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Aug 12, 2019
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Basic Information
Name: Patricia | Elizabeth
Nickname: Patty | Liz
Gender: Female | Female
Age: Unknown
Clan: Soma no Ko

Patty: She has chin-length, bright blonde hair with bangs and light blue eyes. Liz is taller and thinner than Patty.

Liz: Liz has dirty blonde hair that reaches her mid-back, dark blue eyes, and slightly sun-kissed skin. Although taller and older than Patty, she has a smaller breast size.


Patty: Patty acts and speaks like a young child, often using a singsong voice. She pronounces words like "hello" and "sorry", as a child would "hullo" and "sowwy", and seems to still be learning about simple things such as assigning animal noises to the right animal. This child-like disposition can lead to her coming across as nosy or insensitive. However, concepts past extremely basic ones may not have been explained to her due to her generally childish demeanor and inability to understand a lot of things, as exemplified by Liz congratulating her on simply getting animal names right. This lack of knowledge may be due to her growing up on the streets and presumably not having a formal education.

Liz: While Patty is very child-like, Liz is very moody and more like a stereotypical teenage girl (worried about makeup, shopping, looks, etc). Despite mostly being the cool-headed and serious of the sisters, she is shown to be extremely afraid of paranormal things, convinced that any ghost she meets is out to eat her (where her paranoia severely irritates the ghosts that are trying to help her). She can also be a little cynical, jaded, and shallow sometimes (but not always), and sometimes takes advantage of other people for her own gains. . She can be flirtatious and can also be charming to men, mostly in order to deceive them. She is the older and more mature of the two sisters.

Village Info
Land of Birth: N/A
WSE Clan: N/A

"It's your turn, Patty. Just tell him in that special way that you have.": Liz

"Get your ass moving now, damn you.": Patty

Rank//Chakra Info
Ninja Rank: Academy Student | 300 Chakra Points | 35 Health Points
Specialty: N/A
Elements: Fire | Water
Your ninjutsu: Ninjutsu | Monkey Summon | Monkey Ninjutsu | Soma no Ko

Background Info

Patty and Liz are two twin sisters who were abandon at a young age. They went from country to country searching for their parents who left them to kill them. They met a boy named Kid they became good friends with. They started on a journey of love and living life to the funniest moments.

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