Most iconic manga page???


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Apr 17, 2014
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You can only choose one page... which page gave you teh most goosebumps and make you think HOLY $HI!?!!? This is lakookie choice:

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To see teh kage get solo so easily was a badazz moment for sure... i just wish they all die so it have more impact
This one too
Mizukage and Hokage T H I C C

This is one of the best conclusion of a fight that was the most believable. There were no forced outcome. Just pure logical progressive conclusion.

These people also managed to tick all the boxes:
Overpowered fight
Realistic/Believable (everything was established and no blind siding)
All went all out (showcased terrific feats that was worthy of the stature of everyone involved, yes including that OP Madara)
Blaze of glory
Little to no fan servicing
Also the cool factor
The sheer terror and carnage but the never giving up and fight through the end (would've preferred them to all die or at least destroyed beyond recovery like Gai being perma benched)

Madara reviving back to life was meh though. That ruined the entire thing.

Although in terms of anime fights during the war, nothing beats the Kakashi Obito taijutsu fight in the Kamui dimension