Let’s settle this here and now! War arc Rikudou Naru-Sasuke VS. Adult Naru-Sasuke

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Dec 19, 2016
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War arc are far superior than adult verions .Anyone thinking different is just retarded.

Naruto no longer has TSB ,he is rusty and does not have seal .

Sasuke on the other hand has weaker susanoo and firepower because he doesnt have bijuus chakra like in vote 2 . Also he lost an arm therefore inferior CQC skills.Put your hand behind your back and try fighting someone to see huge difference.

Also there is fact they lost seals and most likely half of chakra Hagoromo shared to them .

Also they perform poorly against opponents weaker than Kaguya , JJ Madara and probably JJ Obito.

Also those kages are comparable to speed with them because they are keeping up with opponents like Momoshiki and Kinshiki and they are even reacting on them and landing hits on them. Even Minato and Tobirama could not keep up with JJ Obito /Madara speed and they are far faster/have better reflexes than current kages.

I think lost of half Hagoromo chakra reduced their speed .
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