Ni Afiwe Agbaye (Prologue)

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Dec 8, 2016
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Ni Afiwe Agbaye

*The Tap of the Gods*


'There are two sides of everything like there is Heaven but for balance there is Hell too,there is God but there is Devil too,there is sun but there is moon too_Opposite side is required to maintain balance.In this story just like other things there are two opposite worlds to balance this cycle of nature'

Heavy rain and sound of lightening were passing through the ears of a 6 year old boy Parth that gave him the shiver of darkness in his bed for the first time in his life.The boy was scared and for the very first time in his life he experienced this dark display of nature,he was confused and was crying the tears of fear by realizing the fact that the sweet and colorful atmosphere also have a dark side to it.Just when the boy was about put his head in the blanket,a small light appeared in front of him.

Light quickly pass through his chest and he got an image of a wild soul in front of him.Soul had no face just a mouth which told him to track the tap of gods and balance the unbalanced world in which they are living.

Parth was confused and couldn't figure out the meaning of that soul's deep words and with that the time passed in the speed of wind and Parth forgot about that night.Parth is now 16 year old boy who sees everything in this world from two sides,he become an typical boy who do nothing without analyzing the positive and negative sides of a thing but only once he did something without analysis and that change the whole course of his life in a way he never expected it to be.


Oct 9, 2019
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Looking through the eyes There are a lot of letters.
But after reading it, it will know that it passes quickly
Very, very short. I can read it in a minute.
Oh, I don't know where to find it anymore.
Or have to wait only one more time Read many things
Will take to write work to the teacher Like a collection of fiction
Come to the teacher because he has to write one book
Meaning it's a head job Writing
1 small book, a lot of headaches