Naruto: The Dimensional Guardian Challenge Fan Fiction

Jun 27, 2019
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Naruto: The Dimensional Guardian Challenge.

Plot: After the fight with Sasuke at the Valley of the End. Naruto was send into a Dimensional Guardian's palace. He looks around and saw three doors.

He sees one room with the words "Pairing Room". This got him interest in. When he open the door. He sees all the pairings that was

  • NaruSaku​
  • NaruIno​
  • NaruKarin​
  • NaruShion​
  • NaruTen​
  • NaruHina​
  • NaruIsarabi​
  • NaruAmaru​
  • NaruShizuka​
  • NaruHaruna​
  • NaruKarui​
  • NaruKurotsuhi​
  • NaruFuu​
He went back into the room he'd came from. He look at the other rooms and saw Rogue Room. He was nervous to open it and he did though. He sees portals that where he went rogue instead of Sasuke.

  • Sound​
  • Akatsuki​
  • Dotō's Three-Man-Team​
  • Four Celestial Symbols Men​
  • Furido's 4-Man Team​
  • Haido's Knights​
  • Hiruko's Team​
  • Team Guren​

He went back into the room he'd came from. He went to the last room called, "Crossovers Room"

One portal has two half is Marvel/DC Portal. The second portal is kinda like that Star Trek/Star Wars. The other three is Bleach, Dragonball, and One Piece.

He went back into the room he'd came from. Then he notices this is the Control Panel. Kurama finds this interest.

Sidenote: No Pairings for this Naruto. Sense Naruto would be happy to see his counterparts in the Pairings. Naruto decides to become a hermit of sort. He becomes mature than any of his friends.​