[Sign-Ups] Mafia Community Event - Harry Potter and The Order of Mafia #32


Mar 28, 2019
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Hosts: Johan and Al Sama

Welcome to the Mafia Community Event!
Game will officially start on 02.10.
Until then keep the mischief to yourself!

Unique Game Mechanics !

  • Open Abilities - Unlike in other mafia games in this game players will have the option to choose any of the spells used in the Harry Potter as abilities. Those spells/abilities will be posted in the main game thread and players will be able to choose which spell they wanna use!
  • Ability Crafting - Players will have the option to craft their own spells/abilities as they progress through the game!
  • Potion Crafting - Players will have the option to craft potions as they progress through the game!
  • Leveling Up - Each player will start as a Rookie and will advance to Apprentice after using 2 spells. They will advance to Master after using 2 spells after becoming Apprentice. Your mastery level will enable you to craft stronger spells and potions!
  • Dormitory - Each player will be placed in a dormitory in which they will be able to talk with other members of their dormitory during the night. Your dormitory doesn't mean that is your faction, it just means you belong to a certain group while being a part of Town or Mafia or Independent
Game Notes!

  • Traditional Setup - This game will prominently feature an uninformed majority against an informed minority.
  • Closed Setup - No information about the setup of this game will be revealed in the game thread until the game has ended.
  • Semi-Closed Communication - Once this game has started, players will be allowed to discuss it outside of the game in their dormitory PM's. Any breaching of that will be punished!
  • Restricting Claiming - No restrictions will be imposed on claiming
  • Phase Length - This game will have Day that lasts 48 hours and a Night that lasts 24 hours
1. Poison
2. Odd
3. Toujo
4. Hayumi
5. RedGloverKing
6. Elmage
7. Thestatusquo
8. Hinata1234
9. Lady Coffee
10. Michelle
11. TheAncientCenturion
12. Tobra
13. Soul Killer
14. Rej
15. Natalija
17. Alice in Noodleland
18. Haze with a Z

1. Oreki- Houtarou
2. Kiwi
3. Tiara
4. Salah
5. Novas
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