[Predictions] One Piece Manga Chapter 1072 Discussion and 1073 Predictions

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Apr 6, 2009
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"The Weight of Memory"

One Piece Manga Chapter 1072 Discussion and 1073 Predictions

Discuss One Piece Manga 1072 here and predict the next chapter, One Piece Manga 1073


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Apr 12, 2012
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Vegapunk, Kuma and Bonney:

I think everyone has already figured out that Vegapunk was most likely talking about Stussy in the first two panels, given that she is the first clone ever successfully made. The question is why is her existence a huge step towards world peace? How can somebody acquire peace through a human being? An army like germa maybe?

I wonder why Kuma hasn’t opened up his own Fedex, yet. He can produce `parcels´ and send then wherever he wants.

I think as a father, the worst fear Kuma could have, is to hurt Bonney or to get her into danger somehow. What specific information could endanger her? Is it information about the void century? This kind of information lets people regularly vanish or killed if acquired… . We still don’t know since Oda keeps it very vague here.

Main strand of the story – Stussy’s actions at the end:

Especially the last page gives us a good view of the underlying split within the WG-party in the main strand of the story.

But no – Stussy is not betraying the WG as many of you have suggested. It is actually the opposite in my opinion. It was her, who had repeatedly commented that the navy – Akainu - didn’t want them to engage with the SHs. Lucci and Kaku ignored her – and therefore Akainu. Here we can finally see that she is enforcing Akainu’s command upon them. Meaning – she puts Kaku to sleep and tries to do the same now with Lucci.

Some details here are very important:

Look at how Oda portrayed her – rather intimidating with an impressive pedigree and much confidence. She talks down on Lucci as if she is superior to him. It serves the purpose of making us belief that she is dangerous, or at the very least, a threat to be reconned with.

Another important detail is Lucci’s face on the last page. Look at it – he looks not simply surprised, but rather shocked and fearful. He was assessing the situation at that exact moment. And with his intellect he can very well figure out what her action is supposed to mean – because he is realising something very important: Lucci’s and Kaku’s priority is still to kill Vegapunk and his satellites. That is their main objective – it is their only objective! It should be the only objective for Stussy, as well, since she is in their team! But with her now siding with Akainu, Lucci realizes that Stussy’s priority is not killing Vegapunk – but instead to make sure that they are not engaging the Straw hats.

Don’t you find it strange that she, as a member of CP0, carries out a command given to her by the navy? Akainu is not her superior – the gorosei are. And only the gorosei can give her orders. In return this means that the task given to them as a CP0-team by the gorosei – to kill Vegapunk – should be overriding everything that Akainu wants.

We see here that this is not the case. And for Stussy to abandon their given command, she must have had specific orders from the same high level of authority, to do so - the gorosei.

My take on the matter (Doesn’t mean it has to be true. But it would fit perfectly into the story without any loose ends.): The gorosei have given Stussy and Akainu explicit orders that makes both parties need to work together. It could be very similar to the following:

Stussy: Make sure that everything runs smoothly and see to it that Vegapunk is killed by Lucci and Kaku.

Akainu: Send a strong force that kills Lucci (and maybe even Kaku) (Yes, I am implying that Lucci (and maybe Kaku) are in fact the targets of Kizaru’s operation. Why would the WG do that?: I hope you all have noticed Lucci and Shaka are practically twins in regards of gesticulation, posture, strategical proficiency and way of thinking. You could cut out Lucci’s head and put it atop Shaka’s body and it would fit to a t. This connection could bite Lucci now.).

Both commands from the gorosei would fit perfectly well into the storyline as of now. First, we have Akainu, who in passing comments that the situation is complicated on Egghead. Why is it complicated?! It is just CP0 making an assassination – what is so complicated regarding that? They are doing so more often than not.

Then we see Kizaru already on his way to Egghead. He was deployed even before he got the message of the SHs being on Egghead. I want to know why the navy is sending an admiral of all people with an entire fleet towards an island, on which their special police force is already cleaning up. CP0 has enough fire power on their own. We didn’t see Aokiji heading to Water 7 simply because the Straw hats headed there with Robin. He kept out of it entirely, because he had no orders to do so.

Kizaru coming to Egghead would make more sense if we don’t look at the admiral as a form of help for CP0, but as a means to kill a very strong opponent. Because this is how you kill a strong person – with an even stronger person.

And look closely – if Stussy and Akainu are working together, that implies that both need close consultation in case something is interfering/happening during the mission. This would very well explain why Stussy immediately commands an agent to get into contact with the navy (Akainu), when she noticed that the SHs are on Egghead. It was not Kaku or Lucci doing so – it was Stussy!

And she is not contacting other colleagues of CP0 or the gorosei (their superiors) which would make more sense – no – she was letting Akainu be called of all people. Why? He does not have business with CP0 in the matter of killing Vegapunk. Execpt. if she is working together with Akainu (and knows that Kizaru is nearby and heading to Egghead).

In other words: The underlying main problem of the Egghead arc gets slowly revealed. I’m looking forward to the next chapter. And then I want to know, who is going to have the authority over the Seraphim eventually. My bet is that Lilith and Edison will acquire it. But before they can come to where the Sunny is, I bet there are still one or two minutes left. Enough time for CP0 to give them another command. But, who has the authority chip out of the three two of them?

Also, I want to see if those are really Kumas memories and if so, why they are so dangerous for Bonney. Flashback-time maybe?
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