Nekura Techniques

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Apr 7, 2009
Trait Points
( Zokugie ) - Unholy Conversion
Type: Supplementary
Rank: C - S
Range: Self
Chakra: 15 - 40 ( -5 per turn )
Damage: 30 - 80
Description: A staple of a Nekura’s arsenal, this technique allows the user to create constructs of Keigoku to release as projectiles at people. Requiring a portal to be opened within a meter of him, the user forms hand seals and releases Keigoku in the form of crude constructs or shapes to attack with. The user is also able to combine this with other Ninjutsu techniques. Should it be used in this method, the small portal in front of the user moves with the user. From then onwards, whenever he shoots out a technique from him or from in front of him, a little Keigoku goes from the portal into the technique ( i.e., if he uses a fireball, a sphere of Keigoku, tennis-ball sized hides inside the fireball, and attacks the opponent as well when the fire hits him, or even if the fire is blocked, it needs to be blocked as well ). However, it does not work when techniques are being cast that come from other directions ( such as spikes from under the opponent, or wind from the sky ) as the portal is not near them.
Note: When used as a standalone technique, the Sanity reduction depends on the rank of the technique. When used alongside other Ninjutsu, it deals a -2 Sanity reduction each time it lands.
Note: B ranked version is capable of being combined with projectile and streaming jutsu, lasting up to 5 turns. Other ranks can only be used as standalone techniques. Should one method be utilized, the same usage cannot be utilized for a different application.
Note: No Forbidden rank Nekura techniques may be used while the sustained version is active.

( Noroidzi Hari no Nami ) - Cursed Blood Needle Wave
Type: Supplementary
Rank: C
Range: Short-Mid
Chakra: 15
Damage: N/A
Description: A simple but effective technique, the Nekura makes three hand seals and turns any existing Keigoku on the battlefield that he wishes into a wave of sharp needles that then shoot at the opponent. Whatever the rank of the Keigoku technique this is used on, the needles will be of that same rank, though this technique can be used as a standalone technique, creating needles in front of the user.
Note: Cannot be used on Keigoku attacks of S-rank and higher.
Note: Can only be used four times per battle.

( Togesuzumebachi no Ame ) - Rain of Stinging Wasps
Type: Offensive/Supplementary
Rank: A
Range: Short - Long
Chakra: 30 ( -5 per turn )
Damage: 60
Description: The Nekura clansman opens multiple portals in the sky, each one a few meters wide, causing small drops of Keigoku to fall from the portals like rain, in a shower of individual drops. Any non-Nekura caught in this rain will experience sudden sharp mental pain as the drops touch him. Due to the repeated falling of the Keigoku raindrops, they will not be able to focus enough to use Advanced Ninjutsu fields, such as Fuuinjutsu, Yin-Yang, or Kinjutsu. By sheltering under a suitable defense, the effects of this technique can be avoided. The effects also apply to non-Nekura allies, and so this technique is not useful in tag battles or wars.
Note: This technique can be used twice per battle; each use lasts for two turns, and there needs to be two turns gap between each use

( Hadō no Kyūjū: Kurohitsugi ) - Way of Destruction Number Ninety: Black Coffin
Type: Offensive
Rank: A
Range: Short - Long
Chakra: 30
Damage: 60
Description: The user makes six hand seals, causing large portals to emerge around the opponent. Keigoku flows forward from these portals, creating giant pillars that create a giant short range sized box around the target. Contact with these walls deal intense mental pain, causing Insanity to build up. After this box forms, giant spears of Keigoku manifest themselves on the walls and shoot forward, impaling an opponent caught within it. This causes severe mental agony, causing the opponent to feel intense pain.
Note: This technique may be used only thrice per battle.
Note: No Nekura techniques above A-rank may be used during the same turn and the next turn.

( Nekura Ichizoku Hijutsu: Kuro Shuusoku ) - Nekura Clan Secret Technique: Dark Convergence
Type: Supplementary
Rank: S
Range: Short
Chakra: 40 ( -15 per turn )
Damage: N/A ( +20 to Keigoku )
Description: Every Nekura has Keigoku flowing through them in small amounts. When tapping into this Keigoku, the Nekura became capable of manipulating this Keigoku and their portals to become Keigoku itself. The user will focus and open 4 human sized portals, one on each side of his body and a metre away from him, allowing massive amounts of Keigoku to pass through the portals and flow onto him. As the Keigoku flows inwards, it converts the user at the very core, literally turning him into a solid manifestation of Keigoku. This allows him to travel through portals as a form of travel, though these must follow normal S/T traveling rules in the Ninja World and other places. With a pure Keigoku build and body, this augments both his Taijutsu attacks as well as his own Keigoku attacks. Physical strikes done by the body reduce Sanity by 5 per technique while Keigoku techniques are enhanced by 20 damage when in use. Unfortunately, there are more drawbacks than benefits; the longer the user has this jutsu active, the more at risk he is of fatally harming himself from the reverted flow of chakra. If active for longer than three turns, upon deactivation, the user can only use Ninjutsu attacks of A rank and lower for two turns. After any duration, the user also can not use any other Nekura Hijutsu techniques for 2 turns.
Note: This technique can only be used twice, lasting up to 5 turns per use. After using, the user cannot make use of Keigoku for two turns. While in use, other Nekura Hijutsu can’t be utilized.

( Nekura Ichizoku Hijutsu: Jagan ) - Nekura Clan Secret Technique: Evil Eye
Rank: Forbidden
Type: Offensive
Range: Short - Long
Chakra: 50
Damage: 100 ( -15 to user )
Description: One of the Nekura Clan's most secretive and fabled techniques, the Evil Eye, or Jagan, is the signature technique of the Nekura elite. To perform this technique, the Nekura member must know the method of transferring Keigoku through eye contact alone, relying on the dormant Keigoku inside of each Nekura. Once the opponent locks eyes with the Nekura, the user transfers this Keigoku onto them, spawning it directly on the target's face. This sudden burst of Keigoku causes several mental agony and pain, being the Nekura's strongest technique. With this Keigoku flooding a target's mind, the target suffers a 15 Sanity reduction.
Appearing as a vibrant purple flame like energy, the Evil Eye can be spawned directly onto a target’s face. Once this technique is used, the user’s own ability and skill with Keigoku will begin to lapse as the Keigoku that was within his body has been released. For two turns, the user’s former immunity to Genjutsu will be mitigated and Mangekyo Level Genjutsu will affect them as well as poisons and medical techniques previously unable to enter their bodies.
Note: Can only be used up to three times. After use, the user cannot make use of any Nekura Hijutsu for 4 turns and cannot make use of A rank and higher Keigoku techniques the next turn.
Note: This technique is immune to Critical Damage modifiers, never dealing a critical attack.

( Nekura Ichizoku Hijutsu: Hansenshugi no Madokaoni ) - Nekura Clan Secret Technique: Tranquil Demon of Pacifism
Rank: Forbidden
Type: Offensive/Defensive
Range: Short
Chakra: 50 ( -20 per turn )
Damage: 100 ( - 15 to user )
Description: The strongest defensive technique of the Nekura Clan, the member opens portals surrounding himself on all sides, and massive amounts of Keigoku emerge from the portal to engulf him and everything in short range of him with Keigoku chakra. Flooding the field with Keigoku that quickly solidifies into a corporeal giant one, or demon. This Oni wields either a kanabo club, a crude sword or a wide mace, also composed of Keigoku, dealing heavy damage. The Oni’s defensive nature however comes from the fact that it is able to use an ability known as the Drain. When opposing techniques strike the Oni, it drains the chakra from techniques, should they be 40 chakra or lower. While this absorbs most techniques, matter based techniques will not dissipate from contact, only losing the chakra fueling them and will continue one rank weaker. This does not come without drawbacks, however. The Drain will only work on non sentient techniques and items, unable to effect living beings. Should a technique contain more than 40 chakra, it will bypass the dense Keigoku demon around the user. Use of the Drain does not regenerate the user’s chakra reserves, however it does regenerate damage done to the user. For every 20 chakra absorbed, the user will be healed 10 damage.
Note: Usage of the Oni’s club or weapon costs as a move per turn, reaching up to mid range and deals 100 damage per use as well as a reduction of 5 Sanity
Note: Physical contact with the Oni will cause targets a reduction of 3 Sanity per turn of prolonged contact.
Note: Lasts up to 6 turns each use. Can only be used twice. During and after each use, the user cannot make use of any Nekura Hijutsu techniques for 3 turns.
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