[NW] Mirabelle Blackthorn, Chakra Beast II v3


Aug 17, 2011
Trait Points

🗦 精神Basic Information 🗧
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Name: Mirabelle Anastasia - Eliana Blackthorn
Alias: Chakra Beast II -Bakeneko, Mirai, Aoi , Asuna
Official Titles : Sage of Imagery & Ideation
Gender: Female
Age: Thirty
Clan: Uzumaki Clan
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Zodiac: ♓Pisces (Feb 24th)

Looks: Mirabelle -not unlike most women her age- takes exceptional pride in the management of her outward appearance; working diligently to maintain a physique that is flexible yet firm in its outlines. With a fair-toned complexion that is contrasted by a generous natural crimson flush that runs in a soft glaze along key parts of her body, such as her cheeks, upper chest and outer thighs. Her radiant sapphire pigmented irises stand out against a head of silken dirty-blonde hair that varies in length depending on her whim and preference; reaching as long as her tailbone and rear, or as short as chin-length. She stand's at 5'8 in terms of her height.

Given her affinity for artistry -and being the Sage of such- Mirabelle does not shy away from the use of makeup and other cosmetic effects to provide a sharper, complimentary outline of the features she finds most pride in. She generally sports shades of red; accounting for the most obvious being the eyeliner that she generally wears in a sharp scarlet red to clash vibrantly with her blue eyes, along with a similar shade to her lips with a glossy finish. Additionally, she sports a variety of tattoos that take the shape of a subtle symbol representing royalty across her left bicep, a generously detailed rose along the left of her waist and a more generally identifiable trail of red floral stems that stretch across the top of her breasts and into the upper-center of the chest, between her collarbones, while now having a heart tattoo on her right hip. Though these are the standard choices she prefers for makeup, they are only among many choices that she has made before, leaving the final result of each day dependent on her personal preference.

What sets her apart from most Shinobi, Mirabelle has a relatively expansive wardrobe and takes considerable pride in the careful selection that she makes for each, going as far as to have them personally fitted to her comfort, ensuring each hugs perfectly complimentary to the curves of her figure. Though her wardrobe is expansive and seemingly ever evolving with new additions to suit her wants and needs, Mirabelle has a tendency to levitate toward a "favorite" that occasionally finds it's way into her rotation. Presently, her preference weighs in the favor of a kimono that has an assortment of patterns in different shades of purple and crimson, along with a badge bearing the emblem of Inazuma tied to the front of her clothing below her right breast and a more elaborate emblem on a pauldron on her left shoulder. On the back of her outfit, she wears a crimson bow with tassels. She wears dark purple thigh-high stockings with small diamond openings at the top and high-heeled sandals; the one on the right is adorned with two pale violet flowers. She wears a small crimson ribbon on her neck as a choker and a dark-coloured bodysuit underneath her kimono. The sleeves of her bodysuit completely cover her arms and are looped over her middle fingers with golden rings to partly cover her palms and the top of her hands, and her nails are painted purple.

After sometime, Mirabelle decided to get a new change of coloration to her hair. This would cause her to semi permanently dye her hair with new bluish colorations. It ironically matched the flames crafted by the Nibi though Mirabelle has yet to confirm or deny if this was intentional. Mirabelle would also come to learn how to use her Yang energy in conjunction with her hair; inventing a technique called "Wicked Weaves", allowing her the unique power. On Mirabelle's right arm, she has the respective summoning contract tattoos for all her summons.

( Yoton: Jaaku Amu ) Yang Release: Wicked Weaves
Type: Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary
Rank: B
Range: Short (Hair Reach), Short - Long (Releasing Ranged Techniques)
Chakra: 40 (-20 per turn)
Damage: 80
Description: Wicked Weaves is a unique technique; based on the concept of kunochi infusing chakra into their hair in order to weaponize it in combat. What makes this different from other techniques including Wild Lion's Mane Technique is through the infusion of Yang energy into the hair, it allows them to weaponize it to an even higher degree. Once active, the user’s hair harden’s enough to become more akin to a sword’s durability, but can be shaped into any form the user desires without costing a move, ranging from fists or legs to form Taijutsu, or even other weapons to perform Bukijutsu or Kenjutsu. One thing however is that it cannot be detached from the user, or else the chakra supplying it will be stripped from it and simply fall useless on the ground. The user also at the cost of a move directly strikes with the empowered hair, allowing them to deal 80 physical damage to the opponent. Due to the Yang energy flowing through the user’s hair, the constructs exhibit a level of sentience, allowing it to strike freely on behalf of its user without them needing to command it. And last but not least, Wicked Weaves also has a passive usage for half its chakra cost, but allows the user to lengthen, shorten or even change the color of their hair and its style aesthetically. Wicked Weaves can be posted within a user's biography allowing them to apply the passive application of this technique without taking up a technique usage. This can only be used thrice per battle, lasting three turns, to which once deactivated cannot be used for two turns afterwards. Can only be used by kunoichi (Female Shinobi).

Nindo: Yellow Flash
Having the Yellow Flash Nindo means analyzing and strategizing are important to you. There is much to gain in planning your assault instead of rushing in senselessly. Having this Nindo means that after observing your opponent utilize their Core Skills ( HA/AE/KG/CC ) more than 4 times, the user becomes capable of beating these techniques with 10 less damage needed, having observed their weaknesses.
Note: This does not count as a debuff.

Personality: Mirabelle can be described in one word, multifaceted. At first glance her approach to individuals comes off as cool and composed but hiding an air of arrogance behind her smile. Mirabelle loves to learn, always seeking ways in which can improve herself as a person thought not only mentally but also strength wise. Competitive, rude and foul mouthed are words people often describe her to be, which she doesn’t deny as her temper is miniscule. She’s easy to irritate and becomes very passive aggressive when annoyed by others. Somewhat fickle, she is shown being friendly and trying to come off as refined, mature one moment, then yelling whilst dangerously blunt the next. She takes her duties very seriously and always aims for the best but knows when to give up. She loves to fight, something her father noticed ever since she was little. She’d spend what little time she had with her father before his passing training, spending time in the mountains with her twin sister and uncle training in the ways of the Hayabusa Clan. She has a desire to become the strongest kunoichi in the world, admiring other strong women as well. She’s a pompous woman as well, notably about her body’s appearance. She takes true pride in it, only seeking the finest clothing money can buy but also loving to show of her large bosom to others in any ways possible. While she has little to no shame, she can sometimes show this feeling when truly ashamed of her actions. She also has the habit of gifting people nicknames, whether they like it or not it matters little to her.

Mirabelle is overall a good hearted person, though her morals and self-interest can sometimes cloud her own judgment. She’s willing to kill without hesitation, but lacks the capability to kill the innocent. Unafraid to fight a stronger opponent, but fears the idea of losing her life without fulfilling her dreams. She loves her friends, family and village mates, but will show no mercy to those who cross either of them.

Mirabelle has also displayed true arrogance against many whom came her way, showing her "hime" like personality. While she prefers to overwhelm her targets with manipulation, she's not against brute forcing her way in a fight as well. She's also relentless when seeking revenge on those who wronged her. She does have a soft spot towards children, finding it rather impossible to bring harm to child unless they too prove a threat to her life. In more recent years, Mirabelle's personality has shifted ever so slightly, becoming much more complex to understand as time ticks away. Her fears, her love and demeanor slowly drifting into a realm of uncertainty, the maiden having lost her identity. Her bloodlust, it's ticking and becoming more apparent as time goes on, but also her cowardice and fragility is slowly piercing through as well...what is becoming of this young woman...

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🗦 勢力Rank & Village Information 🗧

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Land of Birth: Owatatsumi
WSE Clan: N/A
Ninja Rank: Sage
Specialty: Apex Handseal Specialist (Fire Release/Blue Fire), Apex Tracking Specialist, Chakra Fortification (Fuinjutsu), Seal Caster, Maguilty Sense, Yin Specialist
Elements & Skills:
Water Release......................................................................Taijutsu
Fire Release........................................................................Ninjutsu
Wind Release......................................................................Kenjutsu
Lightning Release...............................................................Genjutsu
Earth Release.............................................................Kaito Taijutsu
Yin Release..........................................................................Kinjutsu
Yang Release.....................................................................Fūinjutsu
Dark Vacuity Release............................................Medical Ninjutsu
Solar Wind Release...............................................Uzumaki Clan (Advanced)
Seraphic Water Release........................................Bijutsu.
Perfume Release ..................................................Bukijutsu
Algae Release
Blue Fire Release

Blood Contracts: Cat Summoning Contract - Box Jellyfish Summoning Contract - Wyvern Summoning Contract

Custom Fighting Styles:
ZX Buster - Black Leg Taijutsu - Surreal Palm - Maguilty Sense - Grimm Mane

Mirabelle's Attribute Points (29 AP):
Mind: 8 | Body: 5 | Spirit: 6 | Agility: 5 | Dexterity: 4 | Vitality: 1 (Chakra: 0 | Health: 1)

🗦 生命Background & Additional Information 🗧
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"The silence in my heart is only but an echo of how lonesome it is inside..."
(Origin Story Prior to Jinchuriki.)

Chapter 7: Mirabelle the Jinchuriki:
Prior to her descent into Irkalla – Mirabelle was a bit hesitant towards the underworld due to a strange disturbance occurring in the village. Curious; after the battle with Shukaku she left for a moment to investigate the strange chakra signatures. Unfortunately; she was struck down mid flight and taken captured by members of the Black Spider Clan, the eternal rivals of the Hayabusa Clan. As this occurred; she was forced into state of beyond her control, her powers being sealed. Despite her attempts to free herself, the maiden was unable to do so - in which these vile shinboi did the unthinkable. Utilizing some sort of kinjutsu, Mirabelle's connection to Wuji was completely severed - rendering her Dantian destroyed. This of course wasnt the end of it, as they forcefully sealed the Yang Half of the Nibi into her body, in hopes that she will cause a rampage on the very village she loved. Once they left, the woman was left in a broken state, and with wanting nothing but to protect her people - Mirabelle would step down as the Kage until she managed to gain control of it's power or until Vayne of the Shadow Tribe returned from Irkalla, which would make him the Yondaime Tsumikage.

Chapter 8: The Broken, the Shattered, the Reawakened:
After her self imposed exile began, Mirabelle journeyed through the Badlands for a period of time, becoming more acclimated and in tune with the Nibi. Despite the constant strain of trying to create a sort of bond, the two always found themselves at each other's throat. She however would soon on a whim unlock the unique skill known as "Blue Fire Release". This was showing the bond between the Jinchuriki and Nibi was starting to become ignited. Of course over time, her journey lead to her arriving to the land of fire. Seeking knowledge from one of the infamous institutions on the island - she would find the university in shambles, bones left behind from months ago. After sheer investigation, she would come across a blind woman, who would refer to herself as Isabella Uchiha. The two started to become acquainted with one another, with the lady asking her to be a sort of guide for her. Once they arrived in the Nara's ancestral human lands, Mirabelle was fed with information about the Bijuu - while Isabella whimsically forged a new plague, unknown to Mirabelle's attention. Her actions lead to the arrival of the Kage and his allies, which in turn another unknown party entered the fray. It was one of the Voidlords, Neferian whom immediately killed the Uchiha woman with little effort. Of course, the sheer presence of Neferian sent the lady into a state of shock and fear, but this lowered her guard as she become subjected to the Kage's Tsukiyomi. Mirabelle at this time feel unconscious, saved by the newly ressurected Isabella and promptly taken to Solomon to seek attention. The Nibi which was originally sealed within her, was resealed afterwards - as her spiritual imbalance was also repaired as she awakened.

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The lady vowed to never let something like this happen again, swearing she'd get revenge on the Uchiha one day but also thanked the Isabella for saving her - apologizing for her previous animosity towards her. It was at this time however that Mirabelle and Isabella would take time to listen to answers they seek from Solomon. The former mentor would speak firstly about the ancient past, talking about the different eras of humanity and the tales of humans and gods alike. Mirabelle herself however was fascinated with these lore bits, an instrinsic behavior of hers due to being a scholar. After the explanations where given - Mirabelle's answer pertaining to the events of Chungsu was answered. While she was left with somewhat vague answers, all she can chalk up at the time was that someone or something was responsible for her mother and twin sister's death, and thus she intends on finding out the truth.

Chapter 9: Into the Void, Journey to the Unknown Seas
After clearly being given a hint as to how to find more information about her eyes, Mirabelle would accompany Isabella on a trip across oceans, to meet with individuals who can assist in for their voyage into the depths of the muddy ocean. Once this happened, both women dove into the Hokubu Ocean; till they managed to reach the ocean's floor. A new civilization was discovered, a underwater nation dubbed Eridu the home of the Sentinels. While initially roaming free; the two where eventually caught by the local militant guarding forces. The two would be taken to meet with the highest form of power among them, Lady Ningal. After their brief interaction; they where both guided to the Void Tree in which Mirabelle didn't touch the tree as suggested but now currently watches a motionless Isabella. After spending time down in the depths of the ocean, Mirabelle and Isabella left after being dimissed by Lady Ningal - the High Prietess of Eridu. Citing there's trouble currently at the depths of the city, the two decided to leave. Once at the surface, the both decided to finally head to the Ruins of Chungsu, though strangely at the request of Isabella.

Chapter 10: The Felled Angel, Sanity and the Library
After adventuring back to the Library that remained in Chungsu; Mirabelle and company encountered strange humans, most of which rambled on about something called the "Felled Angel". The two allies decided to subdue them though it was more within Mirabelle's interests as she learned more about the term and also its possible connection to the meteorite that Solomon told her about. Unlucky to her and Isabella, Madara and his crew showed up as well - which immense hostility had been shared by both sides. Time passed, tensions rose as everyone within the Restricted Area was searching for something within the secluded section. However it wasn't long till things turned ugly, with Isabella seemingly trying to stop something but was only meet with a quick defeat at the hands of Madara. Mirabelle, despite her desire to attack quickly realized she was outnumbered, thus utilized the opportunity to leave while she can. On her way out she would grab several scrolls and a book and left for the Kinai Islands - where she would now currently be residing; having nursed Isabella back to health but the woman remained unconscious still. A lot of self reflection was involved; with Mirabelle preparing to change a little bit of her game plan in order to become even stronger potentially.

Chapter 11: Recovery, Long Lost Love and Friendships.
After her recovery period in the Kinai Islands, Mirabelle would have honestly caused some trouble to a nearby settlement, quite literally burning it to the ground out of sheer irritation of her loss towards Madara. Over time she's learned more about her connection to Matatabi - somewhat realizing the beast's influence on her. It was at this time however she decided to part ways with Isabella for a while in order to deal with her own personal demons. This would include finally stepping down as Head of the Hayabusa Clan, allowing to fully close the chapter of pain it caused her. However this was only the first step in her path to recovering herself but also among other things. With chaos insetting in the Land of Fire again, she heads to investigate for her own self. After traveling to the Noodle Panhandle, Mirabelle was among the start of her investigations but was promptly greeted by Faye. Her long time friend and love interest whom she was just thinking about. The two was happy to see each other, as they both caught up with one another in life. After sharing a very intimate kiss with each other, they had to go among their separate ways but Mirabelle leaving with her a gift to allow her to find her at any time.

Chapter 12: Rebirth of Sandaime Tsumikage and Inazuma's Founding
After having gained better control over the Nibi's power - Mirabelle decided she would return to Tsumigakure, no longer afraid of her semi partner's powers. After having a meeting with Sado, she was reinstated as a member of Tsumigakure but also back to her reign as Sandaime Tsumikage. As she did, she would prepare to soon meet with the Samurai of the Iron Peninsula, with the intentions of reigning over this part of the map for her village's and the world's sake. As she continued in her seige oiver the Iron Peninsula, she begrudlingy put in a position to work along side Garret Hawke, some sort of vagabond wanitng to make business in her lands of interest.

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Chapter 13: The Voices, Old Fashion Fun, New Alliances.
After conquering most of the lands, Mirabelle was once again caught with the voices in her head, while also finding strange papers that she managed to barely make sense of. Afterwards, she left her demonic familiar to watch over Inazuma's production while she heads to investigate. Her travels lead to her encountering Isabella and Alucard, while also realizing the Void Tree is spreading to the Port. The same voices spoke once more, speaking of locations harboring "keys". There Mirabelle spent some time talking with Isabella and Alucard, finally putting a nail in the coffin of indifference she felt towards Alucard. The two now allies, she would have separated from Isabella once more after her initial investigatings of the landmark didn’t come up with much results. Mirabelle promptly left the Port of Innovus to attend back to her village for other matters. Along the way she brought along a straggler named Vincent, requesting to join the ranks fo the village. She would have guided him to the village, and with the assistance of her familiar – got the man established into the village’s archive. Of course this wasn’t the only thing, word had finally reached the ears of the Kage. The raid of Irkalla was a success, with Emiya confirming humanities success in the act of defying the Goddess Pheta. However, with urgency in these messages, Mirabelle would once again prepare to leave for the Port of Innovus, only to be caught up in conversation with her friend Isabella whom decided to visit her directly. With that, the two headed back to the Port to meet with Emiya.

Chapter 14: New Generation of God Slayers
Arriving to the Port, Mirabelle and Isabella was prompted with the introduction of the first new god slaying tool, named Tsumikari. An amazing blade, Mirabelle had admitted to be forged but the maiden was uninterested in another katana or nodachi. She would have introduced her own unique blade in return to Emiya showing his own to her. They shared in bit of friendly exchange but the urgency of Isabella’s repeated rebuttals seemed to have cut the tension far more thinly than desired. Eventually the talks lead to Emiya finally leading the women down into the Armory of Marzan. Arriving there, they are greeted with the man who’s the engineer of these divinity slaying weapons. While Mirabelle attempted to sing him praises, the man continued to deny any of them, much to her understanding. Humble in his work she supposes. After talking with the man, both ladies are tasked with collecting material for the man, in order to build the weapons they desired. As quickly as they left, they returned in a matter of hours, presenting the material. Of course, a bit over the top in terms of quality, it was the human soul that made these weapons unique and powerful, a meaning Marzan stressed to the ladies onced more. Acknowledging his word, Mirabelle set out to find Neferian alongside Isabella.

Chapter 15: The Collapse
After leaving the armory, Mirabelle set out back to Tsumigakure in order to catch up on village affairs but then she stumbled into Lucifer, whom she saw fighting the Yonbi. She desired to intervene but with the Yonbi's terramorphing of the Hell's Maw, she was left with no choice but to flee. After which she seeked out Solomon, aiming to get a bit of direction. There in the conversation, she learned about Phetra, Anutu and among other things. She departed, she went to the land of fire, hoping to meet with Isabella, but in time, it seems another tragedy had struck the world at large. People are dead everywhere, leaving Mirabelle with no choice but to amount it to the work of the Mother Cult once again. Stepping down from Kage to secure more freedom, she ventures out in search for answers to the current crisis.

Chapter 16: Change Can't Wait:
Mirabelle's adventures through the current world has lead to many events; with her reign as Kage over once more, venturing into the new continent of Kamiyasumi, and the continued pursuit of saving humanity. Along the way she's meet with many old friends and made new ones along the way, dualing the notorious Madara alongside her friend Isabella. This cosmic battle between the mortals and the divine continues to brew - who will win the penultimate question...

Chapter 17: A New World :
A new world has risen since Abzu's Cataylsm...what's next is unknown...

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Jinchuriki of the Two Tails: Like all Jinchuriki, Mirabelle has an enormous supply of chakra compared to most ninja. Jinchuriki of the Two-Tails can gain access to Blue Fire Release and Spiritual Taijutsu, though the requirements for these skills vary based on Tailed Beast Control.

❖ Uzumaki Clan Hiden: Upon her arrival into the new world, Mirabelle was inspired to improve amount of skill had attained as a descendant of the Uzumaki Clan. As such she seeked out her maternal grandmother, Miyoki Uzumaki in order to learn how to utilize the clan's hiden - now being able to use the clan signature techniques.

Apex Handseal Specialist: Mirabelle from a very young age has always shown an affinity for Fire Release; something that she inherited from her father. She's mastered the element to a degree that she no longer requires handseals in order to perform them. Due to her also becoming the Jinchuriki of the Two Tails, she gained a secondary affinity in Blue Fire Release, the Nibi's unique Advanced Element. She is also capable of using it with no handseals.

Apex Tracking Specialist: Trained in hunting and tracking, Mirabelle has heightened senses - allowing her to hear and track her target's a lot more effectively. This grants her a tracking increase of x2.5 to her base tracking.

Chakra Fortification and Seal Caste: Mirabelle's more recent focus in mastery of Fuinjutsu came with quite a bit perks to them. In this case, her Fuinjutsu has an additional +10 chakra applied to it naturally, increasing its sealing potency with ease. She also has additional body seals located on her as well.

Yin Specialist: Mirabelle's mastery of the Yin Release is superior to most, as she is capable of awareness of spiritual abilities, translating to the ability to detect any Genjutsu or spiritual technique affecting them below MS-level. This awareness also allows them to sense spiritual entities, like Katsuryoku spirits or Hungry Ghosts. As a Yin Specialists she is also able utilize Genjutsu Kai passively, up to B-Rank. Inducing Genjutsu on a target causes you to siphon some of their spiritual energy, augmenting your own spiritual prowess. For each illusion placed on a target(s) your spiritual techniques gain an effective 10 chakra and no more, 2 base speed levels stacking up to three times, and 10 damage stacking up to three times. The bonus is lost one turn after a target escapes from the illusion placed on them.

Maguilty Sense: Mirabelle's original archery based style, utilizing a combination of spiritual parasites and fuinjutsu. Due to the archery training attached to it, she gains an additional x2 tracking increase.

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It took a rater long time, something Mirabelle personally didn't desire to do but alas did. Utilizing the scared scrolls she fetched from the Restricted Area in the Library of Chungsu; Mirabelle found scrolls with the instruction for some of the most notorious techniques to have ever been created. While she doesn't utilize it as much, there are a few techniques among the arsenal she's came to use from time to time. She eventually released her control over her Edo Tensai, realizing how inhumane the technique truly is.

Body Seals: Mirabelle's knowledge and training with Fuinjutsu is vast, having reached a level of mastery in which she learned and created specialized body seals on herself. These seals are located and scattered different locations on the body, each with a different purpose and intention, even going as far as to be self triggered in some instances.
(Fuinjutsu/Kenjutsu : Shi no Ōgama) - Sealing/Sword Arts: Lost Blades
Rank: S
Type: Offensive
Range: Short
Chakra Cost: 40
Damage points: N/a
Description: Lost blades is a very unique type of technique. Applying both sealing techniques with kenjutsu, making the technique, Lost Blades. The user will apply a seal on the blade portion of their sword. Doing this, the user is able to slash at anything that pertains to chakra in it, be it medical chakra, other forms of chakra. (excludes senjutsu or fuinjutsu). By doing this, the moment the user slashes at something, the seal instantly activates, sealing the chakra inside said technique, allowing for the slash to disperse the technique. This makes it look like everything the user cuts at, gets slashed and dispersed.
Note: Can use two times per battle
Note: Both Fuin and Kenjutsu is S rank, allowing the user to seal S rank and below
Note: The seal is pre-applied to the sword before battle. After usage, the user has to manually apply the seal to the sword again (This portion does not take up a move slot, but using the technique does)
Note: Seal stays dormant until clashes with other technique

(Bijuu Fuinjutsu: Akuma no mado shīru) - Tailed Beast Sealing Technique: Demon's Window Seal
Type: Supplementary
Rank: A
Range: N/A
Chakra Cost: 30 (for activation)
Damage: N/A
Description: This seal was created specifically for Jinchuriki as a way of giving their Bijuu a more active role in battle. The Demon's Window Seal is placed on a Jinchuriki's body and gives their Bijuu a window into the outside world, appearing as a "screen" of sorts inside their inner sanctum. This allows them to see in the direction that the seal is facing, with a standard field of view. A common location for the seal is the nape of the Jinchuriki's neck which allows the Bijuu to watch their host's back, though more offensively minded Jinchuriki may place the seal elsewhere. This viewing window is active at all times as a passive function for the seal.Beyond being able to see through the seal, the Bijuu and host are able to activate it to create a temporary gateway into the real world, appearing as an enlarged version of the seal in the air at the desired location. While not large enough for the Bijuu to escape through, it does allow the passage of a limb or tail, or even a technique. Whether it is the Bijuu or the Host activating the seal, the gateway must be created within eye sight. Should the Tailed Beast attack through the gateway with a limb or tail, the strength of the attack is A rank. They are able to use techniques of the fields they can use during its full transformation (e.g. Wind and Sand for Shukaku, or Wind and Taijutsu for Chomei), but with half the added power bonus and excluding any technique that is exclusive to their full transformation. The gateway can only be used for one action per usage, after which it closes.
-Must be stated in the biography, along with location on the body.
-Can only be activated four times per battle.
-Physical attacks count as A-rank in strength, but do not count as a move in the user's turn.
-Activation of the seal counts as a move in the user's turn, as does any technique released through the gateway

(Fuuin: Hakari no Doragon) - Sealing Technique: Scales of the Dragon
Type: Supplementary/Defensive
Rank: S
Range: Short
Chakra cost: N/A (-40 on activation)
Damage points: N/A
Description: The user has a seal on their body with the Kanji for "Impervious" that automatically activates upon the user being struck with a Taijutsu attack. A barrier instantly forms over the user (before the user can be harmed) and mitigates the damage dealt by the strike and any subsequent strikes encompassed in the technique or freeform combo. Whether a Taijutsu technique deals one single hit or a multitude of them, each activation of this seal will defend one single Taijutsu attack/combo, be it freeform or a technique. The effect of the barrier is to reduce rather than eliminate the damage the user takes from being struck physically by the opponent so it will only halve the damage of any Taijutsu technique no matter how powerful (e.g. S-Ranks will fall to 40 damage, D-Ranks will fall to 10 damage). Due to this seal only reducing damage rather protecting the user completely, it acts as a failsafe more than anything else in case the user is caught unawares by someone much faster than them. The user’s body will sustain the remaining damage after the barrier halves it’s power.

Note: Can only be used twice per battle
Note: User still takes half the damage
Note: Only applies to Taijutsu techniques
Note: No S-Rank or above Fuuin in that turn or next

(Fuuin: Metsuryū Mahō) - Sealing art: Dragon Slayer Magic
Type: Fuuin
Rank: A
Range: Short (mid range blast when released)
Chakra: 30
Damage: 60
Description: Before the battle the user will have places 5 basic seals in their mouth/throat in preparation. Each of these seals will represent one of the 5 basic elements. In battle, when the user is about to be hit by one of the the 5 basic elements they will perform one handseal activating one of the chosen seals in their mouth as they breath in. In doing so, the element of the seal they activated will be sucking in and sealed into the seal in the users mouth. Much like how Jiraiya sealed Amaterasu. After having sealed the element, the user can then perform one handseal releasing that element from their mouth back at their opponent, in the form of a blast of that chosen element with no shape to it. An exampe of this jutsu would be if the opponent use a B rank fireball, just when it's about to hit the user, he will perform one handseal, activating the seal as he breathes in, as he does, the fireball will be sealed into the seal in the users mouth, without hurting the user. The user could then perform another handseal releasing the fireb back at the opponent as one big blast, the fireball would still be B rank. When the seal is activated, a mass of chakra is released out of the users mouth at high speed, similar to when jiraiya sealed amaterasu in a scroll, but faster. The element would be drawn into this chakra and sealed into the seal in the users mouth.

Note: Each seal can only be used once per battle.
Note: Can only seal one jutsu per seal
Note: Can only seal A rank and below
Note: Must wait 1 turn to use this jutsu again
Note: After a jutsu has been sealed in the users mouth, when they release it back, it counts as one of the 3 jutsu per turns.
Note: Can only seal one element, not elemental combinations.
Note: Useable 3 times

( Kōdona Uzumaki Fuuinjutsu: Tsubame no gyakuten ) – Advanced Uzumaki Sealing Technique: Body Of Teach!
Type: Defensive | Supplementary
Rank: S-rank
Range: Short (Mid)
Chakra: 70
Damage: N/A (+20 to taijutsu)
Description: Body Of Teach is a simple sealing technique only passed down to the head of the Uzumaki clan of each generation. The seal would come in the form of small vertical straight lines across the body that are not noticeable by the naked eye while dormant. Each line would be small written kanji of each basic element over and over in a row, forming the straight line. The kanji is so small, even those capable of seeing the lining on the body wouldn't notice they are actually kanji writing unless they had some sort of vision allowing to see such small writing. The seal would come into effect when the user wills it to, actively sealing an elemental technique that would have come into contact with the users body; Allowing them to seal the element into the lining, causing the lining to glow a color similar to the element sealed (Yellow = Lightning, Blue = Water, Brown = Earth etc.). Once the element is sealed, within the next 2 turns (including the turn the element is sealed) the user can release the element passively next to any taijutsu performed; Not only giving the attack a heavy damage boost, but also causing an outward shockwave in the direction of the attack, which would expand the damage out to mid range. Once the element is added to the taijutsu attack, the kanji for the specific element would disappear from the lines on the body altogether. In case of AE or CE being sealed, the kanji for every element that makes that element up would disappear Also. Of course this means once an element is sealed once, that specific element that disappeared can't be sealed and used as a boost again. Being an advanced Uzumaki seal, it can seal techniques with chakra up to 70 or below. Anything beyond that would be unsealable.
Note: Only usable 3x with a 2 turn cool down between uses.
Note: Can only have a single technique sealed away at a time.
Note: Once used, the user can't use any S-rank or higher sealing techniques for 2 turns.
Note: Can only be used by Adv. Uzumaki Bios
Note: Counts as a body seal

( Fukurō no sukuriputo ) | Scripts of the Northern Owl
Type: Supplementary
Rank: S
Range: Short-Long
Chakra: 40 [+10 to seal]
Description: Scripts of the Northern Owl is 1 of 4 secret sealing techniques created by the Uzumaki clan to give their unique Chakra Chains more versatility. Specifically, Scripts focuses on the more supplemental side of sealing. The Chakra chains come with an inherent ability to use a certain sealing method through them, so a talented Uzumaki found a way to advance the idea of using seals through them altogether. Through the use of additional chakra when deploying the chains, the user is able to forge kanji/Scripts into the chains and give them the effects of a sealing technique. This would only work with Fuuinjutsu techniques that have kanji markings or scripts that can be written/forged into the chakra chains themselves. This has it's limits though. Being a technique that only comes into fruition when used directly next to chakra chains, it is a passive technique and won't take up a move slot; Though whatever seal is forged into the chains will need to be posted and altogether would count as two moves (The chains + Seal). This is a technique that would have to be posted in the user's bio or at the beginning of fights as a reference (also being posted as reference when used). For S rank seals and above, the user will need to perform an additional hand seal when forming the chains. Can only be used to apply S rank seals 3 times each battle, with two turns between uses. Cannot be applied to forbidden ranked chains.

( Īsutandoragon no shizukesa ) | Tranquility of The Eastern Dragon (Blue Fire Release)
Type: Supplementary
Rank: B
Chakra: 20 [+10 to jutsu]
Damage: +20
Description: Tranquility of The Eastern Dragon is 1 of 4 secret sealing techniques created by the Uzumaki clan to give their unique Chakra Chains more versatility. Specifically, Tranquility focuses on elemental chakras to enhance the overall effectiveness of the chains. Through the use of additional chakra when deploying the chains, the user is able to passively mark his chains with kanji of a chosen element [to be specifically posted which element in bio] to enhance them to fit their needs. The kanji would instantly erect a barrier that is skin tight on the chains, possessing the inherit properties of said element. This can range from being a basic element, to an advanced element or CE, which effectively raises the rank of the chains when used. This is something that CAN be applied to the chains but doesn't HAVE to be applied every use, seeing as the chains would also take on the weaknesses of said element and wouldn't always be needed.

On the other hand, at the cost of a move and 20 chakra, the user can switch the kanji seal to a new element (losing the old seal). This would happen within the same time frame of the chains due to the nature of this technique, being unusable on its own.

Note: Can only be used on chains up to S rank.
Note: For S rank seals the user will need to perform an additional hand seal when forming the chains or swapping the seal. Can only be used to apply S rank seals 3 times better battle, with two turns between uses.
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Engulfing Lightning: Mirabelle after her long hours of watching the Black Smith named Marzan toil away, she was gifted with a unique new weapon. This being one of the first few God Slaying Tools of the newest generation. While originally nameless, Mirabelle have called the naginata she possesses "Engulfing Lightning". Being a five foot weapon, it's weight is evenly distributed among the weapon, being Mirabelle's iconic weapon of choice vs divine beings. The naginata is indestructible but lacks any true special properties aside from its Anti Divinity properties. The naginata was the enhanced with supportive properties by Master Kingsly, allowing Mirabelle's weapon to become empowered.
(Kamikorosu: Naginata) – God Slayer: Naginata
Type: God-Slaying Artifact
Rank: C
Range: N/A
Chakra: N/A
Damage: N/A
Description: A pole weapon wielded by the Samurai class now forged as a God-Slaying Tool. It is quite a large weapon, roughly five feet in length from the tip of its curved blade to the bottom of the pole-staff. This particular Naginata was forged for Mirabelle; because it is a product of certain Atavistic techniques it is bound to her soul, its anti-Divinity properties are able to pierce the defenses afforded to Divine enemies in the Ninja World. This does not confer a God-Slaying Tool the ability to defeat properties of Anutu or its sub-components; it is specifically targeted against Divine enemies in the Ninja World and the Divinity that they possess. With proper focusing and enhancements perhaps this weapon can become even stronger.

Support: this God-Slaying specialization is designed to provide strategic and tactical support to the team. This type of God-Slaying Tool possesses limited in their offensive capability but gifted in their ability to augment their team with a plethora of buffs and shields.
Embrace of the Fates (Passive): Passively Support specialists grant all their allies an additional 20 damage to those within mid-range of their location.
Beyond the Veil (Passive): All Support specialists boosts bypass damage stacking limits.
Divine Stratagem (Active): At the cost of a move and a slot in the timeframe the user is able to activate this God-Slaying technique; this allows all allies to gain a 3x speed and tracking increase as well as cause their next Ninjutsu to gain Anti-Divinity. Lasts for three turns, usable every four.

Misc Information: Mirabelle carries around with a variety of essential ninja tools, ranging from the basics such as shuriken, kunais, ninja wire, etc. She also carries her medical scroll with her just in case of emergencies as well. However when it comes to unique weapons, she has two on her person. Mirabelle also gained a powerful blade known as the Hagakure, a blade enhancing all her Kenjutsu with it. Outside of this, she has plethora of weapons at her disposal via unsealing them from scrolls, such as extra bows namely warbows, axes, lances, hammers etc. She also utilizes Heavy Artillery Explosive Tags as opposed to standard regular tags in battle as well.

(Mayonaka ) Midnight
Type: Weapon
Rank: S
Range: Short-Long
Chakra: N/A
Damage: N/A
Description: Mayonaka is a powerful bow that was handcrafted by Mirabelle Nariyuki. Her desire to create a weapon that suites her combat prowess as an archer allowed her to create this weapon. Through the assistance of her mentor, Paradox, a very cryptic weapons master – she was able to finally establish and create a bow that surpassed any of her previous weaponry. The bow itself is rather basic in design – being a sleek black coloration, having a somewhat glass like finish to it . The quiver associated with the bow rests on her hip usually but can be used in any fashion she desired such as on her back. The bow’s design is strong enough to resist one S rank attack or two A ranks before shattering to another technique afterwards. The bow itself is highly focused with its design of combining fuinjutsu and archery into one. These can be found below, with some of it revolving the bow itself and the quiver tied in.

Against the Fleeing Light (N/A) – Considered the most basic ability of the bow, is passive in nature and doesn’t require a move slot. Located on the bow and within the quiver are two seals, modified version of the “Lightning Blade Creation Seal”. Upon the user taking an arrow out from the quiver, it is immediately replaced with another in order to keep the user’s arsenal of arrows continuously filled. This allows the user to summon forth any kind of arrow she has access towards, though the quiver itself utilizes unique arrows as well. These unique arrows are adaptive by nature – meaning that they are capable of transforming into any kind of arrow the user might need in combat. This includes special arrows for custom fighting styles etc those allowing for the user to complete have access to their arsenal to the fullest capacity. This also extends to techniques that create chakra based arrows, causing adaptive arrows to absorb the chakra nature of the user and transforming into the needed arrow while the bow itself acts as the chakra bow or even turning into other types of bows for other styles if any is needed to be formed. The other seal is located on the bow itself, allowing the user to seal and unseal the bow into the palm if needed or to put away when not in use or to avoid someone trying to steal it. This doesn’t cost a move as well, though most at least be within ten meters of the weapon to do so.

Stellar Predator (N/A) – The secondary and final passive of the bow, located on the golden accents of the bow. This is an empowerment, with a seal that is passively activated each time the user utilizes a technique or skill from the bow. The seal passively siphons an additional amount of chakra from the user (+10) in order to enhance the strength of the bow and arrow. This acts as a means to increase the damage of these techniques by +1 rank or +20 DMG for techniques S rank and above in power.

Bolts of Downfall (D – S) – The first active ability of the bow, in which utilizes a seal marked “energize”. Upon preparing to fire an arrow, the user can activate this seal – which causes an elemental nature or other nature transformation the user has access towards to be released. The seal then infuses the bow with said elemental nature, creating a coating around it. Once the arrow is released it soars through the skies at the intended target. The coating causes the arrow to gain the elemental properties of the chosen nature, that when striking them will react in a way the element normally does (such as fire burning the opponent, lightning shocking the opponent) etc. This can also be applied to Custom Elements or Advanced Elements. D to B rank can be used any amount of times per battle, while A rank can only be used thrice and S rank twice. A rank causes this technique to go on cooldown for two turns before utilizing it again while S rank causes this same cooldown but for three turns instead. Stellar Predator's damage increase doesn’t apply to this ability. These arrows are fired up to long range, with the coatings being applied at a short range.

Gaze of the Deep (A) - The second active ability of the bow, the user is capable of activating a seal marked as “protection ” on the bow . By activating the seal, a spherical barrier of chakra will immediately form around the user (up to short range). This barrier is laced with sealing scrip all around it, that once foreign chakra comes into contact with it – the barrier forcefully seals the technique into the seal. Once this is done, the barrier collapses afterwards. This ability can only seal chakra/techniques up to A rank (30 Chakra) but cannot be used on living creatures unless it’s a chakra made familiar. Can only be used thrice per battle, with a cool down of three turns.

( Iryo Doku ) - Medical Ninja Toxin
Type: Supply
Rank: N/A
Range: N/A
Chakra: N/A
Damage: N/A
Description: Medics are capable of utilizing a specific form of poison that is known to just them, created to cause partial paralysis and eventually complete paralysis and unconsciousness in targets directly poisoned. This poison, known as the Med Toxin, has effects that take place a turn after being poisoned but last for 4 stages before a target is completely subdued. The first stage is when the target is poisoned, only taking damage from the secondary source used to force the liquid poison inside their body. The second stage, taking place 1 turn after being poisoned, will cause targets to suffer a reduction of senses and have a 5% tracking and health decrease applied. The third stage, taking place 2 turns after being poisoned, will cause localized paralysis in the limb or limbs that were poisoned, preventing movement in them as the poison begins to spread. This can cause a reduction of speed by 20% if in the legs. The fourth stage, unique due to only triggering with repeated poisoning of a target, causes a complete paralysis in the target, causing them to be rendered unable to battle as both their body’s physical and chakra systems stop working for them.
Note: This poison’s effects take place across 4 turns. Repeated use can cause complete paralysis. Should a target only have limbs targeted, it will require 2 simultaneous inflictions or 4 overall inflictions for complete paralysis to trigger. Should a target have a resistance factor, the poison will take an additional turn before the next stage triggers unless otherwise noted.
Note: Each poisoning lasts 6 turns. Second Stage effects are capable of combining for a max of 20% reduction, triggering stage 4 after at least 4 separate poison statuses or 2 different double poisoning statuses.
Note: Counts as a Supply like all Poisons. Can be applied to the user’s Custom Weapons and weapons on the user’s bio.
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Daisuke Nanashi Hayabusa (Father)
Marisella "Shuten" Hayabusa (Mother) (née Nariyuki)
Isella Hana Hayabusa (Older Half Sister)
Isabelle Kiana Hayabusa (Younger Twin Sister)
Ilah Blackthorn (Daughter)
Kingsly Blackthorn(Husband)
Chise Hatori (Adopted Younger Sister)
Mugestsu Hayabusa (Great Granduncle)
Reborn Hayabusa (First Cousin)
Genji Shimada - Hayabusa (Cousin)
Hanzo Shimada - Hayabusa (Cousin)
Jo Hayabusa (Grandfather)
Ryu Hayabusa (Uncle)
Kyoki Hayabusa (Uncle)
Azrael Hayabusa (Uncle)
Kiyomi Uzumaki (Maternal Grandmother)
Isabella Uchiha (Maternal Cousin)
Ei Raiden (Ancestor)


Shirou Emiya (Friend)
Sado Yatosura (Friend)
Vegeta Hyuga (Friend/Rival)
Solomon (Former Mentor/Friend)
Faye Katsuryoku (Former Lover)
Vayne Nara (Friend/Successor)
Garret Hawke (Business Associate)
Musashi Miyamoto (Friend)
Alucard (Associate)
Lucifer (Associate)
Kotestsu Inuzuka (Associate)
Susabi (Associate)
Merlin (Associate)

Madara Uchiha (Enemy)
Strix (Enemy of Tsumigakure)

Ancestral Linage: Mirabelle through her mother's linage is a descendent of the Uzumaki, Uchiha and Hayabusa Clan. On her father's side, she's purely of Hayabusa Ancestry. After losing her ability to weave Neidan, Mirabelle disassociated herself with the Hayabusa, no longer claiming herself to be apart of the clan.

❖ Scientific Tools:
( Kyuu-tsuki ) - September (255 Regular Chakra)
Type: Tool
Rank: S
Range: Short - Long
Chakra: N/A ( +50 per turn ) ( -50 per turn to an opponent )
Damage: N/A ( -20 to an opponent's technique )
Description: September is a small orb-like self-sustained chakra battery that can be pre-charged with basic chakra, or senjutsu chakra. If charged with basic chakra it will be compatible with any non-hostile shinobi. The battery has two capabilities called charge and drain. Charge allows a shinobi to draw chakra from the battery or apply it to their techniques and drain allows the battery to draw chakra from a shinobi or their techniques. The battery has a max capacity of two hundred chakra.

Charge: While in direct contact with the battery or while it is on their person a shinobi can passively absorb chakra directly from the battery through contact. It can be used while still hidden or in a pouch not needing to be pulled out. It allows the shinobi to draw up to two hundred chakra from the battery at a rate of fifty per turn allowing for them to regain chakra or to supply exhausted allies with chakra. It can also be used to provide senjutsu chakra instead of chakra at a quicker rate allowing them to gain ten percent of their chakra as senjutsu chakra but can only be done once usually exhausting the battery. When exhausted the battery is still able to use its drain ability. Alternatively, like the name implies the battery can be used to charge a technique with ten extra chakra providing it a twenty damage boost. This is done in the same timeframe as the augmented technique and can only be done twice with a two-turn cool-down.

Drain: If a hostile individual tries to use the battery it will absorb their chakra instead of giving them chakra at a rate of fifty chakra stolen per turn. The wielder of the battery is also able to instigate this process passively by making direct contact with the opponent allowing them to instigate the process stealing fifty chakra per turn where contact is made. Additionally, through this draining ability, the battery is able to steal ten chakra from a technique causing it to weaken by twenty damage. This is similar to the capabilities of the Scientific Ninja Tool: ( Abusōbu Ude ) - Absorption Arm on a much lower and more basic scale. Where that can absorb entire jutsu this battery can only absorb ten chakra storing it in the battery. This portion of the drain ability will cost a move slot, can only be used once per turn and only twice per battle.
Note: The wielder can only carry a single chakra battery
Note: Must state the ratio of basic chakra to senjutsu chakra that is found in the battery

(Kansō) Requip
Type: Tool
Rank: D
Range: Self
Chakra: -5 chakra per transformation
Damage: N/A
Description: Requip is a unique brand of ninja technology namely used for those always on the move. Coming in the form of apparel; the user has the innate ability to have clothing that morphs and changes form in order to suit their needs. Within the fabric of the clothing – there exists specialized ninja technology that controls the strings and thus with the use of chakra can command it to take any form she desires. This can range from shifting from casual wear to combat ready clothing on the fly. It mimics any clothing the user may also have somewhere at home and even the coloration changes as well. This combines two aspects: the Henge no Jutsu and the morphing capabilities of the microfibers but the transformation is permanent until changed again. Transforming the clothing is passive and doesn’t take a move slot however needs – 5 per use to do so. While transforming a bright light is also emitted to prevent others from seeing the transformation until it fully forms if needed.

Enokuga | Book Of Enoch
Type: Supplementary
Rank: B
Range: Short
Chakra: N/A
Damage: N/A
Description: The Book Of Enoch is a tablet computer carried by Lucifer disguised as an old book, this tablet maintains a connection to the ninja world marketplaces and noticeboards regardless of the users location in the world. This allows the user to keep up to date on the goings on in the world, and to observe any bounties placed. Additionally the tablet can be used to store any information that the user chooses to record, information regarding landmarks, people, anything essentially can be recorded here for future use.
-Must be placed within the users biography.
-May only have one per bio.

(Anesidora) - Anesidora
Type: Technology
Rank: S
Range: Short - Long
Chakra: (Varies)
Damage: N/A
Anesidora is a Camera that comes with two Bangles that are worn on each of the user’s wrists. The Bangles act like “printers” for the user, capable of creating light copies (colour custom to user, cannot be invisible) of solid chakra Tools and Weapons that the user has photographed previously. The user can passively create freeform standard tools and weapons in their hands from the Bangles and they always look like solid chakra “wireframes” of the weapons or tools they’re mimicking; the user can substitute tools in techniques with this version of the weapons. If they’re Kunai, Shuriken, Metal Cards or small thrown tools like that any amount can be created around the user - larger weapons like swords are created in the hand. Even though they’re “wireframe” chakra copies, they act like the standard weapon they’re mimicking. Anesidora can mimic weapons needed for the user's custom fighting styles and create them in their hands or on their person at will without the user needing to carry them around. These tools can have seals placed or already placed on them recorded in the camera, the kanji or pattern take a wireframe look as well.

The real usage of this technique however is that this Camera stores the memory of Jutsu as well. The User can look through the Camera lense and can take a picture of a shape manipulated technique, examining the taken Jutsu and it’s structure in a Three-Dimensional shape and what abilities/strength it possesses and will store or print a copy for the user whether it be projected out from the bracelets or from the front of the Camera itself until formed and performs/sustains on it’s own - a Chakra deduction is made from the user's chakrapool which reflects the amount of chakra inputted into the taken technique. The created constructs will also have a Wireframe effect made purely of Chakra that is neutral to everything, the Wireframe construct can do what it’s original could do but instead of an “Earth Entity” firing “Earth spikes” it would be a Wireframe entity with a similar appearance firing “Wireframe Spikes” that can stab targets. If the printed entity can perform elemental jutsu up to a certain rank, this is replaced with Wireframe Constructs from the ground or their own body (Which are down to the user’s imagination) up to that certain rank, relevant chakra for the chosen rank construct much be deducted still (30 for A-Rank, 40 for S-Rank). The Construct lasts until a new Construct is made, sustained by the Camera which stores 150 Chakra Points, deducting -40 per turn that a construct is active. The user can passively give the camera 10 chakra a turn when there isn't a construct active.

Note: The user can have one of their own jutsu chosen to be “stored” in Anesidora. Posted with this technique in the relevant Technology and Artefact section or posted at the beginning of a Fight.
Note: The Copied Jutsu can be from the user or the opponent, they can be summons, entities or creations. Their strength is the same and their abilities are mimicked through Wireframe meshes (Within reason) which are neutral to everything. Unless they have unique abilities which cannot be copied as it's impossible for a Wireframe construct to use Yin parasites for example or to utilise absorption in any way.
Note: The user can take a Picture three times per battle, but only have one Construct on a field active at a time. When a Construct is destroyed it cannot be used again unless taken a Picture of again.

(Sentō Taiō Akushon Kamera) Combat Ready Action Camera
Type: Tool
Rank: S
Range: Short - Long
Chakra Cost: 40 (Absorption)
Damage Points: N/A
Description: C.R.A.C’s or commonly known as Combat Ready Action Cameras are a unique line of DSLR and Mirrorless cameras. Engineered by the company known as Yukimura Films, these are specialized and outfitted with Scientific Ninja Tool technology, while also serving as a regular ole photography camera (cosmetic usage). In actual combat, the cameras all share unique properties mentioned as follows.

Polaroid Stills (Active) - By pressing the shutter button of the camera, it will release from the lens a rapidly moving trail of photo film towards an intended target. These film scripts are designed with a similar function to that of the “Absorbing Arm” SNT, which upon contact, the chakra within the film would absorb an opposing technique into it. As it does, the technique is forcefully sealed away into the film strip, as it instantly retracts back into the camera and prints out a polaroid image made from the same material used for scrolls. Within it, prints a copy of the technique, crafting a unique photo of it forever. This was derived from Ink Ninjutsu’s “Tiger Vision Staring Bullet” which forcefully seals a technique or person caught by the tiger into a scroll as a work of art afterwards. This ability can be used thrice per battle, with a cool down of three turns between each use. The user can only absorb up to 40 chakra with this ability.

Electronic Viewfinder (Passive) - The ability constitutes the user looking into the viewfinder of the camera while channeling chakra into it. This would passively enable the camera to display unique information. This information includes any foreign chakra sources within the landmark, the ability to zoom the lens out enough to see across the same landmark or up to long range in a fight. It also is capable of displaying names of people the user has programmed into the camera’s system to remember. This activation is passive but drains -10 chakra per turn to sustain, though can only remain active for four turns before slightly overheating the camera and forcing it into a cooldown period of two turns should it remain active for the full duration.

Interchangeable Lens (Passive) - The last ability of the camera is the ability to change the lens of the chakra. The lens that initially comes with the lens known as the ‘kit lens’ comes with “Polaroid” as its unique perk, but all lens are capable of using Electronic Viewfinder. In order to make or attach new lens, one must have the “Primary Crafting Expert” specialty in their bio. The new lens will provide a bonus perk, but usually will replace “Polaroid Stills” with its unique perk.

C.R.A.C all come in an assortment of colors and designs, being unique to each and everyone who has one. The user can carry two of these cameras but they must have different lenses, each one taking their own individual SNT slot in one's bio.
Void Infused Artifacts (5/5):
(Mukō: Fuyu no Shukufuku) – Void: Winter’s Blessing
Type: Void Infused Artifact
Rank: A
Range: Self
Chakra: N/A
Damage: N/A
Description: A Void Infused Artifact Accumulator that is activated passively; upon activation the user instantly gains a single Void Infusion. It can be activated twice per battle, once every four turns.

(Mukō: Senmon Chūnyū) – Void: Specialized Infusion
Type: Void Infused Artifact
Rank: A
Range: Short – Long
Chakra: N/A
Damage: N/A
Description: Whenever the user uses a technique within a field of their specializations, they have a 25% chance to gain a single Void Infusion, occurring at most once every two turns.

(Mukō: Mukō no Tsuyosa) – Void: Strength of the Void
Type: Void Infused Artifact
Rank: B
Range: Short – Long
Chakra: N/A
Damage: N/A
Description: Activated passively at the cost of one Void Infusion; Strength of the Void increases the potency of the user’s next four offensive techniques by 20 damage.

(Mukō: Ikari Wasure San) – Void: Wrath of the Forgotten One
Type: Void Infused Artifact
Rank: B
Range: Short – Mid
Chakra: N/A
Damage: 80
Description: Activated at the cost of a move and a single Void Infusion; unleashes a torrential maelstrom of natural flames from the user’s position up to mid-range. Inflicts 80 damage, but can be increased by 40 additional damage if the user applies a second Void Infusion to it.

(Mukō: Yūryō) – Void: Charged
Type: Void Infused Artifact
Rank: B
Range: Short – Long
Chakra: N/A
Damage: N/A
Description: A Void Infused modification that does not act as an Accumulator or Spender; rather, it passively increases the user’s maximum Void Infusion cap by 1. This can be stacked with other Charged Void Infused Artifacts, including itself if the user owns multiple copies.

Visual References:
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(Mirabelle when appearing as a full blood Uzumaki ^")
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Theme Song & Background Music:
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Won: Too many
Lost: Not Many

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