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Poison chan

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Sep 27, 2018
We need a sub. Can anyone please join @Bimbonium can you?
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So most of the seats have been claimed, Ayame (@Dr.Strange), yosh, let's begin. Tomorrow; the wills of fire will blaze alive starting tomorrow.

2. @Gister
3. @Ansatsuken
4. @Alice in Noodleland
5. @Odd
6. @Finalbeta
7. @Dragomir
8. @MadieV
9. @Apriori
10. @6thHokage
11. @Konno
12. @Mr.Lonely
13. @Starboy
14. @Imp
15. @Gutsy
16. @Avito
17. @AL_sama
18. @Koto
19. @Dupa
20. @Sagebee
21. @Junegirl_19
22. @Alubama

We have 20 players for now, if more people join before tomorrow they are in the game ^^

Now, most of the players are experienced and there are many veteran players. :hokage:

But just to get my players I persuaded many newbies :tnka1-1:

So for you guys we have a little guide, even though you can always ask me or @Dr.Strange about any doubts still before the game you must look at these - - -

For the lazy people (people like me basically, you people rock) here's a short video describing the game ~

For those who wants to know it all, @Rohan has something for you ~

Mafia Game Play Advice (Click Me)

And after reading all these if you have doubts contact us, the hosts, or you can chat here ~

Mafia Game Chat Thread (Click Me)

The game will begin on 26-01-19 and your roles will be provided earlier that day. ^^
Now since we have such drastic timezones, I'm sorry, you might not get a suitable time for the play, but we will try to make it easier for you, but even if we fail, the Phases will go on for 24 hours, so Play, Slay, and yeayy!

I'm very much thankful to everyone, and specially to @Rohan, thanks you mentioned a lot of people to sign up for the game. ^^ Thanks a lot.

And lastly guys, I'm new to the Mafia world, if I'm doing anything wrong as a host, please inform me, that would help me a lot. ^^

So go on and have fun, your presence makes the world a bit more beautiful~
@GinkoSha have a look. You will get a gist.
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