Nice To Meet You :) (Intro)

Mar 9, 2019
Nice to Meet you. My Discord name is Part Time Weeb Full Time Failure, which I made because I thought it would be funny and because I love anime. While I do not collect anime merch and I am not a Weeb in the sense of the way where I wish I was japanese or I love Japan more than my own Country, I just used it because Weeb is just the Common way of Calling an anime watcher in most cases lol
I started watching anime in elementary with naruto, and I really got into anime after I binged 500 episodes of one piece in the summer one year
Ive been watching anime as a whole for possible around 7 years now and I love it and everything it stands for.
Hopefully Ill be able to fit in and get to know y'all and have good conversations in the near future, Thanks for reading this and happy weebery <3