[SciFi] LeGion - Chapter 1


Jun 22, 2012
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Author's Note
I'm English, so I say Trouser's instead of pants U_U
get over it D: xD

I need practice with my tenses and I have edited out a lot of past tenses in their, so if you come across some, I'm apologize.


Chapter 1 ~ Tasuke

The floor was soaking, of course it was it's raining. With a turn of his head he could see the blood and water mix to make a faint red liquid, it reminds him of black current juice; that'd be great right now. Though the sight didn't go too well with the feeling of a sharp invisible substance in his shoulder, the hole made by a small metal drill had disturbed that substance known as pain; this was more commonly known as a bullet wound to most people, to Tasuke however it was a stroke of bad luck.

"Are you okay, Master?" the owner of this robotic voice looks over Tasuke, it's torch like eyes shined into his.

"I have a bullet in my shoulder, are people with bullets in them normally okay?" Replied Tasuke with an annoyance in his voice.

"It all depends where that bullet is situated Master." Informs the robotic voice.

Tasuke grits his teeth and a small vein pops on his head as he clenches his hands tight, he then places a hand on those bright torch eyes and pushes them out of sight. Ignoring the pain, Tasuke sits up on the floor and turns his head to the figure with the torch like eyes; the figure didn't have the shape of a human, nor animal, it was unique, it looks like a giant cup with no handles, just an ordinary plastic beaker which was also rounded on the bottom, so if placed on a table would topple over; his head was that of a dome, rests on the lid of this cup like body, the dome had those torch like eyes on them and a small ventilation grid for it's mouth. Out of the side of the cup there were tube like arms with pincers on the end for hands, this altogether made up a metal robot named Cliks.

"Would you like me too take care of the wound Master?" Asks Cliks.

Tasuke looks at the robot with a sarcastic smile, "nah, I wanna die here."

The robot looks up from the wound and at Tasuke, his eyes brighter than usual, "b-but master! that would mean the failure of the mission and what we are striving to do in the future! LeGion would lose a great soldier! I would be masterless! that wasn't even a wor-"

"Calm down Cliks! I was being sarcastic, of course I want to be treated." Tasuke interrupts.

"u-um...w-well...I guess I'll get working on it then." Cliks says this in quite a sad tone, he then proceeds to work on Tasuke's shoulder; working quickly on it with ease showing the robot's experience, but also with care which shows the bond between Cliks and his master.

"Okay Phoenix, I'm ready." Tasuke says this with a smirk across his face into the ear piece as he gets up off the floor and clicks a magazine into his pistol.

"You sure? you got hit pretty hard there, it's a good thing I'm covering your ass." replies Tasuke's ear piece, the voice was cocky , but quite light and soothing.

Tasuke sniggers at her comment and looks up at the building he was about to enter. Another gangster hideout to clear out, it's going to be fun for Tasuke, it's what he likes to do and is going to do, he didn't think it of much of a challenge, that previous gangster that got him in the shoulder caught him by surprise of course. Tasuke walks straight for the front door, not with a single care in the world and a friendly smile plastered over a killing intent. The doors open automatically as he keeps his determination going forward and places his gun into the back of his trousers just as the man at the counter looks at him. Tasuke keeps his smile and the man looks confused, "I got a special delivery for gangster *****es, here is your arms goods." As soon as Tasuke says this his smile drops and his gun is suddenly in his hand aimed at the man at the counter who is frozen, the starting shot is fired and breaks all peace, also carrying the message of the first dead enemy. The two gangsters at the right end of the room look up from the cigarettes they were rolling towards the sound of the shot, immediately dropping their rolling and going for their guns, but it was too late for them as all Tasuke does is swing his arm to the right and pull the trigger twice; dropping them before they can get a target on him. Cliks floats through the front door soon after.

"Stairs or the lift Cliks?" Tasuke asks to his companion.

"Well, I'd suggest the stairs since the enemies will be alerted by the shots and be waiting for you at the quicker routes to their valuables." answers the robot.

"The lift then." Tasuke says this like the robot just suggested it and walks towards the lift, stepping over the two gangsters and pressing the top floor button, the building wasn't a skyscraper it only had six floors. The doors opened and Tasuke stepped in, Cliks floating after him; the doors then closed and proceeded upwards to the sixth floor.

The gangsters had the tables from the nearest rooms tipped on their sides in the corridor that leads to the elevator, rain shot against the windows at one side of corridor. The street hardened gangsters were behind the tables, resting their many different guns on the side of it to get a good shot, there were a lot of them ready to shoot the crap out of whatever was coming their way. The elevator had reached the top and signalled to Tasuke that they have by making a ding sound, he hid against one of the walls near the doors as they open wide, the gangster's spray the compact metal container with their guns; Cliks was already hanging onto the roof as best he could to get out of the way of the shots, as they flew under him. Guns clicked to a halt. Tasuke made his appearance and walks around the wall and through the elevator door unharmed, his gun was back in his trousers again.

"Phoenix, scorch 'em all." Is all Tasuke said as his enemies were reloading their guns.

"Roger that, scorching the building." replied the ear piece, after follows a sudden barrage of streams of rippling air crashing through the glass and into the gangsters across the corridor, leaving them all on the deck with their blood staining the walls and the glass covering the floor. Tasuke began to walk his walk again, maneuvering passed the toppled tables with Clik's floating behind. A lowly mumble of one of the gangsters lucky enough to survive such a barrage of bullets aroused as Tasuke walked passed and without stopping or looking at the gangster he drew his gun quickly and broke the silence with a shot; he slowly put his gun in the back of his trousers as he continues his walk towards the end of the corridor and the next set of doors. They open with a push of Tasuke's hands and he walks through, turning the corner, going deeper into the building, Clik's still behind him.

"So LeGion wants me to take out the leader of this gang and that's all?" Tasuke asks Clik's.

"Yes, that is all they want Master." Clik's replies with confidence in his answer.

"Tsch, is this what LeGion has lowered down too, petty criminals instead of the big-shot war criminals and terrorists. It's annoying because we get paid less for these little jobs." Tasuke complains with a childish tone.

"Well, with no wars going on and with LeGion's success and deterrent getting greater, it seems the bad people are dying out." Clik's responds.

Tasuke's childish tone disappears. "Bad people don't disappear or die out, not when there are humans still breathing on this earth."

All Clik's does is look up at Tasuke and continues floating toward the next set of doors, though these doors were brown instead of grey and had golden door knobs instead of handles. Tasuke walks up to the door and looks at the golden knobs.

"I'm guessing this is the Leader's room, what a knob." Tasuke exclaims.

"Yes they are quite nice aren't they." Cliks agrees wrongly.

"N-no...t-that's not what I wa-...they're not what I wa...." Tasuke sighs, "Forget it."

He places a hand on the door knob and twists it to open, he slowly open the door and he suddenly backs against it as a bullet scrapes passed the gap Tasuke just opened, he slides down the door and pushes it with his back, his gun already drawn and he lies on the ground as the door swings wide open, he aims his gun into the room; the man that he guesses is the leader is behind his desk with an old gen rifle. The leader realizes that Tasuke is on the floor after looking at an open door with no one behind it for a bit, but Tasuke is too quick and fires first, the bullet cracking through the desk's thin wooden material and hitting the leader's leg; he is sent to the floor howling in pain. Tasuke quickly gets to his feet and runs to the desk, throwing his legs over and sliding across the top of it, landing to one side of the leader with his gun pointed down at his face and BANG! the chamber of the pistol that is held by Tasuke seeps smoke and peace is restored again, Tasuke twirls the pistol and places it in the back of his trousers.

"I need a pistol holster" Tasuke complains.