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Mar 14, 2013
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Six Paths Chakra Mode... The six paths power was inherited from Naruto. He displayed rapid healing while training with Kawaki initially I thought it was because of the karma seal but that's only the half of it. The other half is the six paths power inherited from Naruto. The karma seal is allowing the six paths power to grow faster. This is why...

Momoshiki has all the tailed beasts chakra. Now that he is sealed inside of Boruto's karma seal all Boruto needs to do is power up his proficiency with the karma seal. When he does that two things will happen. First he will activate the Byakugan then he will activate six paths chakra mode. But here's something you gotta think about. Kawaki/Ishiki has the Juubi. That means he will be using six paths senjutsu. The only way Boruto will be able to harm him is if he uses sage chakra. At some point Boruto will realize his affinity for nature chakra. Perhaps it will be right before the Kawaki fight. It would be a parallel of Naruto vs Pain even more if he did. Once he has awakened his dormant powers he will be a combination of senjutsu, byakugan, and six paths chakra.

That's not his ultimate form. That will be his "I'm just as powerful as my dad" form. There is an interesting fellow by the name of Kashin Koji who I think will be the guy who prepares Boruto to face Kawaki. I think he is Jiraiya who managed to come back from the dead. I also think he is the person who will teach Boruto the discipline that will separate him from Naruto. Naruto had to defeat his dark side in order to achieve nine tails chakra mode. Boruto won't have to defeat his dark side but be at peace with it. Once his light and dark have come into balance he will be able to enter and exit the cycle of life (nature chakra) and death (dark chakra) as he pleases. Its a forbidden technique that Jiraiya learned shortly after his death but took him years to achieve. It wont take Boruto as long because he has a deceased Momoshiki (who is also his dark half) sealed inside of him. Once he has mastered this technique he will achieve Samahadi a technique developed by Hamura after his death experience at the hands of his brother. Through this technique he is able to meet Hamura and learn his clan's origin and secrets.