Let’s settle this here and now! War arc Rikudou Naru-Sasuke VS. Adult Naru-Sasuke

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Dec 19, 2016
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War arc are far superior than adult verions .Anyone thinking different is just retarded.

Naruto no longer has TSB ,he is rusty and does not have seal .

Sasuke on the other hand has weaker susanoo and firepower because he doesnt have bijuus chakra like in vote 2 . Also he lost an arm therefore inferior CQC skills.Put your hand behind your back and try fighting someone to see huge difference.

Also there is fact they lost seals and most likely half of chakra Hagoromo shared to them .

Also they perform poorly against opponents weaker than Kaguya , JJ Madara and probably JJ Obito.

Also those kages are comparable to speed with them because they are keeping up with opponents like Momoshiki and Kinshiki and they are even reacting on them and landing hits on them. Even Minato and Tobirama could not keep up with JJ Obito /Madara speed and they are far faster/have better reflexes than current kages.

I think lost of half Hagoromo chakra reduced their speed .
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Dec 8, 2016
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There are many people that vehemently believe that the current versions of Naruto and Sasuke are superior to their actual Six Paths handout versions. Obviously those people that believe that are morons but nevertheless, I’ll give them a chance to voice their opinions here.

War-arc arsenal:
-Truth Seeker Orbs
-Boiling point chakra
-Truth Seeker Bijuu Rasenshuriken
-True Rikudou Sage Mode
Understanding of all things
-All individual bijuu chakra
-Advanced Sensory (could sense Limbo clones)
-All Bijuu KKG (Magnet, Boil and lava release)
-Ashura Kurama
-Bijuu Final Susanoo (lightning)
-Indra’s arrow
-Chibaku Tensei
-Six Paths Yin and Yang chakra
-Six Paths Senjutsu
-Six Paths Senjutsu chidori
-Six Paths - Chinaku Tensei
-Fiercely better reflexes

Current Arsenal
-Full Kurama yet lower chakra than he had as a teen 😂
-False Rikudou Sage Mode
-Perfect Susano’o
-All Bijuu chakra and KKG (debatable)
-Lava release
-Rinnegan S/T portal
-Kurama Final Susanoo (fusion)
-Fiercely subpar reflexes

Please let me know if I missed anything, and obviously things like “Chibaku Tensei” carried over to Sasuke’s current version even though he hasn’t used it as an adult...that can’t be said about non-Rinnegan and sharingan techniques. Anyway as it stands, their current versions don’t stand a chance. What can the current Naruto and Sasuke do to overwhelm their younger selves?
Hello...How r u....It's Pretty clear for any Naruto fan to know that war arc Naruto and Sasuke had better feats...You summarised it well..I guess.


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May 15, 2015
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Thing is, they were teens goin up against the powers you've mention so of course they would be using the powers they have in the moment of war..

Sauske's issue is he doesn't have a arm which handicaps him in battle. {No matter what folks say about it, it does take away from his strength an ability to get things done properly}
He doesn't have the bijuu that he took chakra from to do what he did as a teen..
Rinnegan is not COAT, he doesn't know how to use those paths cuz that eye is not Uchiha, that dojutsu is Otsutsuki origin an take lots of chakra which Sasuke doesn't have. {potent chakra an the ability to use it correctly but not alot of it. ergo, JJ's & Sages or Otsutsuki}

He's half of the Puzzle!

Naruto's doesn't really have the same issue in reaching what he's done before as a teen..
RSM comes with all the bijuu tapped chakra's so his peak as a teen that folks are so quick to denounce he has can be achieved again. {Bijuu}
Naruto has Kurama with sage mode, he's in a pseudo state RSM if we keep it in it's lane.. Kurama can harness more NE while Naruto is sage which is why we haven't seen THE RSM.

Adult with probably more physical strength & alil more understanding of the powers they have which is why we won't or haven't seen those abilities..
Teen with all that power with the stake of the earth on the line who had no choice but to use those powers..

Full puzzle.

Note though that Naruto With the COAT RSM can still reach his teenage powers as long as he has the bijuu meeting which hasn't been done.

Adult Naruto could beat his teen self cuz of more physical strength. {Same power}
Adult Sasuke would lose to his teen self cuz he isn't handicaped without a arm. That's serious flaw in combat without his arm.


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Apr 11, 2012
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No point comparing them. Adult Naruto and Sasuke are no longer the main characters so show casing their full abilities isn't important any more. Logically they should be stronger or at the very least just as capable but by feats they aren't.
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