Magnus Uchiha V2


Oct 22, 2009
Trait Points
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Standing at six feet tall,
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some times he gets odd looks but really, it's nothing to obscene. He has longish wavy hair for a male that's a light brown with a hint of red on his left side, usually pushed off his face. Depending on how lazy he is he can often be seen with stubble or a short beard. For his height his has a slim physique with slight muscle tone but usually hidden within his clothing. Magnus can often be seen wearing various different cloaks with a hood to hide his appearance. Other times he can be seen wearing traditional samurai clothing with bandages over his body, most due to his love for fighting. He likes to hide his identity as well as using seals and such to make his whereabouts.

Magnus has a bit of a complex personality
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, though his biggest trait is his thought process. He over thinks. In each situation before even a question has finished being asked he's thought of the 1000 answers he can give, the response to these answers, any follow up questions or the reason the question was asked in the first place. This can be his greatest ally in battle or hid own self destructive behaviour.He suffers himself, along with his mind racing all the time, there is a part of him that just seeks to torture, kill, cause general destruction, the worst part being that he generally enjoys it. He has his own personal realm he likes to stay in as he gets to bend it to his will.

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Village of birth
Land of fire

Village of Alliance
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Rank: Sage

Chakra: 3000

Health: 200​
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Name: Magnus
Nickname: N/a
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Clan: Uchiha​

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Ninjutsu | Genjutsu | Taijutsu | Kenjutsu | Fuuinjutsu (adv) | Medjutsu | Kinjutsu | Yin-Yang Release

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Wind | Lightning | Earth | Water | Fire | Carbon | Caramel | Shining water | Breakdown | Light

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Sound | Curse Mark (level 2) | Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan | Dragons | Hawks

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Genjutsu Casting Specialist | Efficient Chakra Control Specialist | Increased Elemental Specialist | Apex Layering Specialist | Yin/Yang Specialist

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Dragon Armour
Armor designed by Dragon Lords, this armor allows the user to negate all critical hits as well increase any of his fire damage by +10 without counting as one of his allowed boosts. None of his Fire based abilities can be sealed or absorbed by Fuuinjutsu.
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Magnus is a typical Uchiha, an okay upbringing, things seemed alright, people didn't like his clan, he went out the village for a while and suddenly his clan had been wiped out. Oh well, he wasn't that bothered. His brother Ali was still alive so he spent quite a bit of time with him. Met some people along the way, Zenryoku, Gats, Akiza, Jake etc who taught him a few things and helped him get stronger. He mastered his sharingan, someone close to him died while he watched, suddenly he got stronger eyes, could open portals, make use of space time and stuff like that. Not a bad trade off i guess. Instead he decided to put this to use, focus on training to master illusions and stuff... just so he could mess with people. Got himself some yin release and so on and was just looking to work so he didn't get blind. Apart from that just generally wanted to go around fighting and stuff.​
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[タルタロス Tarutarosu: Tartarus]

Rank: S
Type: Weapon
Range: short - long
Chakra Cost: (-5 per turn)
Damage Points: N/a
Description: Tartarus gained it's name from the ancient titan realm, a dark place, home to all forms of evil, a fitting name for a sword created by the Fallen Angel, Sin. It is rumoured that Sin was experimenting with forbidden arts to try and create his own demon race but they didn't work out the way he wanted, and so through his skills in Yang release, he forged the demon creation into a sword, a living sword infused with a large chunk of his chakra, giving it it's own sentience. With this the sword came to life in its own unique way, it was still a sword, solid like steel, sharp enough to slash flesh, but it was more than just that. The hilt shaped like a bat had a mouth with fangs that could speak out to anyone near, or even bite those who tried to hold him without permission. Tartarus could bend it's shape completely, sliding around like a snake having it's own form of movement while still being a blade, much like how Samehada can bend it's shape and still be sharp with it's scales. Though, it's intent wasn't always pure, having used to have a white handle, he served many owners, though those he deemed unworthy he would kill, staining his handle until it was blood red. This sword held a few unique powers:

  • Being able to absorb and store chakra he can also sense chakra within short range of it knowing the difference between each one, the type and who it belonged to. It can sense anything that has a life force.
  • At the start of every battle the sword will have 100 chakra points within it. It can transfer this chakra into someone through touch at the cost of a move. This surge of chakra can free the owner from up to A rank genjutsu.
  • Being infused with Yang, it is granted a form of great vitality, durability and strength. Due to this, it's kenjutsu techniques are passively increased by 20 damage, this would include any jutsu that require the sword to be used as a medium, flowing through it. Freeform attacks are excluded from this boost.
  • The sword would have a mental link with it's owner sharing what he could see and the chakra it sensed.

(Nanatsu Shukenja Kaen) Seven Sovereign Flames
Type: Supplementary
Rank: N/A
Range: N/A
Chakra: N/A
Damage: N/A
Description: Created by a group of Fire Style Masters who used their emotions to influence their Chakra, the Seven Sovereign Flames are not considered traditional Jutsu in the sense that the user simply gathers Chakra, adds various changes to Shape and Nature, then performs it against their opponent in Battle. Rather, they are the purest form of "Supplementary Enhancement" for all techniques that the user knows that fall under the Basic 5 Element of Fire. The user takes their skill in the manipulation of the Fire Element and combines it with their powerful, sometimes overwhelming, emotions, with the result being seven new types of Fire, each with their own special properties, all derived directly from the emotions infused into them. The Seven Masters all created their Sovereign Flames after succumbing to the reprecussions of their own emotions. One was consumed with hatred and rage, and hurt the one he loved, while another gave up something precious to them, and was consumed with overwhelming grief and sadness. After their own traumatizing experiences, and eventual personal revalations, they all came to understand and accept the flaws in their own emotional states, and used their understanding of these emotions to further their skills in Fire Release, revealing their true colors as it were. The concept of emotions influencing Chakra has been referenced in the series on a few occasions. One of the best examples of this is Karin Uzumaki, a powerful Sensor-Type Ninja with a unique and extremely detailed form of Sensory perception. Using her Sensory abilities Karin once described both Naruto and Sasuke's Chakra at around the same time in the series claiming Naruto's was "bright and warm", while Sasuke's was "dark and cold", which coincided with both of their emotions during the Five Kage Summit Arc. Karin's description of the nature of both Naruto and Sasuke's Chakra supports the concept that one's Chakra is tightly interwoven with the current state of the users emotions, with this Jutsu using different emotions to directly affect and alter the user's Fire Release Chakra in unique and interesting ways.

The Seven Sovereign Flames are directly applied to one's biography, under the Specialties section as an extension of the Fire Element, thus requiring any user of this Jutsu to specialize in the Fire Element. Within this extension of their Fire Element specialty, the user must specify one of the Seven Sovereign Flames, which becomes their "personal" Sovereign Flame, which they naturally embody, allowing the user to imbue their entire Fire Release arsenal into that Sovereign Flame, each with their own unique properties (All of which are explained below). Only one user of this Jutsu can specialize in any given Sovereign Flame at a time, meaning two users cannot embody the same Flame at the same time. The Sovereign Flame that the user specializes in will always be available to the them at the start of a battle (in addition to base/ regular Fire Style), at no additional chakra cost. Additionally, while the Sovereign Flames have their own unique properties, they are all still considered, for all intents and purposes, Fire Style Ninjutsu, and always follow the Elemental interactions and guidelines for regular Fire Style, regardless of any unique or alternative properties they possess. Finally, the effects of the Sovereign Flames scale with the Rank, size, overall power, etc of the Jutsu they are infused into, just like any regular form of Elemental Ninjutsu, with higher ranking Jutsu logically dealing more severe effects upon contact with a target, object or surface.

The Sovereign Flames themselves are as follows;

Asmodeus' Ire - Created as the result of his rage hurting one he loved, Asmodeus created this Sovereign Flame. The user must also know and understand their own anger to access this brutally crimson red fire, which is deeply rooted in all things connected with rage. Asmodeus' Ire grants one's Fire Style with the ability to barbarically consume oxygen, creating a Fire that is extremely volatile, and explodes on contact with any form of solid matter. This phenomena is also refered to as a "thermobaric explosion", and has the added benefit of severely reducing oxygen levels in the immediate area of effect of any Fire Jutsu imbued with this Sovereign Flame, lessening the power of any and all Fire Style within the area after this Sovereign Flame has been used by 1 Rank.
Alisa's Bliss - The end result from the overbearing joy that she brought into the world, Alisa created this Sovereign Flame. The user must also know and understand their own joy to access this vibrant Sovereign Flame, which is linked directly to the user's happiness. As she was never one to enjoy fights, Alisa's Bliss has no blatanlty offensive properties, creating a yellow flame that grants one's Fire Style with the ability to blind all within Short Range of a Jutsu imbued with this Sovereign Flame, similar in nature to a flashbomb.
Diarmuid's Covetousness - Born from attempting to fill an empty, endless void in his life by accumulating material goods, Diarmuid forged this gangrenous green Sovereign Flame,which is deeply rooted in all things connected with jealousy. Diarmuid's Covetousness grants one's Fire Style with the ability to steal, or copy, the attributes and abilities of other Fire Release Jutsu it is able to make direct contact with, and successfully overpower. This applies to both friendly and enemy Jutsu, and allow attributes that stem from both the manipulation of the Chakra's Nature and Shape. However, any attempt to "steal" or "copy" the abilities of another Sovereign Flame will result in failure, as the conflicting nature of the emotions that constitute the Sovereign Flames will render each other inert. While it has no stolen attributes or abilities, it produces basic flames just like a regular Fire Jutsu, simply with a different color.
Imogen's Sorrow - Imogen's perpetual sadness came from an ultimatum that shattered her life, with the resulting sadness causing her to forge her own Sovereign Flame by accident. The user must also know and understand their own sadness to access this silent, ghostly blue fire, which is deeply affected by the sorrows of ones life. Imogen's Sorrow infuses one's Fire Style with the property to exude an external endothermic reaction in place of the regular exothermic reaction, drawing in heat from the Jutsu's surroundings and forcing the outer reaches of the Jutsu to be "perceived" as cold. But despite this perception, at the core of any Jutsu imbued with Imogen's Sorrow still burns a powerful flame like regular Fire Ninjutsu, causing the usual burns on contact with a target or surface. The difference is the first moments where the Jutsu approaches an opponent, making them believe it's something entirely different from Fire Ninjutsu, thus giving the user a slight advantage.
Schifone's Acrimony - Unfortunatly for it's creator, this Sovereign Flame was created from their abhorrent disgust for the world. The user must also know and understand their own disgust to access this pungent purple fire, which is connected with one's own sense of revulsion. Schifone's Acrimony grants one's Fire Style with the ability to produce an overwhelming scent, as it consumes more of the trace elements found in the air. With these higher concentrations of those trace elements, the flame bombards the opponents sense of smell, overloading it, while also effectively acting as an active marking agent that allows Olfactory Sensors, like Ninja Hounds and the Inuzuka, to track the target to the ends of the Earth, regardless of attempts to remove it.
Phobos' Recreancy - Born from a perpetual, crippling fear of the world, and the darkness within it, Phobos created this Sovereign Flame. The user must also know and understand their own fears to access this deceptively dim black fire, which is deeply rooted in cowardice. Phobos' Recreancy imbues one's Fire Style with the unique property to emit zero light, thus creating a black fire that perfectly blends into darkness, and is well suited for assassinations or deception, as it is identical
to the famed Black Flames of Amaterasu, though obviously lacking it's unique ability to never be extinguished.
Rhiannon's Clarity - Rhiannon was a very unique young woman, as she never really had any predisposition for any emotion whatsoever. Eventually she came to understand that this was not the product of apathy, or a disinterest in showing any emotion, but simply the result of achieving a true state of peace, and by coming to acknowledge this, she created this Sovereign Flame. The user must also know have a sense of neutrality to access this surprisingly unique pure, clear fire, which is the result of enlightenment. Rhiannon's Clarity imbues one's Fire Style with the unique property to completely allow light to almost pass completely through it, thus creating the illusion that the user's fire is invisible. Despite this "invisibilty", it still distorts any light that passes through it, created a "wavy" effect that can still be seen by the naked eye.
Note: This Jutsu must be stated in the user's biography, and posted at the beginning of every battle.
Note: Chosen flame must be stated in the user's bio
Note: Can only be taught by Iᴍᴘᴇяғᴇᴄᴛ.[/FONT][/I]

(Nintaijutsu: Sentō Shōkan no Jutsu) Ninja Body Art: Combat Summoner Technique
Type: Offensive/ Defensive/ Supplementary
Rank: B-Rank
Range: Short - Mid (Depending on the size of the Summon)
Chakra: 20
Damage: 10 (B-Rank Summon) 20 (A-Rank Summon) 30 (S-Rank Summon)
Description: Created by a Summoning Jutsu savant known as the Sentō Shōkan (Combat Summoner) with the specific goal of allowing the user to combine both the Summoning Jutsu and Taijutsu together, he was able to create a new form of Close Quarters Combat. In the simplest terms, the Combat Summoner technique takes the basic concept of the Summoning Jutsu and allows them to be performed in conjunction with Taijutsu. As this Jutsu has its roots set in the Summoning Jutsu, this Jutsu requires it's user to fulfil similar conditions as the Summoning Jutsu, with minor differences which are explained below. This Jutsu is primarily responsible for introducing and explaining the concept of "Combat Summoning", and acting as a reference for derived techniques, all of which will logically fall under the category of Nintaijutsu.

There are 2 key aspects to the Combat Summoner technique, the first of which is the alteration to and general application of the user's Summoning Tattoo('s). Instead of being a small, easily concealed Tattoo which is utilized for instant Summoning without Hand Seals, the Tattoo is applied to the entirety of the users body. Because of this it functions like an active map of the user's body for the Summoning Technique itself, with each part of the user's body being linked to a corresponding part of their Summoning Animal's body through their Tattoo's. This allows the user to Summon the corresponding body part of their Summon by activating the Tattoo('s) located on that specific body part. The second aspect is the actual application of the technique in battle. The regular Summoning Jutsu works by signing a Contract with a specific Animal in blood, then sacrificing a small portion of blood each time the user wishes to use the Summoning Jutsu, by wiping blood on their Tattoo, then applying both Chakra and pressure to a surface via direct contact. This technique's Summoning steps are almost identical, with the only real difference being a more direct approach to the "Contact" portion. Logically the user must still apply both blood and Chakra to their Tattoo's, and make contact with a surface, the surface mainly being considered the opponent's body, before the Combat Summoning actually occurs.

The following is an example of how this Jutsu would work within a standard combat scenario. A signer of the Toad Contract performs the D-Rank Taijutsu technique "(Kodzuku) Punch" with their left fist which connects with their target, while also meeting the conditions for the Summoning Jutsu. As they channel Chakra through the Tattoo on their left arm, which also has the necessary blood wiped across it, they become able to "Summon" the left arm of their Summoning Animal to reinforce their attack, which for the purposes of this example is the B-Rank Summon, Gamatatsu. Gamatatsu's fist then almost instantly "materializes" in the area surrounding the user's left arm, similar in appearance and function to how users of the Mangekyō Sharingan can partially manifest their Susano'o's arm, appearing in the area surrounding the user, but not "overlapping" it. This means that any harmful Jutsu that the user may have active will not affect the Summoned fist, as they would not be able to make direct contact, unless the harmful Jutsu has an extended range. Gamatatsu's fist also attacks the target, following the same general speed, trajectory, etc as the users attack, creating a two pronged attack, one being the D-Rank (20 Damage) punch the user threw, and the other being the B-Rank (10 Damage) Combat Summoner punch from Gamatatsu, resulting in a total of 30 damage, should both punches successfully land without interference. Upon the completion of the attack, whether either attack was successful or not, Gamatatsu's arm disappears as quickly as it appeared, leaving the user to plan their next attack accordingly.

Note: The Combat Summoner Tattoo's are designed and applied by the user at their own discretion, requiring the user to post this Jutsu in the "Other" section of any Biography that wishes to use this Jutsu.
Note: Although the damage of this technique is based on the Rank of the Summon, unique effects and abilities for any Summons utilized with this technique must also be taken into consideration, whether they be a result of the Summon's Biology, or an ability they possess.
Note: Due to the unique method of Summoning that the Combat Summoner Jutsu utilizes, the partial Summoning employed by the Combat Summoner Jutsu does not affect the Regular Summoning Jutsu Method. This is because the Combat Summoning method relies solely on the actions and Chakra of the user for it's activation, and thus doesn't conflict with it. However, any Animal that has been Summoned using the Regular Method cannot be Summoned via the Combat Summoner Method. This is because when Animals are Summoned using the Regular Method, they expend their own Chakra to maintain the Summoning, and once they run out of Chakra, roughly around 4 turns later, they become unavailable to be Summoned afterwords. The Combat Summoner Method adheres to this restriction because it's based on the Summoning Animal, not the method of Summoning.
Note: Can only be taught by Iᴍᴘᴇяғᴇᴄᴛ.

Body Seals:
(Fūinjutsu: Shirizokeru) Sealing Arts: Repulse
Rank: B
Type: Defense
Range: Short
Chakra Cost: 20
Damage Points: N/A
Description: This is a special two way seal, that can be created by writing the formula on your body and then injecting either Fire or Earth chakra into it where it then lays dormant on the body, turning invisible, until activated. Once the user has been engaged within close range with an enemy that attempts to inject chakra within the users body through taijutsu the seal will activate on the users body, appearing around the initial area of contact, absorbing the injected chakra into it while injecting the opponent's body part with either Fire or Earth chakra. The user still takes the full hit of the taijutsu attack, but with one hand seal from the user, the opponent will either feel an extreme burning feeling in their joints as they attempt to move them or an extreme stiffness depending on the chakra placed in the seal. This prevents the opponent from performing any hand seals in their next turn. This seal can only absorb up to B ranked chakra at once, and only one type of chakra seal can be place on the body. The seal can activate up to three separate times throughout the battle, through 3 separate B ranked chakra injecting taijutsu moves, where the sealing formula then breaks and fades. The user will not be able to create the seal again until the battle is over.
► Seal activates 3x before disappearing
► User can create another seal outside of battle
► The rank of techniques will still play a role and the opponents wont be harmed if thier body is cloaked with a strong enough coat of chakra
►Can only be taught by Zanda
(Fuuin: Metsuryū Mahō) - Sealing art: Dragon Slayer Magic
Type: Fuuin
Rank: A
Range: Short (mid range blast when released)
Chakra: 30
Damage: 60
Description: Before the battle the user will have places 5 basic seals in their mouth/throat in preparation. Each of these seals will represent one of the 5 basic elements. In battle, when the user is about to be hit by one of the the 5 basic elements they will perform one handseal activating one of the chosen seals in their mouth as they breath in. In doing so, the element of the seal they activated will be sucking in and sealed into the seal in the users mouth. Much like how Jiraiya sealed Amaterasu. After having sealed the element, the user can then perform one handseal releasing that element from their mouth back at their opponent, in the form of a blast of that chosen element with no shape to it. An exampe of this jutsu would be if the opponent use a B rank fireball, just when it's about to hit the user, he will perform one handseal, activating the seal as he breathes in, as he does, the fireball will be sealed into the seal in the users mouth, without hurting the user. The user could then perform another handseal releasing the fireb back at the opponent as one big blast, the fireball would still be B rank. When the seal is activated, a mass of chakra is released out of the users mouth at high speed, similar to when jiraiya sealed amaterasu in a scroll, but faster. The element would be drawn into this chakra and sealed into the seal in the users mouth.
Note: Each seal can only be used once per battle.
Note: Can only seal one jutsu per seal
Note: Can only seal A rank and below
Note: Must wait 1 turn to use this jutsu again
Note: After a jutsu has been sealed in the users mouth, when they release it back, it counts as one of the 3 jutsu per turns.
Note: Can only seal one element, not elemental combinations
Note: Useable 3 times
(Fuuinjutsu: Anmoku no jikkō) Sealing Arts: Unspoken Execution
Type: Supplementary
Rank: A
Range: Short
Chakra: 30 (-10 per per turn)
Damage: N/a
Description: Anmoku no jikkō is a sealing technique created by Uzumaki's who needed a counter to foes with sensing abilities. The seal lays dormant horizontally across the neck, and is activated with the user's chakra being focused into the seal. Kanji for the seal then appears before swiftly emitting a chakra barrier shaped like a sphere that emcompasses short range around the user. This barrier is linked to the seal and has the special ability to erase the chakra signature of the seal's vessel while inside its dimensions. With its signature now erased, this technique acts as an advanced chakra suppressant that hides the user's chakra from all forms of chakra sensing, whether it be directly from the body or from an outside source. Opponent's with sensing will now have to rely on their basic, or in some cases above average, five senses as they continue the battle while in this realm. For example; Inuzuka's would have no problem using their nose, while Uchihas would be unable to see the user's chakra, but still uses the advanced reaction speed that comes with the current level of their eyes. The barrier moves with the seal as its epicenter while only lasting for a limited time.
►Usable 2x per battle
►Lasts for 4 turns upon activation
►Has a 2 turn cooldown
►Can only be taught by ZandaT
Fuuinjutsu: Do~ūmu no bodi (Sealing Arts: Body of Doom)
Type: Supplementary/Defensive/Offensive
Rank: B
Range: Short
Chakra: 20 (-10 per turn)
Damage: N/A
Description: This seal may be passively applied to the users bio, or it can be applied in the form of the Kanji for "Repeat" forming on the user's body in mid battle. When this seal is applied it remains active until the end of the battle. When active, it forms an almost skin tight barrier over the user and any weapons he may holding at the time, the color of such barrier being dependent on the user. This barrier is basically dormant and does absolutely nothing until 2 conditions are met. The first is that the user must be using a taijutsu or kenjutsu technique. The second is that while using the aforementioned type of technique, the user is touching a chakra or elemental technique made up of another being's chakra. When these two conditions are met, the barrier will absorb 10 chakra (note that this doesn't mean it takes anything away from its rank or power) from the jutsu it is touching and immediately use that chakra to passively infuse itself with whatever type of chakra that it absorbed. It should be noted that this gives the barrier no inherent power nor defenses, but what it does do is combine the chakra absorbed with the power of the Taijutsu or Kenjutsu move in order to give it an infusion, making it play on equal terms with the whatever chakra it is touching at the time. This will also allow the users Tai/Ken techniques to interact with an opposing jutsu without the user getting hurt, as again, the raw power of these types of techniques from the user now have the same chakra infusion as a type of coating over them against the technique they would be used against. For example, due to having an elemental coating over it, the user could the D rank Slap technique to slap a D rank fire ball out of the way. And again, the barrier is merely providing protection, the users tai or kenjutsu is providing the power to truly compete. If the barrier absorbs chakra from an opposing technique, it will negate the cost of 10 chakra for that turn due to the chakra absorbed fueling it. To clarify, the barrier itself does no damage and provides no defense. It only coats the users taijutsu and kenjutsu techniques in the same opposing chakra that the user is touching at the time, allowing the user to interact equally with a jutsu he normally wouldn't be able to using those fields without being hurt. Without a taijutsu or kenjutsu move used with this barrier, the barrier is pretty much useless.
-The activation may be passively done alongside Taijutsu/Kenjutsu techniques
-Only works on the Basic Five Elements and Raw Chakra
-Can only be used four times per battle
[Kairos fateweaver]
Type: Tool
Rank: A
Range: Short - Long
Chakra: N/a
Damage: N/A
Description: This is an adaptation of the ninja tech drone seen in the series, though designed in a different way. Instead of being used for offensive purposes, it's used for tracking or scouting missions. This is designed to look like a small hawk so as to blend in to most situations. It is powered by a battery rather than through chakra which helps it go undetected when being used, the one downside to this is doujutsu would be able to recognise it due to it's like of flowing chakra should they see it out in the open. It is made of a light alloy which allows it to fly by flapping it's wings to help it blend in. This small hawk has visual and sound receptors allowing it to see and hear, which is then relayed back to the user through a small devise they fit behind their ear that links this to their brain, so they can see and hear what the hawk does, using it as an extension of their sight and hearing. This can fly around while relaying information to the user up to 2 landmarks away allowing them to scout out potential threats for the user. This battery will last for 10 turns of travel in total allowing it to scout and return for short periods at a time. They eyes are similar to that of a hawk in a sense they were designed to be able to zoom in and focus on something in detail with their vision for a clear picture, much like on a modern day camera.Though its made of a metal alloy, the hawk can be destroyed by any B rank and below jutsu

[Tarnkappe, Shigurudo No Tate] – Tarnkappe, The Cloak of Sigurd
Type: Tool
Rank: S
Range: Short
Chakra: N/A
Damage: N/A
Description: The Tarnkappe, or Cloak of Sigurd, is a garment which is intended to protect the wearer from the cold, rain and wind. This cloak is no different in that fashion, it is fastened around the neck with a small black chain, its length extending down to the middle section of the calves, additionally it has an attached hood. The cloak is designed as a white cloak with patterns of black lightning across it. The cloak is the designed with a unique fabric, known as kevlar, a material which allows it to stop incoming basic weapons such as swords, axes, kunai, senbon etc up to a C rank projectile, anything after that will destroy the wiring within the cloak, rending it useless. It will cause bladed weapons thrown or swung to strike to bounce off the cloak, and it applies to the general forms of none damage enhanced freeform combat. In addition to the cloak’s unique complexion, it has some unique features which the wearer can activate through surging his energy through it. The first feature that the Tarnkappe is in the possession of, is a unique technology known as motion sensors. These motion sensors are situated all across the cloak, allowing it to detect any changes in the air around the wearer, and detect the motions of animals, humans or even tools within the vicinity of short-range of the cloak. Thus the cloak acts as a form of sensory in the way that it detects any motions within short-range of the wearer this is done through technology more than chakra. Conclusively, the cloak has one final feature, which masks the wearers presence. Whenever the wearer pulls the cloak around his body and the hood over his head, it has a unique device implanted into it, which emits a frequency that masks his chakra effectively concealing him from chakra sensors as well as concealing his body in the sense that it conceals his chakra circuit from foreign eyes. This allows the wearer to blend into his surroundings more freely. What this can't do is hide the users heat signature or smell.

Note: If the cloak is hit by B rank or above, it will short circuit being rendered useless.
Note: The motion sensors only work short range around the user, taking 5 chakra per turn
Note: Hiding themselves can be used twice per battle with two turns between the users and lasts for a maximum of four turns.
( Abusōbu Ude ) - Absorption Arm
Type: Tool
Rank: S
Range: N/A
Chakra: N/A ( 40 chakra per use )
Damage: N/A
Description: A cyborg attachment to the user's body, the user has a robotic limb that allows for him to create spheres of energy that are capable of absorbing chakra up to S rank level. These spheres are capable of dealing brute force on impact as well, growing to large heights, up to 4 meters in radius. Starting at roughly rasengan size, these spheres grow proportionally to the size of the technique absorbed. Normal Ninja are able to make use of one of these devices via specialized gloves that allow them to absorb 1 Ninjutsu per turn up to S rank while Cyborgs have these attachments and are able to absorb up to Forbidden powered attacks and 1 from each arm per turn.
Note: Can be used a max of 3 times for Ninja and 6 for Cyborgs.
Note: Cyborg can have up to 2 Absorption Arms.

( Kote ) - Gauntlet
Type: Tool
Rank: N/A
Range: N/A
Chakra: N/A
Damage: N/A
Description: The Shinobi Gauntlet (忍小手, Shinobigote), often shortened to just Gauntlet (小手, Kote), is a scientific ninja tool that is worn on the forearm. The Gauntlet was developed as a way to allow anyone to use complicated jutsu without the need for training or the requisite skills.To use, Scroll Cartridges that have had jutsu sealed into them are loaded into the Gauntlet's chamber. At first appearing as a normal sealing scroll, upon absorbing a technique it shrinks down to the size similar to a real bullet and can then be loaded into a tool to be activated later. When a nature transformation technique is activated from a Scroll Cartridge, the user make a unique single handed hand seal corresponding to the intended jutsu's nature using the hand of the arm that the Gauntlet is worn on. This causes the Gauntlet to release the jutsu from its Scroll Cartridge, firing it wherever the Gauntlet is aimed. Because the Gauntlet's jutsu require no chakra to perform, the user can gain an advantage in battle by releasing what would normally be chakra-taxing techniques in quick succession.
Note: Academy Student to Genin Ninja can have up to Forbidden ranks sealed, done in either battle, training, or the Ninja World. Chunin can have up to S ranks and Jounin and up ninja can have A ranks and below sealed within a Kote.
Note: Only up to 3 Kotes can be owned, counting collectively as a single Tool slot.
Note: Only Basic Ninjutsu, Elemental Ninjutsu (Basic, Custom, and listed Advanced Elements), and non Fuuinjutsu based Advanced Ninjutsu fields can be sealed ( and these often must be approved for your bio, thus isn't a blanket over all techniques of these fields ). Modes and similar cannot be sealed as well.

Jutsu in Kote:
(karumera yuka) - Caramel Floor
Rank: A
Type: Defense/supplementary
Range: Short-long
Chakra cost: 30
Damage points: N/A
Description: The user will perform three hand seals focusing their chakra into the ground and create a 1 foot thick sticky layer of caramel all over the battlefield up to mid range rising out of the ground to cover everything. Due to the users affinity for caramel, they can focus their chakra into their feet accordingly to walk on it with ease like shinobi can walk on water, but the enemies will sink into the layer of caramel sticking them to the floor,the more the struggle the more they will sink and the caramel will cover their bodies burning them more due to the heat within the molten hot caramel. If the enemy manages to jump or lift into the air, the caramel will stretch still attached to their feet, and pull them back down as it contracts. This layer of caramel is mainly to be used as a caramel source for future jutsu that require it, creating a large source for the user to manipulate. At the cost of one of the users three moves per turn he can make hand gestures to control the caramel to stretch and reshape, controlling the field to help bind targets. Targets can escape from the caramel using jutsu to push themselves up or out of it following the strengths and weaknesses of the caramel, for example, a B rank fire jutsu would be able to burn away the caramel under the targets feet to escape. After 4 turns the caramel would dry up turning to hard caramel with no chakra within it.

Note: Usable 3 times last 4 turns. Two turns between uses

(Shainingumizu: Mizu Yoshi) – Shinning Water Release: Water Well
Rank: A
Type: Supplementary
Range: Long
Chakra cost: 30
Damage points: N/A
Description: The user creates a large lake full of shinning water come up from the ground that will reflect the light making the enemy see a bright film cover the floor and cant have direct look on the floor because of the blinding light reflecting and also be useable for a source of water for other shinning water techniques.
Note: Only the user can make use of the water.

(Kaen rai butoukai) - Blazing lightning balls
Rank: A
Type: Attack
Range: Short-Mid
Chakra Cost: 30
Damage Points: 60
Description: The user will gather there fire and lightning chakra into their hands. As they do so, they will create balls lightning that rotate rappidly generating heat, which the user controls to make create fire rapped around it, and with lightning focussed through it, making a ball of fire and lightning. The user is able to throw these balls of blazing lightning anywhere up to mid range. The user can only make 1 balls to throw from his dominant hand.
Note: Can only be used by zane and the pervy sage
Note: Can only be used 3 times
(Heishi Piru) Soldier Pills
Type: Supplementary
Description and Background:Soldier pills are a more combat aimed variation of the military ration pill. Upon ingesting the pill, your chakra supply doubles, but burns at a greatly accelerated rate due to the "pressure" involved. Upon ingesting the pill, any ninjutsu you use gains +15 damage and any taijutsu gains +10 for 4 turns. Upon expiration of the effects you must use an extra 10 chakra for every technique afterwards for 5 turns with no enhanced effects due to the fatigue setting in meaning you have to force your techniques more, and thereby adding to the toll it takes on your body. These pills are a basic medicine medical ninjas use in combat and are essentially black small round pills which are swallowed and absorbed through the mucosa in the stomach, made off of various ingredients and medicinal herbs as well as stimulants. Can only be given out to up to 4 times, excluding the user's use.
Description of Side Effects:
-Upon using a second pill in a conflict the additional chakra cost after expiry rises to +30 until healed
-Upon taking a third pill, the medical ninja will suffer cardiac arrest upon expiry of the pill.
-Costs a move per turn to use.

(Hyōrōgan) Military Ration Pills
Description and Background:Military Rations Pills (兵糧丸, Hyōrōgan) are special pills that replenish one's chakra and nourish the body. It is made up of powerful stimulants and nutrients, said to allow the user to keep fighting for three days and three nights without rest. Replenishes 50 percent of the user's maximum chakra supply per pill taken, along with pumping stimulants into the body to alleviate tiredness. These pills are a basic medicine medical ninjas use or distribute in combat and are essentially dark brown small round pills which are swallowed and absorbed through the mucosa in the stomach. Can only be given out to up to 4 times, excluding the user's use.
Description of Side Effects:
-Taking two pills in a conflict results in hyper-stimulation of the cardiovascular system. The users heart rate and blood pressure increase to the point they become painful for 6 turns after taking the pill.
-Taking 3 pills in a conflict pushes the user's cardiovascular system to breaking point, resulting in heart failure after 4 turns.
-Costs a move per turn to use.

(Ketsueki no Zōka Piru) Blood Replenishing Pill
Description and Background: Contains high concentrations of amino acids, iron and mitosis inducing enzymes designed to turbo boost the production of erythrocytes from haematopoetic stem cells in the human body. This pill alleviates and cancels the symptoms of blood loss after one turn. These pills are a basic medicine medical ninjas use or administer in combat and are essentially dark red small round pills which are swallowed and absorbed through the mucosa in the stomach
Description of Side Effects:
-Taking 2 pills leads to increased blood pressure, and increased likelihood of blood clots forming, specially through trauma.
-Taking 3 pills over stresses the cardiovascular system and causes fainting from lack of blood to the head after 4 turns.

-Costs a move per turn to use.

Genjutsu Casting Specialist: Limited to Genjutsu-related specialist. You are able to cast Genjutsu with only 1 seal, lowering the requirements for casting to just 1 seal unless specific triggers are required.

Efficient Chakra Control Specialist : You can utilize the element or skill you specialize in more chakra efficient way, by spending 10 less chakra than stated while maintaining it's useability.

Increased Elemental Specialist: :You can perform techniques of a second element with faster seals and halved handseals, if more than 3 seals ( 4 and up ). (fire)

Apex Layering Specialist: Limited to Genjutsu-related Specialties. You can Multi-layer up to 2 Genjutsu within the same time frame, SA rank combination.

Yin-Yang Specialist: :The user becomes able to specialize in both component elements of Yin-Yang with their benefits under one Extra Specialty slot and becomes able to passively sense chakra and it's nature, as well as identify different chakra signatures OR The user becomes capable of having a second primary affinity ( 2 elements of the basic 5 which can be used with one handseal ) alongside their original Yin or Yang Release specialty along with greater chakra control that allows them to use less chakra (-10 up to B-rank, -15 for A-rank and above) for all non Yin/Yang Release specific techniques.

Yin Specialist: Users will gain heightened spiritual abilities translating into an awareness of all genjutsu and spiritual entities below MS level and passive genjutsu kai up to B-rank. As well, Yin user's genjutsu give them heightened genjutsu prowess, allowing them to render their genjutsu techniques unbreakable by one of the primary methods of release (to be specified during the move). The user's chakra siphoning abilities becomes stronger allowing them to passively siphon 30 chakra per turn from enemies.

Yang Specialist: Users will gain heightened vitality translating to 1000 chakra increase to their natural reserves. As well, their physical durability increases significantly, allowing them to reduce up C-rank damage (30 dmg) from physically damaging techniques like any nin, tai, and kenjutsu. As well, they are immune to recoil damage from techniques that cause it like Forbidden, though they still succumb to the jutsu's other subscribed affects.

( Doujutsu: Tensha Fūin ) - Eye Technique: Transcription Seal
Type: Supplementary
Rank: S
Range: Short
Chakra: 70 ( + chakra of jutsu )
Damage: N/A ( Jutsu dependent )
Description: Transcription Seal is a technique that has the ability to seal a technique of the user's Mangekyō Sharingan within a designated host. Upon being sealed, the technique is typically, involuntarily activated whenever the host when a condition is met; which is predetermined by the user at the moment of sealing. While often being used involuntarily, a skilled user is able to activate it a will when placed upon himself. There are several methods to perform this technique, the most common being channeling chakra to one's fingers and then placing his fingers upon the target's forehead, transferring it to him.
Note: The user is only able to seal Amaterasu based attacks, Tsukiyomi, and other Sharingan attacks barring Susano'o within another eye. He is able to trigger Izanagi within his own eye, however with specific triggers to activate it.
Note: Only one technique can be sealed at any time, and must be stated either in the user's bio or before battle.
Note: Can only be used twice per event.
Note: If Mangekyo Sharingan is needed to activate said sealed techniques, then the Mangekyo will be auto activated when used, taking place of an activation. This counts towards the user's usage count even if the Transcription Seal was created by someone else.

Conditions and jutsu:
The condition of the activation of this seal is that when my body dies. The seal will activate Izanagi doing the following:
- Undo my death in the same sense that Madara managed to undo his death. This will re write my body to be at maximum health and restored to how it was at the start of the fight, seals and all intact, though with one eye no longer being of use, the left eye.
- With the users existence being re wrote. It would remove all traces of DNA/blood of his from existence in the same process. Anything that had been stolen would have been undone.

( Doujutsu: Izanagi ) – Eye Technique: Izanagi
Type: Supplementary
Rank: Forbidden
Range: N/A
Chakra cost: 100
Damage points: N/A ( loss of a Sharingan eye )
Description: Izanagi is a Genjutsu that is intended to be cast upon oneself and not the enemy though it actually seems to imbue reality with the users will and alter it according to his own needs. When activated the user removes the boundaries between reality and illusion and bends it to achieve the best outcome to his situation. In a certain degree this allows the user to control their own state of existence as well as that of those around him. However, this is only maintained for the briefest of moments. When activated it is capable of turning an injury or even death into an illusion allowing the user to escape harm, but not without a grave cost. The use of this technique results in the loss of a Sharingan eye. The technique essentially allows the user to alter reality and negate any event that might have happened in the last moments of battle (negates anything that has happened to either the user or the enemy in the last 2 turns), the only exception being his own chakra levels.
Note: This version can only be used by Uchiha Bios with access to MS/EMS
Note: Can only be used twice per battle, once per eye, rendering the used eye blind for the rest of the match, even if the user has EMS
Note: Those around the user as well as the user are well aware of the altered reality though they cannot do anything to change it
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YY and EMS in inventory
Dragon armour and second secondary speciality acquired from tournament.
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