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Mar 21, 2012
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Boruto would be sitting down in the lotus position when he saw his opponent. It seemed he was fighting someone pretty tough, by the looks of it. Should be fun testing the limits of this woman. Opting to test the woman instead of directly allowing her to combat 1 on 1, Boruto would touch a Duel Monsters card on his sleeve and call forth the Dark Magician 5m to his 3 o'clock; Though as he did this he did 2 things simultaneously. Firstly, he'd also use a support type Duel Monster card, Seal of Orichachos, in order to gift the Magician with greater abilities. Secondly, Boruto would Imbued the Magician with Yang chakra to give him life and sentience, along with his own chakra pool to use as his own. .

"Hey, you two will fight. I wanna see what you can do..."

Once the Dark Magician was conjured into existence it moved away a few meters, putting it out of close range while Boruto simply meditated while staring at the woman.

(Fuinjutsu/Dyueru Monsutāzu :Burakku Majishan) Sealing Arts/Duel Monsters: Dark Magician
Type: Offensive/Supplementary





Description: Monster Card: The activation of this card forms seal on the user's body in additon to a barrier in the shape of a 2.5 meter tall human man bearing spiked full body armor over a cloak with sealing tags and kanji covering it, as well a staff. The staff glows when summoned and passively releases a barrier that it serves as a conduit to in order to bring the battlefield under the Dark Magician's control and remains on the field so long as he does. This barrier will automatically detect the strength and react to any effect that would destabilize or change reality (in this case actions such as the use and manipulation of Space/Time techniques, removal/addition/transportation of anything from this plane of existence [this doesn't affect the summoning of familiars/entities based on chakra from either user] or otherwise actions that warp reality itself) that are activated within it. When this occurs the staff will glow and will sap chakra from the user's main pool of chakra in a method similar to "Medical Sealing Technique: Chakra Link". Like this seal, this effect will seek to create a chakra equilibrium and will release chakra within it at the source/location of the disruption equal to the amount chakra used to create it, and thus will cancel out the disruption as well as it's effects by doing so, even going so far as to negate the chakra used within/around/by seals to stop such disruptions used in this way as well. In the case of reverse summoning attempts, the chakra is released within the barrier as a whole in order to block anyone from leaving from inside of it. Of course this only works on techniques up to this card's rank as well as rankless techniques. It should be noted that this effect does not discriminate, and also affects the user and any techniques they may use to achieve such an effect. The usage of this ability to cancel out the above described techniques costs a move slot.

With a disdain for those that violate the laws of reality and nature, Dark Magician may twirl his staff and form purple glowing sealing circle(s) (like the one found behind him in the spoiler) behind him. This circle seemingly sinks into the ground, returning beneath the target(s) and is able to seal Undead and forbidden Entities, dragging them within the seal. This may affect entities such as that made possible via Kinjutsu as well as clones made via Kinjutsu. This technique may only affect the target types named above and may affect targets up to F Rank. This effect may be used once per turn, with a 2 turn cooldown in between usages up to twice per battle. Each sealing effect may effect a single usage of a technique, therefore if 3 undead entities are created via the usage of 1 S rank technique, this effect will seal all 3 entities. This effect also takes up a move slot and may not affect the opponent themselves.

Dark Magicians final ability may be used once per summoning and costs a moveslot and may only be used if the Seal of Orichachos is on the field. By slamming his staff on the ground he may erect a barrier around a target similar to "Sealing Technique: Three Directions Seal". This barrier forms in the shape of a pyramid, and possesses a diameter of 15m from corner to corner. Once created, it quickly implodes, collapsing in on itself dealing damage to the opponent equivalent to an (S rank) Jutsu, and has the added benefit of drawing them to the center of the pyramid, due to the aforementioned collapsing of the barrier.

Note: Must have Advanced Fuin in order to use Dark Magician's staff effect to seal away entities

Note: Dark Magician lasts for a total of 4 turns and may be used twice per battle with a 2 turn cooldown between usages

Note: The Dark Magician may use one of its abilities upon creation at the cost of an additional moveslot

(Dyueru Monsutāzu: Oreikarukosu no Kekkai) Duel Monsters: The Seal of Orichalcos

Rank: S


Chakra:40 (-10 per turn)


Description: Field Spell; When the user (or an object attached to the user directly under his control) touches this card, a blue shaded barrier with intricate patterns within a large circle will expand from him outwards, taking the same amount of time it takes to throw a kunai to do so. The lines running between the circle are actually chains of of kanji bearing the word "Strengthen" repeated over and over again. Said lines are made of a molded and pure form of chakra and doesn't interact with physical objects, therefore they do not trip up or form any sort of hazard for the opponent. These seals do exactly as they say and unseal "strength" into the users Duel Monster techniques stated and strengthen all Duel Monsters techniques, increasing all of their effectiveness by 1 rank by unsealing stored chakra into the technique(+10). In some cases, rather than their effectiveness being improved by 1 rank they receive a modifier to their own existing effects. In these cases the effect will be outlined in the technique. Simply being a field spell and doing no real effect by itself, this technique is able to be used alongside another technique in the same timeframe, as long as it is a Duel Monster technique. When under the influence of this technique, the user gains a smaller glowing inscription of this technique on his forehead

-Lasts 3 turns

-Once ended, can't be used for 4 turns

-Can only be used twice

(Yoton: Jigoku ni henkō) - Yang Release: Change into Hell
Type: Supplementary

Rank: S-Rank

Range: Short

Chakra cost: N/A (+50, -10 per turn)

Damage points: N/A

Description: The user is able to use his Yang nature to embue life into an elemental technique, creating a Yang/Element sentient entity that will stay on the field to aid him. The only limit is the size of the technique originally used as an elemental source as the resulting entity will always be half the size. This entity can be interacted with, can act on its own and is made of the element sourced, with all its properties intact. Its strength is based on the original elemental technique used as a source. This doesn't consume time since its actually a skill applied to a technique used at the same time.

Note: Usable 3 times per battle and up to 6 times per event to create one entity with up to 300 chakra points that is able to use jutsu from the source it was created from.

Note: Yang Release masters can apply this technique to advanced fields and CE and advanced elements.

Chakra: 2440 - [40, 40, 50]

Dark Magician's Chakra: 300