OPM deserves applause for its premise

Apr 19, 2019
Trait Points
First of all, basically no one knowing who Saitama is and giving all the credit to King or whoever else is genius. Saitama also only gets pulled out as a last resort when we’ve seen everyone else do enough already. This makes him a sort of secret weapon, though it has the alternate effect of a lot less enemies ever actually getting defeated by everyone else who isn’t Saitama (though we have victories by Genos and Tatsumaki).
This in turn leads to not even the villains knowing who he is, and his battle with Boros was hilarious considering literally nobody else witnessing it even though he was the most powerful of the alien invaders as well as their leader.
We also get to see more action from characters who aren’t Saitama regardless of winning or losing.

Secondly, it just never gets old whenever there’s this hyped-up set of villains and Saitama sometimes just ends them off-panel. Now if everyone knew they had a guy who could destroy any threat with one punch, it would be boring. But the trick is that far from everyone knows. Not even the villains know (Garou can’t even recall how many times he got defeated by Saitama before their “battle”).