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Aug 4, 2011
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On the other side of the river, Uyegimoto glances at his opponent wearing a white suit. Byakugan!! He activated the Hyuuga's powerful Eye Technique monitoring the man's chakra.

"The Crimson Alchemist, Solf Kimblee!!"

He smirks and then immediately begins channeling earth chakra into the ground below Solf's footing. The earth would turn soft and light, and start cracking and crumbling, which result in collapsing underneath due to the weight of his body, creating a 5 by 10 diameter hole. Solf would be confined in the hole by Earth Style Jutsu like a captured animal.

"Water Style! Water Bullet!!"

He gathers water chakra in his stomach and expels a large quantity of water. The stream of water was powerful and concentrated like a sharp sword aimed and blasting towards Solf trapped in the hole, pulverizing his body.

(Dōjutsu: Byakugan) Eye Technique: The All Seeing White Eye [Passive]
Type: Supplementary
Rank: C
Range: Short-Long
Chakra: 15 (+5 per turn to keep active)
Damage: N/A
Description: The kekkei genkai intrinsic to both the Hyūga and Ōtsutsuki clans—descendants of Kaguya Ōtsutsuki. Those who possess this dōjutsu have it manifested as eyes with featureless white irides and no visible pupils. And when activated, the pupils become more distinct and the veins near their temples bulge. To activate the dōjutsu, Hyuga but not Ōtsutsuki clan members are initially obliged to use a rather long and specific sequence of handseals: Horse → Tiger → Boar → Hare → Rat → Dog → Horse → Dog → Hare → Rat → Boar → Snake. But once activated, the dōjutsu user is endowed with a range of skills.

To start, an activated Byakugan gives the user a near 360º diameter field of vision bar one blind spot at the back of the neck, above the first thoracic vertebra. Its vision can penetrate through any solid objects or obstructions, and likewise remains unaffected by blinding interferences. But that being said, certain barriers and the like may distort its perception. In addition, it is able to follow high-speed movements, which enables those with this dōjutsu to analyze their foes' actions and better react to them. The Byakugan is also able to see chakra to a higher degree than the Sharingan and ergo, identify where a person's chakra signature originates from. Beyond that, it can discern certain types of clones from the real person. And its ability to see chakra is in fact so acute that those who possess this dōjutsu are even able to see the chakra pathway system and the 361 tenketsu that comprise it. The Hyūga clan has gone so far as to develop their unique Gentle Fist style in order to capitalize on this particular ability.

(Doton no Jutsu) - Earth Release Technique
Type: Supplementary/Offensive/Defensive
Rank: D
Range: Short-Mid
Chakra: 10
Damage: 20
Description: Creates small pillars of earth, small tools, and small shields of earth.

(Suiton: Suidan no Jutsu) - Water Release: Water Bullet Technique
Type: Offensive/Supplementary
Rank: S
Range: Short-Long
Chakra: 40
Damage: 80
Description: The user inhales and molds a great amount of chakra into their chest, exhaling a very large quantity of water in the form of a powerful torrent towards their intended target. The stream of water is so powerful and concentrated it can rip through most obstacles in its path. The stream itself contains so much concentrated water that it can flood medium to large-sized depressions of the battlefield in relatively short amounts of time.
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