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Oct 22, 2009
Trait Points
Seinaru kagayaki | Holy Radiance
Rank: S
Type: Supplementary
Range: short
Chakra Cost: 40
Damage Points:80
Description: The Noldor were formed by the amber from the tree of life being sealed within their bodies through lasting generations it remains there, this is what gives them their traits and powers. As it still lingers in their bodies, natural energy is constantly drawn in to their body, strengthening them, keeping them immune to illness and such. Their bodies are at one with the amber itself. This technique relies on that, what it does is, the amber in the users blood can feel the flow of chakra, being at one with it, adding natural energy, constantly into their system while creating a balance in it's own way, this is a constant effect in order to stop the elves turning to stone. The amber isn't sentient it's just part of the users body, much like how a white blood cell acts in a way that it is there and will fight infection, in the same sense, the amber is there and will force the users chakra flow to remain constant, in the same flow to create the balance. The way this works is the amber will react on it's own within the users body, in releasing a pulse throughout their entire body of pure natural energy. In doing this it will act as an outside insertion of chakra, much like a curse mark, as the amber will push a surge of Natural energy through the users body and out through their chakra points in a way to cleanse their chakra flow and their body at the same time, even forcing open their chakra points after being close by a hyuuga. Due to this surge of Natural energy it will heal the user for 40 points, in a sudden wave, much like how sage mode can heal. The downside from this is the Natural energy pushes out in a pulse around the the user in a short range burst, pushing everything away, including the natural energy itself. What this would mean is the Noldor member would lose their Elven traits in the following turn after using this, being unable to use holy fire and their added strength/enhanced vision. After 1 turn, the natural energy will begin following through their body once more through their body, the amber once again creating balance as their traits return to them.

Note: Usable twice with two turns between uses.
Note: Heals 40 health and minor injuries such as cuts, bruises, not enough to heal a broken bone fully etc.
Note: Once used, until the turn after next, the user cannot use Holy fire jutsu, enhanced vision, sage mode, enhanced strength.
Note: If used in sage mode it would end sage mode, but the effects would be increased by the amount of sage chakra in the users body, equating to an F rank jutsu, with damage = to which ever sage mode they are using being added on.

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