Nendo Haven (141)


Oct 1, 2010
Nendo Haven

Nendo Haven is an island characterized by sand beaches, grass and lush forests. It is a warm, subtropical climate, a fact that many settlers taken advantage of. The island’s most recognizable feature is the large Mount Nendo, which lies in its center and consist almost entirely of light beige clay. Many communities of easygoing fishermen, artisans and manufacturers can be found here, taking advantage of the island’s many natural resources. A few smaller ninja clans make their home closer to the mountains, accepting contracts from the inhabitants.


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Arriving from .

Ever closer to his final destination, Jack loops around a route past the imposing Mount Nendo, taking a boat to his next stop.

Leaving landmark.

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Mar 21, 2012

Uta continues just as before. Only stopping at a few food stores. Unlike popular belief, Claymore still ate normal food also, but preferred flesh. All the traveling had him eating purely normal food.

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Players Involved: Gutsy Jiraiya

Mission Rank: B

Story Elements Chosen:

  • Torture a suspect [3]
  • Convince a criminal to confess [3]
Pyke The Bloodharbor Ripper:

Summary: This is the beginning of the tales of the Bloodharbor Ripper. He has tracked an individual to the island of Nendo Haven, this is where the story begins.

The road lay before the man like a tarmac ribbon, albeit one that had been worn over time. The cobbles broken and torn up from their places in the road. He continued walking down the street, only a few lights illuminated the road, the rain drops propelling off the roof tiles, dirt and leaves from the trees around on the street. The warm lights coming from the pubs inviting him in with the smell of well-aged whisky. He was swaying as if he was on a ship at high seas, the bottle in his hand half empty, he had been singing sea chants for a long time now. He was being soaked, as he made his way down the slaughter docks, a place where the tide itself was not strong enough to wash away the red slick that ran constantly down its wooden slips.

The gulls shriek, their warbled cries caught on the wind, as Pyke found Maziers name on the list. The last name on the parchment. A feeling gnaws at Pyke, Resltess, unsettled, unsatisfied. He cannot be done. There were too many of them there, on the decks. Perhaps he got the wrong manifest, maybe it does not even matter.

They let me die. So many hands. So many times. Pyke thought to himself.

Another sound. Not gulls. Not waves. Not teeth closing. Not the voice in the back of his mind screaming out “you’re not done!” over and over and over. Not the music he remembers from the swimming city, all those years ago.

It’s a new sound. A real sound. A here-and-now sound.

Pyke looks with his living eyes and sees wooden planks under heavy bootfalls. The man, walking down towards the moored, bobbing vessel by the end.

He stops when he sees all the blood. His hand disappeared into his jacket, pulling a knife, keeping the edge of the knife close to his chest, ready to attack. Like a bloody idiot.

Pyke steps into the moonlight. The man looks like he’s seen a ghost. The skin around his mouth clams up tigher than a dock banker’s coin-purse. His eyes go wide and quivery, like jellyfish, like calm water catching a breeze.

“Who’s that?” he yells.

“Come find out…” Pyke said, with his faded dead eyes staring at him.

The knife is aimed at Pyke’s head. Then comes the throw. The aim is true, but it strikes the wood because Pyke is no longer where he was. He is in the mist.

He falls apart, into salt and drops of water, a fine man to a fine mist. He heard they call him a phantasm. They’re half right.

He heavyset man pulls another knife. Sweat beads his wrinkled brow.

In those precious few seconds, Pyke is all around him, in the in between, somewhere behind the air itself, studying him. Those fearful eyes, crap-brown. His beard wild and white. Sagging jowls, crooked nose, cracked lips, the way his earlobes are cauliflowered from countless dirty tavern fights.

Looks like a captain. Pyke whispered into the mist.

The man reeks of sweet, prickly fear. Good old boot-quaking terror.

Smells like a captain… the mist grew ever darker around the man.

Pyke needed to be sure. He took form, he was always a big man, now with the baleful, glowing eyes that the sea gifted him, he feels larger still. Tell me your name, he rumbled.

The man did not expect anyone to appear behind him. Nobody expects that. Maybe they do in fantasies or nightmares or the stories they tell in bars. But everyone just craps their pants and falls flat on their face, and this heavyset captain is no rule-breaker on that count. He trips on his own stupid boots and rolls down the stairs like a sack of potatoes.

Pyke took each step slowly. A galleon from the land of fire is moored at the dock. Trader ship, or traitor ship. Is there really a difference? He guessed not.

You got ‘til I get to the bottom of these steps to tell me what I want to know. His rumbling and clicking voice echoed through the mist towards the man, his frightened eyes and the subtle cries from his mouth reaching Pyke like a symphony.

The man wheezed, his wind knocked clear into someone else’s sails. Gasping. A fish on land. Chubby hands reaching out.

I remember you…


White-knuckle grip on the deck rail…


The man tries to stand, but his knee bends the wrong way.


You were watching.

Step. A wharf-rat scurries close. Dinner time soon.

You were smiling.

Sputter. Tears coming now. “P-please… I don’t know what you’re talking about…”


Name. Now.

“Beke Mazier!” The man cried out.

Pyke stopped to consult the manifest, one step from the bottom. All the red marks. All the crossed-out names. There, Beke Mazier. Uncrossed clear as day. Must have had the paper folded wrong.

Beke Mazier. Yeah, I remember you. You were there.

“I have never seen you before! It’s my first night in Nendo Ha…”

People can’t lie with a hookman’s barber lodged in their cheek. They can’t beg or trade facts they don’t have.

Fine tool, the barber-blade. Made of tempered sharkbone. Keener than steel. Sticks in really good. Snagging on bone and flesh. Struggling only hooks it deeper, as Beke is learning. His eyes are afraid now. Those eyes stab at Pyke’s mind.

The memory rises like a tide, and he opens to let the waters come crashing through, drowning out Beke’s gurgling pleas. Though not long enough for him. Pyke pulled the blade from Beke and wrapped something around his deep wound, as he carried him onto a small boat. He still had ten minutes to live.

He was lying on the boat, gurgling as blood dripped from his mouth and nose, his eyes terrified of the events unfolding. He had thought this a night of drinking a pleasure but to his mind it had been nothing more than torture and pain. But it was not over yet. Pyke wrapped a chain around the man’s legs together with a rock, tying the rope to the mast, hanging him over the edge like he was a capture dead sharp hanging by his neck, barely able to breath, the ever-looming water below.

You are going to tell me who else was on that vessel that day… you are going to confess to me what you did was wrong! And then ill set you free! Pyke said with a cold and calm voice, his spiked blade gently caressing Bekes cheek.

“J-just kill me now…” he managed to gurgle out of his bloody mouth. Surprisingly enough, the pain, terror and adrenaline had washed away all the alcohol in his blood.

Death is too easy… You have to earn your death…” Pykes blade slowly pushed through the skin, the rip giving out, cracking under the pressure of the the blade, the veins and muscle tissue shredding. The screams of agony filling the docks.

“P-please stop…”

As I said… you have to earn it. Pyke slowly pulled the blade, as he grabbed the rope around his neck, the rope tightening around the neck. Let’s see how well you do… underwater…

He cut the rope, as the man dropped into the water below, though keeping his head over water, Pyke was still holding the rope as he crouched down looking at him.

There is plenty of room for everyone at the bottom of the sea… Pyke loosened his grip on the rope.

“Wait… wait wait… I admit to watching you falling into the depths, I admit to being part of it… but I was not the one giving the order, I swear!” Beke looked with despair at Pyke, his mouth could not stop moving, he was getting colder, and paler as his blood seeped into the water below. The animals in the sea slowly approaching the area, large eels, piranhas and other animals circling the man.

Give me his name and where he is… and I shall set you free.

“Mid… midnight island… his name… Gangplank.”

Gangplank, the name resonated through his mind, the notorious pirate captain, he was residing on an island nearby, the last man. Pyke nodded at Beke, he was gonna set him free now. Beke expected a quick death, for his cooperation. Pyke let go of the rope, the screaming man quickly disappearing into the water below, the bubbles of air raising like hundreds of balloons through the water to the surface. The eels and other animals came upon him from all sides, eating and tearing away at his flesh, bones and bloodied body. Pyke stared down at him from above with a smile, a man dying the way they expected him to have died. The blood and flesh filled the harbor, until no air bubbles were to be found, there were no more movement in the water, the stone tied to his legs the body would not raise to the top only chunks of flesh and skin. Pyke stood up and crossed the name off his list. He then opened the sail and went into the open sea, leaving the dead behind. He continued onward, with his task to find the notorious pirate, the last man standing, the last one to have betrayed him.

  • Leaving Landmark for Midnight Island
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Heading across the terrain Geets and Majin could see several people in the next LM. They summon and make sure all their gear is in order. Discussing the plan, Boit employs the Hiding with Camouflage technique. Meanwhile Vegeta creates a tag that he places back in his pouch that creates a sensory barrier that would detect all movements, as well as activates an ability of the gems on his glove that creates a different form of sensing for him. He then activates a seal on his neck that would hide his chakra signature, as well as also deploys the Hiding with Camouflage technique as they continue towards the next LM ready for whatever these strangers may do Majin and Vegeta also activate their scouters, as Majin appears to be floating in mid air alone traveling on Boitata's head..

( Hebi Kuchiyose - Boitatá ) Snake Summoning - Boitatá
Type: Attack/Defense/Supplemental
Rank: S
Range: Short-Long
Chakra Cost: 40
Damage Points: 80
Description: Boitatá, the most proficient of all Snakes in usage of Katon, is a personal summons of Vegeta. He is comparable in size to Aoda with bull-like horns on his head. From just behind the top of his skull is what looks like quills coming off him in a staggered pattern down his body. His tail is pointed having an ax shape to it with a spear tip in the center. The razor sharp horns as well as heavy blunt/sharp tail can be used for striking and would also carry burning damage from him always molding his Katon. Its eyes are stunning and bright, and he is very strong even by large Snake summons standards. A fierce, powerful, menacing Minister of Death whom thanks to his natural affinity to Katon and burning things, hates nature, especially the forest. He is an avid swimmer moving as fast as he can on land (Kage rank Taijutsu Master). His fangs contain a powerful snake venom, and one bite from him would not only burn someone severely but would also paralyze them as the venom quickly makes it way thru their system, taking 2 turns for total paralysis to set in, lasting for one turn.

- Can communicate with humans and snakes alike
- Uses Katon with no seals, and basic Ninjutsu (only Hiding with Camoflage and Chakra transfer technique)
- Cannot be harmed by B ranks and below
- Can sense with heat/scent/vibration and can also sense things thru their natural energy
- Can access Natural Energy only to use Sage Art: Inorganic Reincarnation, and can use the Chakra Transfer technique to dispel the user from Genjutsu up to A rank

- All abilities cost a move other than sensing
- Must know Snake Sage Mode to summon Boitatá
- Only those allowed by Vegeta may summon Boitatá
- Can be summoned 1x per battle and stays for 4 Turns.
- Cannot be summoned to the field if Manda is present, unless Manda was summoned by an opponent
- No summons for two turns after or at the same time
- Can only use Inorganic Reincarnation once per match.
(Meisaigakure no Jutsu) - Hiding with Camouflage Technique
Rank: A
Type: Supplementary
Range: Short
Chakra Cost: 30 (-10 per turn active)
Damage Points: N/A
Description: This is a ninja escape technique that allows the user after performing the Tiger hand seal to control how light is reflected around their body with chakra inflections. The technique also erases the user's scent and shadow, and is usable on any terrain, making it ideal not only for covert maneuvers but also offensive strikes. Perceiving the user's position is possible only for ninja who are astute enough to observe minute variations within their surrounding environment, such as distortions of air currents in the immediate vicinity or distinguishing sounds, i.e. footsteps etc. However, the usefulness of this ability can be entirely negated by those with special vision or sensory skills. The Second Tsuchikage, Mū's mastery of this technique helped earn him the moniker "Non-Person" seemingly having neither form nor chakra while the technique was active. Thus, he could not be sensed through traditional means.
Note: Technique lasts a total of 3 turns
(Uwabe Dake) Semblance
Type: Weapon
Rank: S
Range: N/A
Chakra: N/A
Damage: N/A
Description: Said to be an artifact owned by the Sage of Six Paths, in truth it was owned by a follower of Ninshu. This artifact, while its appearance is unorthodox should never be taken lightly as in the hands of a person whom has the ability to utilize its full potential will surely show how potent it’s latent abilities are. At first glance, it’s two ruby earrings – roughly3 inches in size– their composition being rubies that can act as a conduit of the owner’s chakra while also being indestructible by nature. This translates to it being unable to be corroded, smashed, and melted or any type of condition that may detrimental effects to its composition. It is also grafted to only respond to the chakra of its current holder – with foreign chakra that is infused within it being nullified completely. Abilities wise the earrings itself naturally in tune with its owner – always constantly passively connecting to its user so they may utilize its ability when needed. The following abilities mentioned below are what this weapon offers with some being active and or passive in nature.

Nenriki Houka | Pyrokinesis (D – S Rank) - The first and active ability of the weapon, which when activated causes the earring to turn pitch black in coloration instantly, this being caused by the user’s chakra “burning” the surface of the earrings in order to give life to ash. Superheated by chakra, the user is capable of telekinetically controlling the ash. The user, at the cost of a move is capable of shaping the ash into constructs of ash by forcefully mending the ash together in order to form basic shapes, spikes, shields or even waves of ash. This is all up to the user's own imagination of how they desire to form the ash, while the amount of chakra determines the overall power of the constructs ranging from D to S rank. In the case of S-ranks, there is a two-turn cooldown that begins when the constructs can no longer be sustained and the user is unable to use other Fire Techniques above A-rank in the same turn after use. As for A-ranks, there is a one-turn cooldown that begins when the constructs end. Mulitple contstructs can be made at once, though their power is divided, as well as being able to sustain them by paying a proportionate chakra upkeep (5 for D-B, 10 for A, and 15 for S) to sustain said constructs for up to two turns. Constructs are also only able to reach up to mid ranged away.

Fushichou no Kodou | Heartbeat of the Phoenix – The second active ability of the weapon, active in nature to which the weapon upon a mental command by its user will siphon – 5 chakra per turn and lasts up to six turns per usage. This chakra is then converted into omnidirectional pulses of heat that travel across the terrain relative to that of a lightning technique however this in combination with a seal located on the inside of the earrings acts in tandem with one another. The seal in question creates a mental map within the user’s mind to which when the pulse of heat passed through something it registers whatever it may have come into contact with. Anything that has their own heat, be it naturally produced such as body heat and or artificially i.e via chakra will burn a bright red in color – allowing the user to know the location of the heat is coming from where as objects without any will by a dark red coloration. The earring is constantly releasing these pulses, thus allows for continuous updates of anything that is also moving. While it may cost a move to activate it, the user may come into battle with this ability active.

The earrings are capable of being used once in contact with the user or within one meter of them, but how the earrings is worn is up to its user as it can be attached to a belt, in a pouch etc.
Sukautā - Scouter
Type: Tools
Rank: A-rank
Range: Short-Long
Chakra: 30 activation 10 per turn thereafter
Damage: N/A
Description: A Scouter is a scanning piece of Ninja technology, contained in a unit that fits over the users left ear, with a semi-transparent coloured monocle that serves as a display, covering the left eye. The colours can vary depending on the users preference but it has no bearing on the usage of the Scouter. The primary function of the scouter is to Scan the Chakra level of an opponent or groups of opponents, displaying a numerical value as well as an arrow to indicate the direction of the chakra source, if they happened to be outside the display-screens field of view. The Scouter is able to pick up Chakra Signals at a vast range, up to a single landmark away; though if multiple Chakra Sources are in the same landmark, it is only able to show the number of individual signals, instead of each Chakra Level. The Scouter will not detect Chakra if the target is using a chakra suppressing ability.
Upon initial activation, it will only show the current level of targets within Long-range of the user, requiring an additional activation cost to scan into the next landmark. Once a targets Chakra has been scanned, it will not constantly update the chakra level as it depletes, instead requiring another activation cost (30 chakra) to update the reading to the targets new chakra level. So long as the user spends the chakra, they are able to constantly track up to five targets at all times, so long as they remain or enter mid-range, unless they use a chakra suppressing ability. The scouter can only track up to two targets if they are long-range away from the wielder, and any targets within an adjacent landmark, will appear as one reading with their combined chakra level displayed on the screen. The scouter is able to track any source of chakra, from projectiles, to clones, to summons and animal companions; anything with a readable chakra source present. This ability to detect targets does grant a small boost to the users tracking speed, granting an equivalent to a 2T Sharingan.
Scouter's are able to provide a direct line of communication with other Scouter's and communication devices, via implementation of a modified script from a communication scroll, however only when the Scouter is active. This communication extends up to three landmarks in any direction and can easily be heard by the wielder due to the device being ear-mounted.
-Scouter can remain active so long as the user has the chakra reserves to do so.
-Scouter Tracking speeds do not stack with Doujutsu
-Can only be made/taught by Shinta and a max of 3 can be used.
-Full body lightning jutsu of B rank and higher will short-out the Scouter, making it unusable for five turns. S rank lightning will destroy the Scouter.
(Saiyajin Jakketo)-Saiyan Armor
Type: Weapon
Rank: S
Range: Short-mid
Chakra: 40
Description: The Saiyan Armor is fabled to comprised of both ninja wire and chakra metal which is the reason for being very light stretchy as the wire through out is in layers which give it manouvorability, yet, at the same time really durable. Because of the armor’s unique characteristics it makes the wearer capable of reducing up to 25 damage from physical attacks. The armour when forged was inlaid with doton chakra similar to the cannon light weight technique making it so it doesn't hinder the users speed while granting another ability; the Armor can release an instant surge of S rank earth chakra into the users body for a split second similar to the (Doton: Chōkeijūgan no Jutsu) - Earth Release: Earth Release: Ultra Light-Weight Rock Technique, allowing the users speed to increase for a sudden movement in a linear direction up to mid range (2x speed), where their speed returns to normal. This ability activates instantly, lasting for one movement, and can be used only thrice per battle. Another aspect of the armor is the user can release their chakra into it using it to harden the armor similar to the cannon B rank earth Hardening technique, increasing the defensive powers of the armor to that of A rank earth following the s/w of earth release.
Note: Reducing the weight costs a move, can be used twice, with two turns between uses and can only move up to mid range.
Note: Hardening the armor can be used 3 times, is A ranked, can be used once per turn, protecting the users body where the armor covers.
( Sandāu~ēbu ) - Thunderwave
Type: Tool
Rank: A
Range: Short - Long
Chakra: N/A ( - 5 per turn when used )
Damage: N/A
Description: Thunderwave is a basic chest plate outfitted with a surround sound speaker system, and a microphone. It can be used to play music or make noises more audible than normal similar to a karaoke machine. It is able to produce sound louder than most techniques or the clashing of techniques and can be much louder than the user or opponent can scream. In essence it can act like the (Utsusemi no Jutsu) - Empty Cicada Shell Technique passively at all times being louder and stronger than even that basic technique. It comes pre-loaded with all of the wielder's favorite songs. In battle it can be used to play theme music or it can make the user louder as it has a built in microphone system connected to the speaker system.
The primary use of Thunderwave as mentioned above is the ability to play music with the offshoot of this being the ability to cancel sound waves with sound waves while playing music. This is similar to the Scientific Ninja Tool: Shijima and works like a noise-cancellation speaker. The system can emit a sound wave with the same amplitude but with inverted phase also known as antiphase to the original sound. The waves combine to form a new wave, in a process called interference, and effectively cancel each other out. This effect is called destructive interference and is able to nullify sound techniques in equal rank. The sound can encompass a short - long range area around the user being louder the closer to the user the people who can hear it are and due to this it has a dampening system as to not harm the users ears or cause them any undue problems. It can be fine tuned to look different depending on the wielder's appearance or preference.
Note: Sound techniques can only be canceled once per turn three times per battle.

(Fuuinjutsu: Anmoku no jikkō) Sealing Arts: Unspoken Execution
Type: Supplementary
Rank: A
Range: Short
Chakra: 30 (-10 per per turn)
Damage: N/a
Description: Anmoku no jikkō is a sealing technique created by Uzumaki's who needed a counter to foes with sensing abilities. The seal lays dormant horizontally across the neck, and is activated with the user's chakra being focused into the seal. Kanji for the seal then appears before swiftly emitting a chakra barrier shaped like a sphere that emcompasses short range around the user. This barrier is linked to the seal and has the special ability to erase the chakra signature of the seal's vessel while inside its dimensions. With its signature now erased, this technique acts as an advanced chakra suppressant that hides the user's chakra from all forms of chakra sensing, whether it be directly from the body or from an outside source. Opponent's with sensing will now have to rely on their basic, or in some cases above average, five senses as they continue the battle while in this realm. For example; Inuzuka's would have no problem using their nose, while Uchihas would be unable to see the user's chakra, but still uses the advanced reaction speed that comes with the current level of their eyes. The barrier moves with the seal as its epicenter while only lasting for a limited time.

►Usable 2x per battle
►Lasts for 4 turns upon activation
►Has a 2 turn cooldown
►Can only be taught by ZandaT
(Meisaigakure no Jutsu) - Hiding with Camouflage Technique
Rank: A
Type: Supplementary
Range: Short
Chakra Cost: 30 (-10 per turn active)
Damage Points: N/A
Description: This is a ninja escape technique that allows the user after performing the Tiger hand seal to control how light is reflected around their body with chakra inflections. The technique also erases the user's scent and shadow, and is usable on any terrain, making it ideal not only for covert maneuvers but also offensive strikes. Perceiving the user's position is possible only for ninja who are astute enough to observe minute variations within their surrounding environment, such as distortions of air currents in the immediate vicinity or distinguishing sounds, i.e. footsteps etc. However, the usefulness of this ability can be entirely negated by those with special vision or sensory skills. The Second Tsuchikage, Mū's mastery of this technique helped earn him the moniker "Non-Person" seemingly having neither form nor chakra while the technique was active. Thus, he could not be sensed through traditional means.
Note: Technique lasts a total of 3 turns
(Kyōkai Kekkai no Jutsu) - Boundary Barrier Technique
Rank: A-Rank
Type: Supplementary
Range: Short - Long
Chakra cost: 30 (-10 per turn remaining active)
Damage points: N/A
Description: This is a detection type barrier which is simply a more advanced version of the (Kekkai: Tengai Hojin) - Barrier: Dome Method Formation technique and that can be used to surround an area and allows the user to monitor a certain area covering from the sky to underneath the ground creating a sphere. The user will create a tag with the 許可 (Kyoka) Kanji and place it on the ground, doing the confrontation hand seal afterwards to activate it. After the barrier is erected, the user, if inside it, will be able to detect any enemy inside it, even if he hiding his presence. After that, anyone who enters or leaves the barrier is instantly detected as well as anything that moves inside it. Techniques that mask the users presence are ineffective at avoiding detection as the barrier focuses on movement and displacement of matter, not solely on chakra detection. The barrier can also be moved according to the requirements of the user by moving the tag.
Note: Can only be used twice.