Mirabelle Kirigakure, Aquarius Incarnation v7


Aug 17, 2011
Trait Points
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ރBasic Information

Name: Mirabelle Zoe Kirigakure
Nickname: Mira, Aquarius Incarnation, Lancer
Gender: Female
Age: 22
Clan: Ōtsutsuki Descendant
Alignment: True Neutral

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Mirabelle is an amazingly beautiful young lady, having mixed colored hair of black and blonde. It is usually kept in a curly fashion, tied with a single clip with her front bang. In terms of height, her immediate most glaring feature is her rather short height. She is roughly five foot, four inches. She is rather curvaceous and has a large bosom with a slim but athletic build. She has light blue eyes, accompanied by light orange eye shadow and has a rather bright complexion. Her attire is usually a lower skirted kimono composed of a bright blue coloration, with the sleeves hanging off her shoulders. The inner sweater-like design comes around her neck in a comfortable way. She wears heeled ninja boots that reach up below her knees. She, of course, has various different outfits varying based on the situation/area she intends to travel. She has a fondness to the Nineko summoning contract, sometimes fashioning herself based on them such as wearing cat ears and a cat bell. She has a summoning tattoo for the Columbidae Contract on her left wrist.

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Mirabelle is a rather unique individual – one which she displays quite often. Calm and reserved, she carries herself with the air of a queen. She is benevolent to those who serve under her but merciless to those who defy her authority. Outside her home, she is ambitious to meet new people and discover new things. She's friendly, but can at times be quite rude when handling with certain individuals, having become annoyed with them. She is competitive, always seeking a challenge in some form, including sparring with other people as she always wants to be in top shape as she aims to be the most powerful kunoichi in Tobusekai. Like most other females, she is quite moody – with her speech always be to the point and free of restraint as she finds hiding things rather mundane. She can at times display a rather unusual temper, become enraged when others hurt her family or allies alike. Despite being sad, angry etc, she will always seek happiness – whether in the goodwill of others or in the defeat of those who try her. Due to her stance as an illusion master, Mirabelle is one for theatrics – something she uses quite a lot to manipulate those who would least expect it. She is also quite proud of her natural bodily features – taking on jobs that have her modeling for others. She has a superiority complex to her older sister, Mana whom she always to become better than.

ރVillage Info
Land of Birth: Water Archipelago
Village of Alliance: N/A

ރRank & Chakra Info
Ninja Rank: Jounin
Specialty: Genjutsu Casting Specialist Genjutsu Layering Specialist Apex Range Specialist
Yin Specialist Renewal Taekwondo

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➳ Fire Release ⇀ Completed
➳ Earth Release ⇀ Completed
➳ Wind Release ⇀ Completed
➳ Water Release ⇀ Completed
➳ Lightning Release ⇀ Completed
➳ Yin Release ⇀ Completed

Custom Elements:

➳ Arctic Earth Release ⇀ Completed
➳ Seraphic Water Release ⇀ Completed
➳ Alcohol Release ⇀ Completed
➳ Dark Vacuity Release ⇀ Completed

Your Ninjutsu:

➳ Ninjutsu ⇀ Completed
➳ Genjutsu ⇀ Completed
➳ Taijutsu ⇀ Completed
➳ Kenjutsu ⇀ Completed
➳ Fūinjutsu ⇀ Completed
➳ Medical Ninjutsu ⇀ Completed
➳ Kaito's Taijutsu ⇀ Completed non-advanced
➳ Fūinjutsu ⇀ Completed
➳ Mysterious Peacock Ninjutsu ⇀ Completed
➳ Puppetry ⇀ Needs Training

➳ Summoning ⇀ Cat Summoning Contract & Columbidae Summoning Contract

Custom Fighting Styles:

➳ Bullet Arts⇀ Completed
➳ Mark of the Trickster ⇀ Completed
➳ Lazy Fist ⇀ Completed
➳ Way of the Bisento⇀ Completed

➳ Renewal Taekwondo ⇀ Completed

ރBackground Information


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Born as the second daughter of Shuten Kirigakure, Mirabelle Kirigakure was brought into the world. Having the blood of the royal Kirigakure Clan, she was destined to become the leader of the clan once she was old enough. At just the age of six, she began her studies at Hanguri – aided by her father. There she spent most of her childhood, perfecting her craft and learning more and more about herself and the world around her. She came to embrace the fine tastes of the world that surrounded her, hoping that it would appreciate her taste in return. She was praised and complimented by many – but she never let it get to her head, simply remaining as humble as she’s ever been. While she hasn’t met her older sister nor her younger one, she continues to seek them out in hopes of one day reuniting with them.

Mirabelle is a traveler at heart, not being able to sit down in one place – so she journeys quite often in search of adventures and new found tastes in the modern world. Several years had gone by, with the fall of Hanguri – she was devastated by the loss of lives…but something about this didn’t seem to bother her as much. The young-ling continues to move forward, seeing nothing more but a bright future as the head of the clan and to become the greatest kunoichi in the world. Little did Mirabelle know, however, she was not fully of human origin, as her father is a member of the Otsutsuki Family, but she inherited more of her human family traits.


Genjutsu Casting Specialist - Having mastered Genjutsu to a large degree, Mirabelle is able to cast all forms of illusions with only the need for a single hand seal.
Genjutsu Layering Specialist & Apex Range Specialist - Mirabelle is one of the most critically acclaimed Genjutsu expertise known. Her mastery of the art is feared by many, but with her humble nature - she rarely ever shows any sort of arrogance in her mastery. She is capable of combining two illusions (at the max of A + A) while also being able to cast them at long range regardless of its initial range.
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Yin Release Specialist - Mirabelle as Yin Master, is capable of being aware of all genjutsu and spiritual entities below Mangekyo Sharingan Level. She is able to use Genjutsu Kai up to B rank passively, with having a heightened prowess of genjutsu being to render one of the basic release methods unbreakable. She is able to passively siphon chakra from enemies, being 30 per turn.
Star Chakra - Miraelle in her journey across the world, has come into contact with a special meteorite from space. This contaminated her normal chakra, causing all her normal chakra based techniques to be dark purple in color – but she also has a powerful boost to them with +20 damage as well as access to the Mysterious Peacock Method
Otsutsuki Clan - Mirabelle has the blood of her father coursing through her veins, which in turn made her a member of the Otsutsuki Clan. This granted her an additional +500 chakra due to the immense power she inherited; as well as awakening the Byakugan in her eyes.
Goddess of Water and Oath Keeper: After purchasing the blade from a traveling merchant, she managed to get her hands on this unique blade. She holds it on her waist with the use of appropriate cloth. She also has a unique spear that she uses in battle when not wielding the Goddess of Water called Oath Keeper.

Fuuinjutsu:Gādowandā Sealing Arts: Wonder Guard
Description: Created primarily to guard the user against gentle fist users, before battle the user will apply this seal to their body, which will create tiny barriers around each of their chakra points which lie dormant until triggered. When any amount of foreign chakra interrupts the flow of chakra between one chakra point to the next, the seals will absorb the foreign chakra and, If the opponent is touching the user, spit it back out at the opponents nearest chakra point, instead closing one of theirs and causing a brief stun that results in the opponent needing to spend 10 more chakra to use techniques for the next two turns due to the strain this puts on them. This technique can guard up to B rank Elemental techniques and up to A rank techniques of non elemental chakra
-Can be used twice per battle
-2 turn cool down between uses

(Kuchiyose: Raikō Kenka) - Summoning: Lightning Blade Creation
Rank: B-Rank
Type: Supplementary
Range: Short
Chakra cost: N/A (-5 per tool/weapon)
Damage points: N/A
Description: This is a special "ninja tool summon" that allows the user to seal basic ninja tools, like shurikens, kunais, swords, etc into sealing marks placed on their clothes or their body. The ninja tools can be summoned in an instant just by touching the sealing "marks". The greatest advantage of this technique is that the time between taking out a ninja tool, taking the right stance and actually throwing it is greatly reduced and one can unleash a barrage of weapons with great speed in a small time window. Also when a weapon such as a Fūma Shuriken is summoned, the time needed to throw it can be further shortened by having prepared the weapon in fully extended form beforehand. Sasuke even shown that you can have the weapons connected to wires and linked to their sealing marks and used the technique in sealing marks he placed in his wrist bracers.
Note: Can summon up to 30 basic tools per sealing mark and can have up to 2 sealing marks.

(Fuuin: Metsuryū Mahō) - Sealing art: Dragon Slayer Magic
Type: Fuuin
Rank: A
Range: Short (mid range blast when released)
Chakra: 30
Damage: 60
Description: Before the battle the user will have places 5 basic seals in their mouth/throat in preparation. Each of these seals will represent one of the 5 basic elements. In battle, when the user is about to be hit by one of the the 5 basic elements they will perform one handseal activating one of the chosen seals in their mouth as they breath in. In doing so, the element of the seal they activated will be sucking in and sealed into the seal in the users mouth. Much like how Jiraiya sealed Amaterasu. After having sealed the element, the user can then perform one handseal releasing that element from their mouth back at their opponent, in the form of a blast of that chosen element with no shape to it. An exampe of this jutsu would be if the opponent use a B rank fireball, just when it's about to hit the user, he will perform one handseal, activating the seal as he breathes in, as he does, the fireball will be sealed into the seal in the users mouth, without hurting the user. The user could then perform another handseal releasing the fireb back at the opponent as one big blast, the fireball would still be B rank. When the seal is activated, a mass of chakra is released out of the users mouth at high speed, similar to when jiraiya sealed amaterasu in a scroll, but faster. The element would be drawn into this chakra and sealed into the seal in the users mouth.

Note: Each seal can only be used once per battle.
Note: Can only seal one jutsu per seal
Note: Can only seal A rank and below
Note: Must wait 1 turn to use this jutsu again
Note: After a jutsu has been sealed in the users mouth, when they release it back, it counts as one of the 3 jutsu per turns.
Note: Can only seal one element, not elemental combinations.
Note: Useable 3 times

(Fūinjutsu: Gitai hakai shīru) - Sealing Arts: Mimicry Destruction Seal
Type: Defensive |Supplementary
Rank: S
Range: Short-Mid.
Chakra Cost: 40 (-10 per turn)
Damage: N/A
Description: This sealing technique is a rather simple acting one able to be created during battle, or prior to, using a seal with the word "Revoke" either on paper or somewhere on one’s body. The seal will remain dormant until the enemy’s chakra makes contact with it, thus triggering its activation. If this seal is used against an enemy technique, the moment the technique comes into contact with the seal, it will cease as it is absorbed into the seal, and immediately afterwards a barrier is released from the user as it spreads to the ends of mid range with the user as its epicentre at all times. This barrier carries special chakra/energy blocking properties that focuses on the foreign source first used to activate the technique launched by the target. Once in the barrier the target is restricted by the barrier's blocking properties, restricting them from using the same type of energy absorbed, now unable to use techniques of that same type S rank and below. For example; if used on a suiton technique, it would hinder the target from molding their water chakra while in the barreir. Only elemental and energy based techniques can be registered and absorbed by this seal, and the technique in question can be no bigger than five meters in diameter in order to be absorbed. All divided, but similar, target foreign chakra sources, like clones, also succumb to the barrier's properties while in its realm. This doesn't block jutsu coming from outside the barrier just seals the element within.
►User can only have two of these seals in their possession/body
►Only one of this type of seal can be in play at a time
►The restriction lasts for 4 turns unless otherwise broken
►Seal has a 2 turn cooldown upon ending
►No other techniques S rank and above the same turn the seal is used
►The user cannot use jutsu above S rank for 2 turns after activation
►Cannot be used on F ranks
►Can only be taught by ZandaT

( Ura Shishō Fūinjutsu ) - Reverse Four Symbols Sealing Technique
Rank: S-Rank
Type: Offensive
Range: Short – Mid
Chakra cost: 40
Damage points: 80
Description: This is a sealing jutsu that is placed upon the users body, setting it to activate on the users death. It seals everything within a large, nearby, spherical into the users body.
Note: Can only be activated upon the users death.
Note: The placement of this seal must be stated on the user's biography.

Misc Tools:
(Jūhō Kibaku Fuda) Heavy Artillery Exploding Tag
Rank: N/A
Type: Offensive
Range: N/A
Chakra: N/A
Damage: +20 to Explosive Tags
Description: A heavy-duty version of the standard issue paper bomb, this exploding tag has substantially more power than a regular exploding tag, and is generally used in heavy demolition. Other than being .5 inches longer than a regular exploding tag and with the kanji for “erupt” instead of “explode” in the middle, they cannot be discerned from their weaker counterparts at a glance. These exploding tags can be used in place of weaker ones in jutsu involving them.
*In order to use these, it must be mentioned in the user’s bio that they carry this version of the exploding tag – otherwise, the user cannot use these.

(Shuton: Jägerbombs) - Alcohol Release: Jägerbombs
Type: Supplementary
Rank: N/A
Range: Short – Long
Chakra: N/A
Damage: N/A
Description: A unique Alcohol Release technique which employs the use of prepared bottles of alcohol of varying size on their person. The bottles are roughly the half the size of a test tube but can vary to a certain extent; their convenient size allows the user to store a sizable number, much like the storage of kunai and shuriken. These bottles have numerous applications; they can be used for future Alcohol Release techniques, makeshift bombs in combinations with sources of heat, such as Fire Release and explosive tags, a disinfectant for wounds, or simple to drink or force feed others. The smaller bottles can be tied to kunai, shuriken, and other projectiles allowing them to be thrown at long distances and used in conjunction with explosive tags. Ingesting Alcohol of such high purity carries negative side effects should the user or their opponent ingest it. In the immediate turn of ingestion the victim will suffer from nausea and severe throat irritation. In the following turn the Alcohol will temporarily intoxicate the victim effectively hindering and stopping their ability to mold chakra for Forbidden ranked techniques; during this time the nausea and throat irritation persists. In the following turn the victim will be relieved of these symptoms and become able to mold chakra normally. The user must state in their biography that they carry these bottles.

Vi~vi~rukādo - Vivre Card
Type: Supplementary
Rank: E
Range: N/A
Chakra: N/A
Damage: N/A
This is a special passive paper tag that contains the user's chakra signature and life force. By giving this paper tag to allies, they are able to trace and find the user. This is because there is a sealing script with an arrow inscription on the paper and the arrow is always pointing to the direction of the user's chakra thus moving like a compass arrow towards the direction of the
user. This can be used to locate the user and purely for rp purposes. Whenever the user is hurt and in danger, the paper turns gray in color and begins to burn slowly. It stops burning if the user's life is no more threatened and turns to ashes should the user's life fades.
Note: Only 3 can remain active at one time


(Heishi Piru) Soldier Pills
Type: Supplementary
Description and Background:
Soldier pills are a more combat aimed variation of the military ration pill. Upon ingesting the pill, your chakra supply doubles, but burns at a greatly accelerated rate due to the "pressure" involved. Upon ingesting the pill, any ninjutsu you use gains +15 damage and any taijutsu gains +10 for 4 turns. Upon expiry of the effects you must use an extra 10 chakra for every technique afterwards for 5 turns due to the fatigue setting in meaning you have to force your techniques more, and thereby adding to the toll it takes on your body. These pills are a basic medicine medical ninjas use in combat and are essentially black small round pills which are swallowed and absorbed through the mucosa in the stomach, made off of various ingredients and medicinal herbs as well as stimulants
Description of Side Effects:
-Upon using a second pill in a conflict the additional chakra cost after expiry rises to +30 until healed
-Upon taking a third pill, the medical ninja will suffer cardiac arrest upon expiry of the pill.

(Hyōrōgan) Military Ration Pills
Type: Healing
Description and Background:
Military Rations Pills (兵糧丸, Hyōrōgan) are special pills that replenish one's chakra and nourish the body. It is made up of powerful stimulants and nutrients, said to allow the user to keep fighting for three days and three nights without rest. Replenishes 50 percent of the user's maximum chakra supply per pill taken, along with pumping stimulants into the body to alleviate tiredness. These pills are a basic medicine medical ninjas use or distribute in combat and are essentially dark brown small round pills which are swallowed and absorbed through the mucosa in the stomach.
Description of Side Effects:
-Taking two pills in a conflict results in hyper-stimulation of the cardiovascular system. The users heart rate and blood pressure increase to the point they become painful for 6 turns after taking the pill.
-Taking 3 pills in a conflict pushes the user's cardiovascular system to breaking point, resulting in heart failure after 4 turns.
(Ketsueki no Zōka Piru) Blood Replenishing Pill
Type: Healing
Description and Background:
Contains high concentrations of amino acids, iron and mitosis inducing enzymes designed to turbo boost the production of erythrocytes from haematopoetic stem cells in the human body. This pill alleviates and cancels the symptoms of blood loss after one turn. These pills are a basic medicine medical ninjas use or administer in combat and are essentially dark red small round pills which are swallowed and absorbed through the mucosa in the stomach

Description of Side Effects:

-Taking 2 pills leads to increased blood pressure, and increased likelihood of blood clots forming, specially through trauma.
-Taking 3 pills over stresses the cardiovascular system and causes aneurysm after 4 turns.
Medical Tools
メス - scalpel, sterilized
ナイフ - knife
アルコール - a bottle of 96% ethanol for disinfection
水 - a bottle of sterilized water
スポイト - syringe, sterile, for one time use only
アドレナリン - adrenaline, to be injected intravasulary, induces faster heartbeat
包帯 - bandage, sterile, 8 meters in length
血液 - a set of everything you need to draw someones blood (Sterile syringe, vacuum system and a test tube.)
温度計 - mercury thermometer, for axillary or rectal use
ベッド - a mobile bed to carry patients
バグ - bug spray, effective against all bugs, lasts for 2 turns (used in cases when your patient is having a reaction to multiple bug stings, and there are still some bugs around it, so you spray-kill them. Kills bugs up to A rank if they've been created/summoned from a jutsu like the Aburame techniques)
テント - a small tent, just enough for two people to lie in
光 - a flashlight
ガスマスク - gas mask with a bottle of oxygen that lasts 5 turns (Not 100% effective against all types of poison/gas. The purpose is to protect the user from breathing in toxic substances, keeping the lungs safe. However, if the poison gets absorbed through the pores of the skin it will still affect you).
流体 - a set to start an intravenous fluid addition line, helpful with dehydration amongst many other conditions
モルタル - mortar and pestle, chemically clean
スプーン - spoon, sterile
パテ - putty knife, metal, sterile
研究所 - a small tent. Into the walls of that house, parts of Nexus' eyes DNA have been inserted, so now it mixes Time And Relative Dimensions In Space , creating an effect of being larger on the inside then it is on the outside. Inside is an advanced ninja laboratory with everything needed to create antidotes and medicines.

Casual/Misc Attire
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Battle Attire
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ރNinja Tools:
- Thunderwave
- Requip
- Blooming Sunshine
- Servitora
- Scarborough Fair



- Mirabelle is terrified of spiders, having a minor case of arachnophobia.
- Mirabelle is right-handed but has trained to utilize her left hand just as perfect as her right. This makes her ambidextrous though she still commonly uses her right hand more.
- Mirabelle's three sizes are a secret. Only Askin and her tailor know this. Her bra size is 32D
- Mirabelle is proficient in various instruments but her main three are piano, flute and vocals.She also has a rare trait called Chromesthesia. Chromesthesia or sound-to-color synesthesia is a type of synesthesia in which heard sounds automatically and involuntarily evoke an experience of color.
- Despite having openly denied it, some believe Mirabelle has a height complex.
- Mirabelle's favorite food is any kind of seafood, namely fish. She, however, has an allergy towards all sorts of shellfish including crab and lobster. Her least favorite is anything bitter or olives, she hates those.

- Mirabelle has three tattoos on her body, one being a rose on her thigh, her name in kanji located on her wrist and one of the Yin symbol on her leg.
-Mirabelle is nearsighted and at times needs to have her glasses with her though this doesn't hinder her combat prowess.

ރTheme Song and Background Music:

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Won: Zero
Lost: Zero

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