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Mar 10, 2014

3X3: A reads list containing your top 3 townies and top 3 wolves.

84% certainty: A meme used when you are confident about something but your proof is weak.


AI (Alignment Indicative): an action or post by a player that IS indicative of whether they are aligned with the town, the wolves or are indies.

Alignment: One of town, wolf or independent factions.

Angleshooting- Angleshooting or to "angleshoot" is violating the spirit of the rules without actually breaking the rules. Angleshooting is not technically cheating but is considered equally unacceptable.

Anti-spew- Usually used to refer to when a mafia-aligned player is very close to being killed and goes into “anti-spew”, where they are careful about their wording so that town are not able to determine who is/isn’t their partner(s) after they flip mafia.

AtE (Appeal to Emotion)- When a player makes a post in order to evoke sympathy so that they can avoid being lynched.


Bandwagon - When players hop onto a vote wagon.

BP (Bulletproof)- When a player is immune to attack(s) during the night phase or during ITAs, either because they have a bulletproof modifier or a bulletproof vest.

BPV (Bulletproof Vest)- A vest which is bulletproof, usually only takes one shot.

Breadcrumbing- When a player leaves clues as to what their role is/what their night actions are, in case they die without the information being revealed.

Bussing- When a wolf votes or pushes a fellow wolf in order to appear as if they are townie whenever the wolf player they are voting has their role revealed.

Bait vote: A vote made on someone to see how the rest of the players will react to it.

Been a Potato: Repeatedly promising to catch up with the thread and post comments but never actually doing so.


CC (Counterclaim)- When a player claims the same role as another player.

Cemetery - A place where dead players can talk about the game freely. Also known as the Graveyard or Dead Villager Chat.

CFD (Chinese Fire Drill)- When a group of players suddenly switch their vote somewhere else at last minute, usually another player who wasn’t seen as an option for the lynch at that point in the phase.

CHS (Champs Hero Syndrome)- When a player in the annual mafia championships tries to advance into the finale or wildcard rounds by tunnelling the town leader when everyone else believes that player is town-aligned, usually with the mindset that they’ll advance if they were right.

Claim Fishing- When a player tries to get another player to reveal their role, usually done in a subtle fashion.

Cross-voting- When two people are voting on each other. Usually in reference to MYLO or LYLO states where if Person A is voted by Person B, then either the game is over if they're both town (as wolf players can vote over Player B with majority) or there's confirmed to be a wolf player between the two of them.

Counterwagon- The person with the second highest amount of votes other than the person who was lynched, or in larger or more intricate games a person with enough votes on them to be considered in contention for the lynch.

Cult- A wolf faction which can recruit other players into it's faction.

Custom- These factions vary across games and generally don't fit in the five default faction descriptions.


D1/D2… etc.- Day phase

DADV (Dead Air, Dead Villager)- When communication in the thread has gone down, so players infer that it’s because the lynch is a villager.

Derpclear- When someone seemingly shows a lack of knowledge about an open/semi-open setup, or any other information that a wolf player would be expected to know, and is then cleared for this reason by another player.

Distancing - When two wolf players try to make it seem like they are not aligned with each other.


EOD- End of Day.


F3/F5/F#- A point in the game at which # of players are alive. Generally, but not always, either used to describe a LYLO or MYLO situation or one where there is otherwise significantly fewer players alive than there were at the game start.

Fakeclaiming - When a player claims a role that they do not have.

Flavour- The game’s theme, sometimes what roles are based on, and creates a story usually based on what happens in the game.

Fluffposting- When a player posts content which has nothing to do with the game or consists of roleplaying one's character. Usually, at the start of the game there is the "fluff phase" until all players gather and start playing the game seriously.

FPS (Fancy Play Syndrome)- When a player uses an elaborate strategy over a more simple one.

Frozen- When a player has stopped posting, often after being called out as a wolf in the thread.

Fearmongering: The act of trying to scare other players off of doing something because of how bad the potential consequences might be.

Fingerpointing: The act of accusing someone of being wolf but not backing it up with enough or any proof.

Fishing for roles: The wolf tactic of actively trying to identify who has a role and which role.

Flip: The revelation of one's alignment by the host of the game after the player's death.

FoS: Finger of Suspicion - the act of suspecting someone usually without voting them or voting someone else.


Gambit- Any play which is made in order to evoke a certain reaction, which can be made from both alignments.

Game throwing- When a player actively makes an action to intentionally throw the game for their alignment; examples of this can include mafia hard claiming mafia without a strategic reason and/or revealing who the mafia team is in the thread.

GOAT- Greatest Of All Time.


Hammer- A vote that’s placed on a player which causes the wagon to reach majority in order to lynch the player that the wagon is on, ending the day phase after the vote is placed.

Hard Claim- To claim a role with there being no uncertain terms.

Hedging- When a player does not commit to a stance and stays on the fence regarding a topic, usually the alignment of a certain player.

Halfway Rule: A controversial strategy that advocated letting very good players live for half of the game's expected duration to get their insight and then lynch them because they have to be wolf to still not have been night killed.

Hint: The act of implicitly revealing one's role or character.


ISO- Isolating a specific player’s posts in order to look at all of them in one place. Usually done through the search bar.

ITA- In Thread Attack - A mechanic used in most mashes where every player has a x% hit rate shot they may use in the thread during designated times to attempt to kill someone.

ITT- In The Thread.

Indie/Indies: A faction or player with a neutral win condition.


JOAT (Jack Of All Trades)- A role where there are multiple (usually 1-shot actions) that the player can use. Can be of any alignment.


KP (Kill Power)- A role of any alignment that has the power to kill another player at night.


LHF (Low Hanging Fruit)- A player relatively easy to get lynched.

Lolcatting - When a wolf player is confirmed wolf, often mechanically through night actions, and starts fluffposting.

LYLO - Lynch or Lose - A game state where the town must lynch a non town-aligned player or they lose. This is because the town has the majority by only one player.

L-1 : The state where a player needs one more vote to get lynched.

LaL - Lynch all Liars : the policy of lynching anyone who got caught lying no matter the reason because a townie shouldn't lie.

Lynch pool : The players that one is willing to lynch during a day phase.

LL - Leading Lynch aka Top Wagon : The player with the most votes that would be lynched if the day ended then and there.


Meta- Meta overall refers to the shared history and knowledge of each other's playing styles that comes from having played with each other across several games. A meta read is when someone relies on their knowledge of another player's past behaviour in a certain alignment in order to form an informed read.

Modkill- When a player is killed by the host or moderator for rule-breaking during a game. This can include breaking the rules on OGI, angleshooting, or behavioural issues. Modkilled players cannot win the game.

Multi-ISO- Isolating the posts of multiple people so that only the posts of the selected people are outputted.

MYLO (Mislynch or Lose) - A gamestate where the town must lynch a mafia-aligned player or vote for no lynch in order not to lose. Town has majority by two players in this gamestate.

Mafia- A team wolf faction with two or more members.

Maj - Majority : Used in games that follow the majority voting system to indicate when we are close to or want to reach it to end the day.

Meta : Short for "Metagame". A term for the knowledge of how a player or moderator usually acts based on previous experience.

Mislynch : When a townie is lynched rather than a wolf.


N1/N2.. etc - Night phase.

NAI (Not Alignment Indicative)- An action or post by a player which is not indicative of whether they are aligned with the town or the wolves.

NK (Night Killed) - The player(s) who were killed in the night phase, either by townies, wolves or independents with killing power.

NL (No Lynch) - When no player is lynched at the end of the day phase. A common strategy used during MYLO to force the wolves to kill another town member, narrowing down the pool of suspects.


OMGUS (Oh My God You Suck): Used to denote a vote on someone who voted you beforehand, which is considered a noob reaction regardless of alignment.


Peek - When a player with an investigative ability uses their night action on another player and gets information on their alignment at the end of the night phase.

Pocketing - When a player tries to gain the townread of another player, usually made by wolves attempting to pocket town.

POE (Process of Elimination) - A strategy which attempts to identify players who aren’t cleared, and lynch amongst those uncleared players in order to find wolves. A list of who one wishes to lynch is also often referred to as PoE.

PR (Power Role) - A role that is not vanilla, and has abilities in the setup. Can refer to players of all alignments.

POV: Point of View.

Powerwolfing: The act of a wolf being very active and actively trying to throw the town off track by being one of the players that direct the flow of the game.

Pressure vote: A vote a player places on someone not because they suspect them but to push them further or bring attention to them and force them to act.

PL - Policy Lynch : The act of lynching a player not because they are the most suspicious in the thread currently but because they are playing in a way that will make it difficult or impossible to identify their alignment later on. Usually these players are consistently playing like that so they become part of the town policy.


QT (QuickTopic): A private chatroom used by wolves to communicate with each other.


Roleclaim - To claim your role in the thread, and is used as a tactic to avoid a lynch or reveal that you are a PR.

RVS (Random Voting Stage) - Occurs at the start of the first day phase where players randomly vote each other. This is often used to get the game started. Often lasts until the middle of the first day phase, sometimes ends sooner.

RWSO (Rand Wolf, Sub Out) - A belief that a player who rands, wolf or a specific player in general, is more likely to sub out after being randed in a wolf slot when compared to being randed in a town slot. Note that subbing out in a way that is impacted by alignment is against the rules, and so is speculation on why someone subbed out; people generally use this in a non-serious manner, and you shouldn’t be using it in a game.

Reaction test: Similar to bait, a post or series of posts intended to garner a reaction out of one or more players. Most often, their purpose is to establish, cement, or dispel a read.


Scorched Earth- This happens when all players in the game are dead.

SOD- Start of Day

Soft Claim- To imply that you are a role without directly stating it in the thread. Also can be considered breadcrumbing.

Spewing - Used to refer to a situation where a flipped wolf player has given away information about who is or isn’t a member of the wolf (or when they're doing it while still alive).

Serial- A solo/one-man wolf player.

SK : Refers to "Serial Killer", by far the most popular implementation of Serial.

Speedlynch: The act of one or multiple wolves quickly reaching a majority to end the day phase with a mislynch after the townies have placed enough votes on a player to allow this to happen. Usually implemented in the endgame to end the game in the wolves favour.

Shadowing: The act of a wolf following the opinions and stances of the most prominent townies to appear townie.

Sheeping: Following one's opinions blindly. Similar to shadowing, the difference being that sheeping might not be ill intended.

Superkill: A superkill can bypass protective and preventive actions. This means that except for a few exceptions, a Superkill will always kill the targeted player. This is a very powerful ability and generally given to wolf factions.


Town- The uninformed majority faction with a pro-town win condition.

A term used to refer to pro-town players.

Thunderdome - Two players attempting to get each other lynched with at least one attempting to force the game to lynch between the two until one of them flips wolf. Often a term used in LYLO where two players have already crossvoted; can also be shortened to "tdome".

Tinfoil - A theory or thought that relies on something highly unlikely being the case, often entertained or brought up out of paranoia.

TMI (Too Much Information)- This is used as reasoning for someone being a wolf. It revolves around the idea that the post(s) the person is making are too well-informed, so they must be wolf since the wolf already know who the rest of the wolf are. The only exception to this is the Serial.

Tunnel- When a player is focusing on one other player, accusing only them of being wolf and generally not trying to solve the rest of the game.

TWTBAW (Too Wolfy To Be A Wolf)- This concept is where one person appears to be so suspicious that they seem too suspicious to be anti-town aligned, hence being Too Wolfy To Be A Wolf. This is often attributed to the fact that they would be more self-conscious about being so wolfy, and would be attempting to appear more like a town member if they were actually a wolf.

Tell: A term originating from poker where players will subconsciously or involuntarily reveal how good their hand is and the other players can act accordingly. Similarly, in a mafia game a certain behaviour coming from a particular person can be interpreted as evidence of their alignment. Usually based on Meta.

Throwing shade: Getting someone under suspicion or drawing attention onto them.

Throwing mud: Accusing someone for unfair reasons by misrepresenting their activity.

Town Leader: A player who through the content they are providing is directing the flow of the game by deciding who should be suspected, lynched etc. Be careful, the town leader is not always a townie!

Twilight Phase: The phase of the game after the Day Phase has ended but the Night Phase hasn't begun yet. Players can post in this phase but votes don't count anymore. May also be referred to as "Dusk Phase".


UTR (Under the Radar): Used to denote a player who is not participating much and has thus managed to avoid drawing attention.


VCA - Vote Count Analysis - Vote count analysis is a common strategy using previous votecounts to try to find town or wolves, typically looking at player composition of wagons on certain players and what those players flipped, or if they have changed their vote to save certain players.

VT (Vanilla Townie)- A town role with no special abilities.

Vanilla - A role with no special abilities (both Mafia Goon and Vanilla Townie fall under this category)


Wagon- Refers to the number of votes a player has that makes them a candidate for the lynch.

WIFOM (Wine In Front Of Me)- Term originating from . Used to denote when someone is trying to guess or reason what choice a person made when that person knew in advance that his/her choices would be subject to scrutiny.

WIL (Wants It Less)- Refers to when players showing a lack of desire to win. Often jokingly used to denote players who played poorly.

WIM (Wants It More)- Refers to the attribute of extreme passion/desire to win a game that some players possess.

WOAT- Worst of All Time.

Wolf/Wolves- A term used to refer to anti-town players.

Wolfmate : A teammate of a wolf.

Wolfpack: A team consisting of wolves. The term mainly refers to Mafias and Cults.

Wolfbaiting- When a town-aligned player purposely acts like a PR in order to attract the wolf night kill.

Wolfhunting- When a player tries to deduce which players are anti-town aligned.

Wallie: A very large post that may or may not contain a thorough analysis of the current game state or a player.

Wallie War: A back and forth between two players consisting of wallie posted as an answer to another wallie and so on.

WU: Short for Write-ups which is a post where the Host gives a summary of all that happened in a particular game phase.


X-Shot - When a role can only be used a certain amount of times during a game, with X representing that number.





Note: This is under construction, suggestions for new terminology is welcome.
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