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Apr 7, 2009
Trait Points
( Yoroi no Mandaroa ) - Armor of the Mandalore
Type: Tool
Rank: N/A
Range: N/A
Chakra: N/A
Damage: N/A
Description: Mandalorian armor refers to the traditional armor worn by the elite warriors of Concord Dawn. While this armor has small cosmetic differences between the different users, this armor typically includes a helmet with a T-shaped visor that conceals their faces, and weapon armaments like blaster guns, jetpacks, and a unique weapon like natural flamethrowers or water pressure cannons. Mandalorian armor was typically made from beskar, a unique chakra metal known only to the Mandalorians, which was one of the strongest metals in the Ninja World. This metal allows the armor to reduce up to 20 physical damage from clashes and grants it’s wielder several enhancements through the indestructible armor, though this armor can vary in their abilities. Each armor at its base grants it’s user chakra sensory through their visor, tracking Chakra at 3x Jounin speeds and the ability to mark and differentiate between chakra signatures as well as communicate with one another across wide distances. These armors also come equipped with an advanced Chakra Blade weapon in the form of a laser sword, axe or spear. These blades function similarly to canon Scientific Ninja Tool with the notable enhancement of the blade’s efficiency, allowing them to be used at only 10 chakra per turn and deals 60 damage per use, counting as a move per turn.

Mandalorian armors come with a set of active abilities they can trigger, enhancing the suit and it’s abilities. However, this activation puts a toll on the body and can only be done limitedly. Through the use of triggers near the user’s hands, the user is capable of activating his armor’s Chakra Jetpacks. This allows them to release pressurized chakra to achieve flight at 30 speed, burning 30 chakra per turn of use and lasts up to 3 turns per use. Equipped on the sides of the armor are the user’s detachable energy blasters. These blasters, much like Gun Tools, fire chakra bullets but can be used to fire small laser projectiles at great damage. These follow standard gun rules and can be used once per turn. In addition to this, the user’s armors come equipped with a semi sentient A.I. inside their armors. This A.I. is used to activate the user’s abilities while he is still fighting. It also tracks the user’s health, chakra levels as well as chakra and health of targets the user is physically viewing.

Note: These armors and helmets do not impede the user’s ability to use streaming jutsu or techniques from their body. These techniques instead form on the outside of the armor.
Note: Mandalorian bios cannot have Leg Weights or their variants. While jetpack is in use, the user must keep at least one hand on the trigger to sustain.
Note: Must be worn at all times as a Mandalorian, unless custom variants are created. Only one Mandalorian armor can be held at any time.

( Fukuro Sentai ) - Owl Squadron
Type: Supplementary
Rank: A
Range: Short - Long
Chakra: 30 ( -5 per drone each turn )
Damage: N/A
Description: Mandalorians have access to advanced droid drones known as the Owl Squadron that are used in both combat and surveillance. These owls are roughly a meter in height and half a meter in width, and appear visually as if they were metallic owls with glaring infrared eyes. These drones are equipped with cameras linked to the user’s A.I. system within their main armors, allowing them to see and track chakra through the owls, each being capable of traveling up to 1 landmark away of the user. In addition to this tracking system, these drones are able to record events spanning up to 4 turns, allowing them to record things and show them to others. The user’s drone is also capable of releasing laser blasts of A rank power, following targets until defeated or intercepted. These short range sized blasts are elementally neutral and can be fired in rapid succession. In addition to this, the user is capable of supercharging the drone and releasing a large burst of its power at one time. This burst, dealing 90 damage, short circuits the drone and causes it to crash and become unusable.
Note: The user can have up to 3 Owl Squadron drones, deployed collectively or individually.
Note: Supercharging a drone prevents the other drones from working at the same time. Supercharging ability can only be done three times an event and prevents further usage of activated drone.

( Gekitai Taihō ) - Repulsor Cannon
Type: Offensive
Rank: D - S
Range: Short - Long
Chakra: 10 - 40 ( -5 per turn to sustain )
Damage: 20 - 80
Description: This is one of the Mandalorians most useful techniques, acting as a powerful energy based attack. These blasters are made into the palms of their armors, allowing them to fire powerful blasts at varying levels. This energy fired from his palm blaster cannot be healed by Med nor Yang but takes a high amount of energy to create and fire. The user releases a blast of chakra of various kinds of damage, size, and power depending on the rank of the technique. The user can either release a blast, beam, or even a wide spread of chakra, spreading up to 5 meters wide. This energy can be fired through their Mandalorian weapons once per turn.
Note: The S-rank version can be used three times per battle. Once used, it requires a three turn cooldown limit.

( Sorasushīrudo ) - Deflector Shields
Type: Defensive
Rank: B - Forbidden
Range: Self
Chakra: N/A
Damage: 40 - 90
Description: Mandalorians are capable of utilizing powerful plasma like deflector shields capable of blocking high levels of damage. Deflector shields, also known as energy shields, are energy fields that could protect starships, battle stations, ground-based structures, and even armies from enemy assault. These shields can be applied to vehicles in the form of the Forbidden ranked variant while the B to S rank versions can be utilized as individual items or as part of updated custom armors. These shields do not contain chakra, operating solely on advanced technology. This allows the shields to block techniques based on their chakra levels up to the rank of the technique but doesn’t require the user to expend chakra to operate them. Instead, these items are triggered via button or A.I. command, preventing usage of other techniques from being activated at the same time this one is triggered.
Note: These shields can be utilized as part of custom SNT or custom Mandalorian armor as one of their allowed perks. However, this version will always use chakra and be the A ranked variant.
Note: B rank version creates a semi circular shield of up to 2 meters wide while A extends up to 5 meters. S ranked version can be used to create a full circular shield to defend against attacks up to 10 meters wide and can only be done up to 3 times total.

( Sutāfune ) - Starships
Type: Tool
Rank: S
Range: N/A
Chakra: 50
Damage: N/A
Description: Although Mandalorians generally have a jetpack attached to their main armor, they are also capable of utilizing vehicles known as starships for larger travel. A starship, also known as a starcruiser, or simply just craft or ship, is distinguished by the inclusion of a hyperdrive, a piece of equipment that makes space/time travel possible. Highly advanced and variable vehicles, Starships come in one of two forms; the speeders that only one person can ride, or starfighters, named for their more prominent ability to battle and have more passengers aboard. Shared characteristics amongst both are their 100 health pools, their ability to travel the Ninja World at 20% reduced travel as well as fire Repulsor Energy from their cannons at the targets. This energy, dealing 80 damage, counts as an S ranked attack and counts as a move per turn to use. Should a starship reach 50 health, Hyperdrives will be unable to be used. Should they reach 0 health, they will explode in a mid range A ranked explosion.
  • Speeders are known for their heightened speeds and ability to maneuver; however, they cannot reach elevated heights nor have the passenger load that their counterparts do. Moving at 30 speed and only able to hover 5 meters from the earth these starships are capable of using their hyperdrives for Burst Traveling, which enables them to propel forward at 45 speed. This burst does not protect from damage nor deal any, however, being more useful for repositioning or dodging. These speeders also come equipped with cloaking devices, allowing them to mask their appearance similar to that of a chameleon and that of the user’s to become invisible. This suppresses their chakra as well until techniques are used, ending the cloak. They also have Overshields attached that block up to 100 damage per use. However, these shields can only be deployed twice and prevent hyperdrive use as well as shield use for 3 turns. Burst Traveling can be used to travel landmarks at halved speed, though this only lasts for 4 landmarks and can only be used twice, requiring 6 turns to traveling to reactivate.
  • Starfighters, as the name implies, are fighter starships that sacrifice defense and rapid speed for offense. Equipped with standard and stronger Repulsor Cannons, these ships can deal 100 damage per blast, counting as an S ranked attack. Starfighters have 25 speed but are able to fly across the skies, reaching unparalleled heights amongst any vehicle. They also have full Hyperdrives, allowing for Hypertravel. Much like other forms of space/time, these vehicles can travel across different landmarks and locations they have coordinates for. This allows the Mandalorian and up to 3 others to quickly navigate the Ninja World if they need to. Lastly, these Starfighters are able to deploy up to two Owl Squadron drones from the ship to assist it in battle. This does not cost a turn but abilities used by the Owls do.
Note: Can only be used by Mandalorians.
Note: While Mandalorians can have access outside of the required Specialty, this consumes two Tool slots on their bio. Only one vehicle can be obtained, either a Speeder or a Starfighter.
Note: Burst Traveling can be done four times per arc and once per battle, but prevents use of other functions during use. After use, it cannot be done for 4 turns.
Note: Hyper Travel can be done 5 times an arc, once every 4 turns. The user can only travel to locations he has already traveled to, unable to use this to go to places he has never been.
Note: Can have either a Starship or a Droid, but never both.

( Doroido ) - Droids
Type: Tool
Rank: S
Range: N/A
Chakra: 50
Damage: N/A
Description: Droids, short for androids, or also called robots, were mechanical beings, often possessing artificial intelligence. Droids were categorized by function, though the lines between categories were often blurred. Many droids are grouped according to their primary factory-installed functionality. Droids designed for combat were battle droids. Droids that were used to handle diplomatic affairs, and aid in translation between various languages, were known as protocol droids. Because of their close integration with sentients, protocol droids were often given in-depth personality matrices, allowing for a variety of different personalities and behaviors. Droids were also used in the field of medical science. Meddroids, as they were known, could store detailed records on hundreds of patients, in addition to exhaustive information on diseases, wounds, and infirmities. Droids were used most commonly in combat-related roles. Droids could follow orders to the letter, taking risks no organic unit ever would yet still maintaining their calm precision. Each of these three types of Droids have their own inherent weaknesses as well as benefits, outlined below. Only one type can be had by any Mandalorian and having a droid companion prevents usage of Starships.
  • Droideka - The most straightforward of all drone types, these droids, are ideal for combat and offensive purposes. Droideka are able to transform into a "wheel" configuration, allowing rapid movement and compact storage to travel at 18 speed. When they encounter their targets, each of the Beskar armored droidekas unfold into a tripodal weapons platform, armed with a set of two twin blaster cannons which could unleash a withering torrent of firepower, dealing 90 damage per volley of Repulsor energy blasts. Once per turn, Droideka can release massive Repulsor energy blasts fueled without chakra, dealing 100 damage. Droideka have 70 health and can track up to 3x their speed. Droideka are not without flaws, however. Due to their low A.I. levels, they are easy to hack and shut down by advanced Technology, requiring only a B rank technique capable of it.
  • Meddroids - Medical droids, or meddroids, are unique droids specialized in medical and surgical operations, used in repairs for other droids and SNT and were, as their name implies, exceptionally skilled in the art of healing and medical technology. These humanoid droids are capable of repairing SNT up to A rank as well as B ranked Mandalorian Technology once every 2 turns. They are also capable of healing damage sustained from Repulsor Cannons and other similar technology, though this can only be done a total of 3 times. Meddroids have the unique ability to perform quick surgeries, allowing them access to some Medical Fuinjutsu techniques. With access to specifically are Medical Sealing Arts: Bloodline/Injury/Chakra Sealing Technique. These droids come equipped with 80 health and travel at 12 speed, and can track up to 3 times their speed.
  • Protocol Droid - The more defensive of the droids, Protocol Droids are droids designed to assist the user in a variety of defensive tactics, such as hacking other technology or deploying shields and more. Protocol Droids tend to be small round droids, standing at a meter tall and rolling on three legs. Traveling at 14 speed and tracking thrice that, protocol droids have 90 health and can deploy a unique S ranked Deflector Shield of up to 10 meters large a total of 4 times. This unique shield can block up to 100 damage and reflect 50 damage and lower back at targets a total of 3 times, though only once per turn. These droids, also known as R2 Units, are capable of hacking into other S ranked SNT and lower, though this can only be done a total of 3 times. When hacking SNT, this allows the R2 to be able to control said technology for 2 turns as if it were its own. This also works with other Mandalorian Technology up to A rank, working up to 4 times.
Note: Can only be used by Mandalorians.
Note: Can only have one type of Droid at any time or have a Starship.
Note: Droids can only utilize Taijutsu, SNT as well as Mandalorian Technology depending on their type; Protocol Droids cannot make use of Repulsor Cannons, Droidekas cannot use Deflector Shields and no Droid can make use of Armor of the Mandalores.
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