[Discussion] Projecting town or how to make everyone understand you are villager


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Jul 3, 2008
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Mafia games are easy from the point of view of a villager. He comes, posts and knows he is innocent.
Self awareness doesn't show to any other townie that he is town.
A villager needs to show everyone his colour in a clear way. If anyone is affraid that such play would expose the difference to his wolf game then maybe that person likes to loose.

What everyone searches when forming a town read it's a personal choice and I wouldn't advise to expose these because in future games may become wifom. So I wouldn't explain why I had a TR for Al in the last game or why I felt TSQ can't be scum in the first game after he came back.

But I wish to explain what I am doing as villager to be understood as such.

Firstly, long time ago I used to claim
Now I gave up to this, no one belives it anyway. I claim only when is really needed and usually as associative read like "i am villager but X player is scum because..." (took me one year of playing and more than 50 games, to understand this thing, that was one of the best advices Monstrman gave me).
We have to remember the claim of TSQ who was mafia and claimed town. And I often saw town claiming mafia since the get go and also mafia claiming mafia. So I went with not claiming alignament as the only purpose to make a post.

Second, the claiming of role - being used to no role claim games since the LoL game who was my 2nd game, I usually not claim my role even if it's allowed.
But some roles are good to be known by village. For eg a pair of masons have huge impact on the game. Claiming mason but not revealing the other mason is a strong pro town move when the thread goes bad for the player who claims because mason is always a town role. Town will know that the TMI he nay show towards someone else in the game may not be scum TMI. (TMI = too much information, usually used towards mafia because they are the informed ones)
There are other few roles that are villager-only roles in normal games like we play (Bastard games are different but we choose to not play them though) such as innocent child, bodiguard but every role can be claimed with word town in front: town doctor, town vigilante, town cop, etc. Claiming to have killing power is a double edged sword and like we noticed can backfire against village.
Claiming needs some game experience and a good grasp of what may happen after the claim. For eg if someone claims cop and survives the night, that guy may be scum because mafia can't afford to let the cop alive. Some mafia will let him alive on purpose to be mislynched so here comes the next step.

Third, share your reads.
Posting like a villager means different things for each player. Some players have pride in posting the same as scum and as villager but this is not really accurate, a slim difference exists. A villager will always genuinely scumhunt and share ideas while mafia will fake it. Fakeness shows itself later in the game if it can't be seized immediatly.
When you share reads, even if they are not perfect, you shriken your Poe and it's hard to find the way to scum read a former town read as scum. Usually the players who are forming natural builded town reads are villagers. The reaction of anyone to the reads makes the things interesting and gives some future clues to find mafia. Early game interactions are the harder to make by mafia and to fake because they didn't blend yet in the game so prodding everyone in the early stage of the game pays off later; after a scum flip and rereading that part is like a gold mine for scum hunters. Everyone who avoids early interogations can be scum. Nothing to do here with lazy villagers who think their PM is written on their forhead and don't even post.

Fourth, is being active to not let scum ruling the world. Power wolves will clog the thread with posts and misdirection. Town should counter this by always keeping the game on the right path. Calmly stating reactions and explaining thoughts is a good thing because like I said mafia have to fake them and this is not an easy task for everyone.

Five, never give up. Sounds familiar, isn't it? :naruto-icon:
After few or maybe just one wolf flip but before the game ends many people become complacent and content with the game state. The mafia state of mind it's to let things flow when village it's wrong because village self destroys in the majority of the games. Town should always reevaluate reads based on flips and always ask: why a townie died night killed and what read he had or what role he claimed, who pushed for a mislynch and with what intention, the agenda behind that push, and the most important, reread the posts of flipped mafia and interactions with living players.

Of course all these are based on my game experience and on what I was thaught and it's what I picked up as suited for myself so I hope everyone will share their own way to be a villager.


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Dec 18, 2019
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I think often times Night Kill analysis is overlooked. It's also a piece of information, scum NEVER throw their kill for nothing. You can look at kills, you can look at patterns, it's an additional help that people barely use, because..."Wifom".

A lot of townies ignore dead townies' reads, which is probably a cardinal sin. Never do that. There's a reason they're dead, and if you're playing role madness, especially on this site, YOU HAVE LITERAL MOD CONFIRMATION THAT SCUM DON'T PICK THEIR KILLS BASED ON ROLE HUNT.

Scum, in closed setups on this setups, only kill people based on their reads. It's a fact. It's like playing mountainous.

Scum may also kill players like SK or Ansa or power players, to the point where that kill is, more or less, meaningless, although the order in which they were killed can also be telling.

Always use NKA to at least guide you towards a PoE. It's a lethal weapon if applied correctly that every town should have under their arsenal.

I expect a lot of NKA in MU champs this season, so you should be on the look-out for that.