Miyu Miracle Ganmi, the Dazzling Siren v.1


Aug 17, 2011
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"Oh my, how the stars have aligned!"

Basic Information
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Miyu Miracle Ganmi
Nickname(s): The Dazzling Siren
Gender: Female
Age: Twenty
Clan: Ganmi Clan
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Miyu has been described by many to be as beautiful as the stars. She stands at a height of five foot, six inches with slightly pale skin; but this is outshined by the very bright pinkish eyes. While her hair isn’t the longest in the world, it reaches down to her neck where it starts with a light black coloration; into naturally pink highlights at the ends of her hair. Her body tone is rather slim; but her training as a shinobi in her village allowed to her still retain a rather toned physique – showing that despite being born with a weaker constitution initially, she was capable of becoming a healthier lady. Like many women her age; she has an ample bust size; accompanied with her dazzling bright smile that is said to steal the hearts of those who come across her way. Given her affinity for artistry -and being the Sage of such- Miyu does not shy away from the use of makeup and other cosmetic effects to provide a sharper, complimentary outline of the features she finds most pride in. What sets her apart from most Shinobi, Miyu has a relatively expansive wardrobe and takes considerable pride in the careful selection that she makes for each, going as far as to have them personally fitted to her comfort, ensuring each hugs perfectly complimentary to the curves of her figure. Though her wardrobe is expansive and seemingly ever evolving with new additions to suit her wants and needs, Miyu has a tendency to levitate toward a "favorite" that occasionally finds it's way into her rotation.

Personality: Miyu is a very confident young lady; who always strives to do what she believes is the right thing to do. Bright and cheery, she’s almost always in a good mood, usually indicated by her aura showing such positive colors. Miyu of course isn’t without her own ideals, having been drilled and lectured by her father growing up but quite often she rejects these ideals, wanting to be her own individual. While she can be somewhat blunt about her feelings for others, she almost always tries to take into consideration others own emotions as well. She’s not afraid to utilize her family’s status to get what she wants, which at times can show her being somewhat of a brat to others. Miyu is extremely loyal however to the people whom she cares for and will not allow herself to be a pawn in someone’s sick and twisted ways. She is also somewhat not against the idea of using “lethal” force to get the job done as well. Naïve, she still believes in some fairy tales that she was told since she was little. Due to her somewhat weak constitution, she has an inferiority to her older siblings, aiming to surpass them no matter the cost. Miyu is also known to be somewhat of an airhead, often times reading the room wrong, leading to rather hilarious interactions with others. She’s never experienced love due to her sheltered upbring and has a fascination with the idea of falling in love someday to feel what others have felt. All in all, Miyu is a pure hearted maiden with only good intentions; though the lengths she;s willing to go to get them is somewhat questionable.

Village Info.
Land of Birth:
Siren's Lair ~
WSE Clan: Tsumigakure (Current)

Rank//Chakra Info.

Ninja Rank: Sage of Artistry [200 HP, 2000 CP]
Specialty: Single Hand Seal Specialist [Water Release & Genjutsu], Genjutsu Layering, Yin Specialist, Surreal Palm
Elements: Basic 5, Yin, Yang, Solar Wind, Bismuth, Seraphic Water, Dark Vacuity
Your Ninjutsu: Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, Genjutsu , Kenjutsu, Kaito Taijutsu, Fūinjutsu, Medical Ninjutsu, Ganmi Clan Techniques, Sound Ninjutsu
Blood Contracts: Parrot Summoning Contract & Komainu Summoning Contract

Custom Fighting Styles: Surreal Palm, Renewal Taekwondo, Eight Deva Guardian, Lazy Fist , Mark of the Trickster

Background Info.

Chapter 1: Star Kissed
Miyu Miracle Ganmi is a young woman born in small village settlement in the Eastern Continent known as Siren's Lair Being the third born child of her parents; she was the least focused on of the siblings – namely due to her “weak” constitution. Despite her frail body; Miyu never took this to heart growing up – instead choosing to overcome this as she got older and better at ninjutsu. By the time she reached the age of nine; she had already proven worthy enough to participate in her village’s Chunin Exam, or at least this is what people thought. This was proven to be a mistake, as she lost early into the tournament – something her parents deemed a failure of judgement on their behalf but Miyu took all blame onto herself. She vowed to become better than before; even going as far as to mastering her villages unique techniques. She blew the competition away, now being able to become a Chunin and eventually a Jounin.

Miyu would leave Siren's Lair afterwards, wanting to explore the world for her own eyes – to become even better of a kunochi and to bring peace to the world, no matter what she had to do to achieve this result. She currently resides in Tsumigakure; being her Mirabelle’s understudy and student – with her being next in line to becoming the next possible Kage.
Other Information
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Ganmi Clan:
The Ganmi Clan gene pool has 2 very unique proprieties. The first one relates to physical appearance. Any appearance the user has is, genetically, passive, with the exception of a certain genetic Handsomeness. What this mean is, when a Ganmi procreates with someone from a different Clan the offspring's appearance will always be picked from the second clan's gene pool, yet have a very striking handsomeness and beauty characteristic of the Ganmi. Being the perfect infiltrators, they look exactly like they belong, and their attractiveness will make assure their path to the higher hierarchies is much easier and secure. This is why it is so hard to spot a Ganmi inside another clan, though it is most likely that, if one exists, he or she is in the higher or more influential ranks, which contributed to the widespread of the Ganmi across the world.

The second one relates to their Kekkei Genkai. The Ganmi, not unlike the Inuzuka, developed a very strong sense of Taste, over generations, culminating in very sophisticated and powerful taste based techniques. This is a dominant gene, opposite to their physical appearance genes. A Ganmi will most often than not pass on their KG, instead of the other clan's parent. Miyu is the Current Candy Maker of the Clan, granting her access to unique techniques and all of the Paladar Related Abilities.

Taste Sensory Skill
(Mikaku Henkanshi no Ki)
It's similar to specific techniques, like Sound Release's Inner Sonar Skill, but always active. Unlike skills, this ability is basically an enhanced form of a sense that any animal possesses and, as such, is always active and unconsciously controlled. It works by passively engrossing the chakra flow around the mouth, throat and tongue areas, associated with Taste, augmenting their sensitivity, like the Sonar Skill increases the chakra flow around the ears.

This permits the user to acquire a super-human sense of taste, allowing one to sense even the faintest remnants of substances and pinpoint their origin, concentration and nature and, through this ability, the user acquires the ability to taste chakra itself.

Every person has a unique chakra signature, which leaves behind a unique chakra taste. Simultaneously, each element stimulates different parts of the tongue, and is thus associated with the different base flavors ( Sweet - Fire, Sour - Wind, Bitter - Lightning, Salty - Earth, Savory - Water ), which can then complexity into the advanced Elements. The Ganmi's taste sensory perception is heightened and quite dexterous. A Ganmi is able to taste the different concentrations of a sample, in order to gauge the quantity and distance from the taste source, as anyone would a smell or a sound, for example. The nature of the taste, is associated with a taste map, every chemical and mineral will activate a different cell, which will be associated with several taste groups. Each individual taste will activate more than one taste group, and the brain will come to the conclusion of the nature of the taste through this cross checking. A lemon may activate group B, C, D and not A, and that is the composition of what the brain perceives as Lemon. The more exposed a Ganmi is to the elements, the more complex their taste map is. An unknown taste will still activate a specific set of groups, and it is up to the user to associate with with something, for future reference.

This, of course, makes their chakra nature sensing, while quite better than sharingan's, still similar, in the sense that there is not a direct link to a chakra nature, as if each had a specific taste ( or color in the sharingan's case), which it actually doesn't have, but it does allow an experienced user to deduct it quite accurately ( through heat, ashy smell, carbonization, etc for Fire, liquidy, mineraly, wet and cold for Water, etc etc ), along with other sensory cues, like sight, sound, etc.

The complexity of the Gamni Taste is similar to that of other advanced chemical-sensor animals, such as the highly advanced dog smelling sense. Emotions are nothing but hormonal and chemical unbalances, and even dogs, with their subpar intelligence, are able to innately distinguish a wide range of emotions in other animals, humans inclusive, from Happiness to Fear, Sadness to Excitement. It's a fusion between body language and heightened sensory. A panicked person will sweet more, which the dog is able to smell. Lust will invariable release sexual hormones, that, while not as noticeable as pheromones in other species, are still there and noticeable to someone with heightened senses. Gamni thus ally their animalistic advanced senses with the human innate brain capabilities, to bring these Emotion sensing to new heights, in a much more complex sensory map than dogs, capable of greater empathy and thus, better distinguish the nuances of similar emotions.

Taste Illusionary Arts
Ganmi no Genjutsu

These techniques combine concepts of Ninjutsu and Genjutsu. The Taste Genjutsu pertain to a set of illusions that use Taste/Smell as a medium. To do so, the Gamni exude a type of toxin, pheromone-based, that, through inhalation or ingestion/absorption through the mouth's mucosa ( Taste or Smell ) are carried on to the brain, together with chakra and trigger an illusion. Through this type of Genjutsu, the user acquires a greater grip on the target's physiology and psyche, going as far as being able to induce emotional disturbances in addition to the distortion of the senses, as is normal with any Genjutsu.

Apart of Taste and Smell, which trigger the illusion, these Ganmi Toxins are almost imperceptible (if one looks carefully and in certain conditions, a slight distortion in the air (similar to the effect of hot air rising from the ground in a very hot day) is present around the user). Yet they are produced through chakra, and, thus, are easily detected by any Chakra Sensing Ability, such as Doujutsu or the default Chakra Sensing Technique or any similar technique. They can be destroyed by Lightning and pushed by Wind or Water ( Rain, for example, lessens the Toxin's spread ), disabled by cold and are enhanced by Fire, otherwise being unaffected and unphased by other elements (Earth and most simple solid elements). The Toxins are exuded from the users body or mouth or can be a byproduct of the users own Saliva.

Corrosive Saliva
( Tsuba no Ki )

With the constant output of chakra into the user's mouth, they began developing a much greater control over the their own saliva, altering it's toxicity to accomodate the constant tasting and taste-related actions, and even using it in battle. This allows the user to passively manipulate their own saliva through basic chakra, Ninjutsu, similar to Cloth, Paper and Flower users, by infusing their Glands and actual Saliva with their own chakra.

It does not stand as the ability to turn chakra into Saliva, as this is not an Elemental Technique. If the user's saliva producing glands are inviable, he/she won't be able to access this ability. This ability will have actual techniques to support it, created with the proper format. The techniques are similar to Water jutsu, and have similar strength and weaknesses, with the exception of its corrosive properties which are able to dissolve all biological matter ( strong against biological elements like Wood, Mushroom, Plant, Flesh, etc ).

The ability came into play from the Ganmi's natural curiosity and earn for experiencing multiple tastes, to increase their Taste Map. Over the time, their saliva would pick up toxic waste and pathological bacteria, that that would adapt to and control. The Ganmi Corrosive Saliva adaptation, which they refer to as Black Tongue, is similar to the adaptations of Komodo Dragons, or other poisonous (but not venomous) animals and plants. They are able to mask the natural fetid scent (which is actually alluring and pleasant to other Ganmi, in their passive and unfocused state), through innate taste-manipulation techniques, making their breath smell as normal as other humans, but still allowing the alive to be toxic and corrosive to biological matter, which helps with their digestion.

In offensive usages, the techniques will unleash their smell restriction, and will be corrosive even to other Ganmi. They achieve this increase in their saliva's toxicity by augmenting the concentration and volume, through chakra stimulation and infusion.

Sound Ninjutsu: Sound Ninjutsu ( Oto Ninjutsu, literally meaning Sound Ninja Arts ) involves the creation and manipulation of sound waves in order to produce either an adverse effect on the opponent, or a beneficial one on the user. By utilizing their chakra, the user may alter the frequency of sound waves to the point different lengths can induce different effects. Due to its lack of physical substance, Sound Ninjutsu is predominantly supplementary and offensive, and mostly effective short-medium range. Anything from the ground to water or the air can be used as a medium for sound. As such, three main types of techniques can be used with sound release.

Custom Elements: Miyu’s intelligence has vastly improved overtime, so much that she’s started to learn to mix multiple of her basic elemental natures together. This, alongside the help of Mirabelle allowed her to create two of her own unique elements, this being Dark Vacuity Release and Seraphic Water Release. In the case of the former, the ionized ash she creates is normally colored in stunning violet coloration, though she can easily change the coloration whenever she needs to. The third she learnt is known as Solar Wind, a specialized element she learned from Mirabelle herself. Last but not least, she inherited her father's unique element as well, named Bismuth Release, allowing her to create a unique molten element.

Body Seals: Miyu's knowledge and training with Fuinjutsu has allowed her to place certain seals on herself. These seals each have their own purpose and effect; allowing her to have a wide variety of options at her disposal. The first of these seals are a set that is located in the mouth of Miyu, known as Sealing Art: Dragon Slayer Magic, the second is located on her clothes and her arm known as Sealing Art: Mimicry Destruction Seal. The fourth is located on her wrist called Sealing Technique: Howling Phantom Swords and the fifth, she has Sealing Art: Baseless Blade Works applied to her right hand with a sixth seal located on her wrists as well for Lighting Blade Creation.She has specialized triggers set to certain seals, with the four horseman seal.

(Fuuin: Metsuryū Mahō) - Sealing art: Dragon Slayer Magic
Type: Fuuin
Rank: A
Range: Short (mid range blast when released)
Chakra: 30
Damage: 60
Description: Before the battle the user will have places 5 basic seals in their mouth/throat in preparation. Each of these seals will represent one of the 5 basic elements. In battle, when the user is about to be hit by one of the the 5 basic elements they will perform one handseal activating one of the chosen seals in their mouth as they breath in. In doing so, the element of the seal they activated will be sucking in and sealed into the seal in the users mouth. Much like how Jiraiya sealed Amaterasu. After having sealed the element, the user can then perform one handseal releasing that element from their mouth back at their opponent, in the form of a blast of that chosen element with no shape to it. An exampe of this jutsu would be if the opponent use a B rank fireball, just when it's about to hit the user, he will perform one handseal, activating the seal as he breathes in, as he does, the fireball will be sealed into the seal in the users mouth, without hurting the user. The user could then perform another handseal releasing the fireb back at the opponent as one big blast, the fireball would still be B rank. When the seal is activated, a mass of chakra is released out of the users mouth at high speed, similar to when jiraiya sealed amaterasu in a scroll, but faster. The element would be drawn into this chakra and sealed into the seal in the users mouth.
Note: Each seal can only be used once per battle.
Note: Can only seal one jutsu per seal
Note: Can only seal A rank and below
Note: Must wait 1 turn to use this jutsu again
Note: After a jutsu has been sealed in the users mouth, when they release it back, it counts as one of the 3 jutsu per turns.
Note: Can only seal one element, not elemental combinations.
Note: Useable 3 times

(Fūinjutsu: Gitai hakai shīru) - Sealing Arts: Mimicry Destruction Seal
Type: Defensive |Supplementary
Rank: S
Range: Short-Mid.
Chakra Cost: 40 (-10 per turn)
Damage: N/A
Description: This sealing technique is a rather simple acting one able to be created during battle, or prior to, using a seal with the word "Revoke" either on paper or somewhere on one’s body. The seal will remain dormant until the enemy’s chakra makes contact with it, thus triggering its activation. If this seal is used against an enemy technique, the moment the technique comes into contact with the seal, it will cease as it is absorbed into the seal, and immediately afterwards a barrier is released from the user as it spreads to the ends of mid range with the user as its epicentre at all times. This barrier carries special chakra/energy blocking properties that focuses on the foreign source first used to activate the technique launched by the target. Once in the barrier the target is restricted by the barrier's blocking properties, restricting them from using the same type of energy absorbed, now unable to use techniques of that same type S rank and below. For example; if used on a suiton technique, it would hinder the target from molding their water chakra while in the barreir. Only elemental and energy based techniques can be registered and absorbed by this seal, and the technique in question can be no bigger than five meters in diameter in order to be absorbed. All divided, but similar, target foreign chakra sources, like clones, also succumb to the barrier's properties while in its realm. This doesn't block jutsu coming from outside the barrier just seals the element within.

►User can only have two of these seals in their possession/body
►Only one of this type of seal can be in play at a time
►The restriction lasts for 4 turns unless otherwise broken
►Seal has a 2 turn cooldown upon ending
►No other techniques S rank and above the same turn the seal is used
►The user cannot use jutsu above S rank for 2 turns after activation
►Cannot be used on F ranks
►Can only be taught by ZandaT

(Fūinjutsu: Mu Gen no Kensei) Sealing Art: Baseless Blade Works
Type: Supplementary
Rank: B-Rank
Range: Self
Chakra: 20 (-5 per turn active)
Damage: N/A
Description: Created by a fabled Blacksmith in an attempt to preserve his own creations through chanelling them into lesser works so as to not ruin his own blade's with wear, tear and rust, Baseless Blade Works is a seal applied to one's body that possesses a two-directional seal. Aesthetically it takes the form of a sword tattoo, the seal's primary application is similar to that of a generic Sealing technique, allowing the the user to seal and unseal physical targets, in this Jutsu's case specifically weapons, and store them within the seal for convenience and protection. What seperates this seal from the countless seals that provide the same function is the second application tied to the seal. When activated at the cost of 20 Chakra, the user selects one of their stored weapons and, should they be utilizing a weapon(s) of a similar nature, the seal identifies and targets unique aspects of the weapon and imparts that weapons properties on to the weapon held in their hands, effectively creating an "imitation" of the chosen target. This includes access to Jutsu that can only be performed through that specific weapon, abilities or techniques inherent to that weapon itself, or factors of the weapons design that make it unique, such as a specialized version of an existing weapon whose design is altered to achieve a greater/ different effect than its standard counterpart, all of these become avaliable to the weapon(s) in the user's hands.

Naturally there are limitations and drawbacks to the properties this seal. Firstly, due to the transformational nature of this technique, to "overwrite" existing weapons with the nature of another, this technique cannot be used on weapons that already have their own abilities. The weapon in the user's hands needs to be a "blank slate" that a unique weapon can be imprinted upon, or the technique fails to produce an effect. Next, weapons recieving the unsealed properties are still bound by their own inherent/ original properties and limitations. For example, regardless of a stored weapon's durability, the weapon in the user's hands does not recieve any additional defensive capabilities, such as indestructibility. Rather, when the "imitation" weapon's durability is too low (less than B-Rank in strength or durability (freeform weapons are classified as unranked), they can only maintain the imprint for a short period of time (4 turns max) before being destroyed as the enhancement turns into something more akin to a hostile invasion, causing the weapon to self-destruct. Additionally, utilizing techniques or abilities unique to a specific weapon while falling under the aforementioned durability range instantly causes this same destructive reaction. Finally this technique still requires the user abide by the rules regarding Custom Weapons and similarly restricted weapons, as well as any and all limitations the weapons themselves have.

Baseless Blade Works can last for as long as the user is willing to maintain it, provided the application doesn't expire due to the aforementioned durability factor, at a cost of 5 Chakra per turn. If an application of this technique lasts longer than 4 turns, it cannot be used for at least 2 turns once that usage ends. Finally, storage and withdrawal of weapons within this seal costs 5 Chakra per each activation, with the former costing a move when performed in combat, while the latter is always passive. Techniques used used through the imitation technique decrease in strength by a rank.

(Fuuinjutsu: Fantomu ken o hauringu) - Sealing Technique: Howling Phantom Swords
Type: Offensive/Defensive/Supplemental
Rank: A Rank
Range: Short
Chakra: 30 (-10 per weapon)
Damage: 60
Description: The user after placing a unique version of the lightning blade creation seal on his body. Will perform two handseals before clapping his hands. Activating a powerful sealing jutsu on his body that allows him to summon a grand armory of weapons from his body at any point. Once activated the sealing technique remains able to summon and replace destroyed weapons from the users body. The weapons summoned can be hugely varied basic weapons of the users choice and when summoned will hover around his body within a 5 meter radius being controlled by his hand gestures in a similar fashion to the floating ninja tools jutsu. These weapons carry a static damage property of D rank damage each and the user is capable of having up to six weapons summoned at any one time. If destroyed another weapon can be summoned in it's place, upon summoning the weapons initially appear somewhat ethereal before forming completely, while this is only momentary it prevents the weapons just popping up in mid air with no forewarning. Essentially this jutsu gives the user a unique ability to have weapons readily available to him at any point. This jutsu is the cornerstone of the phantom swords techniques. These weapons are formed from raw chakra focused in a similar fashion to the rasengan making them capable of competing with elemental jutsu equally when released they are raw chakra which the user focuses causing the slight delay.

-Once activated remains active until the battle ends-
-Summoning additional swords costs a move slot, but the user can summon between 1-6 swords for a single move slot depending on his needs-
-Must be mentioned in the users biography-
-Each individual blade is capable of taking D rank damage before breaking.
-Can only be taught by ReXii-
(Fuuinjutsu: Fantomu ken o hauringu: Dai gōshi āsenaru) - Sealing Technique: Howling Phantom Swords: Armiger Arsenal)
Type: Offensive/Defensive/Supplemental
Rank: S Rank
Range: Short
Chakra: 40
Damage: 80
Description: An improvement on the original Howling Phantom Swords technique, the user will sacrifice the ability to summon the six swords and instead replace them with a singular weapon of increased power, there are several of these weapons and each one has unique properties. But only one may be summoned at any given time. Summoning a replacement will cause the one present to vanish and it's effects will no longer be usable. This technique can be activated once the parent technique is active, and can only be sustained for four turns before reverting to the parent technique for four turns to recharge. At which point the user can reactivate it at the cost of a move slot. The abilities of the various weapons will be listed below. The technique works by supplying increased chakra to the parent technique. While the seal itself remains A ranked the chakra provided to the weapons is heightened.

Sword that slices through space and time, allowing its wielder to warp at will.
The first of the swords and also one that may only be used by a Minato biography or a biography with access to the flying thunder god technique. The sword is marked with the seal of the FTG on creation, the blade takes the form of a scimitar with a single edged cutting blade. Reminiscent of a pirates sword. With a large square crossguard. As with all of the Howling Phantom swords it's composed of pure chakra of S ranked and behaves as the other swords in it's strengths and weaknesses. It can also be controlled in the same way as the howling phantom swords. The blade allows the user to teleport to it once every two turns and this costs a move slot.

Storied sword that strikes with waves of resonance. Calls forth the formidable power of the Knightswords.
The second of the swords of the Armiger Arsenal. Secace takes the form of a longsword with a double edged cutting style. Reminiscent of a captains sword. With a circular crossguard. This sword is part of the elemental variants and allows the user to use the water element to resonate through the blade upon striking, it will cause water to blast through the opponent or object struck finding any orifice such as pores or porous material to penetrate the target causing heavy internal damage. As with all of the Howling Phantom swords it's composed of pure suiton chakra of S ranked and behaves as the other swords in it's strengths and weaknesses. It can also be controlled in the same way as the howling phantom swords. The ability of the blade can be used once every two turns and is considered an S ranked move.

Gallant greatsword that cuts through thin air to find its mark. Calls forth the protective power of the Knightshield.
The third of the swords of the Armiger Arsenal. Galatine takes the form of a greatsword with a double edged cutting style. Reminiscent of a giant knights sword. With a rectangular crossguard. This sword is part of the elemental variants and allows the user to use the wind element to create a large shield in front of the blade composed of pure wind chakra that is capable of blocking against attacks. As with all of the Howling Phantom swords it's composed of pure fuuton chakra of S ranked and behaves as the other swords in it's strengths and weaknesses. It can also be controlled in the same way as the howling phantom swords. The ability of the blade can be used once every two turns and is considered an S ranked move.

Lance that nimbly negates damage using displacement. Calls forth the preventive power of the Knightguard
The fourth of the swords of the Armiger Arsenal. Rhongomyniad takes the form of a large dragoon lance instead of a sword. The spear is three meters in length. Reminiscent of a spartans primary weapon. With a hooked end aimed to cause huge damage to an opponent. This sword is part of the elemental variants and allows the user to use the fire element to create a wave of fire aimed to consume attacks heading towards the user while pushing him 5 meters in an chosen direction. As with all of the Howling Phantom swords it's composed of pure katon chakra of S ranked and behaves as the other swords in it's strengths and weaknesses. It can also be controlled in the same way as the howling phantom swords. The ability of the blade can be used once every two turns and is considered an S ranked move.

Daggers that light the darkness. Calls forth the paralyzing power of the Knightguard
The fifth of the swords of the Armiger Arsenal. Carnwennan takes the form of two large straight daggers instead of a sword. The daggers are large and double edged. Reminiscent of Roman Gladius though slightly smaller. This sword is part of the elemental variants and allows the user to use the lightning element to create a shroud of chakra to enhance the length of the daggers to roughly the size of normal swords. When this chakra clashes with an opposing technique one of two things happen, if it overpowers the technique the electricity will run through the length of the technique and travel on paralyzing the opponent, or if the techniques cancel each other the lightning shroud will explode in to a flash of blinding light capable of blinding an opponent. As with all of the Howling Phantom swords it's composed of pure raiton chakra of S ranked and behaves as the other swords in it's strengths and weaknesses. It can also be controlled in the same way as the howling phantom swords. The ability of the blade can be used once every two turns and is considered an S ranked move.

-Once activated remains active until the battle ends with the exception of it's cool down period-
-Summoning additional swords costs a move slot, but the user can summon any of the weapons listed-
-Must be mentioned in the users biography-
-Must have activated the parent technique to use this-
-Each individual blade is capable of taking S rank damage before breaking-
-Each blades ability can only be used twice per battle in addition to the rules in the moves-
-Can only be taught by ReXii-

( Ura Shishō Fūinjutsu ) - Reverse Four Symbols Sealing Technique
Rank: S-Rank
Type: Offensive
Range: Short – Mid
Chakra cost: 40
Damage points: 80
Description: This is a sealing jutsu that is placed upon the users body, setting it to activate on the users death. It seals everything within a large, nearby, spherical into the users body.
Note: Can only be activated upon the users death.
Note: The placement of this seal must be stated on the user's biography.

Surreal Palm Specialist: Masters of this style are capable of awareness 1 rank superior than their normal rank, and, same wise, bypass the genjutsu layering rules up to 4 times per battle, allowing them to use techniques 1 rank lower than normal to defend from a genjutsu.

Misc Information: Miyu carries around with a variety of essential ninja tools, ranging from the basics such as shuriken, kunais, ninja wire, etc. She also carries her medical scroll with her just in case of emergencies as well. However when it comes to unique weapons, she has two on her person. This being her signature bow, the Empress Dragon Bow which she keeps sealed away within her palm when not in use and also her specialized nodachi called Kurokiba, in which she performs kenjutsu with but also allows her access to a unique element called Black Lighting Release. In times where she doesn't desire to use her bow, she duel wields with another sword, an Ani Sword in which part of her friend, Keotsu's soul was partially embedded into the blade with Mythos. Outside of this, she has plethora of weapons at her disposal via unsealing them from scrolls, such as extra bows namely warbows, axes, lances, hammers etc. She also utilizes Heavy Artillery Explosive Tags as opposed to standard regular tags in battle as well.

(Jūhō Kibaku Fuda) Heavy Artillery Exploding Tag
Rank: N/A
Type: Offensive
Range: N/A
Chakra: N/A
Damage: +20 to Explosive Tags
Description: A heavy-duty version of the standard issue paper bomb, this exploding tag has substantially more power than a regular exploding tag, and is generally used in heavy demolition. Other than being .5 inches longer than a regular exploding tag and with the kanji for “erupt” instead of “explode” in the middle, they cannot be discerned from their weaker counterparts at a glance. These exploding tags can be used in place of weaker ones in jutsu involving them.
*In order to use these, it must be mentioned in the user’s bio that they carry this version of the exploding tag – otherwise, the user cannot use these.

Scientific Tools:
- Echo
- Requip
- September (200 Normal Chakra Stored)
- Hush
- Thunderwave

(Shizukesa) Hush
Type: Tool
Rank: D - S Rank
Range: Short (Explosion & Absorption), Short - Long (Travel Range)
Chakra Cost: 10 - 40
Damage: 20 - 80
Description: Hush is a special designed ninja tool that utilized the “Absorption Arm” as a basis for its production – though many are surprised by this due to weapon being in the form of an umbrella or parasol. The overall design of the tool is highly durable in nature, allowing it to physically tank one S rank before being rendered useless, two A ranks but remains undamaged by B ranks and below while also doubling as a physical weapon that can be used in free form close combat. It also has a sword hidden within it’s structure which uses the handle as a hilt and the other base piece as a sheathe, which can be launched out at the press of a button (freeform) to strike the opponent rather quickly for a surprise attack.

Moving onto the chakra related powers, the ferrule of the umbrella has the ability to release a barrier of chakra with similar to that of it’s predecessor where it intakes the chakra into the weapon itself but what makes it differ from the two is that the sphere doesn’t expand in size, but rather returns into the weapon swiftly. Once the chakra is absorbed into the weapon, it acts as a “charge” to the weapons second chakra related ability. The absorption is done via specific fuinjutsu formula located on the top that then releases the barrier.

After the absorption of the chakra the user is able to return the attack at the enemy as a chakra blast, moving at the speed of a Lightning Technique but dealing damage based on the rank of the jutsu absorbed. Although it moves in a linear path, the explosion radius is five meters; meaning simply dodging the path of the blast wouldn’t always be enough to avoid it completely.

This of course isn’t the lonesome way to “charge” the tool, as the user may willingly infuse his/her own chakra into the umbrella itself in order to fuel it, dealing damage based on the amount of chakra is placed into it. The absorbing of an enemy technique counts as a move each, but absorbing and releasing it back can be done within the same time frame and counting as one move if used like this but the user can simply absorb the chakra and store it without sending it back.

Charging the weapon with chakra from the user is done passively but sending it as a blast counts as a move, with the chakra amount ranging from 10 (D) to 40 (S), thus the user must spend chakra based on the rank in order to fire the blast. The user however can only retain a certain amount of chakra inside of the umbrella with its max being 200. While the umbrella’s firing/absorbing (each one separately) mechanism can be done once every two turns, while S ranks can only be done twice per battle causing it go on cool down for three turns instead. A rank can be done thrice while B rank and below can be used collectively 6 times a battle. The design of the umbrella is cosmetic, allowing for various coloration and patterns to suit a person's need.

( Kyuu-tsuki ) - September
Type: Tool
Rank: S
Range: Short - Long
Chakra: N/A ( +50 per turn ) ( -50 per turn to an opponent )
Damage: N/A ( -20 to an opponent's technique )
Description: September is a small orb-like self-sustained chakra battery that can be pre-charged with basic chakra, or senjutsu chakra. If charged with basic chakra it will be compatible with any non-hostile shinobi. The battery has two capabilities called charge and drain. Charge allows a shinobi to draw chakra from the battery or apply it to their techniques and drain allows the battery to draw chakra from a shinobi or their techniques. The battery has a max capacity of two hundred chakra.

Charge: While in direct contact with the battery or while it is on their person a shinobi can passively absorb chakra directly from the battery through contact. It can be used while still hidden or in a pouch not needing to be pulled out. It allows the shinobi to draw up to two hundred chakra from the battery at a rate of fifty per turn allowing for them to regain chakra or to supply exhausted allies with chakra. It can also be used to provide senjutsu chakra instead of chakra at a quicker rate allowing them to gain ten percent of their chakra as senjutsu chakra but can only be done once usually exhausting the battery. When exhausted the battery is still able to use its drain ability. Alternatively, like the name implies the battery can be used to charge a technique with ten extra chakra providing it a twenty damage boost. This is done in the same timeframe as the augmented technique and can only be done twice with a two-turn cool-down.

Drain: If a hostile individual tries to use the battery it will absorb their chakra instead of giving them chakra at a rate of fifty chakra stolen per turn. The wielder of the battery is also able to instigate this process passively by making direct contact with the opponent allowing them to instigate the process stealing fifty chakra per turn where contact is made. Additionally, through this draining ability, the battery is able to steal ten chakra from a technique causing it to weaken by twenty damage. This is similar to the capabilities of the Scientific Ninja Tool: ( Abusōbu Ude ) - Absorption Arm on a much lower and more basic scale. Where that can absorb entire jutsu this battery can only absorb ten chakra storing it in the battery. This portion of the drain ability will cost a move slot, can only be used once per turn and only twice per battle.
Note: The wielder can only carry a single chakra battery
Note: Must state the ratio of basic chakra to senjutsu chakra that is found in the battery

(Ekō) - Echo
Type: Tool
Rank: A
Range: Short
Chakra: N/A (-10)
Damage: N/A (+20)
Description: Echo is a simple technological tool which compliments the use of Sound Ninjutsu. This comes in the form of ear buds that have a specific set of functions. First and foremost, the buds passively and automatically sync with the user's chakra and only comes into being "active" when Sound Ninjutsu are used. Once the earbuds sense the chakra being used, they both let off unique sounds. The left bud would only sap (-10) chakra from the user to create its sound, passively creating a pulsing echo of said sound which would in turn increase its range by 1. Of course this wouldn't apply to Long range techniques so the chakra deduction wouldn't happen with them. The right earbud would sap (-10) chakra from the user in order to apply it to said technique. This would passively create a sound that would resonate with the sound technique in such a way that they become louder and more aggressive. This in turn would increase the damage by (+20). An ability that the buds share in a defensive mechanism. By spending 30 chakra, the user is able to release from the buds that is inaudible and harmless. The sounds simply change wave lengths in order to resonate with and cancel out incoming sound techniques that rely on sound (Sound Gen) or entering the body (Hindering Sound). This ability would only work on A-rank and below techniques, With A-ranks simply losing a rank, while anything lower is simply cancelled. This can be done up to 5 times a battle.

Note: Left and Right buds cannot effect the same technique in the same turn; Other than the defensive mechanism, which would count as a move per turn to use.
Note: The boosts (Range or Damage) can only be applied to one technique per turn each.

(Sandāu~ēbu ) - Thunderwave
Type: Tool
Rank: A
Range: Short - Long
Chakra: N/A ( - 5 per turn when used )
Damage: N/A
Description: Thunderwave is a basic chest plate outfitted with a surround sound speaker system, and a microphone. It can be used to play music or make noises more audible than normal similar to a karaoke machine. It is able to produce sound louder than most techniques or the clashing of techniques and can be much louder than the user or opponent can scream. In essence it can act like the (Utsusemi no Jutsu) - Empty Cicada Shell Technique passively at all times being louder and stronger than even that basic technique. It comes pre-loaded with all of the wielder's favorite songs. In battle it can be used to play theme music or it can make the user louder as it has a built in microphone system connected to the speaker system.
The primary use of Thunderwave as mentioned above is the ability to play music with the offshoot of this being the ability to cancel sound waves with sound waves while playing music. This is similar to the Scientific Ninja Tool: Shijima and works like a noise-cancellation speaker. The system can emit a sound wave with the same amplitude but with inverted phase also known as antiphase to the original sound. The waves combine to form a new wave, in a process called interference, and effectively cancel each other out. This effect is called destructive interference and is able to nullify sound techniques in equal rank. The sound can encompass a short - long range area around the user being louder the closer to the user the people who can hear it are and due to this it has a dampening system as to not harm the users ears or cause them any undue problems. It can be fine tuned to look different depending on the wielder's appearance or preference.
Note: Sound techniques can only be canceled once per turn three times per battle.

(Kansō) Requip
Type: Tool
Rank: D
Range: Self
Chakra: -5 chakra per transformation
Damage: N/A
Description: Requip is a unique brand of ninja technology namely used for those always on the move. Coming in the form of apparel; the user has the innate ability to have clothing that morphs and changes form in order to suit their needs. Within the fabric of the clothing – there exists specialized ninja technology that controls the strings and thus with the use of chakra can command it to take any form she desires. This can range from shifting from casual wear to combat ready clothing on the fly. It mimics any clothing the user may also have somewhere at home and even the coloration changes as well. This combines two aspects: the Henge no Jutsu and the morphing capabilities of the microfibers but the transformation is permanent until changed again. Transforming the clothing is passive and doesn’t take a move slot however needs – 5 per use to do so. While transforming a bright light is also emitted to prevent others from seeing the transformation until it fully forms if needed.


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