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Sep 10, 2008
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Starting the battle off, Naruto would form a single handseal and produce 9 copies of himself in various positions around himself. This would prove a detriment to most ninja, but for Naruto, it was a breeze. The young shinobi's partner, Kurama, transferring
chakra into him steadily to keep his chakra levels high.

(Kinjutsu: Tajū Kage Bunshin no Jutsu) Forbidden Technique: Multiple Shadow Clones Technique
Type: Supplementary
Rank: Forbidden
Range: Short
Chakra: 70 (Total chakra is divided equally between the number of clones and the user)
Damage: N/A
This technique is essentially a massive version of the Shadow Clone Technique. Instead of a maximum of 4 clones, it creates up to 8 shadow clones of the user. This is considered a kinjutsu, because it can potentially be dangerous to the person performing it, seeing as how all of the clones are given an equal amount of chakra directly from the user. Each clone is equal to the ones created by the original, simpler technique and can use all the techniques the user can.
Note: Usable only once per battle, disabling the further use of clones of any kind for the rest of the match.

( Bijutsu: Chakra Tensõ no Jutsu ) - Tailed Beast Skill: Chakra Transfer Technique
Type: Supplementary
Rank: A-Rank
Range: Short
Chakra: N/A
Damage: N/A
Description: This is an advanced ability that ninjas with great chakra control can learn to use and that Bijuu possess innately. The user will release his or hers unmolded chakra onto another ninja, effectively transferring it. The technique has many uses, from restoring an allies chakra to releasing him from a Genjutsu or simply to give him more chakra to mold, allowing him to drastically boost the power of a technique. Tsunade could even use this technique, together with her Creation Rebirth technique to, in conjunction with her summon Katsuyu, heal multiple people at the same time during Pain's attack on Konohagakure. If used to power the use of a technique, the recipient of the chakra can boost one technique by adding +20 chakra to it which increases its damage by +40. To do this, the recipient must mold the technique while the user of Chakra Tenso no Jutsu is transferring chakra into him, meaning that both the transfer and the technique must be done at the same time. The transfer can only be done with direct contact between user and target and restores the targets chakra by 100 points per turn.
Note: Cannot be used to power the users own techniques.
Note: All Jinchuriki can use this technique.
Note: Usable 3 times per battle.

The clones upon creation all began to spring into action withdrawing kunai's which they would brandish as they charged towards the opponent. Closing in, they would subsequently attempt to attack with a series of punch and kick combination that would leave the opponent on the ground.

(Uzumaki Ninpouchou) - Uzumaki Ninja Hand Book
Chakra Cost:N/A
Damage Points:60
Description:After using mass shadow clone you attack the opponent with a barrage of combos that end with the enemy sent flying into the ground.

2600 / 10 = 260

260 - 70 = 190 + 100 = 290

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Apr 21, 2011
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Kaido simply scowled at the swarm of clones rushing for him. He found the tactic to be crude and rather underwhelming. The man who had become known as Hundred Beasts was not impressed by the display, failing to find the need to activate even the most basic form of his Sharingan, yet this boy dared to fling it at him.

Kaido raised Mjolnir to the ready with his left arm, holding the hammer over his right shoulder. His body leaned forward, Kaido kept his gaze upon the doppleganger who remained behind. With one swing, Kaido released the Odinforce from the hammer as a widespread, continuously fired wave aimed to wipe out all of the clones and continue to ravage over their caster.

(Mjolnir ) - Mjolnir

Type: Artifact
Rank: S
Range: Short - Long
Chakra: 40 per active ability use (-10 per turn)
Damage: 100 damage for Odinforce
Description: Mjolnir is a mythical weapon of unknown origin. Rumors hint at the weapon being the blade of a lost God, capable of leveling mountains with but a single blow. Mjolnir enhances the wielder's lightning abilities, allowing him to channel all of his lightning based abilities through it without need for seals, Custom Elements included. A nigh indestructible weapon, Mjolnir is capable of surviving direct clashes with the strongest of attacks, though this invulnerability isn't granted to its wielder, and is capable of delivering A ranked strikes through direct contact. Because of it's ability to shift and manipulate it's own density, this allows the hammer to become unwieldable by any it deems unworthy, its weight becoming impossible to move - even by Shinra Tensei and other gravity manipulating/absolute abilities. This ability also allows it the ability to grant it's wielder the power of flight by swinging the axe and charging it, lifting him into air at x3 his speeds. This can be used once every 3 turns to avoid objects within reason.

Mjolnir is capable of it's own set of active abilities as well, the Lightning of Asgard, Odinforce and the Bifrost. The Lightning of Asgard is a Forbidden ranked Lightning ability, capable of releasing an otherworldly blue lightning that looks similar to flames. A Lightning technique with no weakness, the user points his hammer into the sky channeling it and then releases a massive 10m blast of Lightning of equal power to Kirin. The user can also make use of Mjolnir to use the Bifrost Bridge, dimensional energy which allows instantaneous travel to any location. A powerful, rainbow-like energy drawn to create a wormhole like portal, the Bifrost allows the user to link two locations for instant travel upon a 5 meter wide bridge that any can cross should it become open. Because of this, it can inadvertently affect enemies and allow them to travel as well should they be near the user when the portal becomes opened. The last of the Mjolnir's abilities are perhaps the most useful and and require the most to utilize; Odinforce is a mystical energy source that is essentially Natural energy amplified. The user can manipulate this energy once every 5 turns to create blasts of energy with a strength to anything it meets ( excluding Rinnegan, YY based, or S/T abilities ) to essentially destroy anything regardless of damage or rank. However, because of this power, use of the Odinforce prevents Mjolnir's abilities from working for the same time it takes to reuse the Odinforce, 5 turns. During this time, any and all of the hammer's abilities become defunct and it becomes just a giant hammer.

Note: Odinforce can only be used once every 4 turns, preventing the user from using the Bifrost in that time.
Note: Use of the Bifrost can only be done 3 times in total, with a 4 time cooldown period.
Note: Mjolnir's abilities can only be utilized should the wielder be deemed worthy; should it be attempted to be held by one unworthy, the Hammer's density will significantly increase and be immovable.
Note: To make use of its active abilities, the user must be deemed worthy in RP after gaining access to Mjolnir.

At the same time as Kaido began to raise the hammer over his shoulder, his Creation King(behind and to the right of Kaido) would manipulate the light throughout the terrain, plunging the area all around into pitch black darkness.

(In'yōton, Onmyōton: Banbutsu Sōzō no Jutsu) Yin-Yang Release: Creation of All Things(Reference)
Type: Supplementary
Rank: Forbidden
Range: Short
Chakra: 500
Damage: N/A
Description: Initially, a technique first created and used by Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki (who used it to create the nine tailed beasts), Creation of All Things is the core basic yet purer form of Yin-Yang Release and pertains to the administration of imagination, and the spiritual energy which forms the basis of Yin chakra to create physical forms from nothingness followed by the application of vitality, and the physical energy which forms the basis of Yang chakra, breathing life into form. Essentially, this technique allows one to create beings out of ones imagination. These beings are alive, self suficient and real. However, without the powers of Hagoromo, a normal master of Yin-Yang Release's usage of the technique pales and one cannot create something as a Bijuu. Even in his case, he needed to use the chakra of the Shinju to create the 9 Bijuu, so even in battle he is limited in the use of the technique. In Narutobase RP, however, one can create 1 living being, never bigger than 3x the size of the creator, that has the following abilities:
Can use 3 of the elements the creator knows (including AEs and/or CEs)
Can use one of the following: Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu, a Clan's HA, KG/KT, an Advanced Ninjutsu (Sound, Poison, etc), or universal ability (Fuuinjutsu, Iryo Ninjutsu, Yin-Yang Release, etc), a mode (SM, SHB, etc.) as long as the creator knows it
Has a chakra reserve of max 2000 points and a health pool of 150 points
Can use all techniques the creator knows of the fields it is able to use
Can be sentient or not, with human levels of inteligence or not, including power of speech and a mental link to the creator
Can have one of the following passive traits/skills: chakra sensory, increased physical strength resulting in +20 damage to Taijutsu, immunity to Genjutsu, usage of its elements without handseals or source restrictions, 40 damage reduction from clashes, a speed of 1.5x the speed of its creator, chakra transfer ability, immunity to fuuinjutsu techniques
Will have the physical abilities of the traits of the form created (for example, if it has wings, it can fly, etc etc) but it cannot be human nor the same as a real animal (has to, in some way, be unique and different from existing creatures)
It will also abide to the following restrictions:

The creation will stay in the fight even if the creator dies (in RP terms, if you die and your creation is still alive and wins, you win the fight and can continue in the event playing with your creation).
The creator can only have one creation per bio at any given time.
The creation will be initially formed at the end of the Yin-Yang training, serving as a rite of passage of Yin-Yang Mastery, after which it will need to be stated in the bio that has it and the user will always enter the field with it.
The creation is alive and as such can be killed, healed, poisoned, attacked with gentle fist, etc as any other living thing in Narutoverse and, in terms of NB RPG, suffers all basic restrictions that fall upon a ninja. It cannot, however, be revived with the Edo Tensei technique though if it dies, the creator can use the Creation of All Things technique to revive it once during the battle.
Creations cannot be done during a fight but can be done in any RP thread, be it a training thread or an RP NW thread.
It cannot have "absolute" traits such as being considered immortal or only existing in Limbo. It is a real, living, flesh and bone being that has the abilities listed above.
Cannot have a Doujutsu, Shikotsumyaku, Souma no Ko, Jikūkan or learn to open the Eight Inner Gates.
Note: Can only be used by Yin-Yang Masters.
Note: Hagaromo bios can have 2 creations.
Note: Reviving the creations costs the use of the technique and can only be done once per battle.

-Corium Release, Wind Release, and Light Release
-Yin-Yang Release
-Has a chakra reserve of max 2000 points and a health pool of 150 points
-King has intelligence on par with that of a human. It shares a mental link with its creator, and the two form a flawless team in battle. King is capable of human speech. Three times the size of Kaido, it is capable of flight through its wings and is capable of carrying others.
-King does not require the use of handseals to execute its abilities, nor is it limited by source restrictions.

[光遁光周期] - Guāng Zhōuqí | Light Release: Light Cycle
Type: Supplementary
Rank: A
Range: Short - Long
Chakra: 30 [15 Due to Yin-Yang Mastery]
Damage: 0
Description: Through the use of light chakra, the user will be capable of distorting the transmission, perception, reflection or refraction and emission of light from an object or targeted area. As a purely supplementary technique, this jutsu makes full use of the inherent properties of light and as such is extremely quick to activate; and once activated, it takes effect at the speed of light making it virtually instant. Various effects can be achieved through the use of this technique by altering the way that light interacts with the world (specifically on the battlefield). One effect is that the user can reduce the amount/speed of movement/emission/reflection of light. This can result in a 4-Point deduction in one’s base ability to track because the sense known as sight solely depends on visible light. If the user slows down light’s speed or means of travel, the opponent receives visible information later than normal; which creates an effect of slower time.

The user can also enhance or nullify present light, allowing for the production of flashes of light of various intensities (too high and light ceases to be visible causing once visible things to appear as transparency), colors, and patterns. Even dark spots can be created, which is the result of areas completely devoid of light. With this perk, the user is capable of manipulating light to form optical illusions or even bending light around an object or area to make it; creating a form of invisibility. The importance of light and the user’s ability to govern it freely with this technique makes the possibilities of this jutsu endless; as such when used effectively this jutsu will likely force an opponent to relinquish their reliance on slight, and instead focus on interpreting the world through their other senses.

~ Note ~ Once activated this technique stays active for the next four turns, during which time the user can freely govern the way that things look by manipulating light.

~ Note ~ In the case of objects that do not produce their own light - aka solids, liquids and most gasses, or the manipulation of natural light (whose source is the sun) blinding effects will be limited to that, and the next turn only. When used on techniques that emit energy in the form of light however, such as fire or lightning, opponents who look upon it will be immediately blinded for that, and the next turn as well. Due to being chakra infused, the blinding effect will even affect Doujutsu.

~ Note ~ Once this technique is over, the user cannot re-use it again for three turns, and also while it is active they are limited in that they cannot activate Light techniques above B rank.

~ Note ~ This Jutsu Can Only Be Taught By Trooper3Stacks

(Yoton/Kinjutsu: Fantomu Buraddo ) - Yang Release/Forbidden Arts: Phantom Blood(Passive at start of battle)
Type: Supplementary
Rank: Forbidden
Range: N/A
Chakra: N/A
Damage: N/A
Description: Seeking a way to enhance the body to its uttermost limits, a group of shinobi known as the Pillar Men created the Kinjutsu known as "Phantom Blood." Sealed into stone masks by its creators, Phantom Blood is a Kinjutsu designed to transform the body; upon being touched by blood and worn on the face, the mask releases several spines that inject a surge of Yang-based energy into the user's body that binds itself to their cells and naturally occurring fluids. This process permanently transforms the user into an entity known as a "Vampire," the Yang-based energy passively granting them physical prowess and agility on par with that of the Second of the Eight Inner Gates. Vampires possess immense longevity, their lifespans continuing indefinitely, and can even remain alive after any injury that would normally be fatal for ordinary humans(in terms of the function of the RP, this aspect of the longevity is largely cosmetic; the user's health points still abide to normal health rules and the user will still lose a match when their health reaches zero). However, they are not truly immortal; a fatal injury to the brain will result in the death of a vampire as normal. This longevity grants those under the influence of Phantom Blood a naturally higher capacity to heal, able to passively recover from damage on par with Hashirama Senju's passive regeneration. Minor wounds, burns, cuts, etc. will all passively heal over a small period of time, closing up wounds and injuries after one turn. While this healing can recover such wounds over the course of one turn, it is not without its limits; a Vampire's passive healing is only able to restore the body so that it can function, but does not restore lost HP(for instance, an arm broken by an A-rank technique will mend itself, but the user will not recover the lost 60 points of their health).

This longevity can also be manifested in enhanced ways, though these require active uses. The user can increase the power of the regeneration to restore up to 75 Health Points. This can be used to mend more severe injuries, such as restoring destroyed organs or reattaching detached limbs. Should the user make physical contact with another living organism, such as a bio or summoning creature, the user can execute this ability with greater ease, compensating for the comparatively lesser use of chakra by stealing some of the opponent's vitality.

Note: Enhanced regeneration requires physical contact with target and can only be utilized two times per battle. Can only be used by Yin-Yang masters
Note: Active regeneration occupies a move slot, consuming 70 chakra. Through direct contact, the chakra drainage drops to 50 chakra. Regular version can be used once every two turns, direct contact once every other turn. Either version can only be used twice per battle
Note: Due to their bodies growing acclimated to Yang energy through the Phantom Blood transformation, Vampires become able to use techniques that would normally clash with the usage of Yang Release techniques without such hindrance, though all other restrictions apply
Note: This technique cannot be used to regenerate from techniques that inflict damage equaling to or exceeding half of the user's total health pool, nor can the user use the actives of this technique should their health fall below 25% of its total pool.