[Lot] Ghost riches


Mar 10, 2015
Trait Points
Mission Name: Family Jewels
Alignment: Villain
Type: Solo
Rank: B
District: Inner City
Description: Hanging around your local villain's pub, you got a hold of a pretty interesting case. An old dude from Oldsylvania, an old neighborhood on the outskirts of NBville, passed away in his seriously over-compensating big ass mansion and left an heirloom of 2 perfectly round diamonds the size of golf balls. Problem is, he had no one to pass the heirloom, as all his descendants died in the same house. Worried by the ghosts that haunt the place, no one tried anything. While most of the grunts and minions there dismissed the case right away, you still couldn't help but think it might be an interesting mission, either to sell them or just for bragging rights!
Reward: 40 EXP

"So here we are back at this old raggedy house, I would habe thought I'd never see this place. Again but thanks to the old man's one up on me I'm back, I'll make sure that the old ghost tells me what I need this time"

Exodus practically exuded annoyance as he entered the house, the new e of the ghost to trick him into taking a dummy safe instead of the real riches annoys him to no end but now stepping into the abandoned mansion once again he tool solace in the fact that things wouldn't be the same, he had grown over tremendously over the weeks and now has some new moves under his arsenal sure to give the ghost problems.

"I'm Back"

He screamed while busting down the doors to the mansion announcing entrance.