Levi vs Beast Titan, Alternative Take (Contest Entry)


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Dec 3, 2009
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Complete and utter darkness...

'I could not see a thing; rubbing my eyes to no avail. Finally, I saw a red blurry vision that broke through the darkness and brought me light. Red-, not from the rays of the sun, but from blood spattered, and continuously dripping, on my face. Blood-... Everywhere. The foul stench of fresh corpses boiling in the sun and flies buzzing around all over, having the feast of their lives. Everything was silent except for a loud ringing tone in my ears as I raised my hand to block out the light now hitting my face, but what could I see? It wasn't light at all, just the pale skin of a bloody hand reflected in the light, dangling in front of me, close to my face. I had trouble breathing, as if something was pressing against my chest. The weight of a nation, resting upon my shoulders, literally. I now remembered as it all came back to me. I saw clearly now, and I knew... I had to get out, out from underneath the pile of corpses I now found myself in. Friends, comrades-... Family; they were all brutally slaughtered; I could hear their voices and screams still. I was trapped in a pile of death... Fighting to get free, I tumbled down what felt like a steep cliff, as I quickly rose to my feet to get a grasp of my surroundings. The pile of corpses I had been buried in wasn't the only one, as I saw several others, scattered around; the scene of a massacre. Taking a few wobbling steps forward, still all in a haze, my right foot pressed against something hard; two metal-like swords specifically designed to kill Titans...'

Yes... Levi Ackerman, the most notorious and deadly Titan-slaying beast there ever was, had been defeated. But he was not dead, yet...

Picking them up, he adjusted his gear; it was somehow all still intact, spare blades and all. He could definitely still fight, that was certain. Wiping away the blood on his face, he suddenly heard a loud crash as if something huge fell to the ground. Running around the pile of corpses to check, he immediately realized he wasn't the only survivor. Up ahead, Eren was fighting the Beast Titan, barely holding on in his own titan form, as the mad Beast Titan crushed his head between his hands, throwing his body to the side. Eren had to eject, but there was no time, the Beast Titan had already ripped him out of his titan body, going for the kill...

'Eren!!!' A scream was heard in the distance. Mikasa was on the ground, badly injured and unable to move with a broken leg, watching on in horror of what was happening in front of her. Levi made his haste, filled with rage and anger, but he was far removed from the battle itself and no horse in sight! The seconds felt like days as he came closer and closer. Manoeuvring around another pile of corpses, he suddenly tripped as he fell to the ground with a loud grunt. Sweat flowed down his forehead; he knew he wasn't going to make it...


Eren's dead body fell to the ground, lifeless. Mikasa screaming in agony before she too got crushed in a swift blow as the Beast Titan swung his hand, crushing her beneath it like a fly. He laughed hysterically to himself in his own amusement, wondering if that was all they had to offer. The battle was over, they had lost. Levi watched on in utter disarray, his hands shaking as he reached for the swords he dropped earlier when he fell to the ground, still laying in front of him. Finally getting a hold of them, he gripped them hard as tears streamed down his cheeks. Humanity had failed, and none but him was left standing... Or, so he thought. A voice he never would forget, suddenly talked to him, whispering as if out of breath. He turned his head to the side and noticed Erwin on the ground, fatally injured. He raced over to him as the Beast Titan slowly tilted his head and realized there were still two survivors left standing. He would not leave a single witness alive to tell the tale; he would have none of it, as he charged towards them roaring out.

'You-... g-ot... to finish it Levi-... Bring him down now, once and for all, or all is lost. *Cough* If not for us, then for the future of those still within the walls. Whatever it takes-...'

Levi was shocked, but he knew he spoke the truth. Erwin was in no condition to carry on, it was do or die. Save Erwin, or kill the Beast Titan; he could not make both. A little to the left of them, a stray horse was neighing as if showing Levi that there was a way still, a way out, to escape and live another day, for the both of them. At least he could get Erwin on the horse and ride off to safety, but he knew that Erwin would not make the trip on his own. Loud footsteps were heard, the Beast Titan was closing in on them, ever so slightly. He could definitely take him out, he had done so before, but if he went for it now, Erwin's chances of survival was bare none. He could feel it. He had to make a choice, and fast. Racing over to Erwin, Levi attempted to help him up, but Erwin pushed him away, causing him to fall over.

'What are you doing Erwin, get on the stupid horse and let me save you, whilst there's still time?!?!'

'Levi... You once told me that if it came down to it, we had to entrust our will and lives in our friends even if that meant giving up our own dreams and future. If not only for a small distraction, you know this is the only way. We've lost everything, but there's only one way this ends right and you know it.'


Levi knew he was right and there was no time to argue. The ultimate sacrifice to give him what he needed-... A chance to make the kill.

'Fine you stubborn bastard, we'll do it your way.'

Reaching his right hand out to him, Levi helped him over to the horse as the two of them raced off towards the Beast Titan, Erwin holding the reins and Levi positioned on the back, readying himself to leap up into the air. A mighty roar from the Beast Titan was heard as he swung his hairy arm through the air and smashed it hard towards the ground, aiming for the horse. Leaping off from its back, Levi met eye-contact with Erwin one last time as Erwin gave him a smile of confidence. In the very next second, the hand of the Beast Titan slammed into the ground, completely pulverizing Erwin and the horse in the process as blood splattered everywhere. Levi latched onto the Beast Titan with his gear and swung around towards his back at rapid speed, going for the kill. This was it, THE CHANCE...


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