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Sep 2, 2014
Trait Points
Lwai Abeenu - Imoogi - 20 - Hyuuga
A slender framed and athletic toned adult male, characterized by his brown complexion, silver pupils and angular facial features.

Standing 188 cm [6'2] - he is rather tall and boasts shoulder length white hair, styled into a top-knot dreadlocks that are oriented towards his right side

For his attire, he dons custom ninja infantry gear. Comprised of an over sized orange and uranian-blue jacket, black harem pants, black long-sleeve shirt and standard ninja sandals.

Fastened around his waist is a medium sized pouch. The final piece in his getup, is a large beige scroll which he carries around. Out of habit he often has an X shaped bandage on his forehead.
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A mellow and easy-going individual, his character is best highlighted in his nonchalant and languid speech.

However, this laid-back demeanor belies his calm, focus, discipline and self-assurance. A descendant from the prestigious Hyuuga bloodline, he harbors quite an ego.

His delusion or confidence, exacerbated to the point of considering himself 'Supreme'. Surprisingly, in spite of the tendency for comfort, this aspect has sparked his intolerance to weakness or frivolity.

Born in the height of ninja conflicts, he has learnt through observation and painful association the futility of friendships. Insisting or rather harboring the belief friendship make one weak.

Lightning Mountains || Somethingkure​
Imoogi's existence is one stepped in violence and marred with betrayal. Be it from his orphaned roots, the ruthless upbringing across the warring states to his current status affiliation as ninja

The legend of the 22 Paths traces back to the alpine mountains of the ???? Territories. It was within the desolate north, on cold winter's solstice that ....

Inconclusive! Despite, an ever growing presence the mans' past is shrouded in mystery. Ninja intelligence has noted he first sprung into prominence in ???? and gained notoriety ever since.

However, by then he was a teenager and all events prior are hearsay. However, it is known that he has aligned with ?????? and has respectable ninja abilities.

Those who know him are more intrigued with his story as it develops at present rather than a reflection of his past. In particular reports of his research into Ōtsutsuki clan and Forbidden Jutsus.
The legend of the 22 Paths traces back to the alpine mountains of the Fire Territories. It was within the desolate north, on cold winter's solstice that Garuda crawled from his dying mother's womb.

Ninja Rank: Chunin
Health: 100 | Chakra: 1000
Specialty: Increased Tracking (P) Damage Resistance (S) Apex Speed (U) Lifeline (E)
Elements: A-Rank

• Katon • Doton • Raiton • Futon • Meiton

• Taijutsu
• Dojutsu (Byakugan)
• Ninjutsu
• Bukijutsu


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