Madara Uchiha the Savior


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Mar 14, 2013
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Initially I thought that Kawaki was Madara reincarnated and ill tell you why. First of Kawaki fights like a ten tails jin. The way he shape shifts and the energy blasts is very similar to the ten tails. Madara spent almost two lifetimes seeking the juubi's power so him reincarnating as someone who mimics the ten tails fighting style is a good place to start. Madara wasn't a bad person and neither is Kawaki but they both have that salty personality because of the circumstances they have encountered. Kawaki is being groomed to be the nex juubi jin. This is right where Madara would want to be. Having the power of the ten tails given to him rather than doing all the legwork is the least that karma can do for him. He will also be able to return to his status as an Otsutsuki. This time he can become a real Otsutsuki. Madara faked his death once and he only had an ems. I think he will play that card again with his rinnegan and return to the village so that he can 1v1 Sasuke to see who's truly the most powerful. He will probably go and see Amado to get some scientific ninja tools upgrades since everyone is doing it. It would be cool if he had a tail like a scorpion. What do you think his scientific ninja tool ability would be?