is going to do? You don't stand a chance...."

Now sin laughed, his laugh echoed through the caverns. Something had awoken inside him, something from his dark past.

"That's easy... i'll just kill them all too...."

With that Sin's carbon began to take form, forming into a large dragon made of carbon, but in that moment it's eyes glowed blue... with life. This demonic dragon swept forwards stomping on the other man, killing him instantly. The main man was in shock. He released his earth armour and then dropped several smoke bombs and ran past sin shooting towards the cavern entrance running for his life. For the sake of his clan, sin would put an end to all of this now.

The man came running out of the entrance of the caverns, sweating, out of breathe, covered in dust, panting. A look of terror on his face as he shouted at them all.

"Beast... dragon... killed them... it's coming..."

Everyone stopped for a minute then just laughed, making remarks of him being a cowards, deranged and pathetic. But a few moments later they heard something echo through the caverns, like a roar. Stopping, they all turned looking to where the man came from, confused. Silence fell over the area. Waiting, the air grew tense and still.

From the cavern a huge dragon burst forth grabbing the final man in it's mouth crushing him to death instantly. From here what followed was a pure massacre. The dragon would stomp, slash, claw anyone and everything in sight while SIn stood on his back. It would release blasts of chakra destroying poisons and weapon alike. Slaughtering every last one of them. He wouldn't let them harm his village, if any escaped he'd make sure they knew why.

"Remember this... this is punishment for all those who dare threaten the Air nation. If you want to live here, you live here out of our kindness alone. This land is now ours. Now surrender, swear your loyalty and live in peace with us or die an enemy of our state..."

They had tried fighting back, it was useless, nothing they could do could even lay a scratch on the dragon and so the remaining bandits lay down their arms and give up, they were utterly defeated. With that the dragon stopped, he remained still as sin stood on it's head.

"I will hold no grudge against any of you as long as you live in peace with the people of the air nation following their rules, fail to do so and you will see what happens. From now on this land will be part of their nation, and you will be it's people, we will build something great here. Spread word of what happened here, because it will be worse for those who even dare try to harm my people again...."

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Rank: S
Type: Supplementary/Attack/Defence
Range: (on users back, can be controlled at all ranges)
Chakra Cost: 20 per turn
Damage Points: N/a
Description: The user will perform 2 handseals slamming their hands oin the ground performing a summoning jutsu to summon a gourd of carbon. This is a gourd of carbon link Gaara's sand gourd on his back. This Carbon gourd is full of a powder form of carbon which the user carries around with them all the time and is constantly infused with the users chakra. This carbon powder can be reformed to make up different atomic structures of carbon for different purposes in battle. Much like gaara's sand, this Carbon can be used for attacks or defence that require a carbon source by the user at any time. Due to this carbon already being infused with the users chakra then can control and manipulate it almost instantly to suit their needs. The carbon is linked to the user and will come to there defence, as it is infused with the users chakra. It can keep up with up to 2nd gate speed, and can block S ranks and below.

Note: The defencive ability can only be used once ever 2 turns and only used 5 times per battle
Note: The defencive ability counts as a jutsu.

Rank: A
Type: attack/defence
Range: short - mid
Chakra Cost: 30
Damage Points: 60
Description: This jutsu allows the user to bend and control carbon (through body movements) that they have already created or taken control off, to bend it into different shapes or forms by controlling the carbon's atomic structure. The user can use this jutsu to bend carbon and control it's movement much like Gaara can with his sand. For example if the user were to throw a carbon kunai they could change it's trajectory in the air.

(kurokongouseki Seirei) - Carbon spirit
Rank: S
Type: Supplementary/Attack/Defence
Range: Short
Chakra Cost: 40 + 10 per turn to sustain
Damage Points: N/A (60 dmg each attack)
Description: After having summoned the carbon gourd onto the users back, they can focus their chakra performing 1 handseal, causing it to take its true form. The carbon in the gourd is linked with the user and always has the users chakra infused into it, but when this activated, the true form requires more chakra due to it's power and abilities. The carbon gourd in it's true form takes the image of the demons that appear in most nightmares. The beast is 10 meters from head to the tip of it's tail, has a skellington appearence, is 5 meters tall and has a wing span of 10 meters. The beast has eyes and a tongue made of pure chakra that burns any one to touch it apart from the user. (see the image below). The beast takes on the same attributes as the gourd, it's speed and desity and it's link with the user. The used can control the beast just with their chakra but this takes it's toll on the user meaning they can only use 2 jutsu per turn while the carbon is in this form. Up to 3 times per battle, this demon can focus the chakra within its body into its mouth and fire it as a concentrated blast of pure chakra with a 1ft diameter in any direction. The beast has the ability to fly as its wings are made from carbon fibre, one of the lightest known solids. The beast can flap its wings with great force to increase wind currents sending a blast of wind at their target. The Dragon can be made in short range from the user due to the gourd but be controlled up to all ranges.

Note: As long as the carbon is in this form it counts as one of the 3 jutsu per turns.
Note: Must have summoned the carbon gourd first.
Note: The chakra blast from the beasts mouth is A rank and can only be used twice. (costs an extra 40 chakra from the user) And counts as one of the three moves per turn
Note: The wind blast is as strong as a A rank blast of wind and can only be used twice. And counts as one of the three moves per turn
Note: The beast can control carbon and use carbon techniques
Note: -20 chakra for each turn the user has this.
(Yoton: Jigoku ni henkō) - Yang Release: Change into Hell
Type: Supplementary
Rank: S-Rank
Range: Short
Chakra cost: N/A (+50, -10 per turn)
Damage points: N/A
Description: The user is able to use his Yang nature to embue life into an elemental technique, creating a Yang/Element sentient entity that will stay on the field to aid him. The only limit is the size of the technique originally used as an elemental source as the resulting entity will always be half the size. This entity can be interacted with, can act on its own and is made of the element sourced, with all its properties intact. Its strength is based on the original elemental technique used as a source. This doesn't consume time since its actually a skill applied to a technique used at the same time.
Note: Usable 3 times per battle and up to 6 times per event to create one entity with up to 300 chakra points that is able to use jutsu from the source it was created from.
Note: Yang Release masters can apply this technique to advanced fields and CE and advanced elements.