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Age: Unknown(Immortal)

Clan: N/A

Looks: Orochimaru's most striking characteristic is his snake-like appearance: he has very pale skin, golden eyes with slitted pupils, purple markings around his eyes and fang-like teeth. He also has pronounced cheekbones and straight waist-length black hair with some locks covering and framing his face or to his shoulders. The various bodies he takes over have each been modified to resemble his original form, except for the height differences. In Naruto Gaiden, Orochimaru's facial features soften and his skin-tone becomes fairer with black eye markings. He also wears his hair in a ponytail, allowing two locks to frame the sides of his face.

Orochimaru usually wears plain grey garbs with a black polo and pants underneath, a thick purple rope belt tied in a large knot behind his back, blue tomoe-shaped earrings, and shinobi sandals with bandages around his calves. He is seen wearing a kimono with different colours on several occasions, shown usually in flashbacks or inside his hideouts. During his time with Akatsuki, he wore the standard red and black Akatsuki robes with a slate blue ring, which bears the kanji for "sky" or "void" (空, kū), on his left little finger. After countless experiments with his body, his true form became a giant white snake made up of many smaller snakes, with longer, spikier hair, a scaled face with snake-like teeth and a long tongue, black eye markings, and a pointed chin.

Personality: Orochimaru possesses a complex personality; however, more often than not, he was described as "twisted" by a large number of people, including Tsunade. Jiraiya speculated that the death of his parents while he was young, along with his horror for Tsunade losing Nawaki and later shedding tears when she lost Dan, implies that Orochimaru grew to disdain the fragility of human life and how it affected those still living, which led him to desire immortality. To that end, the primary purpose of Orochimaru's human experimentation is to test what modifications the human body can endure and harness a subject's unique abilities for himself. Once accomplishing this goal, Orochimaru had hoped to be worthy of the title of "ultimate being", unable to die and able to achieve his secondary goal to learn every ninja technique in the world, which would normally take many lifetimes to obtain.

According to Sasuke, becoming cruel with any good he had as a member of Team Hiruzen gone, Orochimaru's agenda made him develop a god complex and valued himself while delighting in striking terror in his first impressions. Though causing conflict to ease his boredom, Orochimaru seems to have no interest in wars started by others. His charisma also attracts a number of followers, many of which he would not hesitate to send on potential suicide missions if for his own personal benefit, expressing some remorse if they're unable to properly complete a task, having no sentimental attachments to any of them despite their values. Despite this, Orochimaru has genuine interest in the development of his underlings and experiments.

Taking Sasuke as an apprentice, seeing him as a prodigy like himself, Orochimaru intended to take the youth's body to obtain the Sharingan to reach another step in his goal of immortality and learning every technique in the world. This goal has developed to the point of obsession. However, despite knowing that Sasuke was willing to do anything for revenge, including sacrificing his own body, Orochimaru did anticipate treachery from his disciple and showed only a small level of surprise when it actually occurred. What truly surprised Orochimaru was Sasuke's decision to follow his own path and ultimately choosing to defend the village he initially swore to destroy, one that Orochimaru openly approved and was curious to see what would be the end result of this decision.

He also had an initial disdain toward Naruto Uzumaki, believing him to be a poor excuse for a ninja until he defeated Kabuto with the Rasengan. Despite attempting to kill Naruto at the time after coming to the realisation that he would become a threat to him in the future, Orochimaru became interested in Naruto's development, provoking Naruto during their battle to see his full abilities at the time. Though coming to hate his home village, orchestrating a few attempts to destroy it, Orochimaru despised his former Akatsuki colleagues more. Throughout Part II, if Orochimaru was not busy with Sasuke's development, he would try to cripple Akatsuki's operations, as seen in the "Tenchi Bridge Reconnaissance Mission" arc and "Three-Tails' Appearance" arc. He expresses delight over the death of Sasori and later convinced Sasuke against killing Team Kakashi so they would thin out Akatsuki's membership.

An aspect of Orochimaru's personality is also his greatest weakness: his arrogance. He truly believed he is immortal at times, attacking recklessly against powerful opponents such as his former teacher and Itachi Uchiha. Both times, he was left crippled in some way since he either wanted to make his opponent suffer, like against Hiruzen, or because he was too uninformed to face his opponent, like against Itachi. Despite his distinct lack of morals, Orochimaru seems to be well-versed in psychological warfare and displays insightful wisdom when disparaging Tobirama for the actions resulting from his policies.

After being revived by Sasuke, his personality changed a bit. While he still wished that he could gain Sasuke's body, he also realised that copying someone completely was a mistake from his observation of Kabuto and displayed interest in Sasuke's "different path". Wanting to see Sasuke's path, he chose to fight alongside the Uchiha instead of ignoring Madara's war like he planned, and even made it a priority to heal Tsunade and the other Kage after their defeat before hurrying to the battlefield. Orochimaru also seem to genuinely care about Sasuke's well being, as he originally thought it was best to take his time figuring out how to battle Tobi but quickly decided against taking his time when Karin sensed Sasuke was on the verge of death. Orochimaru has also shown signs of regret, seemingly saddened by his childhood friend Jiraiya's death. Years later, he appears to be on amicable terms with Konoha by sending his son, Mitsuki, to the village.

Orochimaru's experiences also resulted in him wishing Mitsuki to make his own decisions, though he still relied in manipulation and deception to put him in a situation where important decisions would be taken.​

Village Info
Land of Birth: Taro Island
WSE Clan:

Rank//Chakra Info

Ninja Rank: Jounin | 160 Health | 2000 Chakra
Specialty: Earth(Primary; Single Handseal) | Wind(Secondary; Increased Handseals) | Increased Speed (Secondary; +2) | Lifeline(Apex; 25% Extra Chakra) | ZX Busters(Unique; x2 Taijutsu Damage)
Elements: Wind | Earth | Fire | Water | Lightning | Wood
Your ninjutsu: Ninjutsu | Genjutsu | Medical Ninjutsu | Orochimaru Unique Kinjutsu | Edo Tensei | ZX Busters | Graceful Fist | Snakes | NB Taijutsu | Fuuinjutsu | Kenjutsu | Taijutsu | Hojojutus | Kung Fu | Champloo Kendo | Chakra Sensory

Background Info
History: Orochimaru was an orphan who grew up in Land of Fire. He lost his parents at an young age. He grew up with a twisted personality. He trained with a sensei and two people who he did leave and went on his journey of obtaining all knowledge of the world and also jutsus. Orochimaru found the immorality he uses and also created multiple sons which the intention behind so is unknown at this moment. Orochimaru came across the secrets of immortally.​


(Saisei Noryoku) - Regeneration Ability
Type: Supplementary
Rank: N/A
Range: Short
Chakra: Varies (lvl 1: +20 chakra per turn / lvl 2: +60 chakra per turn / lvl 3: +120 chakra per turn)
Damage: N/A
Description: Those with the cells of Hashirama are able to use the immense regeneration ability to heal injuries afflicted on them in mere moments. Anyone who has these cells in their bodies are able to naturally use this. This allows the user to heal minor injuries such as cuts,gashes, broken fingers or wrist/ankle and other small bruises.

Level 1: Done passively, this allows the user to heal small to moderate injuries. These include things like small cuts to broken digits and bruises as well as bleeding. These involve injuries that result from taijutsu attacks to minor wounds such as stabs in limbs, some broken bones as well as internal bleeding, slight organ tears. This is for none life threatening wounds and heals up to 30 damage

Level 2: Taking the place of a jutsu per turn, the user is able to make use of the healing abilities of Hashirama's cells and apply them at a greater level, employing the cells to heal large injuries, such as shattered bones, ruptured organs, even regeneration of missing limbs. This requires a large amount of chakra, and can only be done up to 3 times a battle. This can only be used once every 2 turns of Wood SM and heals up to 60 ( or A rank ) damage.

Level 3: Deemed the ultimate regeneration at the cost of a jutsu per turn, the user is able to regenerate even the most deadly of injuries, such as a completely blown away chest or fully regrowing his body after bifurcation. After using, the user can only use one other jutsu the same turn. This can only be used a total of 3 times and once every 4 turns. As long as their head is attached/they have consciousness, this jutsu can be used. After using, the user can only use two other jutsu that turn and the next.

Note: Level 1 can only be used by bios with Hashirama DNA and access to Wood Release. Level 2 requires Wood SM to be active and Level 3 can only be utilized by the Juubi Jinchuriki.

Scientific Tools:

( Abusōbu Ude ) - Absorption Arm

Type: Tool
Rank: S
Range: N/A
Chakra: N/A ( 40 chakra per use )
Damage: N/A
Description: A cyborg attachment to the user's body, the user has a robotic limb that allows for him to create spheres of energy that are capable of absorbing chakra up to S rank level. These spheres are capable of dealing brute force on impact as well, growing to large heights, up to 4 meters in radius. Starting at roughly rasengan size, these spheres grow proportionally to the size of the technique absorbed. Normal Ninja are able to make use of one of these devices via specialized gloves that allow them to absorb 1 Ninjutsu per turn up to S rank while Cyborgs have these attachments and are able to absorb up to Forbidden powered attacks and 1 from each arm per turn.
Note: Can be used a max of 3 times for Ninja and 6 for Cyborgs.

The arms are designed to look normal on Orochimaru arms but does have a big size.

(Iryō-yō Gantoretto ) - Medical Gauntlet
Type: Tool
Rank: A
Range: Short-Long
Chakra: N/A
Damage: N/A
Description: The medical gauntlet is a gauntlet that is also a computer that was created by Korra for gathering data and storing it. The gauntlet is a standard gauntlet with a touch screen/holo display. The screen always faces up no matter what angle the user has their arm up. The gauntlet also has an opening to fit in 5 test tube the user can use to store poison vials or DNA vials. With the DNA/Poison being stored the user is able to scan and learn about the KG/AE in the DNA as well as antidotes for poisons. In the NW the gauntlet can connect to any NPC computer to send and take files for the user. If other users have a gauntlet they can communicate with each other landmarks away to share important info faster. This is done by incorporating a similar sealing technique like (Fuuinjutsu: Kami Komyunikēshon) Sealing Arts: Scroll Communication technique to allow for the communication. The gauntlet computer that also can alert the user to when their chakra system is disrupted and in a genjutsu. The Gauntlet can release a burst of chakra into the user and break them out of A rank and below genjutsu. It can also alert the user to any damage they have taken and to what extent.
Note: Must be placed in the user's bio or posted at the beginning of the fight
Note: Must be taught by Korra
Note: Only 1 Gauntlet per bio

On the left wrist

  • Orochimaru is a Single Handseal Specialist and a Increased Elemental Specialist.
  • Orochimaru's most defining trait is his affinity to snakes, an affinity that extends to him being a Signer of the Snake Contract and capable of summoning Manda as well as utilize several snake jutsu.
  • Orochimaru has a body composed of only snakes and with many snake-like features such as toxic blood. This form, known as the Power of the White Snake is his true form, although he can only call upon it in special times, remaining human the rest of the time. Through this form, Orochimaru is able to use Living Reincarnation technique, effectively possessing another's body and using it as his own.

    (Kinjutsu: Shirohebi no Chikara ) - Forbidden Technique: The Power of the White Snake
    Rank: Forbidden
    Type: Offensive
    Range: Short
    Chakra cost: 70 (-30 per turn)
    Damage points: N/A
    Description: Orochimaru will reveal his true self by exiting his body and revealing himself as a very big white snake. This white snake has a body made of what appear to be several other smaller white snakes and a head reminiscent of Orochimaru's original human head. However, due to the transformation, this head is much reptilian in features and must bigger. While on this form, Orochimaru's bites possess a paralyzing poison and his blood quickly disperses in the air if he is injured, bestowing the same effect. In this form, physical damage is not enough to kill him as he can simply reform by growing more snakes to form his body. The easiest way to defeat him in this form is to seal him or to cut his head off completely. In addition to being virtually immune to physical damage in this form, Orochimaru can use the snakes that compose his body to produce physical attacks with a mid-range radius that possess a physical damage of A-Rank level (counts as a move). While in this form, Orochimaru cannot weave handseals but can use elemental techniques from his mouth (if they don't require handseals and can be released from it). His speed in this form is drastically increased but his mobility and agility are not. The user must be in this form to leave his body and possess a new one through the living reincarnation technique. The risk of such a form is that if Orochimaru fails to defeat his enemy, he will be left without his former vessel as once Orochimaru exists his vessel, he cannot return to it.
    Note: Usable once per battle.
    Note: If the user doesn't defeat his opponent while releasing this form (when this is used in combat), he will lose his former vessel.
    Note: Exposure to paralyzing poison takes 1 turn to fully paralyze an enemy.

    (Kinjutsu: Yamata no Jutsu) - Forbidden Technique: Eight Braunches Technique
    Rank: Forbidden
    Type: Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary
    Range: Short - Long
    Chakra cost: 120
    Damage points: N/A
    Description: This is Orochimaru's greatest and strongest technique. Using the "power of reincarnation" possessed by the White Snake as an intermediary, he can transform into a giant white serpent with eight heads and eight tails (similar to rock/bone). The serpent boasts a giant body, even larger than that of Manda, who was feared as the "strongest colossal serpent". Just by crawling on the scales of its abdomen it was able to trample the Uchiha hideout, and can destroy most things without difficulty. When using this technique, Orochimaru can emerge from the mouth of one of the heads and use his Kusanagi Sword to attack. This form leaves Orochimaru immune to ninjutsu up to A-Rank and able to take up to 3 S-Ranks without damage. He cannot, however, use Elemental Ninjutsu or Genjutsu while on this form. He can only use the 8 heads to attack the enemy through physical blows and bites. The bites are poisonous and can paralyze anything they injure. Each head can be used to deliver an S-Rank physical attack up to Long range and he can use up to 3 at the same time in one attack.
    Note: This technique can only be used once by Orochimaru bios and lasts 4 turns, after which the user reverts back to his normal form.
    Note: Must have used The Power of the White Snake beforehand.
    Note: Can be used for the Living Reincarnation ritual.
  • Orochimaru is also known for his deep knowledge within the field of Kinjutsu, developing his own special Kinjutsu unique to him, collectively deemed Orochimaru Kinjutsu.

    ( Kinjutsu: Fushi Tensei ) - Forbidden Technique: Living Corpse Reincarnation
    Rank: Forbidden
    Type: Supplementary
    Range: Short
    Chakra Cost: 200
    Damage Points: N/A
    Description: Orochimaru uses this technique to possess his vessels and gain control of them. If the process is successfully accomplished, it cannot be reversed. The target becomes Orochimaru's vessel and he can use any and every single one of the vessels own abilities, such as KG and special elements. This technique, however, requires Orochimaru to transform into his White Snake form beforehand and to have defeated his enemy or at least weaken him. Any and every injury Orochimaru may have suffered beforehand are healed upon possessing the new vessel. To perform this technique, Orochimaru reveals his true form: The Power of The Whiete Snake (a gigantic white snake composed of smaller white snakes), abandoning his current host's body. Orochimaru then swallows the new host and takes him or her to a separate, mental plane where he envelops the mind of his victim. The snake body then dies and falls apart, and Orochimaru's soul dominates the body. The souls of the hosts are kept within Orochimaru, leaving them "still alive", in a sense (albeit suppressed), and when Orochimaru switches hosts, the souls leave with him. It was noted that if the target isn't weakened beforehand, it can still use some techniques to reverse or stop the process. This is most noticeable in Sharingan bios, which can only be effectively possessed if severely weakened before the ritual. Upon completion of the ritual, the vessel body takes use of Orochimaru's regeneration abilities and heals any injury it might have at that time, even if at the brink of death. Orochimaru then uses his abilities to change the appearance of his body and face to match his own original appearance.
    Note: can only be used by Orochimaru bios and only after unleashing the Power of the White Snake or the Eight Branches technique.

    ( Kinjutsu: Koutou Kousei ) - Forbidden Technique: Oral Rebirth
    Rank: S
    Type: Supplementary
    Range: Short
    Chakra Cost: 40
    Damage Points: N/A
    Description: This technique allows the user to experience a near total rebirth of their physical form. Should a significant portion of their body be damaged in battle, the user can emerge from their mouth and cast off the skin of their former body. This new body will not bear the brunt of the damage of the previous incarnation; however, the technique is generally not a full recovery.
    Note: This technique may be used only twice per battle.
  • Orochimaru has also further developed preexisting Kinjutsu like the 2nd Hokages legendary Edo Tensei, capable of summoning 3 Edos at one time. He also has use of the Kusanagi Sword.

    ( Kuchiyose Kinjutsu: Edo Tensei ) - Forbidden Summoning Technique: Impure World Reincarnation
    Rank: S
    Type: Supplementary
    Range: Short
    Chakra cost: 40 (-20 per ressurrection per turn)
    Damage Points: N/A
    Description: The Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation is a forbidden technique used to revive the dead. To perform this technique, the user must first acquire some of the DNA of the person they intend to revive such as limbs, organs or merely blood samples. The soul of the intended revived must also reside in the pure world (jōdo) those whose soul has been consumed by the Death God, or have been previously sealed by other methods cannot be resurrected. Next, a living sacrifice is required for the soul of the resurrected to use as a vessel. Once all prerequisites for the technique have been met, the acquired DNA of the person is smeared on a special scroll and once the scroll is activated, the remains spread out in the form of a special seal with the living sacrifice in the centre. Then dust and ash encase the sacrifice's body, giving them the same appearance that the revived had at the time of their death. The person is then revived and the end product is usually stored in a casket until summoned by the user by performing the Tiger → Snake → Dog → Dragon → Clap hands handseals. When the user summons the revived soul, a casket first appears before revealing the revived soul. The Edo Tensei Summoning can be countered by sealing away the targets soul or by having the summoner cancel the technique. As they are unlikely to do this voluntarily, using a genjutsu to trick them into cancelling the technique is ideal. The sequence of hand seals for cancelling the technique is Rat → Ox → Monkey → Tiger → Dragon → Boar and saying Kai. If the summoner dies before the technique is deactivated, then this method is impossible. If the summoned soul's controlling tag is overcome or disabled by a technique or if the user so wishes it, the summoned soul or the user can both sever the contract through the use of the Snake → Ram → Boar → Dog → Tiger seals. The summoned soul is then left as an immortal revived soul, autonomous and without any link to the summoner.
    Note: A bio can only have up to a total of three souls for revival which must abide by a few rules, specific for the technique.
    Note: The user of the technique can only have up to 2 KGs or one special biography in the battle field at a given time, including the users own living bio.
    Note: The Edo Summons pertain to the bio and not the user, and only one of the bios of the user can use Edo tensei
    Note: A member must attain biographies in an offical match approved by 2 roleplay moderators for both the revival and sacrifice and cannot be given a biography willingly.
    Note: Tobirama, Orochimaru and Kabuto bios can summon up to 3 revived souls while all other bios can only summon one.
    Note: Technique can only be used once per battle.

    (Kusanagi no Tsurugi) Grass-Mowing Sword
    Type: Weapon
    Rank: S-Rank
    Range: N/A
    Chakra: N/A
    Damage: N/A
    Description: The Kusanagi Sword of Legend was the legendary sword of Orochimaru. Taking the form of a double-edged jian, Orochimaru retrieves his Kusanagi by opening his mouth and extending a snake which then opens its mouth and produces the sword, either with the sword handle first so he could use it freely, or blade first to attack his opponent instantly. The sword can quickly extend and retract its blade to attack from long distances and cut through almost anything of A rank and below. The retraction and extending ability is so fast that upon impact it can produce an S-Rank damage. The sword is indestructible.
    Note: extending and retracting the sword counts as a move and spends 40 chakra per use
    Note: Can only be used by Orochimaru bios.
  • Orochimaru is a noted chakra sensor.
    (Chakra Henkanshi no Jutsu) - Chakra Sensing Technique
    Type: Supplementary
    Rank: C
    Range: Short - Long
    Chakra: 15 (- 5 per turn)
    Damage: N/A
    Description: This is a very advanced of advancing the ability to feel and sense chakra. The technique allows the user to concentrate and detect someone's chakra. Users can use this to determine the nature of a jutsu used as well as sense masses of chakra. The use of this can be compared to Sharingan's brutish level of sensory, able to sense collection of chakra but not the level of clarity and precision Byakugan has.

    Note: Can only be used by bios with Sensory ability.
    Note: After having on a bio for 1 month, users gain the ability to activate Sensory passively.
  • Orochimaru is able to utilize Soften Body Modification limitedly, able to stretch his neck and torso when in use.

    (Nan Kaizou) - Soften Modification
    Rank: C
    Chakra Cost:15
    Damage Points:N/A
    Description: Nan Kaizou is a Ninjutsu technique that allows a ninja to make their body very malleable. It was originally developed for spying activities. This technique can be done after surgery and actual body modification. When used, the ninja can stretch and twist their body at any angle, allowing them to surprise their opponent.
    Note: Requires permission from the RP foreman, and is bio-bound.
  • Speed
  • Jounin: 8
  • Tracking Speed and Reaction Time
  • My current speed level: +4
  • Chakra Sensing: x2

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Won: Immortal

Lost: Immortal

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