Naruto: The Sakurakage

Jun 27, 2019
Trait Points
The Village Hidden in the Cherry Blossom.

Naruto was banished after the Pein's Attack. Naruto found a Cherry Blossom tree and he leaned against it but found a giant carven inside the tree. Naruto decides to make a village named Hanagakure but he calls his new home, "The Land of Cherry Blossom." He makes himself the First Sakurakage of Hanagakure. So he builds the village of Hanagakure.

This is the symbol on the Sakurakage's hat:
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Sakurakage's Hat:
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This is the headband
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The symbol on the vests:
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I think Naruto would make two statues of this version of Sakura Haruno: (Similar to the Valley of the End with the statues of Madara and the First Hokage.)
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I could also see Naruto build a statue of Sakura Haruno in the town square but this version is this one:
With a plaque that reads: The Hanagakure is strong and Beautiful as Sakura Haruno's Large charming forehead." signed The First Sakurakage.

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Be while back in the Konohagakure the Tsunade just told what happens to Naruto. Sakura is sad that her both teammates have left the village one for Power and the other one was banished. Ino and Hinata tried to comfort Sakura.

Then one year later Yugao Uzuki found out about the new village called, "Hanagakure". The land is called, "The Land of the cherry blossoms."

Tsunade decides to send Sakura Haruno, Ino Yamanaka, Hinata Hyuuga, and Tenten with Anko, and Kurenai as their senseis. While Yugao Uzuki is their guide to the village.



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