[Nin] Paper with Wexii and stuff


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Jun 12, 2013
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Basically hard paper folded/molded by the user's chakra quite a few times. User's of paper release AKA Konan can even go as far as to turn their body into paper and release paper from their body itself (which is what we can do here on NB). Get good enough with it and you can incorporate explosive tags with your paper release so it will do blunt or sharp damage as well as add an explosive effect. Such as my origami specialty, all of my paper techniques will have paper bombs included with them. Konan has been shown to create giant paper needles on a scale so massive as to leave craters in the ground as well as creating the paper ocean capable of basically leveling a village as all of the paper were marked with explosives. Coolest thing about it is the fact that this can be done on a small scale, like a shuriken with one piece of paper or a few of them, to a large scale like a giant needle, shuriken, etc. Paper release lets you go as far as even making your body turn into paper to avoid certain techniques as well move around more freely. The release is pretty cool and versatile, and I think it goes well with my character so figured I would go ahead and shoot for it. I had a Konan bio with paper release before, but never trained with it as I didn't want to RP Konan at the time so that bio ended up getting dropped.

But I think I explained the general basis of paper quite well. What say you? Also, thank you for teaching me everything on the dang base lmao.