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"I remember the day I died, and those who betrayed me. Yes I see them... I see their faces of all who were there... you... you look familiar."
本情報 | Basic Information
Name: Pyke
Nickname: The Bloodharbor Ripper
Gender: Male
Age: 29
Clan: N/A [Senju]

外観 | Looks
Pyke is a renowned harpooner from the slaughter docks of bilgewater, a small harbor town in the region of Enshibetsu. He was abandoned by his crew toi the depths of the ocean, he supposedly drowned. He wears cloth of red and blue, black gloves as well as having a blet around his waist constructed of fish bones and gold. Around his shoulders he wears the teeth of a great white shark that he killed in the ocean with his bare hands. Pyke a notorious harpooner, always carries harpoons, rope, tomahawks, a whip and much more. Though he is profoundly known for his blade known simply as the Ripper, a sharp blade with a greenish color to it, as it has several spikes across it [See image above] as it allows him to utilize it to rip through his targets with it. Additionally to the general cloth and bones he wears, he also wears a piece of cloth around his face, covering it from the nose and down, a red cloth with drawn teeth and mouth upon it. He carries a list of names with him, the list of all the people he intends to find and kill, all the people who betrayed him and those whom have come upon the list later on.

人格 | Personality
Before his supposed death at sea, Pyke was a pragmatic and composed man whom earned his living on the docks, until he found more lucrative work onboard a ship known as The Terror. During his supposed death at the hands of the crew, as they abandoned him to the depths of the ocean and the monstrous fish, his mind was warped and his head filled with images of every crew member aboard that ship. With every kill he acquired after, the voices in his head grows stronger and louder, enjoying the screams of his victims as he drags them down into the depths. He was a man turned natural born killer, his abilities far surpassing those of the crew members and victims so far on his list, though that list is ever expanding. Not much else can be said about his personality, besides his mind being bent on revenge, killing and destruction.

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"There's plenty of room for everyone at the bottom of the sea..."

村情報 | Village Info

Village of Birth - Land of Fire

Village of Alliance - None at the moment

ランクチャクラ | Rank & Chakra Info

Ninja Rank: Jōnin [Health - 160 | Chakra - 1600 + 500]

  • Water [Advanced Hand Seal Specialist]Pyke is capable of utilizing Water Techniques without the need for hand seals or a source, additionally his water based techniques have a + 20 increase in power.
  • Shadow Clone SpecialistPyke is a proven shadow clone specialist, through the showcase, that he is capable of producing one additional shadow clone as well as his clones returning 50 percent more chakra when dispersed compared to others.
  • Pyke can sense chakra through the Chakra Sensing technique with an unparalleled precision and insight, extending to three landmarks.
  • Pyke is capable of utilizing the Space Time Ninjutsu through the use of the Flying Thunder God technique and its variations and applications.
  • Pyke has specialized in the utilization of The Way of the Tomahawk, this having granted him much faster reflexes and higher perception than the average Taijutsu Master [See CFS - CJ Thread]
  • Pyke wields the Sword of the Thunder God, a powerful sword that is formed of pure lightning energy, it increases Tobiramas Kenjutsu with + 20 damage to the techniques.
(Raijin no Ken) - Sword of the Thunder God
Type: Weapon
Rank: A
Range: Short
Chakra: N/A (-5 per turn)
Damage: N/A
Description: A sword held by Senju Tobirama, the Raijin no Ken is made of a hilt which releases lightning natured chakra which forms a blade of pure lightning energy. It is so focused and dense that it manifests and behaves as a physical sword. The sword uses the owners chakra to produce the blade and discharge lightning attacks. The blade, when used for physical melee attacks, adds +20 lightning damage to Kenjutsu techniques and can discharge unfocused lightning, A-Rank, short to mid range in large arcs. To do so, the user swings the sword towards the target, producing the discharge which ravages towards the enemy. This can only be done once every two turns and counts as a move. The sword is not indestructible, being resistant to only up to A-Rank techniques. But, if destroyed, can be recreated after one turn unless the hilt is damaged.
Note: Can only be used by Senju Tobirama bios.

  • Water Release
  • Earth Release
  • Lightning Release
  • Wind Release
  • Fire Release
  • Gunpowder Release
  • Arctic Earth Release
  • Space Time Ninjutsu
  • Taijutsu
  • NB Taijutsu [Non-Restricted]
  • Genjutsu
  • Ninjutsu
  • Kenjutsu
  • Fuuinjutsu [Training]
  • N/A
Custom Fighting Styles:
  • Kung Fu
  • The Way of the Tomahawk
  • Whip Arts
  • Death Wind
Pyke [Tobirama] exclusive abilities:
(Ninpo: Ichi ni Jutsu) - Ninja Art: Tracking Technique
Type: Supplementary
Rank: C
Range: Short-Long
Chakra: 15
Damage: N/A
Description: The user will concentrate their chakra and by placing two of their fingers on a surface they can then track and locate their target. This technique is even capable of telling the user exactly how many targets there are and if they are very skilled also.

Note: Only useable by Tobirama Senju and Minato Namikaze bios.
Note: User must remain stationary.

(Chiratsuki Kaihi) - Flicker Evasion
Type: Defensive
Rank: B
Range: Short-Mid
Chakra: N/A
Damage: N/A
Description: A simple yet effective Ninjutsu technique, Minato will dash in a burst of raw speed and jump, run or dodge an incoming attack. This is done by taking advantage of his enhanced reactions and his fast intellect when perceiving an attack and combining it with a burst of pure movement speed. Of course this can only be used on a battle ground that enables it and never mid air. It has some limitations though as Minato himself doesn't have a high movement speed but its still enough to mimic what can be described as an "instant" movement. Because of this, if the user wants to dodge or evade attacks from faster bios such as Raikage bios or EIG users, he needs the use of his space time techniques. The technique also has some limits in the movement it can produce, which are overall linear, lacking the ability to produce intricate and complicated movement patterns. Doujutsu users (at least 2T for Sharingan), Sensors or EIG users/masters as well as users with high reaction/reflexes or senses will still be able to track the user although, in some cases, become unable to react.

Note: Only useable by Tobirama Senju and Minato Namikaze bios.
Note: Useable once every two turns, and up to three times.

(Hiraishingiri) Flying Thunder God Slash
Type: Offensive
Rank: S-Rank
Range: Short-Long
Chakra: 40
Damage: 80
A technique where Senju Tobirama combines the use of kenjutsu and his unique space–time ninjutsu. After marking an enemy with the Seal of the Flying Thunder God, the user will teleport to him, with a sword in hand, to deliver a swift, devastating slash. The technique is so fast that its virtually unavoidable unless through the use of similar Space Time techniques. The slash, however, can only be defined as a horizontal, mid abdomen slash, which limits the type of damage it can do, although it has the potential to be fatal.
Note: Can only be used 3 times
Note: Can only be used by Senju Tobirama bios.

(Goshun Mawashi no Jutsu) Mutually Instantaneous Revolving Technique
Type: Supplementary
Rank: S-Rank
Range: Short-Long
Chakra: 40
Damage: N/A
The Mutually Instantaneous Revolving Technique is a technique which requires two persons that are able to use the Flying Thunder God Technique or two clones. Both users will mark each other with their respective seals which grants them the ability to use this technique to switch their positions at any point in time during a battle. As the users swap places, they can bring with them anything that they are touching with them, including some techniques such as the rasengan. The technique can also be used on inanimate targets instead, by first marking oneself and then the target, using the technique to switch places with the target.
Note: Can only be used by Namikaze Minato and Senju Tobirama bios
Note: Can only be used 4 times and requires the user to have used the Seal of the Flying Thunder God beforehand as explained.

(Jikūkan Kekkai) – Space-Time Barrier
Rank: S
Type: Supplementary
Range: Long
Chakra cost: 40
Damage points: N/A
Description: The user will perform the Ram hand seal, while holding a small object marked with a seal of the thunder god mark, to form a barrier that will teleport away incoming attacks that are sent at it. He is capable of diverting away an attack as large and powerful as a chakra blast from the nine-tailed demon fox. Once the technique is warped away, the user has to direct it to another location.
Note: Can only be used 4 times and can only be used by a Minato or Tobirama bios.

(Hiraishin no Jutsu) - Flying Thunder God Technique
Type: Attack
Range: Short-Long
Chakra Cost: 40
Damage Points: N/A
Description: A complex Space Time Ninjutsu technique, the Flying Thunder God Technique works almost as a summoning technique. The user basically teleports himself to the location of a given seal mark. This seal mark is place by the ( Fūin Hirashin no Jutsu ) - Seal of The Flying Thunder God technique and can be placed in anything. Normally used in special kunais, thrown by the user, the technique can also be used to teleport to any thing marked with the tag. The technique is not a movement technique but rather simply a pure teleport technique.
Note: Only Minato and Tobirama bios can use this jutsu. It is unavoidable unless with space/time ninjutsu and can only be used 4 times per battle

( Fūin Hirashin no Jutsu ) - Seal of The Flying Thunder God technique
Rank: A-Rank
Type: Supplementary
Range: Short
Chakra cost: 30
Damage points: N/A
Description: This is the technique through which Senju Tobirama and Namikaze Minato apply the sealing formula, that will allow the use of their trademark space time techniques, to any desired object through physical contact and allowing him to teleport to that desired location through the Flying thunder God Technique and the use of its variations. While Minato carries with him multiple kunais marked with the seal (making the core aspect of his fighting style which revolves around the use of FTG Kunais), Tobirama doesn't. To use the Flying Thunder God technique on kunais, Tobirama has to apply the seal to them though through one use of the technique he can mark up to 5 kunais (this is valid only for kunais and other basic weapons, not enemies or other targets of the seal).
Note: Can only be used by Senju Tobirama and Namikaze Minato bios.

( Jikūkan: Rasenrengan ) - Space Time: Spiralling Serial Spheres
Rank: S
Type: Offensive
Range: Short - Long
Chakra cost: 40 (-20 per teleport)
Damage points: 80
Description: Minato teleports towards the opponent in a zig-zag manner by continuously throwing his space time kunai, and, when in range, hits the target with a Rasengan in each hand.
Note: Can only do up to 3 consecutive teleports
Note: User teleports to the kunai he's throwing, which is always the same
Note: Can't teleport to other kunais scattered throughout the field but to the one he's using for the technique
Note: Usable 3 times per battle

(Suiton: Arekuruu Hayase) - Water Release: Raging Rapids
Type: Offensive
Rank: A
Range: Short-Mid
Chakra: 30
Damage: 60
Description: Using their skills with Water Release, the user generates a powerful vortex of water around their enemy with a swing of their arm that sends them flying upwards and then dispels it with another hand gesture. (Requires a water source).

Note: Tobirama and Mei terumi can perform this without a water source.

(Chakra Henkanshi no Jutsu) - Chakra Sensing Technique
Type: Supplementary
Rank: C
Range: Short - Long
Chakra cost: 15 (- 5 per turn)
Damage points: N/A
Description: This is a very advanced of advancing the ability to feel and sense chakra. The technique allows the user to concentrate and detect someone's chakra. Users can use this to determine the nature of a jutsu used as well as sense masses of chakra. The use of this can be compared to Sharingan's brutish level of sensory, able to sense collection of chakra but not the level of clarity and precision Byakugan has.
Note: Can only be used by bios with Sensory ability.
Note: After having on a bio for 1 month, users gain the ability to activate Sensory passively.

(Chakra Yokuatsu no Jutsu) - Chakra Suppression Technique
Type: Supplementary
Rank: C
Range: Short
Chakra cost: 15 (-5 per turn)
Damage points: N/A
Description: This ability allows the user to suppress their chakra to the point that it is completely undetectable. This makes it impossible for chakra sensory-type ninja to track them via their chakra signal. However there is some downside to the technique, whilst suppressing their chakra they cannot use any of the ninja skills.
Note: Cannot prevent Doujutsu users from detecting them

Background Information

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"Every kill makes the voices louder... and I looove what they're screaming."

As a youth, Pyke started out like many in Bilgewater [Enshibetsu Region]: on the slaughter docks. All day, every day, monstrous creatures of the deep were hauled in for rendering in the butcheries that lined the waterfront. He found employment in a district known as Bloodharbor, as even the tide itself was not strong enough to wash away the red slick that ran constantly down its wooden slips.

He became well acquainted with the trade—both the gruesome work and meager paychecks. Over and over, Pyke watched heavy purses of gold being handed to captains and crews in exchange for the daunting carcasses that he and his fellows would hack into salable chunks. He became hungry for more than a few copper sprats in his pocket, and managed to talk his way onto a ship’s crew. Few individuals dared to hunt in the traditional Isles off the coast: launching themselves at their targets to secure tow-hooks with their bare hands, and beginning to butcher the creatures while they yet lived. Fearless and highly skilled in this regard, Pyke soon cut a name for himself as the best harpooner a golden kraken could buy. He knew meat was worth pennies compared to certain organs from the larger, more dangerous beasts… organs that needed to be harvested fresh.

Depending on the difficulty of the hunt, each sea monster commanded its own price, and the most desired by Bilgewater traders was the jaull-fish. From its razor-toothed maw, priceless sacs of sapphilite were coveted across the Land of Fire for various medical reasons, and a small flask of the glowing blue oil could pay for a ship and its crew ten times over. But it was while hunting with an untested captain that Pyke learned where a life of blood and guts would land him.

Days into their journey, a huge jaull-fish breached, opening its maw wide to reveal rows of sapphilite sacs. Several harpoon lines secured the beast, and though it was far bigger and older than any he had encountered before, Pyke leapt into its mouth without hesitation.

As he set about his work, a deep vibration began to stir in the creature’s cavernous gullet. Roiling bubbles broke the ocean’s surface, and an entire pod of jaulls began to push against the tethered ship’s hull. The captain lost his nerve, and cut Pyke’s lifeline. The last thing the doomed harpooner saw before the beast’s jaws snapped shut was the look of horror on his crewmates’ faces, as they watched him being swallowed alive.

But this was not the end for Pyke.

In the deepest fathoms of the unknowable ocean, crushed by the titanic pressure, and still firmly trapped within the jaull’s mouth, he opened his eyes once more. There were blue lights everywhere, thousands of them, seemingly watching him. Tremulous echoes of something ancient and mysterious filled his brain, crushing his mind, showing him visions of all he had lost whilst others grew fat.

A new hunger overtook Pyke, one for vengeance and retribution. He would fill the depths with the corpses of those who had wronged him.

Back in Bilgewater, no one thought much of the killings at first—for so dangerous a place, the occasional red tide was nothing new. But weeks became months, and a pattern began to emerge. Captains from many ships were found carved up and left out for the dawn. Bar-room patrons whispered it was a supernatural killer, wronged at sea, gutting his way through the crew manifest of some damned ship called the Terror. Once a mark of respect and celebrity, the question “You a captain?” became a cause for alarm.

Soon it was the caulkers, too, and the first mates, merchant officers, bankers… indeed, anyone associated with the bloody business of the slaughter docks. A new name went up on the bounty boards: a thousand krakens for the infamous Bloodharbor Ripper.

Driven by memories twisted by the deep, Pyke has succeeded where many have failed—striking fear into the hearts of unscrupulous businessmen, killers, and seafaring scoundrels alike, even though no one can find any mention of a ship named the Terror ever docking in Bilgewater.

A city that prides itself on hunting monsters now finds a monster hunting them, and Pyke has no intention of stopping.

Many of Pykes enemies or animals that he hunts, are fleeing across the world away from the harbor to safety, what they do not know is that Pyke has left the harbor behind to find them all and to hunt them to the ends of the earth.


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"Salt water flows through my veins."
Hogo-Sha No Idaina Hito - Ateish, Greatstaff of the Guardian: An ancient relic of the past, constructed of the wood from the tree of life, engraved with many symbols and writings across it. A figurine at its peak, a red and blue scarf tied around the staff under the raven figurine. It is granted with exceptional durability from the tree of life, which Tobirama utilizes in conflicts against weapons such as swords, spears and other lethal weapons on equal footing. Of course, the staff itself can be utilized in fighting styles that revolves around the utilization of a staff, spears or styles revolving around weapons with similar structures. The staff is a powerful medium utilized to induce illusions upon ones foes, and allowing to do so without the utilization of hand seals. Additionally to the offensive prowess detailed concerning the staff, its defensive prowess may be equal to its offense, as the raven figurine, will glow a red light from its eyes whenever a foreign chakra is within or enters short-range of the wielder of the staff. This alerts Tobirama to the presence of a shinobi, summoning animal, incoming techniques or even the chakra that may be coming to induce illusions upon him.

[Hogo-Sha No Idaina Hito] - Ateish, Greatstaff of the Guardian
Type: Weapon
Rank: S
Range: Short
Chakra: 40
Damage: N/A
Description: One of the most powerful relics found in the ninja world, the staff, Atiesh. This staff made of wood from the tree of life has a metallic base and several symbols and lines running across the surface of the staff. At the top of the staff there is a small figurine of a raven while there is a red and blue scarf tied around the staff just under the raven. This ancient relics physical appearance and its immense durability due to it being created from the tree of life, allows it to be used in combat against different weapons such as swords, spears and other lethal weapons on equal grounds. This staff can be utilized in close quarters combat, and can be combined with weapon techniques or fighting styles that revolve around the usage of a staff or spear or styles that utilize weapons of similar structure. Due to the staff being created from the tree of life, the staff has a high durablity and can be hit by the total power of S rank before breaking. The powers of the staff revolve around the wielders powers of manipulating the minds of others, the staff amplifying illusions, allowing the user to use the staff as a medium to induce basic cannon genjutsu through the eyes on the staff glowing red, using this as a visual medium for the illusion, this is a passive effect replacing the need for handseals or other methods to induce the basic cannon genjutsu. The true power of this staff comes from the illusions that this staff is capable of casting. Another small detail to note about this relic, is the raven on top of the staff, the ravens eyes will have a red glow and release a red light from its eyes whenever a foreign chakra is within short-range of the wielder of the staff, alerting them of the presence of a shinobi, animal or something else (This effect is active through the staff constantly taking -5 chakra from the wielder and spending it to emit a sort of detection barrier).

The first illusion that is tied to this staff is known as Polymorph, a simple yet effective illusion. Polymorph is the core illusion of this staff, which when cast upon the target(s), they will believe that they have been transformed into small fluffy sheep no taller than reaching a person’s knees. When the target(s) are under the illusion of being transformed to sheep, they are paralyzed in reality, as they cannot move or function as a normal human, the sheep unable to use hands nor perform hand seals; the sheep causes the target(s) to be somewhat useless, as neither hand seals nor speaking is an option. The polymorph illusion is considered an A-rank illusion capable of being cast upon more than one target during combat, without splitting its rank, and up to mid-range from the staff. This illusion will be cast by the eyes glowing green on the staff, emitting a light that induces the genjutsu.

- This staff can only be wielded by the user, if anyone else attempts to wield the staff they will be cast under the illusion of being transformed into a sheep, and every time they keep trying to wield it they will continue to be cast under the same illusion even if broken the first time.
- The Polymorph illusion is considered A-rank and can be cast a total of 3 times during a fight, taking up one of the three moves per turn.

Kung Fu: Pyke, a skilled Taijutsu and close combat warrior, whom have continued onward with his training in the martial arts. In truth Pyke learned an art known as Kung Fu, by a shinobi known as Mugen. The art revolved around numerous fighting styles in truth, which mimics animals, training methods inspired by philosophies, religions and legends. The style revolves around qi manipulation ad other concentration on improving muscles and cardiovascular fitness. The unique and powerful art of combat, has many different styles combined into one, revolving around powerful and devastating movesets. Someone whom have mastered the art of Kung Fu, have mastered all of its different styles, including the Long Fist Style, the animalistic mimicry and much more.

The Way of the Tomahawk: Pyke has been to the Land of Snow, where he found a cavern deep within the savage lands. There he found numerous tomahawks as well as a scroll that outlined a fighting style long forgotten, which he would use to revive the style. The style itself revolving around the utilization of Tomahawks in different ways, may it be throwing them, or using several at a time, or just general close combat, it was a unique style that he reinvented, through infusing the chakra into the tomahawks. The style relies solely on blunt force and general brute force, allowing the wielder through chakra to enhance the strength of the tomahawks as well as coating them in a large physically solid layer of chakra, massively enhancing their size and blunt force. This style being developed by Pyke, has become one of his preferred combat styles, as it is quite unpredictable and powerful. This unique style has allowed Pyke have acquired such an increase in reflexes and perception that it is beyond that of a Taijutsu Master [CFS is explained in my CJ Thread]

Whip Arts: Pyke has met with an individual known as Yugure, one whom have mastered the way of the whip. She like many others had their own unique fighting style, and since Pyke was a proficient illusionist, she saw promise in him, and thought that her style would prove useful in his care. The style that he came to learn was Whip Arts, which is a unique style, allowing for the wielder of a whip to strike their adversary with powerful thrusts and strikes, however what lays behind the whip arts is the ability to disrupt the targets chakra flow with every strike, as the whip is intended as a medium of illusions. The injuries and the strikes from the whips are real, however, with a single strike, the wielder can place their desired target within an illusion of considerable strength. Thus, the art inflicts both physical and mental damage upon targets.

Death Wind: The final style of combat, which Pyke has developed through several years of combat and training, is to utilize a set of kusarigama-like weapons. Each of these have two scythe blades, with one of them inverted, giving the resemblance of a pinwheel. They are connected through a long chain. They are general swung and spun around like large circular motions, allowing the blades to spin like fans. To further the lethality of the art, Pyke employed chains that are extendible, allowing for great reach, as well as the style besides its lethality, allows for the entanglement of swords and other weapons. To make the style his own, and to make it the most lethal he could possible think of, he enhanced the style through the utilization of elemental chakra. As an example, he could release lightning chakra through these chains and blades to cause the paralysis properties of lightning style to flow through the weapons.

Arctic Earth: Pyke once knew a shinobi, he had long forgotten the name of the individual. However, he had such an impact upon his early years, as well as them together having developed or more so uncovered an element that both of them are capable of utilizing. This style is known as Arctic Earth, which is an element that allows Tobirama to perform techniques that utilize permafrost across the landscape, within the landscape, and allows him to create permafrost out of thin air, to utilize in combat against his foes. The style itself is rarely seen used by Pyke, even with its impressive capabilities, allowing him to cover an entire battlefield within permafrost, creating forests of it, or obliterate entire landmarks utilizing these techniques. A devastating force.

Gunpowder: Pyke has developed his own unique element. This element took several years of experimentation from his side. The element is known as Gunpowder Release, and today it can be utilized through molding earth and fire chakra to create gunpowder from his own body or manipulating the earth through using the chakra that he creates through molding fire and earth chakra together. After many years of experimentation, he uncovered this unique element, which is highly combustive and explosive in nature, creating explosions and shockwaves that have an uncanny power to it. The power of this element is probably most visible, when used in large open areas, where it has been confirmed through Pyke, that a single technique of it that he had developed was strong enough to make a 50 meter wide crater with a single explosion, incredible potent and powerful, and it was not even the strongest technique developed in the element.

Theme Song & Background Music

Won: None
Lost: None

Skin Bio of Tobirama Senju

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