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Apr 7, 2009
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During the event of the Rikudo Sennin's sealing of the Juubi, the land in which the battle had been waged had been scarred permanently from the foul chakra of the Juubi. The land where the battle had taken place was also the place where the Juubi's most potent techniques were released, in an attempt to eradicate the Sage. In a long battle, Hagoromo and his brother defeated the Juubi and sealed it’s body in the moon while stripping it’s power and sealed it inside the Sage himself. With the defeat of the Juubi, the Infinite Tsukiyomi was released and humanity was freed. However, a small devoted sect of people who supported the Rabbit Goddess remained. Attempting to harvest the malevolent chakra that remained within the land, these warlocks lead by Anshoku discovered an energy left behind by the Juubi. Almost like a living thing, it seeked for a master, a symbiote, with whom it could maintain it's rampage of destruction. It's sightless gaze falling on Anshoku, it forced itself into it's body, burning the symbol for "Demon" onto his palm. The chakra, in its attempt to then merge back into the Juubi, disappeared, or rather traversed, to the "moon", and spent its time on the dark side of the moon, waiting to be called back to Earth through the opening of a dimensional portal by the warlocks known now as the Nekura, so it could continue its blind destruction across the world.
  • Nekura are able to use Keigoku, a foul chakra they call to the battle from a different dimension through the use of portals that transport only Keigoku through them. This chakra is also neutral to all elemental affinities with a strength to Bijuu chakra.
  • Not unlike the Shinkaigan, Keigoku is capable of causing Insanity in targets such contact be made. However, only physical exposure with Keigoku will cause searing and intense pain to opponent’s minds. Insanity triggers from Keigoku differ because of this, always causing a decrease in Sanity at a set rate for each rank starting at -2 Sanity for C ranks and increasing by two per rank to -10 Sanity at Forbidden rank.
  • Keigoku is capable of passing through any physical substances without minds and souls, such as earth, water, buildings, etc. This does not extend, however, to energy based defenses. Passing through physical and corporeal targets does not cause the technique to lose power nor chakra.
  • Due to the Keigoku always flowing through them, Nekura bodies reject all natural energy and foreign sources of chakra. This not only grants them a complete immunity to Genjutsu and similar techniques, but this also prevents them from being healed by outside sources as well as use any abilities stemming from the use of Natural Energy or external Chakra such as Sage Mode, Curse Mark, or Dokkodo.
  • Nekura have access to several hidden techniques of incredible power. The Evil Eye, Tranquil Demon, and Dark Convergence have power rivaling that of the Mangekyō Sharingan.

  • Requires, at minimum, Jounin Rank as well as passing an Ability Test or Ability Mission.
  • Counts as a custom Kekkei Genkei.
  • Cannot be combined with Tailed Beast, Beasts of Tiamat, or any other KG.

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