Naxos (201)


Oct 1, 2010

Naxos is the northernmost area of O’uzu Island. It is the flattest area of the island, due to the gradual slump the long hill range running across it undergoes here. The result is a more homogenous landscape of light woods dotting a gentle, hilly horizon of grassland. The people here live along the coastline in port towns, or in a few very large plantations working the fields.


Jul 4, 2012
This post marks the beginning of my mission using these storyboard elements:

Win a fight without your ninjutsu(Brank)

Summary: This Mission see's Grimmjow arriving on a ship in a small port town. In this town is a pirate lord, who has set up a gladiators arena where farmers, merchants and bandits alike can fight to win prize money. In this arena, no Ninjutsu is allowed, this is applied with a special seal made by the Pirate Lord which restricts people from their chakra allowing for a fair fight. Grimmjow Challenges the Pirate Lord.

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The barreling of the waves hitting the side of the old sail ship arnt the only sound that can be heard amongst the vessel. Seagulls cawing and workers running around the deck, tying off ropes, cleaning and eating can also be heard, general hustle and bustle of a merchants ship. From a previous small island at which Grimmjow had found himself, the merchant ship offered him free passage to the Water Archipelago, in exchange for his protective services from any such pirate ships or bandits they may encounter on the high sea's. Luckily for the Pirates and Bandits, non of them happened upon this ship, and it glided into port at Naxos with no incident to speak of. Leaving the captain and his ship, Grimmjow hopped off the side, landing easily on the cobblestone below and began walking towards the noise. At this point, Grimmjows chakra sensory was at full range, seeking out anyone that had powerful chakra or may be a threat, but as expected of a port town, it was nothing but merchants and fishermen, going about their daily business as usual. At least, that's what Grimmjow thought at first. As his sensory expanded further and further, he could sense a cluster of chakra slightly further inland, behind the large hill that adorned the back of the port. Strolling casually up to a fish merchant, who was selling some orange and black fish that Grimmjow had never seen before, he began speaking to the man minding the store.

Hey old man, what's going on over in that direction, behind the hill? Grimmjow would point in the hill's direction while speaking, only briefly averting his attention to the destination he pointed before returning to the old man. As expected, however, of a merchant, the man was not so eager to freely give out information. With his palm open, the man would extend and retract his fingers, clearly asking for a bribe or compensation money for his trouble. Grimmjow was the closest thing to flat broke at this time, but the Captain of the ship had given him a small amount of coin for his services as well as a ride, and with that meager amount, Grimmjow handed it over and obtained what he was looking for.

That over there son is the Gladiators arena. It was set up about five years ago by the Pirate Lord Saylin. People from all across Naxos come to fight for coin, some even further still. It has some special rules to make it more fair, but the basis of it is, you win you get paid, you lose well, so may not return, or Saylin may recruit you to his crew, which is usually mule work, but you get to keep your life, get what i mean? The man was quite helpful, having actual useful information. An arena with special rules where you earn coin, for someone like Grimmjow, who had been fighting since practically birth, this concept was like music to his ears. Nodding to the old man as a way's of thanks, Grimmjow turned off and began heading towards the arena. Behind him, he could hear the old man muttering something about the young being too eager to die, but he paid him no heed, as he was going to go earn some real money.

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The journey, luckily, was quite short, a quick fifteen minute walk up hill and then into a decline. At the bottom of the hill was not what Grimmjow expected. In his mind, it was a small pit where a few would fight it out, but this seemed far more grand. It was clear, this entire structure was made from Earth Ninjutsu, quite impressive ninjutsu at that, but the raised viewing platform over the rock solid pit was quite a marvel to see from a far. In center, a smaller viewing platform above the usual, where a few guards stood, sat another man. Quite obviously, this was Saylin, watching his profits roll in. Even from a distance, Grimmjow could see the queue of people, at least twenty five long, lined up waiting to fight in the arena. This was that mass of chakra he had sensed earlier was, and the closer he got, the stronger it became, chakra signatures everywhere around the arena. On one end, sat the waiting combatants. On the other, likely rich merchants betting on the fights below. It seemed that Saylin had set up quite a money making venture here in the small port town, and really it made sense. The amount of people coming and going from a port town is immeasurable in the day to day, making the arena fresh each day for people looking to somewhat prove themselves, but Grimmjow was here just to make coin. Off the left hand side of the waiting participants, was a lady at a booth, and Grimmjow walked up to her to speak.

Yo, sign me up for the arena, i'll take them all on at once. The lady looked completely glazed over as Grimmjow spoke, before cocking her head to the side and giggling slightly. Did she think he was joking? It would be a small feat to beat this many weak chakra signatures, but the realization behind her laugh was quickly recognized.

Firstly, Sweety, Admission 150ryo per person, per fight. Secondly, all fights are one on one. Thirdly, you may bring One weapon in with you per fight, you may choose and change weapons, or we can provide one each fight. Fourthly, No ninjutsu can be used. Upon entering the arena, you will have a seal placed on you which will restrict your chakra for a set period of time, before automatically dispersing and allowing chakra once more. If you agree to the term's, please hand over the Ryo and i will give you a number. The rules where annoying and confusing, and although it'd be alot faster for Grimmjow to simply kill everyone here and take their money, he'd likely have the entire country coming after him, especially if Saylin was as popular as he thought. However, the rules weren't the issue, the issue was, Grimmjow had no money. He had spent his last remaining Ryo to get information about this place, and even then, that wasn't even enough to cover the fee in the first place. Snarling, he spoke again.

I don't have the Ryo, forward me the money and you can have my first winnings, then i'll fight every person here and make enough to pay for it all. It was the only option he had, although, from the look on the ladies face, this was not going to fly anytime soon.

Sorry sweety, no Ryo, no fighting. Next please.Glancing behind Grimmjow, the lady signaled some testosterone fueled teenager forward, who nudged his way past Grimmjow to sign up for the fight. Rage began to build up in Grimmjow, and in his palm, lightning began to cackle as he turned to the women once again.

Listen here you weak ass piece of sh- Grimmjow was suddenly cut short as a hand grabbed his shoulder. Spinning around, Grimmjow was met by a man with spikey red hair, and eye patch, and a stupid shit eating grin on his face. However, in the mans other hand, was a small sack of Ryo, which he was making very much noticeable to Grimmjow, as the lightning in his palm dissipated. The man nodded, and leaned over to Grimmjows right side to speak to the women.

Kayla, if you don't mind, i'll sponsor this one, ill pay for five fights, in advance, all my winnings go to me however, Mr Blue hair. If you're happy with that, you can start earning money in the sixth fight, deal. The man had Grimmjow in a corner, and he knew it, and with a simple nod, Grimmjow was swiftly signed up, given a number, and ushered into the waiting area. There, Grimmjow sat at one of the benches overlooking the fighting pits, watching two weak men clash swords and shield. While he did, the man sat down next to him to talk.

Hello, my names Lavi, and i like to sponsor strong types. People like you don't generally appear in these parts, but i can tell, even from a distance, you've seen war, or at least serious battle, so i think our partnership will be beneficial to us both, whats say, Mr Blue Hair? Lavi's stupid grin was getting on Grimmjows nerves already, but this man was the only chance Grimmjow had at competing, so he had to run with it. Turning his head, Grimmjow spoke to Lavi.

Names Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez, King of the Jaguars. Tell me about Saylin, he's the only thing around here worth my time. Lavi seemed happy to hear Grimmjow speak, and even more eager to give him the information he wanted. Glancing around, the make sure there where no eaves droppers, Lavi spoke in a hushed tone, almost whispering in Grimmjows ear.

Saylin, Pirate Lord of these Sea's, is only ninteen. He took over his fathers fleet, and under an Iron grip, brought them all here. Once here, he set up this arena, which speaks wonders about a fourteen year old boy commanding a crew. Some say his armor and sword are cursed, allowing him to beat anyone in hand to hand combat, as the sword in indestructible and the armor impenetrable. Aside from that, not much is known, he's only fought in the arena twice since establishing it, once against a man who won 100 battles in a row, the other against another Pirate Lord or came to claim the arena. Now he just watches. Useful information, as Grimmjow turned his attention to Saylin. To his surprise, Saylin was looking straight at him, not even hiding the fact, as Grimmjow and Saylin glared each other down. With his chakra sensory, he could tell Saylin had large chakra reserves, but besides that, he sensed nothing special about the shiny armor he wore nor the demonic looking sword by his side. From all accounts, he just seemed like a kid with chakra, but as Grimmjow continued his stare, his concentration was broken by the loud blasting voice of another women.

Contestants 372 and 494 to the arena. Looking at the ticket in his hand, Grimmjow stood. No 494, it was time. Leaving Lavi, who was merely smiling and waving good-bye, Grimmjow made his way to the prep area that was designated for the fighters. Upon arrival, Grimmjows ninja tool pouch and kunai were taken off him. Even the sheath that held his crimson blade, Muramasa, was taken, as it in itself was deemed a weapon and Grimmjow could only take Muramasa in with him. Once that was done, a lady came up behind him, explained the seal and then touched his back. Grimmjow feel a cool breeze down his spine before he no longer felt his chakra. It was a weird feeling, losing everything, but it mattered not. Grimmjow had trained in hand to hand combat for years, and non of these bandits could hold a candle to him. When he walked into the arena, he saw the same little shit who nudged him out of the way, holding two short swords in each hand. The kid was clearly going for an overwhelming offence strategy, however, it would be useless. Grimmjow stood, looking down the boy who seemed far to eager to die. As if by queue, a voice rang out through the arena.

BEGIN! The boy dashed forward, both blades forward, but he was slow, or maybe Grimmjow was too strong, hard to tell in this situation. The kid brought both blades up over his head and down, aiming for a double slash down Grimmjows torso. However, this was a basic move, and with Muramasa in his right hand, Grimmjow merely blocked the blow, already knowing he was leagues stronger than this kid. The sound of metal hitting echo'd through the stadium as the crowd roared to life, for a blood sport. Pushing off the kids blade, Grimmjow sent him stumble backwards and looked towards Saylin, who, once again, was staring Grimmjow down with no regards for subtly. As he watched Saylin, the boy dashed in again, wildly slashing his blades at Grimmjow, but it was all for naught. At the end of the day, this was merely entertainment, and Grimmjow was already long bored. Parrying each strike with minimal ease, Grimmjow gave in to the boredom and finally hit back. After parrying another Wild slash, Grimmjow made sure to parry a little harder, knocking the boy back and off balance, as he did, Grimmjow stepped inwards with his right foot, bringing the tip of Muramasa up and stopping just before the boys throat. The crowd went silent as the boys hands went up, his blades dropping and clanging on the ground below. As soon as the crowd went silent, it roared again, cheering for victory, screaming in loss, the fight was over non the less, but Grimmjow was unsatisfied. Turning on his right heel, Grimmjow faced Saylin. As he did, he felt the seal dissolve, returning all his chakra to him. Raising the point of Muramasa towards Saylin, Grimmjow offered his challange.

Get your ass down here Pirate Lord, i'm not going to cut my way through a hundred people just to fight you, so get down here, or else. There was venom in the threat, a venom Saylin seemed to take quite seriously. However, Saylins guards reacted first, stepping forward, but they where quickly silence by a commanding young voice, coming from the armor clad young man. Saylin stood, taking a step forward before speaking.

Just because you're strong, you think you can threaten my arena and challenge me? If i don't come down there, what will you do, throw a fit and start killing people, you won't last a minute you peasant filth. This, arrogance, made Grimmjows blood boil, but not with anger, but with excitement. There was an unspoken challenge with Saylin, he wanted to see the threat in action, and Grimmjow was happy to oblige. Stabbing Muramasa into the ground, Grimmjow bit his thumb and weaved six handseals. As he finished, he slammed his hands onto the ground, where a colossal amount of smoke erupted. From it, three Jaguars appeared. Two the size of Grimmjow, and one far, far taller. The Jaguar God, Tezcatlipoca, and his two guards, Hunahpu and Xbalanque, appeared inside the arena. Screams and shouting erupted, but Saylin had gone stone silent, and pale white, as the massive jaguar glared him down. With this, Grimmjow made his threat.

My name, is Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez. I am the King of the Jaguars, and if your Pirate ass doesnt get down here in the next ten seconds, me and my friends are going to play Grim reaper on the crowd, your lordship. This seemed to snap Saylin out of his fear, as he stepped all the way down the stairs, coming to the edge of the pit. He clearly didn't want his precious arena crushed into the ground, and Grimmjow was already well aware there was no one here that could stop him if he decided to. Saylin spoke finally, as the screams and protests died down.

You have your wish, Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez. However, we fight with my rules, in my arena. No ninjutsu, one weapon, no time limit. Grimmjow had never had any intention of fighting with Ninjutsu, he just wanted a fight, and he was getting one. Saylin came into the prep area, but as he did, Grimmjow spoke to Tez, Huna and Xb, having all three come in close so no one could hear.

If he cheats, kill them all. If i die, kill them all, if i win....well, second verse same as the first, i hate this kind of shit, so once i win, it's all over. Tez and the twins stepped out of the arena, well, at least Tez did, as his massive size was in the way in the arena. The twins too spots with the on lookers, while Tez stood on the outside of the arena, looking in. No one was aware that regardless of the outcome, they were all dead anyway. The seals were applied to Grimmjow and Saylin at the same time, the cold breeze once again going down Grimmjows spine as he lost access to his chakra. Saylin was stretching his arms, rotating his should joint as he got sealed. Saylin glared at Grimmjow from the corner of his eye, but Grimmjows malicious grin was all that met him, his excitement at a decent fight finally. As the two stepped into the arena, the same lady with the booming voice spoke again, with a small crack this time.

BEGIN! The voice rang out, but neither man moved. Grimmjow had Muramasa held in one hand, tip pointing down towards the ground, while Saylin held his blade in two hands in front of him kendo style, a basic fighting style with swords. The tension in the pit could be cut with a butter knife, but Grimmjow spoke to break the silence.

My blades name, is Muramasa. With chakra, her cutting ability is unmatched. her thirst for blood is worse than mine. I want to know the name of the sword im going to crush with my lady. Grimmjows general etiquette for swords extended that far, wanting the know the name of the strange curved blade. A bead of sweat dripped down Saylins brow, hitting his cheek and travelling down to the corner of his mouth. Saylin licked the sweat, and spoke.

Her name is Titania. She cleaves all without mercy or prejudice. She is my arms and my shield, and she is unmatched, period. A bold claim, but it was all Grimmjow needed. Dashing forward swiftly, he brought Muramasa upwards, a diagonal slash aiming to cut Saylin from the left hip to his right shoulder, however, as expected from a kendo stance, this was not going to work. Saylin shifted his feet, shuffling backwards slightly and bringing his blade down, connecting with Muramasa and stopping the blade in its tracks. However, Saylin wasnt done. Twisting the flat edge towards Muramasa, and pointing the blade towards Grimmjow, he dragged the blade upwards with a fierce strength, aiming to behead Grimmjow in one swing. However, a sly tactic, it wasn't unseen. As Saylin blade dragged its way up Muramasa, Grimmjoow gripped Muramasa with his left hand ahdn yanked the blade up, bringing Saylins swing high and wide, missing Grimmjow head but shaving the top of his hair off slightly.

As Saylins blade launched upwards, Grimmjow twisted Muramasa with both hands to face the blade at Saylins left shoulder, bringing the blade down the shiny armor, successfully. However, As Muramasa finished her cut, Grimmjow noticed he had barely cut the armor. This minor brief lack of concentration cost him as Saylin recomposed himself and brought Titania down, aiming to split Grimmjows skull in two. Quickly, Grimmjow brought Muramasa back up, just barely blocking the blade as his right hand rested on the back of Muramasa, holding Saylins blade in place just above his own head. The hit, however, was heavy, and quickly drove Grimmjow down to one knee as Saylin applied more and more pressure inching Muramasa's Mune to the point where Grimmjow was head butting the Mune. It was at this point, Grimmjow realized, Saylin was cheating. It was ever so subtle, but with Saylins blade this close to his head, Grimmjow could see it, the faint glow in the blade. Similar to Muramasa, Saylin's blade could hold and utilize Chakra, which, quickly deducing, Grimmjow realized was the reason this hit felt so heavy. It was at this time Grimmjow's thought's went back to the Arena itself, build from Earth ninjutsu. It also sent his mind back to his own Earth Ninjutsu training, a technique which could increase an objects weight 10 or even 100 fold. It was likely Saylins blade applied a similar action to this, if he was, of coarse, a specilist in Earth. However, these thoughts were dangerous considering Grimmjows position, and he had to act fast. Not one to worry about fighting dirty, Grimmjow sucked saliva in his mouth, before spitting a glob right into Saylins eye. This sudden shock sent the man stumbling backwards, however, instead of going on the offence, Grimmjow leapt back, retreating slightly to create a little distance as the man wiped the spit from his face. Once Saylin looked up, his face was full of burning rage, but Grimmjows attention was not on him, but it was on Lavi, the man backing and paying for Grimmjow, who was sitting in his chair behind Saylin.

Lavi, what Ninjutsu does Saylin use? A basic and to the point question, and one that would quickly make Grimmjows suspicions a reality. Waving his arms around, and glancing around the arena, Lavi smirked and laughed slightly, as he spoke.

Come now Grimmjow, you're standing in it. Stating the obvious, but confirming the thought. Somehow, Saylin either wasn't marked with the chakra sealing, or Titania could act independently of its user, Grimmjow couldn't be sure, but he knew he couldn't win without Muramasa Cutting power, which needed chakra, which he didn't have right now. Flipping Muramasa tip down, Grimmjow slammed her into the ground. Kneeling down, he unstrapped his leg weights, dropping them in a cloud of dust to his sides. A burning rage crossed his face, enough to match the look on Saylins face. Not only was Saylin a cheater, but he wasn't even going to admit it. Grimmjow knew this without even asking, and so, he decided not to hold back any long.

You're a filthy cheater, and i'm no longer holding back, im going to crush you. Saylins face said definance, but his ability spelled death. As Grimmjow dashed forward, now at twice his speed, leaving Muramasa behind, he noticed immediately that Saylin couldn't follow his movements. Appearing before the boy, Grimmjow delivered a brutal kick with his right foot to the armor, which buckled slightly as Sayling flying and skidding across the ground. As he attempted to get up, Grimmjow slowly walked towards him, watching the man struggle to his feet. Once standing, Grimmjow dashed forwards again, performing the same maneuver, kicking the same spot, this time cracking and shattering the armors side while Saylin went skidding again across the ground. As Grimmjow walked towards him again, he spoke.

I'm going to properly crush you, in front of all these people, and then, im going to crush them too, Pirate Lord Saylin. Grimmjows rage was building, but, what was strange, was the smile on Saylins face. The armor around the boy began to crack, not just the spot that Grimmjow had kicked, but the armor itself began to fall apart. Saylins smile grew larger and larger as more of the armor fell off, revealing a shirtless torso and long tattered pants, and finally, a seal on the mans ribs. Grimmjow was confused for only a second, because Saylin quickly and happily explained.

That armor has been holding me back for five years, and finally, someone broke it. YOU BROKE IT! Now, i can fight all out, just like your leg weights Grimmjow, this armor was too heavy to fight properly in, now the real fun begins. Leaving Titania, much the same way Grimmjow left Muramasa, Saylin dashed towards Grimmjow. He was fast, but not faster than Grimmjow, but still very quick. So quick that the shock of his sudden speed blind sided Grimmjow slightly as Saylin connected his left fist into Grimmjow stomach, taking the wind out of him. This was not Grimmjow's first fight however, and he recovered quickly, grabbing Saylins forearm with his right hand before driving his forehead into the boys nose. Blood splashed out near instantly as the crack of the bone sung out into the arena. The blood covered Grimmjows face and torso, but Saylin was like a wild animal. The broken nose barely phased the boy as his right fist swung wide, coming around and connecting Grimmjow in the face, sending his head twisting to the left. It was a great shot, and one Grimmjow would feel in the morning, but not nearly enough to take him down. Snapping his head back, Grimmjow brought his left hand around, driving his fist into Saylins ribs with multiple blows, on the third, ribs cracked, as Grimmjow felt the softening of his rib cage upon impact. As he brought his fist back for another hit, Saylin countered, bringing his right knee up, blocking the strike before extending his foot, kicking Grimmjow in the hip bone, and sending him back slightly, and forcing his release of Saylins forearm, allowing the two men to part. So far, Injury wise, Grimmjow was on top, but Saylin had insane resilience, as the damage Grimmjow had inflicted seemed to barely phase the man.

With a brief pause, Saylin grinned before rushing forwards again. As he came in, he lept up, aiming to drive his right knee into Grimmjows chin. With both hands, Grimmjow cross guarded his face, blocking the knee with his forearms and forcing Saylin to the ground. With his arms already up, and Saylin falling to the ground, Grimmjow gripped the boys shoulders quickly, and drove his own right knee into the man solar plexus. Due to his leg weights, this hit had some serious weight behind him, with not only bile, but a small amount of blood coming out of Saylins mouth from the impact. Smiling to himself, Grimmjow was quickly reprimanded as the man grabbed his leg with both arms, and spun himself into the ground, dragging Grimmjow down with him. The two men landed hard, but Grimmjow harder, as the wind was knocked out of him. At this moment, Grimmjow realized he was on his back and Saylin was on top, bringing his fists down onto Grimmjow's face. The first hit connected, cracking Grimmjow in the left eye socket, which he felt crack. The shock of this allowed the second hit to connected as well, a shot to the left jaw, which hurt but didn't break. After the two hit's, Grimmjow got his arms up and cross blocked his face again, however, after two hits, Sayling swapped tactics and began driving his fists into Grimmjows chest, knocking the wind out of him time and time again. Each hit was heavy, but this time it wasn't Titania, Saylin was just that strong. Grimmjow took two most hits to the chest before he retaliated, timing Saylins hits so his chest was open and free to strike. With both fists, still in a cross guard, Grimmjow thrust forwards, driving both his fists into Saylins already weakened chest. This, finally, seemed to have an affect. Saylins slumped backwards from the hit, rolling off of Grimmjow as he fell backwards onto the ground, gasping for air as he did. Grimmjow quickly got to his feet, as Saylin tried to get up, but the damage to his chest, ribs and face was finally taking its toll. Saylin's last stand wasn't even a stand, as the man could only manage to sit up on his knee's, his arms slumped to the ground. Saylin's eyes locked onto Grimmjow's as he closed in, accepting the final blow like a warrior. Grimmjow got within range, and brought his right foot around are quickly and powerful as he could. The kick connected with Saylins jaw, spun his head right around, and broke his neck. The crack was vicious, echoing through the arena even louder than the ladies voice who announced the fights. Saylins entire body went fully limp, before the man slumped to the ground. At nothing more than a whisper, Grimmjow spoke, through dripping from his eye.

You might have been a cheat, but you knew how to fight, good job, Saylin. The admission was simply that of a fighter to another fighter, and Saylin could truly fight, even without cheating. With a limp, Grimmjow began to walk out of the arena, the pain in his hip throbbing loudly in his mind. The two twins, Huna and Xb, joined him neigh instantly. As the Jaguar twins appeared, Grimmjow caught Lavi waving as he left the arena, likely knowing what was coming next. In the stadium itself, the crowds roared, the one's who'd be on Grimmjow trying to get their huge pay outs, as the odd's where stacked against him. The losers screaming and calling Grimmjow a cheated. Above it all, Tez was fixated on Grimmjow, listening intently as he spoke.

Kill them all, Tez. Grimmjow didn't have to look back as the sound of Wind Ninjutsu ripped through the arena, and the screams of men and women erupted, this time, in fear, as Tez slaughtered the entire arena, and used his huge body to smash the arena to pieces. Meanwhile, Grimmjow jumped onto Hunaphu's back, allowing the Jaguar to carry him back to town, looking for nothing more than a bed to lay on after one hell of a fight.

Jutsu used

(Chakra Henkanshi no Jutsu) - Chakra Sensing Technique

Type: Supplementary

Rank: C

Range: Short - Long

Chakra cost: 15 (- 5 per turn)

Damage points: N/A

Description: This is a very advanced of advancing the ability to feel and sense chakra. The technique allows the user to concentrate and detect someone's chakra. Users can use this to determine the nature of a jutsu used as well as sense masses of chakra. The use of this can be compared to Sharingan's brutish level of sensory, able to sense collection of chakra but not the level of clarity and precision Byakugan has.

Note: Can only be used by bios with Sensory ability.

Note: After having on a bio for 1 month, users gain the ability to activate Sensory passively.

(Kuchiyose no Jutsu: Hunahpu to Xbalanque, Hiro-tsuin sono Taiyo to Tsuki) - Summoning Technique: Hunahpu and Xbalanque, the Hero Twins of the Sun and Moon

Type: Supplementary

Rank: S

Range: N/A

Chakra Cost: 40

Damage: N/A

Description: Hunahpu and Xbalanque are twin brothers who were born with differing coloration. Hunahpu has the traditional orange fur with black rosette spots, while Xbalanque was born with the more rare black melanism coloration. As the two brothers grew and became more powerful, they began drawing comparisons to the sun and moon, thus earning their nickname as the Hero Twins of the Sun and Moon. Both jaguars are of similar size and stand on all fours with their backs reaching up to about six feet. Hunahpu is proficient in the fire element and is capable of using up to A-rank techniques. He also has the passive ability to sense body heat making him an excellent tracker. Xbalanque is proficient in the wind element and is capable of using up to A-rank techniques. As a melanistic jaguar, Xbalanque is able to extend the jaguar ability to hide their presence from non-sensor ninja to include chakra sensory techniques, making him a stealthy opponent. While masking his chakra, he cannot use any chakra based jutsu of his own without allowing his chakra to be sensed. The twins share a mental link with each other which allows for them to communicate through their thoughts, though this doesn't extend to the summoner. Both summons are considered A-rank individually.

-Can only be summoned once per battle.

-Lasts 4 turns once summoned.

Summoning Jutsu: Tezcatlipoca, God of Jaguars

(Kuchiyose no Jutsu: Tezcatlipoca)

Type: Supplementary

Rank: S

Range: n/a

Chakra Cost: 45

Damage: n/a

Description: Tezcatlipoca is one of the key Gods of the Aztec people. When he takes his animal form he becomes a Jaguar. He is the boss summon for Jaguars and is around the same size as Gamabunta. Jaguars have the strongest jaws of all the big cats as evidenced by their preference to deliver killing blows by biting the skull of their prey rather than the throat, they also eat turtles by crushing their shells. Using this bite Tezcatlipoca can bite through incredibly strong defensive techniques (A-rank and below). Jaguars are also masters of stealth and ambush made possible by their ability to mask their chakra from normal ninja, though not sensors. Tezcatlipoca is adorned in Aztec tribal gear such as feathers, piercings, armor and a green cloth ties around his waist. His chakra natures are water and wind he can use up to A-ranked water techniques and A-ranked wind techniques.

~Must have signed a contract with Jaguars.

~Can only be summoned once per battle.

~Lasts four turns once summoned.

~Can withstand up to 160 damage (2 S-ranked attacks)

Long Sword of the Demon Blacksmith (Muramasa no tachi)

Long Sword of the Demon Blacksmith (Muramasa no tachi)

Type: Weapon

Weapon rank: S

Range: Short

Chakra cost(s):

-30/turn the sword is unsheathed.

-30/Quickdraw used

Damage Chart:

Quickdraw(Short range)-A rank, 60

Quickdraw with a movement enhancing technique-S rank. 80

Description: Muramasa no tachi (Muramasa for short), is a modern sword named after the famous blacksmith, Muramasa. Although not crafted by Muramasa himself, the sword is his living legacy heavily emphasizing on attack strength. Opposite of most weapons, the blade is not ancient neither imbued with any magical forces. Instead it combines the Muramasa’s own sword crafting skills with a hint of modern ninjutsu & kenjutsu techniques to generate effective strikes with overwhelming damage output.

The sword is a “Tachi” not a Katana, with chakra receptors all around the hilt that manage inflow and outflow of energy across the sword and the user (general electrical energy from lightning release, but may involve other elements if used with a Custom jutsu). The hilt includes a switch the activates the receptors allowing the user to freely channel energy across the sword and his body. The sword is a vibroweapon, a high frequency blade similar to the ones used by Kirabi and Sasuke, meaning that it uses electrical energy to generate molecular vibration which, on physical contact, breaks the molecular bonds of other matter allowing the blade to effortlessly cut through objects. Murasama’s ancient sword development techniques were used to design the blade which makes it highly conductive, the different layers of alloy makes use of the peltier effect to keep the heat energy at the swords core without radiating any outside, the reduced loss of energy combined with the continuous supply of lightning chakra from the user soon charges the blade, changing its color to red. The sword leaks out electrical electrical energy of red wavelength, the red color is an indicator of the abnormal amount of energy flowing through the blade which allows Muramasa to cut objects better more easily than any other weapon known. The cutting potential of the sword could be defined with examples, Flying Swallow technique and both Sasuke and B’s vibroblades are able to pierce through steel with their weapons, Muramasa only takes this ability further effortless piercing through diamond, further more making it extremely lethal for person if hit directly by blade.

However this attack strength, abnormal as it may be, isn’t Muramasa’s primary ability. Muramasa’s main feature is its sheath: where the sword helps maximize the cutting ability, the sheath helps the user muster enough strength, this means while Muramasa has the potential to cut through diamond, it is unable to without the proper input of force. Unique to the sheath is its ability to store energy for burst damage when unsheathed, its features a trigger which when released would launch the blade outside for a single “Quickdraw” technique, which provides the necessary strength to perform such a powerful slash. The Quickdraw technique is Muramasa’s signature skill, when released the blade is launched out of the sheath like a ballistic shot which allows a swift Iaido strike extremely difficult to track within close proximity. The technique would however possess a downside in precision, because of the speed of this technique the single strike wouldn’t land if used either a second early or a second late. Quickdraw skill generates great force, combined with the piercing ability of the blade it allows great feats for both offense and defense. I.e. If the Quickdraw ability is used to slice through an earthen projectile aimed at the user, Muramasa would slice cleanly through the projectile, but the force granted by the sheath will be enough to alter the trajectory of the projectile and divide it to move past the user without harm. For intangible objects, such as Wind or Water, the strike force will distort the shape. The Quickdraw skill ensures that the blade destroys anything with the potential to be harmed (With the exception of Indestructible objects and anything else within reason, the ability is not absolute), the damage is further enhanced if combined with techniques that allow extreme movement such as the Lightning release armour or Swift release Shadowless Flight technique due velocity multiplying force. The sheath is capable of holding other forms of Chakra and electric isn’t the only type of energy that can be channeled through the sword allowing it to be used for the user's other elemental CJ.

Note: The sword is indestructible. Quickdraw skill may only be used in alternating turns allowing a cooldown time for sheath to recharge.

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(Katai Omori: Doroppu) Leg Weights: Drop

Type: Supplementary

Rank: A-Rank

Range: Short

Chakra: N/A

Damage: N/A (+20 to Kicks, 2x Running Speed)


The user stops, bends over to reach his legs and unstraps his leg weights, dropping them to the ground. As a result the user gains a drastic boost to his running speed (doubles) and +20 to all his Strong Fist Kick-related moves. However, this boost in strength and speed is completely nullified when releasing the EIG or when using any kind of movement speed enhancement technique or weight manipulation technique; they don't add up on each other.
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Jul 4, 2012
Custom Mission: Find a Boat Willing to take Grimmjow to a new Landmark
Rank: C rank
Summary: After defeating the pirate lord, Grimmjow decides to move his attentions elsewhere. However, the Weather is far too wild for Grimmjow to simply run across the sea to the next landmark, and his impatience would not let him stay in the town and wait out the storm

After Grimmjows fight with Saylin, the Pirate lord of Naxos, Grimmjow found himself so exhausted, that he slept for a full two days after the battle. His Jaguars had taken him to a local tavern, and the tavern owner, out of sheer fear after hearing about what Tez had done to the on lookers of the fighting arena, offered Grimmjow the room free of charge. It was the largest room the inn had, large enough for the twins to guard Grimmjows sleeping body, while Tez sat out the front, guarding the Tavern entirely in case of retaliation, however, this was primarily a fishing port, and no one dared even come within twenty meters of the tavern while Grimmjow was sleeping. Grimmjow didn't dream at all, his mind and body too exhausted from fighting to even materialize images as he suddenly woke up, the sound of thunder cracking over head. Grimmjow was instinctively awoken by the noise, thinking it was an attack, however as his eyes adjusted, and his brain processed everything, he could see the pitch black clouds out the window, and the occasional flash of lightning over head. Sitting up from his bed, the Twins sat up themselves, awaiting an order. Grimmjow shook his head from side to side, allowing the twins the lay back down as he climbed out of bed. Grimmjows joints still ached, especially the area's where he had taken a hit. Even without looking, he could tell he was bruised underneath, which made him smile, it was a hell of a fight, it had been a long time since he had fought like that. However, it quickly dawned on Grimmjow that, with the fight arena gone, there wasn't likely anyone left to challenge in this little village. After washing his face briefly, Grimmjow headed down stairs, to the tavern area of the bar. The bartender was obviously weary of Grimmjow, probably not wanting to meet the same fate as those at the arena. Sitting down at the stool, Grimmjow ordered a drink, spinning the glass on the bar before speaking to the bartender, staring into the golden liquid before him.

With Saylin gone, where's the best place for me to find a challenge. Im assuming there should be somewhere on this rock where strong opponents gather.

The bartender, a rather bulky man with a thick unkempt fishermans beard, flung a polishing cloth over his shoulder and scratched his chin. The man stood there for a near minute solid, just scratching his chin, before he moved his hand and pointed behind Grimmjow.

Aint my Job to track strong opponents Kid, however, that bounty board over there might have something that will peak your interests. Mostly just bandits being bandits, but i havn't had a look in a few days, so maybe something more interesting is there?

Smirking to himself, Grimmjow too a long sip of his drink before standing up, and with long strides, walked over to the board. At first glance, the bartender was right. All of the pinned messages and requests where just bandits. Some in the mountains, some taken over small villages. Pillaging, stealing, a few killers, nothing interesting really, except one. Hidden under a few other fliers, one struck Grimmjows eye. This one wasn't to take on a group of bandits, but just one person. Seems a young girl killed her father, robbed the family home and ran. However, this was far away, in the land of fire. Grimmjow looked at the large map plastered on the wall next to the board, tracing the best route. Even on foot, at his speed, it would take several days to reach the land of fire. Locating the girl would be another mission in on it's own. However, the first mission here was to get from Naxos to Theodoro, the adjoining island just across the sea. However, with this massive storm, running there was out of the question. Walking back up to the bar, Grimmjow placed a few coins onto the bar and walked out, the twin Jaguars close behind.

As Grimmjow stepped outside, Tez turned and looked down at him. Grimmjow smirked, the massive Jaguar really was loyal. Weaving a handseal, Grimmjow spoke.

Thanks Tez, i'll call on you again soon.

With that, the huge Jaguar vanished into a puff of smoke. Outside, the rain was heavy, like a blanket pouring down. Walking down the road towards the bay, Grimmjow looked out and could see, that the waves where rough. Far too rough to attempt moving across on foot. Thinking in his mind, Grimmjow didn't really have any jutsu that he could use get him across safely either, which really only left the one option, go by boat. Heading down to the fishing vessels, Grimmjow asked multiple fisherman to take him across, each one giving him the same answer, their boats where too small, and there wasnt enough coin to be paid to let them risk their lives in this storm. Time and time again, Grimmjow was turned down, until one fisherman gave him some advice.

Listen, no one at this dock will take you there in this weather. You'll have to wait about 4-5 days before it calms. However, if you head down the coat about ten minutes, you'll find a huge ship and a small hut near the beach. Old pirate lives there, before Saylins time, probably the only one who could get you there, but you'd need a crew, which he ain't got, so good luck.

This was a good sign, and taking the mans advice, Grimmjow moved his way down to the coast, and sure enough, a large pirate ship bobbed off the shore, and a small hut just off the beach. From the top, billowing smoke plumed out, signifying someone was home. Walking up to the shack, Grimmjow knocked, and was met with an old, raspy voice in return.

What in ye bloody hell's does ye want?

I'm looking for passage to Theodoro, today, and no later, so let me in.

An old rickety chair creaking could be heard behind the door, and thumping footsteps as the man walked up to the door. The door flung open, and Grimmjow was met by a dwarfish looking man, barely 5 ft tall, fat as the hill's with a stubbly grey beard. The man looked Grimmjow up and down, coughed a little, and spoke.

And why in blazin hell would i ferry a mass murdered across in one of the worst storms iv'e seen this year? And before ye say "else i'll kill's ya" know that iv'e lived me life, and you can's kills me if ye's want's, i dont cares.

Grimmjows nose twitched slightly. The old man saw through his plan before he even enacted it, which meant Grimmjow had to come up with a plan on the fly.

Two reasons. Firstly i'll pay you to do it. Secondly, you'll be the one who gets this mass murderer off of Naxos. Sounds like a win to me?

Pfft, doesn't affects me whether ye stay or ye go, however...

The old man stopped for a moment, pondering something before scratching his beard and glancing up at Grimmjow, in the mans eye's Grimmjow saw a scheme.

I got's a deal for ye. Saylin's blade, Titania, wasn't his blade to begin. Saylin was a gravedigger, stole's the blade from me old captains grave. Get me's that sword, and get's me's a crew, and i'll take's ya off this blasted island, deals?

Getting a crew and a blade? Couldn't be any easier. Turning to the twins, Grimmjow flicked his head to the side, sending both twins barreling down the coast. They would go collect the blade from the arena. Meanwhile, in front of the old man, Grimmjow would speak.

How many you need for a crew?

At least 6, 10 if they aint experienced Sailors.

Easily done. 6 Sailors, can't compete with 5 Jounin level Shinobi, will that be enough?

If there was 5 of ye? Yeah, probably.

With a smirk, Grimmjow made a single handseal, splitting his chakra and summoning clones. Splitting his chakra into 5 made him feel a little weak, but it would be more than enough. Plus, in his past Grimmjow had plenty of experience travelling around the Land of Water on Ships, so he wasnt a complete clueless idiot. Around twenty minutes past before the twins appeared on the horizon. In Huna's jaw, the blade, Titania, rested. Dropping the blade at the old man's feet, the old guy simply smirked, chucked the sword into his little hut, and closed the door.

Alright then kid, Lets get going to Theodoro.

The group boarded a smaller row boat, and even at the shore, just rowing to the ship was hard, but Grimmjow used his chakra to help support the small vessel, making the small trip easier to bare. Reaching the large ship, the old guy began barking orders, telling Grimmjow and the clones what to do, where to stand, how to act, all the basic stuff Grimmjow had heard captains spout before. After around an hour of prepping, the sails flung down, and with the huge wind from the storm, the ship took off across the sea. One clone sat at the bottom of the vessel, using its chakra to help steady the boat using a similar method to walking on water, and with this, the boat cut through the water, but it was still a very bumpy ride. The twin Jaguars looked sick on the vessel, but they had to endure it, as Grimmjow would need them on Theodoro. As the ship was moving, Grimmjow moved up to the old guy, who had the biggest grin on his face, likely the first time he had sailed in years. Standing next to the wheel, Grimmjow spoke, well, Grimmjow yelled, over the waves hitting the ship and the thunder, speaking was impossible.

I didn't catch ya name old timer?

Captain Dirk, well, ex captain Dirk, of the Naxos Pirates. Please to get ye the hell off my island kid.

Grimmjow just laughed, as thunder cracked around him. Crazy old guys, and a wild storm, this was really the life.

Jutsu used
(Kage Bunshin no Jutsu) - Shadow Clone Technique
Rank: B
Type: Supplementary
Range: Short
Chakra Cost: 20 (total chakra is divided by the final number of clones plus the user)
Damage Points: N/A
Description: The Kage Bunshin distributes the ninja's chakra evenly among the clones and himself and creates a real copy with form and substance. The clones, a max number of 4, are capable of performing techniques on their own and can even bleed, but will usually disperse after hit by a strong enough force, returning 10% of its individual chakra to the user. Shadow clones can't be distinguished from the original with Sharingan, Byakugan, Rinnegan or normal Chakra Sensing. The clone itself can also utilize any jutsu the original ninja knows. When the clone finally disperses, any new knowledge it has gained is passed back to the original ninja and any additional clones.

-LLM, going to Theodoro-

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The Pervy Sage

Oct 22, 2009
[Coming from here]

Name: The Pervy sage
Mission rank: C

Explore an abandoned site (2)
Defend yourself from wild beasts (2)

Summary: Hearing rumours, Zeref decides to investigate an abandoned site

Zeref arrived onto the island on a small boat, making up a story that he was in search of rare antiques and he heard a trade port like this was one of the optimum locations to find them. What he didn't tell them was how he was just looking for test subjects and new leads on a way to create his own army. After exchanging a few words and paying for a place to leave his boat for the night he set off into the port, blending into the busy crowd. He wondered around looking at each stall, some with fresh fish, some had link trinkets, all over priced for what they were. Though one thing that stood out was the man in the expensive suit walking from stall to stall with two brutes tailing him. Unlike the other people in the port, he would be taking money, rather than paying. It would seem he was the local authority, or crime boss if you will.

Zeref simply kept walking, he wasn't really bothered about small time criminals right now, he was searching for something but not knowing what, it was when he reached the end of the port that he actually seem to make up. Not in a sleeping manor, but snap into reality. The big sign that read "Danger, Do not enter". Though as he looked past that, it wasn't the end of the port. A bit further down lay large buildings, cranes and so much alike, for larger shipping and such, yet it all looked completely abandoned, lined with warning signs. Zeref couldn't help but be curious, so he doubled back on himself to one of the stalls selling fresh fried fish on a stick. As he was buying he decided to drop it into conversation.

"I know i haven't been here for a while, but what happened to the main part of the port? Is it under renovations?"

The man on the stall looked at him suspiciously for a moment.

"You mustn't of been here for a while, the old trade district been closed off for years now. Too dangerous down there... thought beasts they speak of, i wouldn't even think about it if i were you. Even now, doesn't feel safe around here at night with those howls... "

"Oh i didn't know, thanks for the warning, i'll make sure to avoid there... this is delicious by the way, i'll be back tomorrow for more if you're still here"

With that pleasant final exchange, Zeref smiled then made his way in the other direction blending into the crowd.

Having found somewhere to wait until nightfall came, Zeref now sat on top of one of the buildings, watching as the final stall packed up and left, the streets empty now. Somehow he couldn't help but let his curiousity get the best of him. With the streets cleared, he stood now, running across the roof he stood on jumping onto one of the buildings on the other side of the barricade that had been made, landing in a kneeling position, he'd then drop down onto the ground and begin his exploration. Walking around he looked for clues of what had gone on hear but apart from being dank, dark and dirty, at first there wasn't much to be seen, though it seemed that would just be the widened exclusion zone.

After walking for about five minutes he saw the first sign of something being wrong here. The side of a large building had ben broken open from the inside, the bricks still lay around, it was large enough to fit a large bulldoser through. There were no tire tracks or anything like that, but what had smashed through so easily? He kept walking, though now following the path and direction of destruction, seeing where it would lead. Along the way he would see broken crates, broken torches dropped on the floor, a weapon abandoned here and there, but what made him stop was when he found the blood. It was in drops on the ground around the same location. But these were large drops that seemed to have splashed out. He looked up for any signs as to what might of caused this but nothing. Not even a trail of blood to follow, his curiosity was running wild.

There was only one thing to do, he'd activate his chakra sensing to feel out what was around. If there was anyone or anything around, he'd surely sense it with this. Feeling this he felt three chakra's, all near a similar location, similar strength. He decided to head in that direction. As he made his way closer to, he'd see even greater destruction, more blood, now and they some bloodied clothing. It seemed as though what ever caused the port this much trouble was some wild beasts or a pack. It was in that moment he felt all three chakra signatures become one. How was that even possible? He stepped out of the building he was in and saw one giant hangar ahead where he could feel the chakra. He moved towards it eagerly. As he reached the side door he heard a loud howl as the the chakra signature he felt now became 4 signatures. Was there something wrong with him?

He opened the door and stepped inside. Though it was dark inside he could see with his rinnegan, looking around. He walked into the room. With his rinnegan he could feel the 4 chakra's of the same level, all around the outside of the room, spreading around him, trying to trap him. He looked in the direction of one. It seemed as though his assumption had been right, it was a beast. A large dog looking beast with two heads. Now if this was one, what were the others. The others seemed to stop around him as the two headed beast leapt at him, holding out his right hand he formed a chidori swinging his arm upwards slicing the beast right down the center, aiming to deal with it once and for all. Though what happened next was beyond what he could have imagined, the beast rather than being cut, tore in two straight down the middle, forming into two giant dogs. The chakra of the two the same levels. The beast had just split in to and leapt at him. He jumped up, kicking off the top of the head the one on the left to push himself high into the air, doing a flip, landing with his feet on the ceiling using his chakra to hold him in place as he looked down.

Below he saw it, the two dogs that were just one, then 3 other twin headed dogs. The beast was a mass of dogs intertwined, they were one and a pack at the same time, a pack of wild beasts. It seemed as though cutting them would only serve to increase their numbers. But he couldn't help but be intrigued. The two dogs would now be jumping up trying to bite him but he was too high up as the others began to move in closer too. With a couple of handseals he shot a fireball down at one of the dogs with one head as it jumped. The fireball would hit the beast as it howled and fell to the ground. It didn't split it would seem but was that because there was only one head. The other dog stopped jumping, walked over to it and they fused back together. Both began barking, growling, then they began to jump again. The other 3 twin headed dogs were here now. What happened next would be even more exciting.

The twin headed dogs tried to jump, fanged bared trying to bite him but couldn't reach, though he noticed they jumped higher now, getting closer. It seemed to be that they thought the same. The 4 twin headed dogs came together fusing into one giant 8 headed dog, this is the chakra he had felt before. This must be the beast that had taken over this part, hunting any that dared walk around here. No wonder this place was abandoned. Before he could think much more the beast jumped, Zeref barely hand time to jump down out of the way before it's jaws tore through the roof itself, causing part of it to cave in.

Zeref had decided, this beast would become his. As he jumped through the air he spat out a wave of liquid caramel, spewing it over the beast as it fell back through the air. He'd control it to harden up on contact, binding the beast as it fell down to the ground with a solid crash. The beast would try and fight against the binding but it was no use. It's body tore against itself as it tried to split apart again but with the caramel holding it, it couldn't even do that. Zeref landed nearby walking over to the beast.

"What a wonderful beast you are but your talents are wasted in these grounds, no, i'll put you to much better use than this. Now... let's tame you...."

With that he released a black rod from his sleeve and impaled the beast's right shoulder, releasing his chakra into it, forcing his control over it. From here he began a long process, one that was cruel yet needed, piercing the beast over and over, through all of it's head and throughout it's body. He took full control of the beast, when he was done he removed the caramel and looked on at the beast, in all of it's eyes he could see, the rinnegan.

With that he jumped on the beasts back and controlled it to leave this port. He didn't come to do them any favours, his curiousty just happened to get the best of him, thanks to that he attained a new pet. But how long would this site stay abandoned for now? The people of the town would of heard the howls, but what would they do about it.


(Chakra Henkanshi no Jutsu) - Chakra Sensing Technique
Type: Supplementary
Rank: C
Range: Short - Long
Chakra cost: 15 (- 5 per turn)
Damage points: N/A
Description: This is a very advanced of advancing the ability to feel and sense chakra. The technique allows the user to concentrate and detect someone's chakra. Users can use this to determine the nature of a jutsu used as well as sense masses of chakra. The use of this can be compared to Sharingan's brutish level of sensory, able to sense collection of chakra but not the level of clarity and precision Byakugan has.
Note: Can only be used by bios with Sensory ability.
Note: After having on a bio for 1 month, users gain the ability to activate Sensory passively.

(Raiton: Chidori Eiso) - Lightning Release Chidori Sharp Spear
Type: Offensive
Rank: A
Range: Short-Mid
Chakra: 30
Damage: 60
Description: The user increases the range of their Chidori by using form manipulation to extend it into a blade up to 10 meters in length. This blade is capable of splitting into multiple additional blades upon contact with an enemy, drastically increasing the number of wounds it can inflict. Like other Chidori-related techniques, this jutsu will numb its target upon contact but unlike others, seems to focus more on having a cutting power, like a katana, than a piercing one. Because of its cutting abilities, it often seems to manifest a certain "solidity"; a tangible aspect.

(Katon: Gōkakyū no Jutsu) - Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique
Type: Offensive
Rank: C
Range: Short-Mid
Chakra: 15
Damage: 30
Description: After performing the necessary hand seals Snake → Ram → Monkey → Boar → Horse → Tiger, a ninja inhales air, and utilizing a large amount of fire chakra, spews a large fireball from their mouth after blowing through a ring made by the thumb and index finger of the user, incinerating everything in range. The fireball ignites externally. The fire ball can present itself in 2 forms: it can either be created by a stream of fire and sustained as a gigantic ball of flames in front of the user spanning up to short range or be released as a slightly smaller ball of fire which will travel towards the enemy up to mid range.

(karumera) - Caramel release
Rank: D - S
Type: Supplementary/Attack/Defense
Range: Short-long
Chakra cost: 10-40
Damage points: 20-80
Description: The user will focus their chakra combining the necessary elements and create a caramel on the battlefield that they can use to attack, defend, or just bind the opponents. The caramel can be made in various shapes and forms. This can be made from the ground, the users chakra or via them spitting it out or releasing it from their body. This can be done in one of two forms, either solid or liquid Caramel. Liquid Caramel can only be used in projectile, blasts, attacks from the ground or familiars, basically unable to be held by the user. Hardened Caramel however can be used in any way reasonable. The user can make solid forms such as weapons and walls or waves and pulses of caramel. For B rank and below, the user will use hand gestures to form the caramel, for A rank the user will need to perform one handseal. A rank can be used once per turn, S rank can be used 3 times per battle with two turns between uses and no caramel A rank and above in the following turn.
Note: Liquid caramel dries up in 2 turns

(Kuchiyose no Jutsu: Kyojin Inu) - Summoning Technique: Giant Dog
Type: Supplementary
Rank: S -Rank
Range: Short
Chakra Cost: 40
Damage: N/A
Description: A large, multi-headed dog with wings (but cannot fly), this summon has a number of body piercings which link its chakra to the summoner and make it so that it manifests the Rinnegan. If the amplification technique is used, the dog can split and multiply when hit. It gains additional heads every time it splits in this way, and each duplicated head carries the Chakra Receiver and the Rinnegan like the original. Every time the dog takes a hit, the user may choose to use the amplification summoning technique to create additional dogs, thus escaping the damage caused. The dog is shown to be highly durable and can resist B rank and below techniques.
Note: can only be summoned by Uzumaki Nagato and 6 Paths of Pein bios.
Note: can only be summoned once and can only divide into a max of 4 bodies.

(Zōfuku Kuchiyose no Jutsu) – Amplification Summoning Technique
Rank: S
Type: Supplementary
Range: Short
Chakra cost: 40
Damage points: N/A
Description: A technique that Nagato applied to his Dog Summoning technique where he provides it with a unique power. This jutsu gives the Dog summoning the ability to divide into two separate identical beasts upon being struck by an attack and increase the summoning attack power. The beast is capable of recombining together into a single body whilst carrying the multiple heads on the single body.
Note: Can only be used by Nagato/Pein and create a total of 4 separate bodies.

[leaving landmark]