[CJ] Poison for Poison


Oct 22, 2009
Trait Points

Type: Supplementary
Rank: B-S
Range: Short - mid
Chakra: 20-40
Damage: 40-80
Description: This is a unique style adapted by a group known as the dragon slayers to increase their effectiveness of taijutsu by combining it with a form of poison release. The base concept of the poison released in this jutsu is similar to that of cyanide. The reason it's a poison is due to it being so reactive with oxygen it litterally rips out the oxygen from the cells within ones body suffercating their body from the inside. As a poison is "a substance that is capable of causing the illness or death of a living organism when introduced or absorbed" this effect falls under that catergory. The poison will react with the oxygen of the cells it touches ripping it out, turning the persons body blue, and that is the true color of blood lacking oxygen. The way this works in a battle sense is the user will release chakra around part of their body or their whole body, which will look like purple flames as they release the cyanide around them, holding it in place through chakra control (much like how shinobi can control lightning to stay on their body without harming themself and not losing shape). They will then process to strike as normal but when ever these flames make contact with a person or living being such as a summon, they will rip the very oxygen out of their cells. This will cause an extreme, burning, irritation, but then flow into the blood stream, slowly poisoning the target from the inside due to how toxic this type of poison can be. In RP terms, this would cause the target to be distracted and in pain constantly for 3 turns after they were touched, the higher the rank, an extra turn is added. B ranks = 3 turns, A rank = 4 turns, S rank = Fatal. This can be countered by finding a way to flush the poison out of your body, similar to Sakura's method of using water to save Kankuro after his fight with Sasori. If they breathe in the poison the oxygen will be ripped out of their lungs and stop them from breathing causing them to pass out and if not treated, die (takes one turn for the poison to become present in the air in enough of a quantity that this would happen. Covers the area short range of the user). All poisons become weak when watered down and so this would be extremely weakened by water release, the same as fire would destroy it, but it would be heavier than wind so it wouldn't blow it away and it would pass around the earth if able to find gaps in it. Lightning would have no effect and the same with cyanide vs lightning. The user can also release the poison from their body with motions or through spewing it out of their mouth in the concerntated form reaching up to mid range.
Note: Once used lasts up to two turns, while active can't use any other poison jutsu. While active it also takes up a move per turn.
Note: B rank can be use 4 times, A rank can be used 3 times, but only once per turn, S rank can be used twice.
Note: S rank can be used twice, with two turns between, and no poison jutsu for 2 turns after use. No jutsu above A rank in the following turn.
Note: For the user to inhale poison, requires the user to be using the A or S ranked variation

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