[LoT] Dirty Business

Detective L

Jan 10, 2013
Trait Points

NBVille, a city of distraught and chaos, I usually decided to take a step back concerning this bullshit. Heroes - villains, annoying. Always fighting, always something going on in the city. Jobs were scarce, especially for a Demon Slayer like myself. My sword ends had dulled (not really, Rebellion is an immortal blade), and my senses as well. I am not the man I used to be. I was out of practice, and living on scraps. Plus, the TV had that annoying Mayor on it.

"Ugh, this goddam-"

Interrupted, a bang slams onto my door. Bang, bang, bang. Who was it? Perhaps an agent of some sort, people didn't mix with us who had no side. Grabbing Rebellion with my right hand, I walked to the door. With a quick grip of my left, I opened the door.

"Mr Dante, your help is needed. Please."
"Uh, help with? I'm just chilling, man. Unless your head wants to meet Rebellion, he's nice I swear!"
"Mr Dante, if I don't get you to help with this, my life will be ended. I'm just a messenger! I have kids, a wife. C'mon man. There's money in it for you, excitement, maybe even ladies!"
"Ladies, shit. I'm in."

It was boring, don't judge me. Plus, I needed the excitement. Perhaps I'd be able to see what this world has come to in the mean time. Nonetheless, with my coat on, Rebellion strapped to my back, I quickly followed the messenger back to whence he came. Dark alleys, and weird looks. This was definitely a criminal based situation, and I wasn't too keen on helping them, but eh. Let's see where this leads us. Everyone seemed on edge, and I was led to a massive apartment block, dark and gritty. The paint was peeling off the walls, and it seemed I was the only one that had a sense of fashion in this place too. They couldn't help but keep their eyes off my babies, Ebony and Ivory. Perhaps they had heard of me. How I quickly I could dispatch them all? Maybe. Or maybe they just liked good looking guns, powered by an energy unbeknownst to them.

"Man, this place is weird. And I've been to weird places, so its not a compliment."
"Uhm, try and be respectful Mr Dante. My employer is not a nice guy."
"I'll be a real cookie scout."

Fake smile ensued. If this man knew me, he wouldn't be so nervous about his boss. Nonetheless, after crossing around like, 100 guys standing around acting strong, I could notice a sense of fear in their eyes. Something happened. Finally, I entered the room, what seemed to be the main one. The guy who led me here, had disappeared into the darkness. I was alone, and about 15 meters from me sat a man. Suited, his face hidden in darkness with only his body lit with a small light from above, which flickered imminently.

"Dante..the Demon Slayer?"
"Yeah, yeah. I'm him. What do you need, uh, man-in-the-shadows?"
(puff of smoke)..."Call me Mr. Black."
"Not sure if that's politically correct, but I'll go with that."
"I've been robbed, by someone. Something. I've been dealing in the shadows for over 70 years. No one has dared to steal from me, and yet. It seems, that someone finally has. I'd send my own after him, but I believe he's...enhanced. He wasn't even seen. And I believe you have the abilities to "handle" him. If you catch my drift (puff of smoke).
"Dude, you're old as ****. But uh (grabs Rebellion)... I catch your drift. What's in it for me, though?"
"Money..women. Perhaps a better place to stay."
"Yeah, I stay in a shit hole. Sounds like a deal to me. I'll bring you his head."
"The only clue I have, is that there was a form of Lightning. Red. Speed.."
"Yeah? Sounds intriguing."

I've killed demons, enhanced uh, people. Never really for money, but you know, might as well. Rebellion hadn't tasted blood in a while, and he's been wailing. Making my way out of the complex, I grabbed Rebellion, and looked around. I would focus my Demonic Energy into it, and it would extend into a whip of sorts, pouncing to a nearby billboard and grabbing it, I would whip myself onto the roof. There, I would stand, as I aimed to find this damn villain.

"Speed, lightning. Hm. I wonder what demon this is."

[ Rebellion リベリオン ]
Type: Energy
Rank: B rank
Range: Short - (Long with projectiles)
EXP: 40
Damage: 60%
Description: Rebellion is Dante's trademark sword, and a family heirloom from his father, Sparda the Demon. In its innate form, the sword boasts no special abilities. Through focusing his Demonic/Angelic Energy into the sword, Dante is able to activate the sword. It then takes a different appearance. With Demonic Energy focused into the sword, it glows red, and is capable of unleashing blasts of red energy waves or blasts with each slash or swing, or alternatively, perform forward thrusts and unleash replicas of the sword, in a glowing red which explode with Demonic energy within short range of the opponent, with the largest amount to be released is 10. Dante is able to slam Rebellion into the ground, unleashing the energy throughout, sending ravaging blasts outwards, in a short to mid range area around himself. The sword is also able to form into a red whip, capable of latching onto an opponent, and pulling them towards Dante, whilst at the same time, dealing burning damage or simply wrapping around them (dealing 60% of Energy Att).

With Angelic Energy focused into Rebellion, it glows blue, and the sword is able to create tangible constructs through swings of the sword, allowing the user to create paths of energy (colored in a light blue) limited to users' imagination but serves no offensive capabilities. As well as at the cost of a single move that turn, the sword is able to wrap around the Dante's arm, and form into a powerful shield capable of blocking the same rank up to 40% of the Energy Att, once every two turns.

Self Immolation
Type: Initiative
Alignment: Neutral
Rank: B
District: Inner City
Description: Some idiot villain managed to piss off one of the city's most powerful criminal overlords. He's hired you to teach the kid a lesson. By lesson, he means murder of course. But, money is money. Your task is to track down and murder the villain who pissed off the criminal overlord.
Reward: 40 EXP